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Ui is in fur threads and is bitching about his existence in them

POG to the CHAMP, don't fuck up.

I'm going to my winner's only bed, enjoy the rest of your evening.

Wow dont fucking judge me you slut
I actually sorta lied and actually was just gonna go rub one out real quick but then beer does sound nice rn so I decided to get some beer then fap

B-But I'm a spic gook hybrid


goodnight. sleep well.

Damn it Guero stop popping up as I'm about to go to bed to play games

I have a normie sleep schedule for the most part, play during the day

Yeah and I'm Adolf Hitler's long lost great grandson.

alcoholic pervert.

he decided against it because no one else wanted to play. thanks a lot colby.


I do't think I can fuck it up tbh. she's more into it than I am. I just wanted to see that movie and not be alone lmao

everything okay Luka?

meh... nothing special.. just lonely.

LOL. Yeah I'd imagine so if she was the one who initiated and went all the way and gave you her #. I can only assume From what you tell me that however you act here is the way you act irl and it "works". I still to this day don't fully understand that.

i have no fucking ambien because Aetna keeps fucking me over
my sleep schedule is fucking berserk


is now canon

well i'm here now(though not for long..)

LOLNO hahahahaha this shit wouldn't give me a minute with anyone. i'm a retard through text


all i can do is sit here and watch youtube..

OH? And yeah I can agree with the latter statement.

oh hey lenko how you been man

78 minute dota games zzzz~

gud, u?

*dota games zzzz


:/ nobody to play games with?

buy me this hat pls

wait wrong one
i'll take that one too thogh

everyone has forgotten about me.


meh, ups and downs
im losing weight again but mostly because i'm smoking cigarettes now
i had to give my bird to my grandparents since I can't afford her food
shit happens
you moved or something right? we havent talked in months

i'm thinking of dying my hair btw :^)

how come? you're so nice to everyone

Lol no.

Nigger we literally talked in discord no more than like 5 or 6 days ago. But that sucks and stop smoking you fucking cuck. I moved from az late june.

Green or shave it all off.

i don't really know.
yeah i try...

do it anyway or i will

like this?
If I keep thinking the way I am right now, by the end of the year I'll have to.

maybe time to try to find new people not from here? i'm doing that right now to play arma/cs with and so far i got loads of people at my fingertips

my brain is fried lol
yeah that's cool
where you staying now though

oh btw Delon got his first 9 yesterday
he's not even here legally and he's only 18 lmao


Lol don't, you'll look like a fucking retard.

I have an apartment in Atlanta. :^)

what is that


welcome home.

4chan has a load of people. I've known dozens of people from /vg/ who are all great. just joined a new group too specifically for arma

don't to which? :^)

he went with a springfield xds


i dont have arma though.



Don't die your hair or shave it all off. You'll look like a penis.




r u d e

well i mean i'm telling you where i got people from. you gotta look where people you wanna be with are.

I miss my hair being blonde tho
also red wouldn't look too bad
what if I just dive in a shit load of white powder then mark my face up good with oil, go out to the desert and live off theland

you should buy a gun so you don't get chimped to death

I got beer :3

Why are you sleeping anyways? Isn't it past your bedtime? You're gonna oversleep and miss "work" lmao

I was quoting that shitty Designer - panda song

I literally only understand the first sentence of it the rest sounds like a bunch of chimps screaming

I took tomorrow off, so I can stay up all I want. I also slept for like ten hours this morning because of serious depression so I'm good for a while. normally I'd be asleep, yes.

Do you even read what you post? God no, just die it pink and embrace your inner homo.

I'm planning on it.

oh, fuck.

that last bit doesn't make me sound mentally stable
oh well


i cant find them

when i could pass up looking like this? pls

need help? what kinda people you lookin for?


You can hit up me or bebop if you need help picking one my dude
my friend becky lives in the ATL and she carries a CZ2075

wait he's 39????

I know two people who would actually love it

I will. But I am honestly not sure when I'll be able to afford it. Between bills and my mauy thai classes that I have to pay for I'm kind of strapped for luxuries atm.

they're not real

I think it's worth it to forsake anything but food to get yourself some protection, man. I know you're competent but it's like, why would you choose not to have a fire extinguisher around if you could?

They're not? Well fuck dude I've met a synth irl and an AI online
Where is an EMP when you need one

this is the idea btw. well, kind of. i might have Delon and a few of his friends on board too

nice people
who post on image boards
and like animes & games
and play games with me and talk about kewl things.

Well it's going to take me a while. Between uber and amazon flex I usually have a little bit to spare but I'm putting it towards my vacation this christmas.

Why you would ever bring that gibbering idiot to meet any girl is BEYOND me. But nah I kid, you'll be fine just don't fuck up your hair.

Oh my, sounds like quite the morning
I think we talked this morning but I barely even remembered cause of so much shit that's happened today, it doesn't help Im not sober either

Nigga you drunk?


I suspect you forget a lot of our conversations because you hate me so much.

honestly who doesn't hate cupcake????


Just got off work, have the same hours tomorrow
Time for a shower and some vidya, then sleeping through the day

/vg/ would probably be an alright start. i don't go to Holla Forums unless there's a shitstorm about something so i can't judge those people on being good or not but hey it's worth a shot.

like this place, you'll have to weed out people you like/dislike

wait what? no I'm talking about the idea thing that if it lasts till the end of the year I'm going through with, they all seem to want to do it too.
I remember when I said I was gonna cut it for a week and you were like W H Y
then I sent you snaps of me doing it lmfao/ oh and others disliked that too but hey it's gucci

do you hate me, lenko?

sounds like a good plan revy. have fun.

lenko hates anything that has dangly parts between its legs and isn't a trap

Oh wow am I supposed to console you now?
I don't even hate you, quite the contrary honestly I have horrible memory
The drinking and drugs tend to take their toll on the brain fam lol

post shampoo

step up nigger

how to be successful on youtube: clickbait and keep the viewers locked by acting like a pretentious asshat
brb getting starbucks

sounds 2 scarey...

they won't like my pretty tripcode either right?

OHHHHHH, I'm still against it. You should just grow your hair out while you're still young. I'm not stopping for at least another year.

YES no

Dude I can't even touch the whiskey I have in the freezer without throwing up. feelsbadman

it was a joke, soto. chillax.

as far as I recall every interaction between you and me has been perfectly fine. and we barely interact. it would be odd for either of us to hate the other, but I was just curious.

You are taking everything I say far too seriously. Most of it is in jest but when I am serious, you'll know.

It's a fucking fantastic plan
I came up with it

Why though

guess revy doesn't like the tingling feeling it gives

I don't really take anything seriously. any question I ask is almost certainly just for curiosity's sake. if you had said you hated me my reaction would be much the same.

how long is your hair, revy

I don't even know what to call that sort of train of thought. Just, for future reference, take everything I say with a grain of salt and no serious implications. I'm almost always fucking around and never mean what I say.

Oh wow
I may or may not be sober

Oh man, I bet your skin is hella smooth

Dove and Caress are so top tier

Wow what happened to the old lenko?


nah people are actually decent, just have to give them a chance.
depends where you are. when /vg/ was first made i went to the rotmg and dayz threads, i normally posted with name/trip(but after a year i stopped and only did it when needed)

RIP both of those threads, long gone but not forgotten. o7

we'll see. maybe i'll go for this
last night I had a talk with him and everyone else for 5hours about shit. told them about Blackwater and showed them videos. at first they thought I was a psycho who only wants to kill but realized that it isn't that at all after we talked about it some more.

You're not..

noted. don't worry, I wasn't concerned.

nice meme :^)

anything besides shooting and zombies?

Well the last tiny chat I was in I drank way too much and took like 10 shots on cam. I don't even remember I did while on cam. The only thing I remember was puking my guts out for 45 minutes in the bathroom hours later.

Stop corrupting the normies.


Better call the cops

lmao I fucking love you Buttercup
Might actually have to go over to slap you for that one



what do you mean?

I only do fps games but I know there are a ton of other games there. if there isn't a thread for something you like or people aren't good then try looking for a forum/clan/group elsewhere(I found 2 clans for arma3 that I applied for this month)

Nisour Square massacre was totally legit and they did nothing wrong! nah but they realize there is danger in it but none of them really seem to be going anywhere nor do they want to try to. if anything it's more pressure on me if we go through with it because I will be trying to protect them more than myself
actually two of them do want to do something but its pic fucking related

I may or may not be fond of you as well.

you should probably slap me more than once to be safe.

IDK, it was like, maybe early July? I had like 8 shots of whiskey before even getting in the tiny chat and after that I was downing vodka like a motherfucker. Apparently I took a piss while talking to everyone too lmao.


so nothing there for me.

You know, part of me is sort of glad I didn't go to Portland with you. :^)

Luka pls
go look! idk what all games you play but they do have overwatch/LoL/dota2 threads and i'm sure those people would love to play with you
I hopped in the gta5 thread last week to do heists, went "yo any faggots that want to do some fuckin heists?" and left my social club id. i got 7 adds in like 10mins.

Why do you do this to yourself ?



they might hate my anime pics!

Look at you being all deredere

As many as you want

Damn dude sounds like one hell of a tc
Who was all there?

Because it turns out my tumor isnt benign
I haven't gone to the doctor cause Ive been too scared and sorta have been avoiding them
I havent told my family anything, and Ive been feeling like so much shit lately I just drink and do drugs cause its the only thing that calms me down from worrying about it

Revy is pretty fucking basic

Like 2 inches or so

My skin is pretty soft

There was at least 5 of us on cam or something, not sure who though.


oh, right yeah don't avatarfag(or do. there are a few people in each thread who doits how i met my hacker m8s for csgo and arma2/dayz)

I want quite a few.

oh, not very long. growing it out? mine is down to my waist almost.


I miss those old ass tcs from back then

Would you get mad if I spit in Subtle's mouth then he spits in mine?

you have a tumor that you're leaving unchecked?
soto pls
tell me you're joking


Do you have any idea what America charges for ambulance rides?

yes. my less than an hour ride to the hospital after my accident was like 10k.

eh, i don't wanna go somewhere i'll be banned for being myself.
they might be mean people.

I'm not giving you the satisfaction of an answer

and my mother's helicopter ride was close to 100k.

Jesus, you never told me your mother had to be air lifted.

Y'all niggas need to lighten up

I'll take that as a no

if you're not willing to sift through people/find out if they all are then whatever :|

yeah her neck was broken.

answer the question soto.


i have to sift through people? :\

Did she make a full recovery?

im not gonna pretend im your best buddy all the sudden but thats pretty fucked up man
its better to be in debt then dead
go to the doctor

Just realized Soto is Mac from sunny lol

yes, thankfully she did.

I mean maybe?
It's pretty cute short


I'm sure it is, I was just wondering. I'm a fan of long hair.

Lmao I was thinking more of a Charlie but Mac does bang a tranny


there are always bound to be people you like and dislike. or do you not do that?
I assume it would be a pretty basic thing just like here but idk how you work, i've not had problems with anyone so far

i'd rather they not dislike me, for me posting cute anime and tripcodes.

Well, charlie is appropriate too... But I mean, are you stuck with the worst jobs? Do you do Soto Work?

lol macs tranny is hot

Me too tbh

Sorry pham

like i said, some will and some won't.

oh she's twin sisters with cynthia daniel

Lmao I think I pissed off Desu

Yeah man she was hot

It doesn't hurt to try


Like, I want me one of dem hue

spilt the bong all over the keyboard again, fml

how even?
sitting around being alone/sad won't really get you anywhere.. at least trying will lead to something




smells bad. I always keep a spare kb because this happens way to much. if you turn them upside down quick enough it doesn't usually fuck up till random keys won't actuate anymore. need waterproof keyboards

i dunno

truth, i have spare kb too because of similar booze incidents

This game is fun, lol.

Here's a copy:!zQlwiBab!U2WK7vjmucgVv-551ayMsR4zk70_G0XWmcRZx-wRYIM

I can probably go in the rainbow 6 siege thread right now and go "alright fuccbois who is ready to play a few" and get at least 2 guys in 5mins

Spooky: Don't talk to me until you can go a week sober
Spooky: Don't talk to me don't respond to any of my posts dont even talk about me
Spooky: I don't like you at all when you're like this


you fucked up, fam.

i can't

Well now you have to man the fuck up and do the checklist.
Redeem yourself, shitstain.

and i'm done here

He gets like super triggered when I joke about fucking Subtle and I think I just caught him at a bad time lol

I'm good at lying lmao

Don't talk to me until you can go a week sober

Don't talk to me don't respond to any of my posts dont even talk about me

I don't like you at all when you're like this

desu is manstrating


Don't talk to me until you can go a week sober
Don't talk to me don't respond to any of my posts dont even talk about me
I don't like you at all when you're like this

oh no not emily too

soto. I'm so sorry.

but...don't talk to me until you can go a month sober. don't bully me or even think about fucking me.



lol, how goes it soto

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Don't talk to me until you can go a week sober
Don't talk to me don't respond to any of my posts dont even talk about me
I don't like you at all when you're like this

Pretty good man, just been chillin
How ya been man?



hi emily. what's up?

meme all over my face, soto.

i'm aight finished work it's friday chilling illing and shit


guy posts his shit game code on /vg/ and begs for help because he doesn't know why his shit isn't working
literally the first thing my eye goes to was the problem

I don't want to ruin that pretty face of yours so I'll ruin something that isn't easily noticeable
aka your insides

hitting the bong? lol


you could also bruise up anything I cover with clothes on a normal day.
at the very least make sure to pull my hair. hard

aha, of course. whats your plans for today?

I woke up

I bet someone who doesn't know code at all could spot the problem even
I'm triggered

New game for AOTS

cupcake you are quite aggressively homosexual today

I'm so sorry

oh, hi guero, nice to meet you, my name is cupcake. it's cool that you just met me, clearly.

what kinda cupcake are you?

the kind you throw away.

I made my bed and made coffee so I feel accomplished though

it's just usually not this aggressive

Okay I need to know what you wear on a normal day
You don't even need to remind me
Hair pulling and biting are already in the package

Its 2:30am
Probs gonna sleep in a bit


what a shithouse cupcake

it's 5.30 in the arvo myate, gotta party

oh, well that's good then.

how often do you lurk? I'm guessing not a lot. it's either this, or I'm too depressed to even think about flirting.

marry me soto.

I usually wear a t shirt and jeans if I go out.



only people with an iq lower than 50 use that term.

not really all that often
I only come here when there is literally nothing else to do and i am seeking companionship or someone to play videogames with lol

the latter is my default state, so.

I'm good at not lying. I can pierce your soul with my eyes.

yeah. we're twin souls. shame you aren't a massive homo like me.

or people who speak the propa queens english ya dog mutt cunt .. or something..

garbage trash rubbish sall the same

I sleep naked.

no. my way of speaking is better. and therefore the only way.

give it another year this dry spell might drive me homo like every single other fucking poster in here

Those results weren't a fake you slut, I guess you're finally finding out
I'll guess I'll throw in some rope and a blindfold in there too

How plain~

Pierce mine twice
So I can say you pierced it twice

You drinking dem Emus?

Mordin pls go

I sleep mostly naked. t shirt.

I can't with a shirt.

then we'll see what happens in a year.

we can do a lot more than that, but tying me down, blindfolding me, and railing me while yanking on my hair and biting my shoulder and neck would make me pretty pleased.

I have a hard time without one. not sure why, just feels a bit uncomfortable.


but you're a cupcake so suck it.

all day everyday

fair enough

But you can't roll around as nicely

I have no trouble rolling around.

so not a cupcake

some people take the cupcake thing a little too seriously. I'm not here roleplaying an actual, living cupcake.

You don't seem to have much virginity in terms of eye piercing.

But a misaligned shirt.

You should. Better than this depressed shit.

Cupcakes are a poor mans pie.

and that's a bad thing?

how about you go suck a big fat donkey cock, darwin?

just tell him the donkey is underage and he'll go to it :^)

Animate cup cakes are my only sexual turn-on.

Crit hit.

this is a statement that makes no sense.

somehow I doubt this very much


Especially when you can feel the fabric tugging your armpit or something

what the hell kind of uncomfortable shirts do you wear anyway?



Calling your folder betty makes me think of kung pow. Ian should make a folder.

cupcakes aren't glazed, they are frosted.

sure fucking seems like it

That sounds pretty nice
Just biting the shoulder sounds pretty boring though, gotta bite the neck and your bottom lip, maybe a light nibble on your collarbone

Aww shit
Might be up for a bit more

How do I become an eye pierced virgin again?

I'm gonna call your folder betty in a second, mister. go to your room.

literally how

I said shoulder and neck, dum dum. of course you can bite me anywhere you want.

I feel the same way, so the hypocrisy is not lost on me.

I'll frost all over you

lol, i'm stirring shit, obviously I know you're not roleplaying as a fucking cupcake d00d .. is it possible?

noice noice, what you sippin on

πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€ good shit go౦ԁ musiCπŸ‘Œ

still though, go suck that cock.

lewd, emily. lewd.

probably possible. but I wouldn't do it. I'm not nearly autistic enough.

*pet* how are you holding up

today I'm okay. was pretty bad for a bit there. sure it will be again sooner or later. but for now I'm okay.

Time to lie in bed and cry about existence

sleep well, revy.

Right behind you.

what was bad?

*in does tuck*

Too busy.

goodnight, gn.

just...never mind, it's not important.

sucking other animal cock, got it.

What an obedient little Buttercup
I like it that way
Seems like you're finally starting to get spoiled

MGD lol
Cheap beer but oh well



is be daijabou!

back to crashing into trees at 200kph



about time. I should be spoiled constantly.

sure. have fun emily.

the stuff didn't go through yet right? the nerfs are great though, so sick of genji being such a dominant force.

aha, you don't seem like it. how are you anyways, up to much?

i've been liked the pbr lately, been pretty tasty.


Could fuckin' hire the entire roman army three times with all this salt from genji mains


I think shit will go live 8th of September




Wow what a spoiled mentality
Keep up that mentality and I'll take out the rope, blindfold and hair pulling
Be grateful you little slut

I remember those pbr days

god damn

not up to much, no. never really am. what about you?


excellent. the hilarious part is these nerfs aren't even that much, he'll still be a fucking beast, but yeah the anger from genji mains is so delicious I could feed off it for eternity.

okay. sorry. thank you soto.

Morning. Want to play or something?

sure. I think guero is still around.

Read forums, be entertained

At least you have to git gud with him to be a beast now
I tried Genji out yesterday and got kill 31 kills and 3 golds
Too ez

Alright. I'm going to cap between shit.

he's pretty great. I think he'll still be good after the nerfs.

fine do it nerd

bleh.. pretty much the same

ahaha, it's friggin sweet compared to emu doe, about as cheap now, export is like 40 aud a carton, pbr 45 aud a carton

Ah, that's so much better
I could get used to this
Im surprised you're still up

normally I wouldn't be, and now squash wants me to play overwatch so guess I'm up for now. you're up pretty damn late too ya know.

yup. life huh. fuck this shit.


holy shit the suffering and I still made it in the top 20%

i can't even drive lmao crashed my alpine a110 ridiculously many times in finland

nice desu ne

You are a good man for choosing a Group B Audi Quattro.
And don't worry too much about Finland, that is for professionals, and the a110 is too heavy to handle that sort of shit.


That was yesterdays' Daily event

The Quattro is pretty comfy compared to the A110, tho this was a weekly event I just completed.

Today is the Stratos which is even more hell, tho Germany = tarmac = less suffering

brb nom

Im pretty fucking drunk rn
Probaly gonna rub another one off thinking about biting hair pulling and such then try to sleep

Yeah, I could see a Stratos on tarmac.

Like to see an RS200 or a Cosworth on open roads in Spain or France.

or a first gen Lancer vs. a datsun 610 at Dakar


don't be a jock, the Celica was better.

not in front of the others. they will get jealous.

that would make me more happy than I think would be proper to admit.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrram bram


ded thread. ded community.


tracer. hello. why are you awake?

Because I work in thirty minutes.

you're definitely a few hours ahead of me then, unless you're just working crazy early hours.

well alright then. nice to see you.

I've time to speak.

And it's only 7:06 for me, currently.

4 for me.

what shall we speak about then?

Whatever suits your fancy. I'm not picky.

read any good books lately? the last thing I read all the way through was stephen king's book revival. it was pretty good, but not one of my favorites from him.

I've been reading Isaac Asimov's robot series. Currently on 'The Robots of Dawn'

I still need to read that. I haven't really read much science fiction. always leaned towards fantasy more, myself. I did really like ender's game. I remember reading some isaac asimov back in elementary school, actually. I remember he was quite talented.

The caves of steel is quite good in terms of starting with his work. I highly suggest him.

I've marked it down to look into. I'll see if I can find an audio book, I usually get a lot more books "read" that way while I'm at work.

I'm sure there is one somewhere.

the really old books are kind of hit and miss I've found, but the chances are pretty good because of how big asimov is.

have you ever read "I have no mouth and I must scream?"

I have.

Good stuff, in a horrible way.

very good stuff. very horrible. one of the most interesting short stories I've ever read.

stephen king writes some amazing short stories. in fact I think they are collectively better than his novels. it's amazing how much he can put into so few pages.

Well yeah, if you have like 200 short stories some statistically must be good.

more than most of them are good, but I suppose that is of course down to opinion.

Nigga just has a lot of books and novels is all.


he is very prolific, yes. having read a vast majority of them, I can say that they are mostly very good. there are very few that are even less than "decent"

but again, opinions. opinions.

morning, moogs.


See you in 12-16 hours.

have a good day.


nothing. just still awake. how about you?

just woke up

dunno what im doing today

yeah that's more or less my every day. although usually just end up dicking around here while watching stuff on the other screen.


yeah i might go for a little trip but thats wishful thinking right now

easy game
easy life

trip to where though? don't you know it's dangerous to leave the house?


weed dispensary/olive garden

kills do not matter silly

nice choices. olive garden is good, but I never really feel like paying 12 bucks for a dish I could actually make at home for like 2-3. pasta is crazy cheap and one of the only things I'm really good at making.


its for the experience

im also too lazy to cook

I truly have
no idea
how people
get stuck in bronze

I know why stuff costs more at restaurants, I'm just saying for me the profit margin they are making off pasta makes me not want to spend my own money on it.

I'm also too lazy to cook. pasta is one of the more "elaborate" things I'll make, and it's literally just boiling noodles in water then pouring sauce over it.

Drugs and alcohol.

eh theres a texture thing i dont think id be able to replicate.

yeah, I'm not saying my pasta is as good as at olive garden, but it's definitely good enough for the price. still, I'm just spouting my own thoughts here, not trying to bash the idea of going to olive garden.

so I
really have to get hammered to get bronze

We should do it.

it takes its toll on my energy


It is not so bad. The following day is a bit of a bother.



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