*forehead kissu*

*forehead kissu*

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Could always drink more. Humor tends to dissipate then.

M-mom stooooooop!
You're embarrassing meeeeee!

Not on 24 year olds.

wow rude tracer

Don't make Tokai even more gender confused.
Let him comfortably be a gay dude.

We have reach the depths of man.

I think it looks great on 24 year olds.


Maybe if, like
they can look like this.

Sounds apt.
Esp regarding me.


Don't make it gay, Smiles.

that hurts, but not like you think it does.

I just don't know okay

I don't want a pocket!!

there are ways

Please, by all means, continue.

Well i love you no matter what toki



I wish I could gypsy this thread.

I hear rubbing your boobs and drinking milk help.
You can provide two of those things.

I don't want my boyfriend to be straight.

Did he OD or something?

I'm speaking of the soul.

Who cares.

i got really inflated gynocomastic nipples when i started playing with them a bunch

it hasn't seemed to gone away

He just has to go back to his Johnny Depp phase with the rapist mustache.


I doubt we've quite delved into the deepest recesses of such a thing.

Not free, I assume.


Are you sure about that?

Yeah, free.

..thank you

even when I was 14 I considered having a boyfriend as okay too.
and that was when I started thinking about love anyway.

heh, I can.
just gotta keep it up and it'll grow

we are slaves to our bodies

Did they really make reaper squat
Thought he was hispanic

I thought you're a slave to my body?

Well, at least still comfortably male.


Anything to do with the physical has little to do with the spiritual. Still atop the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the souls of man.

Was going to ask if you were free to talk, but need to keep eye on a few things in kitchen. Free to text?


I want Shinoa to bully me


well that was because of the moustache

Grow a full beard.

these asian genes only allow a filthy frank style

Go full Johnny Depp then, with that patchy goatee and mustache thing.

Yeah text me.

Also, the body isn't the soul, but stands as a representation of the souls treatment of the body. The mouth also being key to understanding a mans soul since it is the most apparent form of communication between any two souls. The Bible mentions this in James 3:2 "For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body".

I sometimes do, and then do it all away cause I feel otherwise.

Communication through two souls is done via the body, yes. Would be difficult to do otherwise, as we've yet to discover a way to do so. Besides being dead and all that. If anything at all, I doubt inflated nipples would be the key in reaching the depths of a mans soul.


Obviously. I was being hyperbolic for the purpose of showing my befuddlement of who would share that and for what reason would you share that on a public forum. It would be more accurate to describe it as a showing of the aspect of man that should rather lurk in the shadows, atramentous tinted corners, hiding from civilization.

Thus I responded:

It would all be a tip on top of the iceberg.



You aren't any fun; you know that right?



thats a new profile pic right there

take it my friend, it's all yours

None at all? Shame.

every body wants you

Cool Ranch Doritos are love

You're too literal.

guess I'd better change my name.


Is this a request for me to be more easy going and exaggerated?

Only cause they didn't have the sweet n' spicy

No, I just don't know why we're debating a rhetorical device.

To alleviate boredom.

Same as every other night.

Who is the hawk guy anyway?

Inb4 Cupcake changes his name to Cool Ranch !Doritos...


Good morning.

it's distressing to have seen your good night and good morning post in the time I've been awake

All quiet on the night shift?

My arms are shaking. Ahh the joys.

like I'm finding a seven character trip

Well damn. . . .

I guess so, but that's good.
night cannot be loud


Well, that's me being literal again.

I can always suggest the reason for such a derailment was the cause of aliens.

It's always the aliens fault!
Ancient Astronauts!

History channel really shit the bed didn't they?

People are always so open about their suicide attempts with me for some reason.

It's unnerving.

Super hard shit the bed.

hey im gonna kill myself
i wanted you to know

I actually wrote a long winded theory on how and why History, Discovery, and Animal Planet all shit the bed simultaneously.

Same with me, but then I tell them to be a man and finish what they started


It just bums me out more than anything really.

you dont seem too bummed out

Show it to me.

It makes me chuckle

Sharkweek was a plot by aliens to take down the network trifecta of basic cable educational programming?

oh my god grims face

I'm always bummed out so it's probably just hard for you to tell.

I'm glad I don't have autism

Lost to time, I'm afraid. When old computer died so did all my documents in the transfer. Means I lost everything from tax info to drunken theory.

I can write a tl;dr version.

Just tell it to me in skype.

Fair enough. Give me a few, though. Boiling three gallons of water is taking longer than I wanted.

We are all afflicted with it.

I thought it was fake at first but then I realized that he never smiles in pics

It's because I'm honest when asked about how I'm doing.

the worst is when they do that and then feel they have bonded with you when really you were just like "k" and then they keep talking to you all the time about their fucking depression and shit and you're just sitting there like, damn my life would really be better if they just killed themselves

Poor Chocodaddy

i expected a snarky comment and not a feels train.

He is poor because he spends what little money he has on a samus fig. Luka 2.0

How many samus figures does he own?

poor curryteeth

Save that for your shrink. You don't just start talking about suicide attempts to everyone that says "hey, how's it going," do you? You know that's just a greeting and platitude, right?

It's funny too because they do this and will call other people out for armchair psychology in the same thread just about lol

But hey, what do I know?

I am all out of snarky and snooby.

It's not surprising someone with autism would think that due to theory of mind.

Also interesting damage control to out yourself as the suicidal one when I did not namedrop you *shrugs*

Keep on, keepin on, Mina.

Are you a pleb with MINDBLINDNESS???

You asked how I was doing, and That's how I was doing. I didn't go into any more detail than that.

Damage control doesn't exist to me famalam. I prefer to be honest in every situation that I can. If I said it, I said it. I'm not going to deny it.

Not only am I not a pleb
I am so not pleb that I don't even know what that is.

2, but one is apparently expensive

I mean, look at that

Why are you suicidal sweetie?

-pets you-

Just for Tsunchi.

Nini, faggots.

A ton of reasons actually.


He's asleep.

You most definitely a pleb then.

How expensive?

I better go get a lottery ticket.

goodnight rin


Oh hush up you too.


make me, shrimp.

Okay. I mean I basically called it predictable when you said worse off than ever before and said I regretted asking but sharing 2 failed suicide attempts after the fact wasn't any more detail. But okay.

Good luck.

youre friends with isla right?

Thanks. Sorry for bringing that up.


I'll wreck you, Tracer.

How would you like your shrimp cooked?

Only plebs still use the word pleb unironically in 2016

-isnt sure where to take the conversation from here and simply waves-

You would have to ask him. I am not quite sure

But why not try and change things?

The body of Lenko is 99.99% comprised of SALT.

Save it for Megacon.


I have been. Shit doesn't change for me.


that typically means you're not trying hard enough.

hi lizzy ^_^


i wish i could express how much i have. but words are words and nobody has to believe any of it

How has life been qt?

The other .01% is sand nigger

Like are we talking job, social life, self worth?

You need spreadsheets, a timeline and some goals, nigga.

and probably a goddam job

job, housing, safety, mental state, people around me

already on it

cant do much for a job at the moment. i'm still barely able to walk.

You just used it unironically.

Damn, I can only imagine something over 100 dollaredoos.


Sounds like an excuse to me.

in a pasta with white sauce please.

pretty fine.
i had a long work day today so you should pet me

Would be the only chance to enact your ire.


physically unable to walk = excuse
Elma, please

Oh my.

hello darling.

Have you seen the retards working at a walmart?

If they can do it you can too.

Mina, pls.

no tracer. bad tracer. the kind you would put on pasta. not everything I say is a gay euphemism fuck's sake.

Where did you go? I thought I made you mad or something :(

not at all! I was just playing overwatch, I thought I said. also shit, gotta change laundry over, brb.

The retards at walmart tend to be baggers and shit


which character do you play?

Which pays more than whatever it is you're doing right now, right?

A start is a start. You're making excuses to start.

being a bagger pays tho

I'm honestly really sad I didn't get one play of the game that whole time.

It's called Alfredo. Jeez, Cuppers.
Also, don't worry about Tracer. He has gay undertones.

I will prove my point!

AND it's like Tetris with other peoples' SHIT!!!

it's cause you're bad

I play all over the place actually, but my best and most played is junkrat. phara is starting to become one of my best as well. it helps to not have to aim as much because of splash damage and me sucking at aiming.

don't be sad, I got at least two!




Being a bagger means that you need to be on your feet. I cant do that. Why is this difficult to understand?

Not gay if implied with a woman.

How will you hope to wreck me then?

it's also called white sauce. you people are perverts.

we're super buddies now, it's cool.

I honestly didn't even think of that.

why being on your feet is difficult to do, for one

That's what it's all about, the tetris fam

No. No opinions from you.

It was two. The pharah in the corridor and big daddy reinhardt.

I AM THE BEST HEALSLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

those were the two I was thinking of. I assumed it was possible I got more because I'm so amazing.

Oooh. Junkrat's explode-y doughnut attack is pretty rad.

So get a clerk job that you can sit behind the counter. Why is this difficult to understand?

Stop trying to be a leech like the rest of the tranny crew here, is what I'm trying to tell you. Jeebus.

would be if you weren't always dead.

White sauce is what the children and uncultured swine call it.

Oh that's good. Tracer is a nice guy, even though he's gay.

For me to know and for you to find out.

im best?

"I am the best healslut"


Your fault.


I was a healslut once.


yes, I love finding one target and just solo tiring them the entire game. they usually get pretty pissed.

you are on the offensive tonight, I like it.

yeah shame about the homo thing. but at least he's pretty alright.

you were definitely pretty good. out of our current rotation I think luka is the best though, he just plays mercy SO much.

The best healer stays alive to heal the team to protect him.

Well yeah, because you're gay.


You're playing on my dislike for not knowing something.

All my plays were way cooler, tho.

The best team keeps the healer alive when she's being attacked

its like you dont know how to use guardian angel correctly~

The team has more to worry about than babysitting a fully grown man capable of common sense.

Because I have a knee that is going to require surgery soon that causes me issues where it locks up and gives out constantly. I thought i would be fine the other day just making a quick trip out to my car and it gave out and i wound up on the ground in the rain.

I'm far from being an idiot, Elma. I know what you're saying. I never said that i haven't applied anywhere like that have I?

Look, just stay a MILE behind the action. Do what I've been telling you this whole time and DON'T follow your flankers up to the enemy team. Stay behind your tank and fly away if you're getting flanked. Healslut is the most important person to have alive on a team, period.

wait what? when did that happen?

I saw some of your plays and I would agree they were better than my phara play for sure, but that rein was fucking sick.

About five years ago.

Tsuchi is off making himself food now he's not keeping my ire on him. Tracer is being old and slow, and so that isn't helping either.
I gotta keep myself entertained somehow.

It's sad that he so in the closet about it though.

Keep Grring.

HA. gotcha, bitch. I realized I was gay when I was like 16, I just shoved it down over and over because of my religious upbringing.

then it turns out my entire family is super cool with it. ugh.

well I don't mind being bullied, as I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear.

he's so deep in there he's finding christmas presents on his way to narnia.

You haven't asked that of me for a while.


it's okay to be gay.

Better men than you have tried to make me so.

the bar is pretty low for "better men than me" so that's not saying much.
but it's good to know you're popular with the gays.

I worked in Universal Studios and Disney. 60% of my part time friends were gay.

ah. yes that would explain it quite nicely.

also, how fun.

somewhere around here I have like a billion disneyland smashed pennies. I used to go with a roll of pennies and like 4 rolls of quarters.

Not quite.

He was "friends" with the gays.

it wasn't fun? in the most magical place on earth?

smiles so catty tonight.

You've your share of carpet munched as well.

HA. shots fired.

It was akin to working with Satan.


I imagine he would be a fun boss.

smiles trip, smiles picture, I'm gonna say smiles. I don't pay enough attention at the best of times and right now I'm at more than 24 hours awake.

Well at least you're being bullied by a friend.

I hope he likes the presents he finds, most of the time they're just clothing.

You're just dumb.

You've a fairly shitty imagination.

I just know they're going to retort with something so let's watch.

Your snarky wit has dulled quite a bit there.

Give them to me.

I don't need to retort with anything for the thread to see that you're pathetic.

I like the bullying the most when it's from a friend.

I imagine an old man like him would actually like clothes as presents.

it's quite good actually, I just don't like taking it out of the box.

how fun

you collect them too? tell you what, if you ever visit I'll let you have some.

oh snap.

Still a retort.

Usually a good idea.

If only I could hear your perpetually angry typing before you deleted it all...


I'm finding this funnier than I should. the next two hours are going to be rough.

SNAPple apple!

snapple has such good juice.

I can still hear the angry typing.

I can imagine it brings up good old memories with the boys back in grade school.

You're a retort.

You talk big now, but I'm not the one angrily texting if I don't tuck you into bed every night.

Does your address still begin with a 4?


Well, I see your wit is all but drained for tonight.

Give me 20 minutes, I'll be on shortly if you're still free.

no, I hated it then. not sure why it turned into something I enjoy.

Nah, you just spam "[name]?" when I don't.

I miss when they had more than 2 flavors. Now it's just like Diet peach and apple.

actually it does but it's not the one you would know, I guarantee it. plus you're probably thinking of my parent's address.

Murder is a shit singer.

be nice cooki

Ah, all right.

I don't get the love over diet peach. it's horrible.


wait why do you even know that other one anyway?

youre mean

Flan is probably still salty about being creeped out when he met up with him.


It's normally the things we hate growing up that eventually becomes our fetish. It's a curse.

Sure sure. Just like, give me a heads up before you're on skype.

Well you stopped responding to "dickhead" so of course I'll start using your name.

the regular peach is decent at best. Go Bananas was awesome and their fruit punch was really good. And then they had those funky shaped bottles with element themed juices.

Go to sleep.


I'll text you, sure.

i figured out why his nickname is murder. >:

-fights you-

well obviously you don't have to tell me, but I'm definitely curious. you know how bad my memory is.

well that definitely explains the bullying but it does nothing to explain the myriad other fetishes I have.

now I really want a snapple but I'm too tired and lazy to get one.

if I sleep now I'll wake up at like 11:30 or something and just end up super tired at work again. I must press on.

Huh, who the fuck was Griffith?

I did not think it was THAT bad.

I got a snapple for you~

Griffith the brushoff?

why do you hate me on steam?

Nu, that was Griffin.

did you send me a gift or something? I remember you buying me plenty on steam but never physically sending one.

which flavor?

A joke. :(

Maddie flavor

best flavor.

Thank you.

How many do you have??

Oh please.
The only one of either of us that calls the other inflammatory remarks is me.
The meanest you'll call is calling me "rude".


Do not worry about it. You will forget I said this too.

I did taste pretty sweet the other night~

way too many to list off the top of my head. I have tons. and plenty of other things I'd like to try but am not sure if it would be a fetish.

Wort need to boil for a bit longer. Cooling will take a while too. Seems I'm staying up late anyway.

I'm not worried, just curious.

and this is different from other nights because?~


Cause there's usually not enough for me to sample?

Are any of them exhibitionism?

Take your time, I'm playing warthunder with Tsuchi.


[nervous wahaha]

How romantic.

I'm not crazy about this line up.
But I am probably crazy.

doi? lets call

call on steam?

as a matter of fact that's a huge one for me.





idk how.
im dead.


which one are you, idk which one to click


fufufu indeed.



Murder wants to talk too, he's gonna call you on skype then

so much fufufu

whats your damn skype

Have you moved to NH yet? I need to know when to start avoiding the beach.

no i move in december

oh, cool.

It'd be kind of hard to miss the Navy Seamen blowing like six dudes simultaneously.


Can't lie, kinda always thought it would be fun as hell to try it out. Never really tried it though.

It is.


lol seamen

it's unfortunately one of those ones you can't really afford to risk properly. I've erp'd it a ton of times though and that is always very fun.

I can imagine it's doable on a nude beach.

Well, I mean... I kind of already avoid sunlight, so it isn't a huge leap to avoid the beach anyway. Unless you thought I was calling him a landwhale as well haha

for sure. or in the woods or something. I have very limited rl experience with it, but nothing as extreme as I'd love to be able to do. the thing is the public nudity is only part of it, actually having a crowd watch is what would make it perfect.

Well, only if you win.

I had sex in a public park on the slide Halloween Night with trick or treaters still out.

It was rad.

lewd. wanna do it again?

it hurt ;-;


Not with you.

tfw you haven't had sex in a public anything


do ho ho darwin. do ho ho.

I am not sure how to communicate with it.

the do ho ho was for your other comment.

Yes, but I want to be the one getting fucked ;3

Have you even? like privately?

My name is BERNKASTEL.

well duh.


Figured I'd have to specify while also clarifying the story XD

-barks back-
hi bern


Revy -pounces lap-

Kiss me.

yes it's important to spell things out for me because I am dumb

little boobs best boobs, revy.

in death we all have a name his name was bernkastel king cock smooch

Lol you don't have boobs


also hi

this assertion was summarily dismissed due to an acute case of bullshit

bern youre scaring me T__T


That's not Bern you fucking retard

Ian, shut the FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shhh let me have this

-flails and melts-




thats not ian


-cums in you-
-you love it-

I'm not Ian

Shut up, Wolf.

ian here

what the hell

God damn it fucking stop

This is a Christan board, you God damn animal. Say "heck" instead of that H-bomb.

It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife!

Also I was walking to my car and got catcalled by some girls, and a sedan full of black people said "holy shit [ . . . ]" as I walked past
I'm thinking it has something to do with the crop pants and the flowey shirt



oh ok...

wow ignored by Revy.
Time to actually kill myself~..

gingers don't have souls anyway.

no no... waaay too ironic. yea i really do think




Do NOT stop.

is this a good thing you are describing or a bad one? did you look super cute? sorry, I'm not all here right now. hard to focus.

of course I'm not really a ginger so.

yeah, not sure what tone the "holy shit' is supposed to be in

Wait, really?

I'm technically only half-ginger I think.



Ian, stop being so JEALOUS of my deep love for Mana.

Said no one but homosexuals and pedophiles.

Irony deals with opposites; it has nothing to do with coincidence. If two baseball players from the same hometown, on different teams, receive the same uniform number, it is not ironic. It is a coincidence. If Barry Bonds attains lifetime statistics identical to his father's, it will not be ironic. It will be a coincidence. Irony is "a state of affairs that is the reverse of what was to be expected; a result opposite to and in mockery of the appropriate result." For instance:

If a diabetic, on his way to buy insulin, is killed by a runaway truck, he is the victim of an accident. If the truck was delivering sugar, he is the victim of an oddly poetic coincidence. But if the truck was delivering insulin, ah! Then he is the victim of an irony.

If a Kurd, after surviving a bloody battle with Saddam Hussein's army and a long, difficult escape through the mountains, is crushed and killed by a parachute drop of humanitarian aid, that, my friend, is irony writ large.

Darryl Stingley, the pro football player, was paralyzed after a brutal hit by Jack Tatum. Now Darryl Stingley's son plays football, and if the son should become paralyzed while playing, it will not be ironic. It will be coincidental. If Darryl Stingley's son paralyzes someone else, that will be closer to ironic. If he paralyzes Jack Tatum's son that will be precisely ironic.



daywalkers gotta stick together.

um yeah but Ms. Morrisette deals strictly with Canadian Irony which has to do with tornadoes and siblings dying and such.

It's different.

or just people who like small breasts, master baiter.

but like thats not irony... poetic justice maybe, coincidence definitely. but absolutely not fucking irony

Sama. You have to just calm down. It's a song, bro. Just chill.

Sorry I was walking

I'm mostly confused
The girls were definitely calling at me but I really couldn't catch what the guys were saying but one was looking right at me

I'm making a Mercy folder but there's SO MUCH PORN

youre right... things got a little heated there. sorry, can we hug and make up? maybe a little blumpin?


If only there was a cure in this world for being tired. I would do it, even if it required hours of commitment, because damn it sure sucks being tired, huh?

huh. well just assume it was good stuff then.


honestly I kind of like it when it's like this. it's somewhat similar to being drunk.

as a general rule though yes, I agree. I'd get rid of sleep entirely if I could.

I was making a joke. I was saying you should sleep.

im good with this arrangement also

OH. I just got it. very nice, test. cure for tired. heh. sleep. heh.

good morning!

fish fish fishy ohh


Not for another 57 minutes.

hiya fish.


Would anyone like a blood tribute?

I don't know where you live and thus don't know what time it is there, but here it is 10 and a good time to sleep.

It is morning in Germany. Not America.


well I just woke up

fishy fish fishy



But I can't ever know the context in which they "woo"ed at me
They probably just thought I was a faggot

8pm. need to make it to 9 at least. probably lie down soon though.
vision a bit swimmy.

possible. but try to think positive anyway. for fun.

Hmm, no takers.

looks like boo is interested

Boo doesn't count.

I like your style, kiddo.

He's a real human bean with hopes and dreams!
Probably, at least.


You still owe me tiramisu.

I mean, I'm sure I was super cute because otherwise the girls wouldn't have shouted and that black guy wouldn't have looked at me
But it's all about context

God damn it.


if you were super cute that's all the matters.

that and black lives.

Get you a chocoboyfriend.

animus animus animus

the hell is paint

Painties :D


ha, classic darwin

the hell is cupcake

how it do

everyone knows me. I am like a god to these people.

hi painties

No gods or kings, only men.

More like whipping boy.

all these yous

I like this phrase.

i haven't heard of cupcake in the past three years here


Kill yourself.

this makes sense because I was gone for three years.


And what great three years those w


Cupcake can you share some of your yous with me? I do not have many.


Straight outta the mouth of Andrew Ryan.

sure licky, help yourself.


in that case

can I pretend that was a compliment directed towards me innstead of an insult directed towards them


not much


za street*

I like fallout's version.


Are you sure about that

Speaking of, this freshman was super excited to make friends with all of us and started by asking everyone their sexuality and then she hugged me every time she walked by later in the day
Like, I don't want to go to jail but I also don't understand why I'd be appealing but according to her I'm absolutely adorable



hello hello

have another.

about the first part, yes. the second was a joke.

You are so generous!

No gods, no masters.

that trip is stupid.



did we just find something to bond over?

yeah but what for? I'm too tired to figure out every unlinked post


is that hs or college


I'd talk more but I'm about to go to bed.


Go to sleep.

but you posted the laughing way before that post

soon old man. soon.

Maybe we did.

This is me irl

I anticipated it.


classic darwin

oh bye

Wow you're pretty bad at math.



mmhm. bye bye.

goodnight thread.

Ah, I never played New Vegas. Everybody said it was better than 3 but after finishing 3 and all its DLC I just felt kind of done with the Fallout world. Tried to play 4, really wasn't that interested.


I'm extremely bad at math.

Good night, homo.


Sleep well.


Okay, now take it off because it is fucking with my head.

don't wake up


I just rewatched Stardust Crusaders.

wait bern

im best mercy

No. Go to bed.

University you weirdo

I have to go to a place. bye.

I spent a good few months exploring ever inch of new vegas. I was well satisfied with it more than 3.

Y-yes master...

Huh, you still have that one.


take me to bed...

i mislinked >:

Whos your favorite jojo?

Yeah, it mostly just sits in my trip doc though ever since erin caught me using it

well that's not too bad then right


You're one of the worst human beings I know.

I can't say for sure.
I haven't read Gio Gio or Kujo Jolyne.
But right now it's a tie between Jotaro and Joseph.
Because Jotaro is a living meme.



I like Joseph the most.

He has the best one liners.

thats a cute tracer skin


They both broke the same amount of physics and shit tbh so yeah.

thats not tracer

Also robot hands a pretty cool.

To be fair I did not know it was theirs at the time

Not losing your hand repeatedly is probably cooler.

She was no longer using it.

That's true, they made a comment in a thread about it so I just decided to use my own again.


Joseph is just hotter then.

If that's your thing.
I'm pretty sure he's voiced by the same guy who did Nigel Uno/Numbah One from the Kids Next Door cartoon in the vastly inferior 4Kids! quality english dub. (it's only purpose is intense comedic value)

I've made a mistake.

Good night, threaders

please play nice with me

I only watched the subbed versions and he sounds like this.

What do you mean? Doesn't really sound like my thing.

Smiles sure is lewd.

maybe....be nice to me? ^^



Another reason to never watch English dubs.


The only exception is DBZ.
And I'm sure soon enough, given a year or two I will no longer be able to enjoy that either.

what happens on steam?

ill talk to you for a minute ^^

Heart attack

I like it because I watched it when I was a kid but I've been watching super and thats not even dubbed yet.

About what ?

I can't stand his stupid high-pitched jap voice.

or things

Vegeta sounds good no matter what though.


Hail to the Prince

-nods- but im gonna nap soon.

I wish he was still mean like before though.


At least it's not that GT trash.


I hated it

I don't think I hate you.


Close but no 7 Chiri.



acknowledge me


you fell for the bait lol ruse'd

Pretty shit thread rn


hi nezi

how are you?

Pretty average, had a bit of a rough day but the ending will see some nice relaxation.
How about yourself?

Whenever I see niggers sagging but they also have a fucking belt on i just get the urge to beat the fucking shit out of them.

Go educate your kind. Become the martyr they don't deserve.

slept like 2 hours last night, been awake since 2am

work was rough

I hate going on no sleep. I slept surprisingly well last night, I usually wake up a lot but I was able to sleep straight.
Did you just wake up and couldn't get back to sleep?

yes. was previously tired from a similar night, fell asleep at ~midnight and woke up 2 hours later roughly and was wide awake

They literally do it just to show off whatever faggot ass brand they are wearing
It's the gayest shit ever

Anywhere between 2-4 hours is my weakness for waking up. If I sleep 5 I can usually sleep another few but 2-4 just gets me going and I can't go back to sleep.

Yeah, I know. Go lift weights and grab a gun and show them what for.

yeah it's like taking a long nap for the night instead of actually sleeping

I refuse to sink to their level

Then are you content to watch from afar while they struggle and never progress? If so then you have no right to complain.

nigger 'culture' is garbage.
they don't even have 2D waifus

They're not me so fuck'em

"A person with absolutely no mental disabilities took a shit in front of me today, it was fucking disgusting."

"Did you help them and teach them that was wrong? Did you teach them how to use a bathroom and wipe their ass?"

"What the fuck no, I'm not going to help some dumbfuck learn to use a toilet, he obviously knows how since he's a fucking adult, he was just being disgusting"


logic at it's fanciest right there.


...Do we have to?
Should I just make another thread?

Yes just to spite the drug addict

True New

So dead.