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what is it good for


absolutely nothing

absolutely nothing
say it again

Damn I failed for furst.

Poor Goggles.

Good afternoon, again.

That site is pretty awful.

I don't know man, seems pretty scientific to me.

this is a very old generation post
takes me back to cm punk golden age


Mornin' Goggles.

I miss it when chiri did durst.

Hello Axel.

you usually like to play multiplayer games right? are there any kind of single player games you like?

hello goggles

i miss chii tbh fam
might steal ian's phone and get her number at AX

Railgun no Stalker. BiriBiri.

How's it going?

It's been confirmed that chiri is a man since those hands were posted.

no i said chii
not chiri
if chiri left i wouldnt care at all he's hella annoying nowadays

Hello cupcake, how's you?

Having fun playing No Man's Sky.

I used to play a lot of assassins creed, and RTS's.
I just don't have any interesting single player games though nowadays.


Oh Chii.
Her meow was so cute on tinychat.

Chii ever coming back?

I have that game and I haven't even touch it.

grim/desu/ian/ban creeped on her 24/7 whenever she posted so she left

quirkys the only girl whos managed to put up with it

I'm my usual overbearingly cheerful self.

pretty tired. think I might turn in early. only got two hours of sleep last night.

that's a shame. that's my forte. if you ever get the itch let me know, although I'm not big on the rts genre. from your interest in assassin's creed I would recommend maybe watch_dogs. it gets a lot of hate but the game is really quite fun. it's not perfect, but what is these days.
if you were able to borrow someone's account and play more overwatch perhaps you could learn to enjoy it. lots of us play, after all. might be worth giving it another chance.

Cupcake, get some sleep

getting real sick of this planet.

yeah, okay. I will after the next round of replies.


Cupcake, stay awake.


Cato let's me use his.
I might play it later I guess.

Goodnight Cuppers.

yeah okay I will after this next round of sleep.

You should have bought it for me, don't waste it.

I am unable to have any emotion when I'm running on low sleep hours.

that was adorable


Die in your sleep.

Darwin, please be nice.


Forgive me, Master.

obviously there's no pressure to like the game. I barely like it, and I love it. it's a weird relationship I have with that game. it's really the playing it with other people I guess.

yeah, I don't have much of those any time. I was being sardonic. anyway, have a good rest of your day, goggles. maybe I'll see you again when I wake up in a while.


love you too.

goodnight thread.




I'd ship Darwin x Cupcake tbh.

Alright, goodnight.

Not in public.

I exist now don't worry.

That's a shame though.

I don't even know where you be at.
Too late now though...

a little bit
she had a really good taste in memes

I ship pants x kmart tbh
It's even free.

Jesus christ

Green is not a creative color.

Good evening.

I'm not very creative.

How polite

Are you still no mans skying?

none of my friends left
ill be back later

Neither am i.

I am but I don't know if I should keep playing if I'm going to get a legitimate copy since I will have to write over my savegame. I just don't know when it will be cheap enough to where I'd want to get it.

sad life

So does that mean we can overwatch instead?

Perhaps. Depends on how long you're going to play for?


A few hours maybe.

I'll save my game and launch it up now.

Okay go to that one place again.

Ihad a dream tonight where zyra and me were roomates and we had the idea to go dingdongditch on the doorbell on the people a few floors so we went down a few floors and smashed the door with a sledgehammer then ran really fast back up and almost past our door because inour autism we left the door open and we didnot recognize the door when it was open because we could not see all the stuff that was pasted onto it

in norwegian and probablee other languages screwdrivers are called skrutrekkere which means screwpuller or screwdragger

thatmakes no sense at all

what do i fap to neru
you get to pick

inflation egglaying

reroll pls

mindcontrol egglaying

fuck this



You love big muscly guys, right?


I was going through my yearbook and..

Classic Elma.

Have you read drug candy?

Also, let me try that again, Axel, it's been a while budddy.

Was hoping you could tell me how coffee was?



You scared him away with your compliments.

he was here yesterday
talking about how his friend is gonna go to jail
i hope he didnt suicide

nah i doubt it fam
im very careful with my flirting
pretty methodical

damn good taste soto
i just ended up fapping to some trap though

His friend is going to jail? The one friend he has in the world? That one? Well RIP Rockband I guess.

this comic is hella gay bro

Oh that's right. That topic makes me uncomfy to be honest.

Yeah, but I'm already halfway through it, I can't stop this train now. All I can do it look away when somebody is on the tracks.

theres much more uncomfortable topics here honestly

the plot sucks tbh
and dog dicks are bloody disgusting

You probably just haven't found one you like yet.

His friend nearly beat a man to death? Idk, it irks me.

Is that what happened? Which part of it irks you? That he didn't beat you to death?






Please stop or at least spoil it.
Like once or twice is one thing, but you posted the enter comic.

All he does is spam furfag shit all day

kys fam

Shouldn't you be getting drunk in a TC by now?

It's not like I'm interrupting anybody. The thread is dead right now. And you can't even tell what's happening in the thumbnails.


this one sucks too
go next

I'm all for you to post whatever you want to, I'm only asking you spoiler that since you've posted the entire story.
Also, maybe it's just because I have larger monitors, but I could make it all out with the exception of the words, and that's without me expanding the thumbnails.


I can understand how that would bother you, and I have considered your request. I do not feel like filtering my images right now.


damn i wish my halloween parties were like this

What? You mean you as a slutty woman trying to get laid?


I hear that. I don't agree with it, but I hear it.


how could you possibly not agree

My puritanical values.

oh this comic isnt gay at all is it


Is it a necessity?

it would be likeee me posting my entire library of league clips without saying anything bearly at all

like Ipost usually 1 or at most 2-3 at a time

not 20

might be
i never really fap to straight comics
gay beats straight anyday in the drawn department imo

I hear you, and my heart goes out to you.

I can look for a faggier one.


This fine?









Ohayou gozaimas

yeah its pretty gud for fur porn

Hey Revy, I went to bed before I could tell you that I'd love for you to hit me with your car.

Howdy Revy

Don't be coy, Boo, you love fur porn. Everybody loves fur porn.


Sounds like a plan, dogfucker

How are you

i dont think t his is very true honestly kaybe
im probably gonna go fap again though
i wish you would spoiler your shit so i stop getting horny

I'll pencil you in for anytime from here until you hit me with a car and end my life.

Tired. Chatting with Tsuchi. The normal.

If I say it long enough and loud enough, maybe it will become true.




thats how most things work though doesnt it

I know you are, but what am i?

Sounds good

I can't think of many reasons to chat with tsuchi
Every time I try he treats me like dirt

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

he's obsessed with smiles and treats her well for some reason
and gets super angry when anyone insults her

He used to be nice to me too so I'll just wish smiles the best of luck

You're just jealous that he isn't stuffing you with his cock.

Well I've known him for years, and we enjoy each other's company.

i think smiles only tolerates his autism because she's trying to convert him to christianity
its your waifu boo btw

I remember when Revy used to get mad when you called him a guy

I've known him for a while too and we don't enjoy speaking

I know who you are
You're the only one I can keep track of across name changes

Have I been slacking?

Oh do you still get mad?

Gomen gomen
I feel like you would rage back in the days

*lewds smiles*

How do you manage that?

Well he's not everyone's cup of tea.
Life treating you well?

Tru tru
I think I've grown up just a little
That or the hormones making me less constantly on edge

I don't think I'm anyone's to be tbh.

Iunno I can just recognize you I guess

No but I am

But, can you recognize me?

Are you saying that you're everyone's cup of tea?

someone listen to me sing I learned a new song on uke.

I intentionally try to be as grating as possible and quite enjoy it.

I wouldnt have forgotten how smart you are if we didnt only barely talk now a days :////

ill take this fall
call me fam

No I'm saying life isn't treating me well, but I am

Not from one line

Wait you take hormones?
Since when?

Do you have mosquito bites already?

What song?

Yet somehow you managed to snag me.

How;s everyone's evening?

Ask away!

but pigs can't sing.


Sorry to hear that. Well I'm sure it'll get better, especially since you have such a positive attitude.


Honestly TsuchixSmiles is a pretty fucking nice OTP

You're just like your dad Tsuchi lmao
Dating a spic even though you hate them
Crazy world out there man

He's been on them for like a year.

Because I just ooze compassion and raw machismo.

no, you are saying you don't wanna listen.

Creep - Radiohead.
I just finally got the chords down on my ukulele and I'm hyped about this song.

that was so cute, I want a pet pig really bad

your loss

Of 2

Sounds like the bed is calling

not even.

You would of just made fun of me anyways

Oh that's pretty cool.
Why don't you make a vocaroo and just share it in the thread?

It probably is.

get one.


hello posts never get any (you)s now a day
youre lucky to get 2


Just over a year now

Who are you

I try

Is that really necessary

Is what?

Subjugating lesser races through conquest.

Lemme see your naked body

No homo or anything
Just wanna see the progress :^)

Ah well, I give up, I am not answering this question.

I'm happy for you.
What are you up to right now?

You know what I'm talking about

Uh no

I should head that direction too, finally got home today.

but I thought it might be fun to check in

This is true. its too bad

youre gonna have to come back online when the weeb posters are shitting up the place

the people here dont really pay attention to the whole 'nobody knows who i am teehee xd' game

My bad

Grim would probably know.
Chocodaddy stalks most everyone after all.

You just are so obsessed with me you even mislink posts because you're just that gravitated to me and blind to anything.

Answering his question for you?
My bad.


Well then it was nice talking to you

Getting ready for fall semester and playing Warframe

You've been way less of a bully lately
I guess Smiles is shaping you up to be quite the well manner, religious young man you ought to be.

That's pretty good man
I'm gonna miss the old Tsuchi tho

Wow rude
Well maybe a normal picture of you would be nice too
I need new fap material tbh

No, I will never do that

id share some poster nudes with you brah but if i did then i would stop getting them

you feel

Any cool rocks today?

What are you taking next semester?


How do you get on all fours with your hands tied behind your back?


You could have answered the question without being rude to me

Not really in the mood to me masturbated to right now


I feel ya man, I know what you mean

I used to barter/trade poster nudes with other people wayyy back in the days and it was pretty great
I lost all the pics when my laptop gg'd tho ;~;

There's always next time

xd who am i guess lolz im troll

I was actually way nicer in the past than I was ever mean. I still literally told dozens of people to kill themselves daily but I generally was less of a dick.

How was it a dick to say you've been on HRT for a year?

sup dad

I guess


God dammit Holla Forums

Comp sci stats and philosophy or history or something


didn't have to say "he"

Tsuchi you fucked up on the pronoun

I wish you were special too.

Oh nice. I always loved history, though I'm not as good at it nowadays as I used to be.

Not a huge fan of the uke, but overall good job.
I wish I could sing, never had the talent though.

Decent cover over all.

wowza very artsy song, very skillful use of those two courds, and a very remarkable unique voice you're going places kid



Eh, you know how I am and how it's not innately meant as disrespect.

Oh, my b, bro.

Well apparently my parent's internet is as shitty as ever, guess that means godnight.

Smiles: Actually yes, but it's not worth typing out the details again on a phone unless you really want to know.

That other guy: no guns

French Toast Crunch is the best cereal.

Love you, be safe, Rockchan.

oh that explains your refusal
it was boo

Tsuchi, you're more like a neutered puppy than a christian saint rn.


thx mrs skeltal

Yeah but it's upsetting

What do you mean?

Hey Mordin is it true you shove things up your butt for the sexual thrill?

General conjecture on the last few posts I saw before coming here.

i have no idea why anyone would try to decipher anything that manlet says lmao


Eh, I don't see it.

Take care Boo.

I'm already special, I suck at everything else XD

thanks >u< I'm way tired and out of practice because of work.

4 chords.
And I'll go farther than you ever did, I'm gonna be filming for a short horror film and I'mt he main character ;)

Thanks for making sure I'm the best one.

I am trying to drop to bronze here but I keep getting carried

Play NA instead.

NA is already bad enough, no need to further punish the low elo players.

bronze on NA is just sad

No, I wasn't even sure what a gerbil was until after he told me he had told you that.

You can duo with Ian.

So Revy if I were to suck your dick would that piss you off?

Its common courtesy to give you a full experience when having foreplay/oralsex tbh fam

Are you all fucking sadists or something?

hahaha... nice one. this IS satire, rite?

Making people suffer is my second objective in league, only after winning.

I was talking about things like a dildo or a buttplug or something
Not an animal lmao
The fucks wrong with you?

I only do those things when I fantasize about Darwin.

Ah, for some reason, I have the sudden urge to hit you. Careful, my hand might slip.

I don't actually do those things, I was just kidding.

So you're the sadist then?

losing games without feeding is an art


A *little bit yeah**.


You gonna take him back now that he tossed Goggles aside like a Kleenex?

Then again he should just keep you as a side chick tbh
Its hassle free and so much better just hitting you up when he wants some boipussy

I wouldn't enjoy it

Describe these things in elaborate detail.

What? I dunno what you're talking about.


finally holy shit
i bet you have one of those email scripts


You remind me of some chick I met at a con who I couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl but I still thought it was cute
On fb its said it was a guy so I was like "okay, not like that's gonna stop me"
But like his voice was too girly to be a guy and not to mention he had what sorta seemed to be boobs but his cosplays didn't really show em off

It turned out he's actually a girl but is like ftm, a reverse trap or whatever

So we meet up another con and me being me, I dont really care about pronouns so I was like in a sorta flirty way "Oh my, who's this cute little girl?" and apparently it triggered her so much and I was like oh my bad

Not to mention I didn't learn from my first mistake and alcohol added in the mix didn't help I called him a her like 3 times and she blew up my fb being all tumblr on my ass then unfriended me

Its crazy how people really get mad over pronouns

Like nigga its just 2 - 3 letters


hi luka
how are you feeling?

Sorry if I may have triggered you too
I'm just bad at this lol


fanfic takes so long ot update ;;

im playing some dayz
literally just got shot

nah dude revy does that one word reply shit on purpose i swear lmao
its why i stopped talking to him

I remember reading so many NaruHina lemon fanfics as a kid

Got me all doki doki


Its her way of saying "I'm kinda mad at you"

Just gotta wait till she calms down

you always have so much shit to say

fuck that dude
i just immediately dump bitches when they go passive aggressive on me
i cant handle that shit

What you gonna do? i think i might go watch a stream
was thinking about making sum eggs

What year is it

i'll prolly watch youtube and play my torrented no man's sky

I like it when people are passive aggressive sometimes
Gets me all riled up
Maybe its a fetish

What can I say, I like telling stories
At least it livens up the thread a bit, better than Neru always posting "lulu buffs when?" or Luka always saying "bump" or "im lonely :("

Can you believe I'm trying to become a better person?
Crazy shit, huh?
It ain't easy tho

Very commendable
I have to go to sleep now~

late nite threads are just shit fam

shit i gotta clock more hours into that
i just didnt have that much fun
i made eggs and toast :3

man thats probably where we separate the most
you are so lucky to be in this place and actually like people being passive aggressive

it irks the hell out of me lmao

Sleep tight
Dont let the bed bugs bite

yum eggs :)

i actually made them really good
but this dead thread kinda sucks
how was your day ruka?

Its almost impossible to make me mad
I dont think I've ever actually gotten legitimately angry at someone on here
Just ask Kanra, he spent like 3 whole days constantly insulting me trying to get a rise out of me and in the end hes the one that ended up getting mad after I made that collage of all his mean posts and laughed

Gotta love how well I can keep my emotions on check
If only I could do the same with alcohol

There ain't shit to do tho

well that was a crazy rollercoaster

oh hey nice, you did it. good job. apparently rank sixty means top 8% of players.

I wish I actually played video games and could join in on the fun with other posters

i dunno if i really get mad
its just crazy annoying
id probably get mad if i didnt drop conversations whenever they did

but you gotta be pretty pleb tier to get mad on pixels of text on a korean imageboard dont you think

whycan not humans lay eggs like sneks do

was about to kms when I went from 55 down to 46 and had to start all over


how on earth did you lose that much rank?

hi moogs. me too.

we're mammals brah
we dont lay eggs



eggs are dank though

You'd be surprised
Just look at Grim...and Bard....and Eva....and Niggy....and Swedish Fish....and Mayaka....and Aeris....and Chii....and- Well you get the point

Welcome back, Cupcake.

just woke up. got a good 4 hours so that's nice.
how about with you?

thanks goggles. how's it going?

sleepy day

that doesnt mean we can just lay them brah

well yeah
but all of those people suffer from serious social isolation lmao

we're the normies here

placed at 49, carried myself to 55 with bastion only lmao

I had no concept of how to play any other players except for mcree, bastion, and a little reaper

after that I had to actually learn the heroes and good team comp/strats

woke up at 11

I'm not entirely sure.
Just a mixture of things.

awwwh yeah i feel you luka
i went to bed at 10 last night and woke up at like 3
it took me like a year to finally wake up

quite the battle. I always had such horrible luck solo q that I gave up pretty fast. quick play was at least kind of fun alone sometimes. and even with a team I mostly had bad luck this last season. did you hear about the new changes in season two? I think it'll be a lot better all around, no matter how well you did last season. we should try and do our placement matches as a group, too.

pm? it's 12:30am here.

should I get online? did you need to talk about anything?

yeah pm


maybe if i take a nap now ill feel better?

Oh, have you caught up with Re:Suffering?

Thank you but it's alright. The thoughts will pass.

You dont feel good?
you could take a nap but then i wouldnt have a luka to talk to ;_;

seems like for an american trying to get the most out of socializing in these threads a late afternoon/early evening bedtime is actually one of the better ones. I just can't keep anything consistent if I don't force myself to go to bed around 8-10 because these days I rarely can force myself to sleep longer than 4 hours or so, and if I'm up too late I always get pulled into overwatch or something because squash and a lot of them are awake during my super early morning hours.

no, I'm watching episode 8 right now. slow going because I thread while I watch, and even slower when drill loli is on screen for obvious reasons.

okay. hope you feel better.


There are a lot of those people in Madison. Every time I talk to a barista anywhere I have to make a conscious effort to be gender neutral.

i dunno
these youtube vids are keeping me going though.

Episode seven was a wild fucking ride, huh?

yo kaybe

What you watching ruka?
anything good?

Hey Boo. So this happened.

yes. yes it was. starting with the end of episode six. just. wow. if I hadn't been so tired I would have just kept watching more. although this show does tend to peak up action and then drop back down again. like right now he's just talking about magic with puck.

silly anime type vids with weird science mixed in :)

holy shit did bebop do that?
what a fucking nigger
you didnt get any warning or anything

so stupid.

I have like zero control too

itd be better if i had no one to talk to i have to work on my next page

have you seen the finished one or did i only send it to luka

No, I asked him but he didn't know about it. Must've been some other mod.

True that.

Anyway, how are you?

mmhm :3

I haven't seen the finished one, no. you showed me when it was almost finished yesterday. send via discord please


probably moogs
hes the only one here
and he has a taste for that abusing shit

wonder who


I know Mugen likes e-spanking, but I thought he preferred to be on the receiving end.

meh. I'm fine I guess. cat woke me up by knocking some stuff down in my room and the noise freaked me out, so I couldn't even try to get back to sleep, not like it would have worked anyway. so I guess I'm up for now.

all around really good job. rank 60 is very impressive.


would rather kms

thats really interesting actually lmao
im just watching tyler1 play some games and do his roid rage routine
i wish i had the urge to play sum games myself

this has not been my experience in the slightest.

ill talk to bebop brah
maybe he can get demodded

I'm just excited I'll have a chance to play with you :3

prolly if i watch one vid of someone playing NMS
i'll prolly play it too from urge

After this point, just in my personal opinion, nothing really holds an emotional candle to that scene where he jumped off the cliff

But there's still suffering ahead.

To be fair, I haven't cybered with him nearly to the extent that you have.

You don't have to bother Bebop really, he already knows about it and everything. It's a pretty poor display of moderation though.

What kind of cat?

What emotion was written on his face and in his eyes as he looked up toward the ledge?

well moogs is like crazy autistic anyway
this is probably our chance to get him removed so might as well

yeah i think thats how it works ruka
im really bored actually
could you give me a game suggestion

How can you do that?
I dont like pausing or doing other stuff when watching anime
When its animu time, its fucking animu time
I sorta pull an umaru and get comfy, pour myself some coffee or maybe a beer and have something to snack on while watching

I take my Chinese cartoons very seriously

You're bound to mess up on pronouns so why even stress about it
When people start using tumblr sexualities that's when I slightly get triggered and want to bully them but I hold myself back

xcom 2


If we didn't allow autistic people to be mods there wouldn't be a single person who would qualify, though.

I stress because in a college town you never know which crazy drunk person is going to be chill and which one is going to bash your head against a curb.

me too. excited for you to carry me, that is. I wanna get a high rank. impress all the cool kids.

yeah, that was a fantastic moment. the feels in this have been a bit all over the place though, so it's a little hard for me to get overly connected like I do with some animes. akame ga kill tore me up on a regular basis, for example.

a slut never cybers and tells. so who can know for sure.

this cat.

I dunno. I just feel like doing both for whatever reason. I don't mind pausing, although when there's more intense action happening I do tend to watch until it's over before even glancing over at the other screen again.

I do get like you described sometimes though. the way I feel about entertainment is different these days, at least for now. plus the main reason I'm watching this is because everyone else here did, so I like the minimal socializing I've been doing with test and subtle where I can talk a bit about what I'm watching with them.

Play Yume Miru Kusuri

That is an unacceptable meme. Prepare yourself for physical violence.

i get the joke but
there are plenty of non-autists here
just not the majority lmao

eeeeh maybe
im just sooo lazy luka
i wonder if i'll survive college



I've got the lube.

Really? Because I've never found that to be the case with cybering sluts. But I'll take your word for it.

might go take a jog
ill bring a water bottle full of booze if i do

i get the joke but
there are plenty of non-autists here
just not the majority lmao

eeeeh maybe
im just sooo lazy luka
i wonder if i'll survive college

i got no idea what that is dude
im no weeb

That's a cool cat.


Come on baby light my fire

i get the joke but
there are plenty of non-autists here
just not the majority lmao

eeeeh maybe
im just sooo lazy luka
i wonder if i'll survive college

i got no idea what that is dude
im no weeb

oh wow thanks Holla Forums

Holla Forums why

good job?

yeah it was mostly a joke. most of them can't shut up about it.

she's wonderful. but a real brat.

Jogging at night is sketchy.

Nice classic Holla Forums repost.

try it

i get the joke but
there are plenty of non-autists here
just not the majority lmao

eeeeh maybe
im just sooo lazy luka
i wonder if i'll survive college

i got no idea what that is dude
im no weeb

You're having posting issues too, huh?

Oh I dont really worry about that
If they have a problem with it then we can always throw it down

Oh so you started watching it cause everyone's watching it?
Oh here's a fun fact, I was the one who got Test to check out Re:Zero
Its a pretty nice light hearted series, helps cheer me up and stuff ya know? :^)

Its a Visual Novel
You should play it, its a pretty nice story
You get to choose from 3 girls and they each have problems you help them out with while also giving them the dick

try it

it's always a good time to do drugs

It wasn't easy, but mature women have peaked my excitement once again.

nekoko is the main, and only route. the title literally says so.



its nice
i dont have to make a bunch of awkward contact with people i know/dont know

and im not having a lot of fun rn anyway

try what, ruka?
we have a lot of 'it' possibilities in this conversation

i mean i posted the same thing 3 times lmao
so yeah

i dont really wanna play another visual novel after katawa shoujo
i liked it but i dont think id ever enjoy another one

as you love to say. nice meme.

but yeah, I'm enjoying it so far.
and getting a new folder out of the deal so, pretty nice.

how disgusting. congratulations.

Already did fam

I recovered from a shitty comedown, the heat wasn't helping either

darwin literally did this same correction to mordin earlier, though without the webm. nice work, test.


what did you think of the picture

Test, do you still live in Illinois?

They're hawt, I was just...addicted to lolis for the longest time...

What providence. What divine intelligence.


xcom 2

y even live

which dog do i take for a jog

my options are peanut/buster rn

Katawa Shoujo is garbage tho

Wow you know some of my favorite phrases?
That's pretty kawaii
Remind me to bully you as a reward

When you find out she's the librarian and is super shy when sober it made me fucking diamonds
Then you fuck her

I do indeed. Suburbs of Peoria.

Not everyone is as physically imposing as you are, Soto. Nobody would ever mess with a bespectacled Asian like you. I'm just a nonthreatening white guy.

I don't know if I agree with that.

Yeah, I mean, it's nice outside, but I don't like coming into contact with roving packs of disenfranchised youths.

I do indeed. Suburbs of Peoria.

nice that someone appreciates my genius wit around here.

Not everyone is as physically imposing as you are, Soto. Nobody would ever mess with a bespectacled Asian like you. I'm just a nonthreatening white guy.

I don't know if I agree with that.

Yeah, I mean, it's nice outside, but I don't like coming into contact with roving packs of disenfranchised youths.


I'd fuck you up if we ever met in the belly of a whale.

Not everyone is as physically imposing as you are, Soto. Nobody would ever mess with a bespectacled Asian like you. I'm just a nonthreatening white guy.

I don't know if I agree with that.

Yeah, I mean, it's nice outside, but I don't like coming into contact with roving packs of disenfranchised youths.


I'd fuck you up if we ever met in the belly of a whale.

fuck it this posting is balls
ill be back whenever

sorry, discord didn't blink like it usually does when I get a message.

very nice. love the lighting work, and it's way easier to tell what happened in the fourth panel now. great job moogs.

agree to disagree


Just as I remembered all those years ago...we really need to get out of here. I'm still too close to St. Louis.

Oh Holla Forums.

Peanut was listed as a friend on that one list, so I guess Peanut.

its alright

well test. I doubt anything is going to hit me as hard as this lap scene

but of course, there is a good reason for it.

THANKS Holla Forums

I'm glad somebody picked up on that one.

Hey, maybe I LIKE corn and soybeans.

gettin' real tired of your shit, Holla Forums.

women in general are the worst. older women have pretty much no redeeming qualities, but to each their own I suppose.

No, I don't agree to disagree. However, as I am a man of compromise, I will graciously agree that you do, in fact, agree with me.

And on the off-chance that there's anything you can't handle, that hulking presence Manny has your back.

I picked up on it twice even, thanks to the glory of this website and its ability to totally work as intended.

I used to always have a cast as a kid

I broke my elbow then later ended up breaking my wrist then fractured my ankle

I was quite the wild child

hm nice link

sorry i banned you

gonna jerk off now

how about that scene where he basically fingers his sister

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Well that's just like- your opinion, man.

Hit close to home?