Low effort thread

low effort thread

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worst op

great op

Not bad.

BBQ Chicken it is.

Honey BBQ or Chipotle BBQ?

You win 50 million USD

What do you first buy?




canadian hotel and airplane

low effort life

big ass house.

damn it. that would have been good.

Y-yyou can't buy happiness


Hey cupcake, surprised you can post with that dong in your mouth

50 million dollars can buy a close enough approximation, I'd assume.



I save. Maybe I'll look into sensible options to increase my wealth.

Only if you be my honey!

The words you are looking for are "Schlurp schlurp schlurp"

I get the joke.
Because he doesn't have anyone's dong in his life currently.

Cup, stop posting and keep sucking.
Daddy needs to blow.

I meant you should get honey bbq. you're straight, remember?

I can do both. I'm good like that.



Genetically engineered domesticated cat girl maid

followed by a battlestation to pierce the heavens and god himself.

fuck it, I'd make an entire ROOM of my house just be nothing but a super computer, computer monitors, cords, and a power surge waiting to happen.

you can't call it a waste because it would barely cost 50 grand to do so. and that's nothing out of 50million

actually scrap the hotel
I'd get a house and pound in some millions to not worry about costs.

then Fund the Libyan Green movement.

why would you not warn me before. this tastes horrible.

trap. but yes, that might do it.





I'd probably get one of those cars I've always wanted.

That'd be like the seoncd thing id get



good girls cup while succ

Make Ferris real

but what is that




Sorry, I had to.


you people need more hobbies than creating thread jokes and then running them into the ground seconds later.

one of these days out of pure love rage I'm gonna keep buying lottery tickets, I neeeed it



soldiers in the south attempting to reinstate the Jammariyah under Gaddafi's son Saif.


it's okay, I only wanted to cry a little bit.



enjoy, or something

shower, i supose

oh come on


you people are the worst

Scoot is my favorite meme echo chamber.

I don't actually want succ, so it's fine.

I concur.

Is Cup a spitter/quitter?

They swallow and wallow.

I didn't mean you though

Except for me, I'm the best around, nothing's gonna ever keep me down.


Yes you did.



House, bed, fancy computer.

I just meant Kyle because whatever he is doing is painfully unfunny.

Cork it gatorboy



It feels wrong to agree on things.


felt quickly losing spot as best

better stop talking to each other for now then, because we tend to do that a lot, as disgusting as it is.

God, remi is so fucking stupid

Fight til you drop, never stop, can't give up til you reach the toooop. You're the best in town, listen to that sound!

Remi a poster here?

I'm looking at fumos to buy help

I cannot surmound the akrasia



-d +t



I like the juxtaposition of those replies



You dislike everything.


Buy all of them. I want a mokou one.

I like juxtaposition.

Less post
more succ

I like you.

Pls dont bully mai waifu

Thank you



but ready whenever

I like you too.




How be you, Scoots?

You like me too right?

ure waifu is a SHIT


all the time.


Aite, thinking of bed soon

sometimes I don't dream of you when I sleep. that's all I meant.

Oooooh! OOOOH! You guys like me too right? Right?! I can get a free ride on affection train here I think!

You dream about me when you sleep, though, right?

Remilia > Youmu and Satori


No one dreams of scoot
and thats the way i like it


This opinion is actually so shit it's really just an insult to yourself for uttering such a clown-y sentence.

once again things have gotten out of hand.

Maybe, in an hour.
I need to pester people.

*gives you ticket to affection train*
Like you qt.

I had one of those deep, dark sleeps where you snug as fuck and don't dream of anything.

Night Night thread
NiNi bread
NeeNee brod
Atleast gimme (you)

Aye aye, have fun with dat, think imma just go sleep ^^




worst op


this is why it never works out with us. I literally can't stop hurting you ;_;

Shut up you dumb slut


Nini Scooty.
Here is your (you)

Tbh, I ship Roswaal x Subaru.


made sum tendies lads

But he's fucking Ram, has been for years.

Gimme (You)s

Come the fuck on, bigot.

No you's for you.



Once again, Ram gets the short end of the stick.


Darwin, entertain me.






this but not ironic

He is one of my favorite people to bother.

He is! He is!

Or it's just a polygamous ship.
I could ship RoswaalxSubaruxRam.

'cos Ram's too much better than Rem to be a cuck.




W-wha?! Biased how?!

Subtle told me to buy a Reisen o

Emily, are you suggesting Subaru is a cuck?


Who da best overwatch?

Someone say cuck?

pretty sure all your money spending is based on what subtle tells u to buy for him

genji sama

Are you...jealous?

gee I wonder


fucking STUPID

Reisen is boring.

The joke is that vampires can't cross running water!

thats what we call people who max out credit cards for internet boyfriend's OW skins

She has some okai porn.. I was thinking of satori or remi

Oh, btw.
I totally caught a Rhyhorn earlier.

I have never seen another Rhyhorn in my city.
Pretty sure my friends hate me.

I caught this, is it rare !?

yes *pet*


Nnnnh, how did you know that watts and (You)'s sustain me?

Btw, dunno what to do, should I continue with Darkest Dungeon, start a new save file on Stardew Valley or play Starbound?

No, pidgeys are a dime a hundred.

I have, like, 100 pidgey candies.



There's lots near the houses of parliament

literally all those games sound shit right now

but at least you get to listen to liam neeson in darkest dungeon so go for that

one is not enough for this image


I'm coming down


Darkest Dungeon it is.
I needed to play a game where you can have a video on and not pay real attention to.

A grindy time sinker, as you will.


Go lie down

Finally I see something I can use this image on.

I'm not going to Ottawa or Toronto to catch Rhyhorns.



On it fam

My breathing is all spaghetti rn lmao


get a load of this chump. never going to be a pokemon master.

Stop being so dumb. Go masturbate and sleep

You're gonna have to come to Europe to catch a Mr. Mime :c

Btw, what is your favourite team composition on DD?

Good choice on the BBQ chicken everyone!


What's source called again? :c

i havent played in a long time
but if i remember right its

i made some tendies murder

Did you enjoy it?


mansion arc is pretty boring tbh

Which episode are you on?

just finished five


Its like Ohega or something. Lemme find the bookmark

soft or extra crispy?


This bug thing seems scary as fuck Murder.
Tell me about it. .w.

yes when I made that post I had not yet finished the episode. slut.

I converse with my own shadow
My ghost travels though a worn body
Ugly deeds with an honest heart

Gonna bully you one of these days.


they were crispy but i just microwaved them so they ended up pretty soft
i had them with bbq sauce ~

don't you do that already?

Very mysterious.

I meant irl. Cyber bullying isn't as fun.

threading while watching makes each episode take a while to get through.

ah, gotcha.

It is almost as if you think the thread will be more entertaining than your gook cartoons.


It kind of is but it is kind of cute. And then MC beats the shit out of it

Fucking gross

You think cyber bullying and cyber scamming is like... a stepping stone towards stupid, two bit criminal stuff?

I'm just a compulsive lurker if I'm on the computer.
you know. like you.

No, nope, nah son, I don't want sadness today.

rin and kakasi are in trouble
whos gonna save her

it sounds gross but they were only frozen so they turned out good
would have just taken 20 minutes for the same taste if i threw them in the oven

Focus on your anime. We're slow now anyway. When I watch stuff I just disappear completely.

I drop out for longer periods of time.

Don't run from me. You'll make it worse.

You have no idea who you're dealing with, capish?

I am awake again ready to see what this folder has to offer me.

maybe I could if a certain slut would stop replying to me.

I pause to check the thread a lot less frequently usually but currently drill loli has screen time so I'm pausing a lot to cap anyway.



Mafia, pls no.



Well he hasn't beat it in the TL version yet. Mostly just starved it and give it stockholm syndrome

Lemme dethaw your tendies~

that sounds like im the top in this relationship
thats surprising

that comic is fucking horrible by the way

Knees weak

Arms are heavy

Palms are sweaty


lyrics ruined

I'm just describing how I feel rn lmao

Dont mind me

There is plenty of beako in those few episodes so you'll be pausing constantly.

What did you do?

already minded unfortunately
now i hate mordin

Saddened forever now.
Bad things suck. ;-;

it's glorious. drill loli is wonderful.

Dont worry about it

Just call him a gator fucker

That usually works


This is sadder

Bad things which he should be scolded for

I.... I don't even know anymore. ;w;


Shush you



Nani ?


Or something like that

No talking about [REDACTED]

"My curiosity has been peaked!" Chitanda Eru proclaimed. And when Chitanda Eru is curious, there is no going back, her curiosity has to be sated, Much to Orekis dismay. "What a bother" Oreki thought to himself.


You really are a bother tbh


I just like teasing mordong




It's like you want him to get off



Hi guys

hi neko

Did you do meth or speed?

What's up cupcake?

Oh. Once I get something going elsewhere, sure.

IS that some Fire Emblem shit?
Fucking soul cannibal
Here is something for you.

I bet you have a button like that

Wtf no

just watching re: zero. you?

no wait

Why are you doing hard drugs huh?

I just woke up. Probably gonna have to leave for work soon

another day in paradise.

Neko I found vagoo in this folder.

I wonder what sort of asspull subaru will use in the next episode


I feel like shit. I really think I should just quit this job. I don't have time for anything and I keep sleeping all day. My body is losing too much weight because I haven't been eating right and I can't really eat at all I just have this overwhelming sense of doom looming over me.
Everything that could go wrong is happening and I don't know if I will last much longer.

I went through and deleted everything by hand so you probably will find a couple that i missed


yes, you mentioned before. I still say you should either get your hours heavily reduced or quit altogether. did you talk to your manger yet like you said you would?


Is the job the source of this agitation?

He'll probalby get Rem killed and figure she's not worth an hero'ing to bring back since she's such a little cuck.

do you hear me?
tsk I say.
Shame on you, reformed roricon.

I can only agree.





Maybe call in sick for a day or two and try to find something less draining? I dunno what your options are.

I haven't had access to this folder in a while

Yeah I'm supposed to be getting them changed but I haven't gotten a new schedule or call about some new hours or anything like that. They just told me they would give me less days or something like that but nothing else was done about it

Not even half of it

Gimme a break

Ahh. I see.

This is a really good folder omg


I only have reeses cups that have been in the freezer.

No Kit Neko Kats I'm afraid.

Wait, we had a Hazama poster way back in the day.... are you the same?

be persistent. you need to keep asking until it happens. don't let things keep going like this until it's even worse than it already is.

and if you need to quit, quit.

Probably not, no.

should i ask who you are

probably grim.

Probably not, no.

well im boo

I'm switching to my Blazblue folder then



Actually it's pretty fucking fitting we're discussing Hazama in particular as it kind of fits the continuity of the games....



Well this is weird. I have the house to myself for the first time in like a month.

take nudes of yourself splayed across the kitchen counter

this is what i do whenever im alone

Too hard without a mirror or a tripod. I just tried.


At least I have a phone instead of my laptop camera now.

Hopefully I can get something done before it's too late

you can if you want to. just have to put in the effort.

i got a 35 dorrar late fee and now dont have the money for the new deus ex

now i have to wait for a crack

if you don't mind torrenting anyway why bother buying games at all?

Late fee on what?

i accidentally paid for amazon prime so i got a late fee for being unable to pay for a pair of headphones i ordered since it sent my card in red

i got it refunded but got charged the fee now i dont have enough dos hfor the game


Scammed by Amazon. Ouch.

yeah basically
i thought it was another free trial
thats what it sounded like they were telling me
then i go to my bank account and have a 108$ charge lmao

;_; im actually very sad about it

At least you've got a lot of Pepsi in your fridge.

wow. way to rub salt in the wounds.

Well would you look at that. I am willing to get my dick sucked for exactly $35. Must be some sort of coincidence

ive drank a shitton the past few days
only have like half a liter

and its diet pepsi not pepsi

im a cheap whore
with 35 youll get a sucky sucky, a gram, and maybe a good ride

I'm trying to get Manny laid rn and he's not putting enough effort into and I'm getting so triggered

She wants the dick but Manny's too lazy to drive over there


the funny part is I could actually see boo paying to suck a dick.

I miss the old Boo

i bought you dinner does that count?

Maybe he just doesn't want to, and you should respect that.

i havent really changed at all in the past 2 years
only you

Is he a virg?

If you really want to wingman for him, tape his body to the front of yours and seal the deal.


At that point you are just my bitch

He is hopeless for the murder cock

Was it a nice dinner?


Oh fuck, you are talking about actually

The old Boo would have made a retarded attempt to rustle my jimmies
The new Boo sucks dick for $35 behind McDonald's

are we gonna have that relationship?
im down

in my 3 years of knowing you ive never really been interesting in talking to you

i still suck dick for 35$ behind miccy ds but i just moved locations




I had the same effect on you not too long ago~

Ya know, I was in San Diego the other month and was gonna try to hit you up, but I doubt you would want to hang with me again


You barely know me nigga lol.

The real question is would you suck dick with chewed up Big Mac in your mouth for 35 dollars?

What effect?

Not really a well thought out post in hindsight.
Perhaps I expect too much.

the real real question is who wouldn't?

I'm pretty sure he wants to bang her
He just gets lazy since its a 30 to 40 min drive
He also drives a crown Vic so gas kinda kills him

But he rarely gets laid

I swear I need to grab his dick and shove it in the vagina for him lmao

curse of your kind. nice people, that is.

i dont like to associate sex with food

I'm not that interested in the bigmac part.



tsuchi has definitely helped you learn to be a bit mean now and then, but usually I only see you do that to people you know won't take it personally. in other words, even when you're mean, you try to be nice.

There you are Soto.

Any more awkward closet sex stories?

Hi thread.

What year Crown Vic?

D'aww, you're too kind, love.

Apparently spoilsport Boo over here.

Fine, just associate the sex with money, and the money with the food.

it's called sarcasm.

forgot who you are fam

Lol tornado literally a few miles away from me. I wondered why sirens were going off and my power was flickering. Glad I was overwatching at the time

i only suck dick behind mcdonalds so i can use the vanilla shake as a chaser for all the cum

maddie maddie.

I have been tricked.

It better not be crazy. Never stick your dick in one.


Hey gorgeous.
How'd it go?


Whom am I you ask?!
Axel the Dark Hero!

kek. I love doing this.

no. I am not the nice one.

what a little bitch.

Shhh, he thinks he's being witty, don't ruin it for him.

-Feeds Mordin-



I suppose it's good to indulge him now and again.


I love Sekibanki ! Her outfit is cool ! Suki suki Sekibanki !

02 or something
It used to be a cop car and still has the push bumper and lights on the sides, painted all black
It's pretty great


you love her more than any real person will ever love you

Awwww no omg...
You gonna be okay?

Their shakes aren't that great.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT spank a youkai unless you are a youkai yourself. It's a bad idea, man.

I have no idea. I feel more anxious than before at this point.

I miss Kon.

What sort of gf would I be if I didn't spoil him every so often?

You just want to take her head off and fuck her throat.

I'd rather make her watch

still probably a pretty decent one, all things considered.


do you think i wouldnt like mcdonalds shakes if i have one each time i get a facial?

come on dude

sick tbh fam



I don't know what that means.

it'll be okay.

everything will be alright.


I mean, you unironically like diet Pepsi, so who knows?

You know, now that you say it, you're probably fucking right. I'm great to that bastard.

gud 2ho tbh

"everything will be alright"
Corny as fuq but if you want someone to talk to
I'm on steam

literally unfriending you for saying this

Oh. Right.

I see.

You love the abuse.


We were never friends Boo, you just wanted me for my curvy body and boyish good looks.

this doesn't even seem like a joke from you

great seems like a strong word, but "good enough" is a phrase that readily comes to mind.

I deserve better.

we all do.

Using this avatar is perfect.
You'll have Grim fall in love with you and gain a new chocodaddy.

i actually was flirting with you until you told me you were fat
im a huge asshole

Fair enough.
How has your day been, love?

Ain't that the truth.

You deserve worse.

Which works out perfectly, as you require the hugest of assholes for your profession.

What was this tripfag's name on /fit/?


i get the joke my dick is average af lmao
i guess its pretty thick

she is my new favorite. although I'll admit it's because there is significantly more screen time for her than for felt.

it has been marginally less than terrible.

how about yours?

I'm sure you're wonderful to tsuchi. just gotta make sure I don't seem too nice, yeah?


so youre just some guy named axel i never met?


We'll never meet offline. :3

I ain't clicking that.

Couldn't tell you.

Where do you fall on the chart?

I'll crucify you. Seeing as you're craving that deification.

Thanks, I know what you mean.

this chart isnt real because all it did was ask people their dick size
of course 95% of people lied on it lmao

im 5.9 inches

well you dont seem very fun to talk to


Good afternoon.

Good. That means it's working.