Man your own jackhammer

man your own jackhammer

man your battle stations

we'll have you thread pretty soon

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Patches are fucking impossible in arizona


this sucks



I'm dead tired. Ended up working a 16, almost 17 hour shift because people are retarded.

How is everyone?

wow. sounds like you need a big glass of man the fuck up juice.

just kidding that sounds horrible.



I wouldn't hurt you, I'm not mad at you. I'll get you next time.

plz, all you have to do is tell your soon to be ex that you can't be there for her pregnancy.

Why am I in so many meme steam groups?

Does that make me a meme itself?

Pretty good. Got a new job with a moving company.

again, you would be incapable of hurting me even if you were to try, which I'm sure you would not.

Is that all you've got?

your welcome

what??! who the fuck does that shit

hi. im very tired

Oh shit, better than the last one I'd hope?

Was the Tripfriends Clubhouse the one where we bullied WIZ and he cried?

I showed you mine, now show me yours

You know youre pretty cool for being from the Netherlands

perhaps some sleep is in order.

I'm 19. I've known her for a month and a half. it's not mine, it's a rape baby.

Odd hours, but on hot days the guys change shirts a lot, and it could take me as far as Florida or Missouri they say so I could visit people and family now and then.

didn't wiz cry if you like even looked at him funny though?


I'm pretty sure most people here cry at the slightest provokaction.
It isn't like nobody here is pride as shallow as a puddle.


I have so many I have to send it in 3 seperate screenshots and I cba

good choice fish you've made the right decision


Honestly I would have just gotten an abortion.


i don't actually have tear ducts.

she wants to keep it.

how cosmopolitan of you

man the fuck up and help you cunt, you don't just run away like a little bitch.

ironic he got really upset on twitter when his album was panned


What the hell was that Road Runner shit in the new episode?

you were pretty abloo abloo the other day though.


It's easy to give out any kind of advice, but to follow it yourself is a different deal.

i don't appreciate you being a fucking retard in my face

Well yeah, but it was pretty funny making it happen and see it all go down

I think Minami locked the steam chat for a while and told us all to calm down

It was like mainly Me, Bern, Minami, Chiri, (Old) Eva (I think?)
Damn it was ages ago dude


Damn, I shouldve gone with the "You know, for a guy I still want to fuck you like a girl" compliment instead lmao

sd dropping knowledge all over the place today

I'll keep that in mind in case I ever get the urge to do so.

our relationship is almost non-existent at this point.

it just sucks because she's in a psych hospital right now and she just found out today.

a road runner homage

yeah that was forever ago. I got invited to it by someone when it was made but never accepted.

I get that, but I feel like Peridot is just devolving as a character.

you're telling him to keep the nigger baby with psycho girl he's known for a month

Be an actual real life cuck to a mentally unstable pregnant woman he barely knows

Oh and Darwin too

That nigga was a super bully back then

So now that /lewd/ fucked themselves we aren't going to get all of them, are we?

it's a throaway episode. wait for the one where she fuses. or has domestic problems with lapis. then the development will come.

It's not even his kid, Tokai.
Or she.
I don't know what they are.

Either way not their responsibility.

tokai is literally a girl

the show is looking uglier


On a conquest to become the next Sun Tzu, writing a book with a few wise phrases and starting a few wars in the process for the heck of it.
What could go wrong?

Her face is just meme fodder now.
Also the episode with Sardonyx was lame.

when the waitress give you your meal and you can't help pulling a face because she's a disgusting woman

also good afternoon threadsama

how are you feeling

They got lazy recently.
It's showing.

and this is supposedly a rape baby?

stupid bitch

flush it down the drain

she miscarried her last one and doesn't want to get rid of this one

i would totally use that
i hate making conversation with those fat bitches at the checkout


haven't seen that one

Maybe a bit later. I'm gonna watch some weeb stuff

Sounds like a good tradeoff, I hope it goes well for you.

when ur waiting tables in a dress and you get a boner

push her down a flight of fucking stairs
or find some way to induce a miscarriage

thats what i would legitimately do if my girl didnt want an abortion

It tired to be emotional, but in a far too light of a tone and just pan handed the whole thing.

Here's to hope.

I don't really take your compliments seriously.

I'm not saying to fucking dedicate your life to some rape kid, but the morally good thing to do would be to wait after she pushes it out and then leave, not just leave her for those months of suffering with a middle finger to someone who loved/s you.

poor guy seems so neutered now.

nothing it would seem. have at it.

also a good plan.


s t u p i d

c r a z y

b i t c h

get her therapy seriously



What are you, some sorta faggot?

Overwatch in like an hour or so, boys?


pleb tier opinions general?

The lead up is the easy part.
If he stays for that they are kind of obligated and just digging a hole.

i am not your property

Is it really possible to be this socially retarded?

Like, don't you know how to properly thank waitress/servers, cashiers, bartenders, etc without sounding weird?

It's pretty easy

how rude

He's pretty old now
Nigga needs to settle down

man you and I are also fucking old now.


Not everyone has a mothers intuition from hormones.

I might be down.

Woah there friendo you act like I've got nothing else going on in my life. The more time i spend with her while pregnent the more attached I'll get and I do NOT want that.

I won weekend custody.
2 days a week you are mine.

i would be very grateful if someone made me an ava folder

me too thanks

Link me and I'll make it sometime.

sup sodo

Thought so, but first I need to get some sleep before this headache kills me.

N-No I'm a newfag

what caused this

this is alignment chart i can get behind
trickster masterrace

literally all me

You left

didn't /lewds/ die or something


Yeah fuck other beings really, why ever give a shit about others.

you did a lot to cause this

no /lewds/ posters are here though but me


Am I capping everything, Loco?
Or just one character?

well shit bro. good job

dude just because you have a gorgeous huge dick doesn't mean you should make fun of me

they got banned tho

sleep well

I don't even mean just in these threads, you are an old person.

Because it isn't Sweeds responsibility to care for some girls kid. There are government facilities for that along with family.

I still say vacuum the cum puppy out

You could take care of the kid.

How am I neutral Evil
Don't sit me next to Tak

Wow what did I even do?
I didn't know you were super sensitive, jeez

sup fam


do you have any hard liquor with you?
im out of weed so im doing shots
commit to one with me

stop being stupid

you can still call her and talk her through anything and be a decent person without being a cuck

any human being will understand you breaking up with them after you deciding to keep rape baby


really? oh damn. never mind then.

i just have wine. i could take a swig lol

ava. this girl.

thank you.

why give a shit about others if giving a shit ruins your life you dumb blankposter


yeah yeah sounds good
i just need that psychic connection behind my shots
how u feeling tp
ill take mine now

the situation is crazier


Damn it. I already started capping them all.
I guess pawn off whoever you don't want for sexual favors.

tfw ikt will never be able to birth a baby

I've known her for a month and a half, why would I be ready to commit myself to helping her through her pregnancy when I have no experience in the area and can offer no insight or support to her.

why should I care for her anymore than a stranger at this point. We were both ready to exit the relationship before this.

i think his eyesight is too bad for him to be able to find the vagina

I have a pint of Smirnoff 100 proof
I smoked a few hours ago and feel tired
Time to wake up I guess
I'll take two

Im still a baby

you're not obligated to

leave her

feeling pretty grand. started pouring right after i got home. timing was just... right, today

nice to have a weekend at home

believe it or not, chinks can actually see perfectly fine out of chink eyes

pawn them off so people will do sexuals to me? thank you daddy


actually fuck that, I change my mind, wtf can swedish fish ever do for her anyway.
I remember that puke shit.

hey we're still cool, I just don't fall for you.

thats good dude
i just woke up a little bit ago

just talked to my mama too
shes down in riverside with some pretty bad health problems
but thank god she just told me she's finally getting better

she's gonna be home soon too
kinda miss her

skal dude
i dedicate this destruction of my liver
to you

you literally always fall in love whenever you're in the loony bin. there aint shit to do and it's it's own little world

then you meet the crazy bitch on the outside and it's just not the same

the thrill is gone


Oh, so now the rape baby doesn't matter?

Keep your sluttery to yourself and Sabs.
I'll have to speak to her about these silly advances.

Preferably with my fuzzy cuffs and gags.

you can go outside in the sun and not be blinded

you're like a superhero


we all squint because we're constantly blinded

why would anybody believe this

tell her. she hasn't let me cum in a week so maybe it will push her over the edge a little y'know. things'll get heated and suddenly i'm ejaculating on my jumper again.

so yes please do that.

Stop getting women pregnant. You are what's wrong with this Great Country!

Tbh, I don't even know Sweedish's girl/exgirl even told her.

ikt is about 4 inches tall irl

little faggot


you're as old as I was when we first met, I think.

what's wrong with your mom?

this tbh

people need to stop breeding in general


man sabrina is such a dirty little manipulator ;;

she had congested heart failure and lupus
both things arent that serious

but she was in critical for a little bit

im just happy shes fine
she's a fantastic woman

tp you better say hi to me right now.

I love the sillyness of this image.

She and I will have a daddy mommy meeting.
I'm sure we can figure out how to deal with you.


What did I tell you about being rude

dont say hi to cupcake
hes not our friend

your morals are awfully shaky there tokai :^)


My man.

Damn right they do. You should need to get a fucking certificate in order to reproduce. The requirements need to mainly be that you are white, completed high school and have little-to-no criminal record with no violent crimes.

shoo shoo roach
nobody you give money to is here

vote trump

i remember some guy posting that lad
shit whats his name
william shatner

are you the same guy from way before?

your mood flipped so suddenly. did I do something wrong, boo?

she's better off alone than with you throwing up on her couch every evening.

you mean congenital?

that's wild bro. yeah those are both manageable things with good insurance.

moms are the best yay ^^

i-i was waiting for you to say hi to m-me

to only be rude to those who deserve to be judged?

i swear if the mexican population all used a condom at least half of the time, we would be something something


+1 catfood mentioned

oh boo. i have hella hash for later


okay I'm going to the grocery store

god have mercy on that grocery store

yeah that might be it
ive only heard all these terms through the phone so

yeah she just got put on medical so she's gonna be a-ok

thank god for that too, i love my mama
she raised me well

maybe not
this vodkas really good
its 100%
and i might get more weed tonight

sorry had to. cause he's fat

No, being rude to nice people never brings anything good

Anything happened recently?

Why did Grim quit forever?

this place kinda sucks now

my mom is legit my best friend. gonna be kinda a bummer when she dies

you mixing that shit or just taking shots?

put some grape soda in that shit

nice people are the most fun to be rude to

they usually fake filter

which isn't nice AT ALL

he quit? i was actually going to ask about him too cause he's not posting and he always posts

disgusting. I don't do that. sometimes I do.

hi tp.

ah. well sorry about that.

he didn't really give a reason. he'll be back.

grim is the one who fucking removed me

the cunt

nah im just drinking straight
taking coffee as a chaser

i would but i only have pepsi

also yeah man i wouldve been absolutely broken if my mom didnt make it
idk what i would have done


It absolutely is not fun to be rude to anyone, it takes more effort to be mean than it is to be nice. And those filters wouldn't happen if you weren't rude in the first place !

Loco, I'm at 65 by the first animation.
That a good start?

youre not giving money to tp lol
shoo shoo roach

you're doing wonderful, squash. i really appreciate it.

I somehow knew you'd take that.
do it well


I can try and do 2-3 chapters a day. That would make it only be about 5 days to get the whole thing capped. Do you want it chapter by chapter or just when I'm done?

how was your friday love?

yeah pepsi won't do. even though dumbasses actually do that shit. literally anything fruit flavoured works

you're mean to people all the time silly

redpill me on why squash is slaving around for loco?

nudes or?

Are you all just the biggest of scrubs?

don't strain yourself. don't do rigorous capping or anything. take your time and don't do too much. give it whenever.

just gay things

drinking, no work for two days, so pretty decent. how about yours?

I'm their friend.

Yeah, seems pretty boring when I check. Hopefully TP will e-bully a bunch of people tonight or something.

I heard he did and he confirmed it. He hasn't come back online to answer my question as to why yet, though.

Probably; I think most people get sick of these threads for a while sometimes.

hold on
i actually have cherry pepsi
would that do?

these faggots disgust me

I am either neutral or nice to almost everyone, don't spread lies about me !

I think a few chapters a day is easy enough.

Also I immediately hate this bitch.

are you gonna give soto money too to talk to him?
sho shoo roach

are you capping her too? because if you are give me that folder as well. because everyone hates me. but they also want to pound me while choking me.

wasnt looking for your reply

hopefully but i doubt it
this place kind of has gotten stagnated by a lot of shitty posters
which made all the good ones leave

I was just capping literally everyone.

What crawled up your ass?

I was gone for like three years. it happens.

it was alright. the main dude was out today but we managed fine. had a short week but it felt longer kinda

weren't you not working for awhile? i only ask because you've been on a posting tear the last month or so

i saw something before i left town last weekend but i was kinda drunk and had to sleep and didn't have time to read the thread

something about making a fool out of himself and everyone telling him to chill bro

i guess so, but i never liked cola with vodka. give it a whirl

better chaser than fucking coffee at least

didn't you routinely tell mordin to kill himself?

or is that just foreplay for you

what the fuck farage


hey i just woke up man
coffee is always good

you think i should try mixing cherry and the vodka?

i could do a little alchemy

also nah desus nice to mordin now because hes one of the only people who talks to him

besides you of course?

I'm still working, but with the stress and other shit from what happened I've been working a lot less hours. trying to get that back up, but it's hard. whatever. I'm just here a lot regardless, though.

he is going to grow a full beard. and then when britain needs him he will come out, shave it off, put his suit back on and kick the thatcherite bitch in her dusty cunt

He likes what he likes, gators being one of them

please dont dignify this cunt with that title

she is a woman though

do you think making a meme about gators will help fill your inability to make conversation

or do you think it will forget people from knowing you look like a bridge troll

*pet boo*

and thats where her similarity with her begins and ends

eh i'll talk to anyone. and i don't really sign into steam anymore, so desu is only moderately annoying

working has always been good for taking my mind off things and all that jazz

glad you feel better enough to get back into the swing of things

what is your cyber routine with him?

do you get odd days and darwin gets even days?

or does he have a different bitch for every day of the week

EG plays soon lads


i had to remove him to get him to stop spamming me

all he does is spam how gay he is in the thread lmao

/strokes your face

calm down kitten

i dont want to actually talk to you lol
youre not my friend

my work is kind of the opposite unfortunately. it's so mundane and repetitive that I can't do anything but think too much.

it's more like I'm just trying to kill time between sleeps, but I think things are getting very slightly better. fingers crossed at least.


TP's drunken poop-flinging is pretty reliable.

And yeah, the vibe of this place is definitely a lot different.

I think you were mostly in pony threads before, though I do vaguely remember some things. Did you post your cock? I feel like I've seen your cock.

What made you want to come back? ^^

Sounds like the usual. :3

you probably have seen it.

yeah, pony threads for over a year, then moved to anime thread when they all left Holla Forums because you guys were there, then I left for various reasons and now I'm back for other various reasons.

the end.

I did not post it myself though, for the record.

i dont get along with submissive nu males well
dont talk to me lol

its a lot shittier dude
more autistic too
really disheartening actually

im gonna have to find another community

i tried

he's as good of a person to mess with as any of the other sissies

yeah for awhile he would add and delete me like daily. god his life must be a clusterfuck lol

yeah like when my cat died last year, i took her to work, and buried her after. i was kinda in shock though

what are you a number cruncher or something?

data entry?

it's super active and i was trying to figure out why

seems like mostly the same crowd

is that h3h3 in the background

eeeeh we have a different take on the sissies
i find them really annoying
really easy to harass too

how would i possibly know that


you saved it you should know

I don't even want to think about my cat dying. I really think that will hurt even more than my current shit. man tp fuck. I'm sorry you lost yours.

something like that. just scanning and office drone type stuff.

the alchemy was a success btw tp

tastes great

exactly. you have to butter them up and get a false sense of security

then pounce on their insecurities like an ocelot

every 24 hours my ass


so youre saying youre breaking him down from the inside?
good shit dude
ill break him down from the outside
ive gotten him reaaaallly angry at me

so is it

Various reasons? That leaves a lot of mystique. :3

Idk, it's always gone through phases.

I'm not sure there are many other communities quite like here.

Maybe because it's Friday? I wasn't really talking about the level of activity, though.

Not sure how my Erin subject field script got uninstalled

depression can sum it up pretty nicely.

thanks bro. it was kinda easier in that i knew her days were numbered. like the vet said tops 7 months. she last 9. the roughest part was the last week when she went downhill really fast. at that point i was kinda relieved when she wasn't moving when i woke up. for some reason she hung out in the bathroom at the end. i think cause it was out of the way from her kittens.

is it weird that i still smoked a cigarette and took a shit with her lying there before i did anything?

but yeah death sucks etc

yay ^^

kinda weird that you're drinking tbh

what did you mean by different?

it's always constantly changing!

like life!



yeah it goes through phases
i just think this is a particularly shit one lol

i dont want another community like this
thats why id leave, because of the way it is, you see

i drink pretty often
just not everyday regular like weed
its usually more of a party thing

but having no weed is pretty killer

Oh I am!


Shit man, the population would stop doubling every month, that is for sure.

No sad Cuppers, pls

what was your name brah

God damn it. I saved too many and now they flow off my screen.


it's the truth! just because I'm not depressed at this exact second doesn't mean it isn't the reason I crawled back to this hellhole.

man. I can't even imagine. I don't want to think about it. I know she'll die someday but no way do I want to picture it.

I think shock makes everyone do weird things. after my car accident I was just sort of walking around for a while before realizing I was even upset.



you just wanted to see my pretty face more

Mandy. Give attention.


...what does the cursive writing say? I can't read it.


Faggot, if you go by what Moogs says.

What? Aren't you? You promised me!

Attention Given, love.

i never did that

i dont go by anything moogs says
i dont read his posts


he talked about how he was jerking it to my posts the other day

stop being so old

i feel ya

yeah it's weird having weed. i've been on my oldschool stoner routine this week

like getting so blazed that you can't keep your eyes open

then in the morning having to smoke a spliff to even wake up

is nice

but yeah man i think i would adopt or if i fell in love with someone who REALLY wanted 1 kid

i might do it

but creating more misery is kinda fucked up

yeah like i didn't break down until like a few hours after burying her and getting some liquid emotion in me

i guess it gets easy the more things that die around you

Just downloaded it myself. The low fps sucks, but otherwise, the gameplay is pretty fun. Just needs to be better optimized.

Respect your elders, young man.

lmaooo dude
dont you think that means you might be doing a little too much

Well, you are voting trump, right? RIGHT?!?

That is probably for the best. Also, it is Mandy.

I went to an arcade bar in canada. Shit was pretty cool. But I ate their hottest wings, and I regretted that choice the next day.


you're younger than me.

An arcade bar sounds fun. I've never had wings.

Poor cutie. :3

More boring and less drama and stuff. Or maybe I've just gotten tired of it. Probably a combination of the two.

I've just been doing other stuff and waiting it out mostly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I mean how it is in general; not specifically right now. I guess there are other imageboard circlejerk communities like that pony chan and wherever the furries came back from again. Those probably have sort of similar cultures.

im not voting.

though im enjoying his failing campaign

it's all or none. i won't smoke for a few months after this

i'm a textbook addict

literally nothing about me is cute, erio.


wow rude. bully much?

and mentally.

very much so. try not to get a boner i dare you

I want a kid, not even going to lie. But I want to continue my family line. I want at least 2 kids, maybe 3.

You've never had chicken wings? Ever?

I swear if you vote for hilary I am going to disown you.

yeah its definitely for the best
i dont like him that much

oh hell yeah i remember you mandy
its booboolaboosh, the black cat posting guy

we used to be huge friends

just wait till you run out of content and realizing all the planets are the same

yeah cupcake isnt very cute at all
he's pretty gross

i wouldnt want to find another community like this one lol
im pretty normal compared to the average here

rofl yeah i could tell
i remember those tinychats when you left every 5 min to get more booze

It's subjective. You're kind of cute to me. :3

Do you have my Erio folder?

too late.

Your mind tricks won't work on me, boy.

I do. not sure why.

nah man i hate women

oh dirty pervert. how do you look at yourself in the mirror

better just give up then

You still like me, right Boo-chan?

No. I have never been big on meat.
I'm not a brave eater.

How was the arcade? Did you have fun?

my amazing hair helps a lot,.

Huge friends? How long ago was this? Was it when I was super drunk all the time?

Score! Means I have a foot in the door.

I mean, good, good.

Maybe you would be big on my meat....

And yeah it was fun! Just expensive. The fucking claw machine took like 4 of my toonies!

yeah like boo and tsuchi are the only ones holding down the bully tip

even fucking soto has kinda been more trying to cyber everyone rather than bullying and making people cry

i spent a weekend with my brother and father and grandmother

whenever i do that i reaffirm my stance that our bloodline needs to die

don't get me wrong, i love them, but there is just so much unneeded neurosis

yeah i slam shit on fridays.

at my old job i used to do that every other day

i have gotten to the point with my drinking that i can actually just have a few drinks on an offnight

it's a good feeling. like reaching a good limit and thinking the next day: damn i'm so happy i didn't drink anymore

even when theres cum on it

you cant convert me

cuppers do you still have long ginger locks?

shave that shit

I demand you give it to me.

And claw machines are rigged. Don't play them. They are done on a percentage.

I miss scout ;~;

ginger is a disgusting word. they are a dark red that women pay through the nose to get. and no. my hair is so long. be more jealous, nerd.

do not cum in my hair. I'm serious.

the temptation is too strong now

scout was pretty autistic

don't miss/10

of course not dude lol
youve been a huge passive aggressive bitch to me

i specifically remember how drunk you always talked about being

right dude? soto gave up the whole bully game
now im the only one stopping huge autists like desu from posting

youre always here on friday tp
its hilarious

all according to plan.

no but seriously try not to because it's a pain to clean out.

Whos that dragon or pony at the bottom?


why don't you just rock a short do?

maybe a classy goatee?

ill wash your hair chill out

because I look horrible with short hair. I do look good with facial hair, but I prefer not to have it.

he needs to have as many feminine features as possible since the weight game isnt working in his favor

Literally all I did was ask why you left the Discord and that you had been acting oddly aggressive to people lately.

Oh well I guess?

oh my gosh.

Fair enough. When I look at my mother's side I see that kind of thing. But my father's side deserves to live on.

I would never try.


And yeah, that shit sucked. It took a loonie to play, and I had a bit to drink so I traded my brother a toonie for a loonie. Then I noticed that you can put in toonies too. So I lost out on a buck to my brother for nothing.

Do you have a pic of the black cat anymore? Is it just a cat?

Wait, was it that animated cat from that show?

What had you up in Canada?




yeah im not dumb dude lol
i can obviously read passive aggression
ive been here for 5 years lol

nah nah the animated cat was limes
i just posted real black cats


Why even life on this world?




You're free to point out what it was that was passive aggressive.
Someone said you might have left because something happened and I got the impression you were mad at someone specific.

If you want to be an ass about it I don't really mind parting ways.

bae pls

I thought you liked this community in general. Again, not in its current phase, but in general. I guess I shouldn't draw conclusions from the fact that you've been posting a ton for a year. :3

Me neither; I know we talked at least a bit years ago, but I don't really remember many details. Bludgeoning my brain with marijuana has taken its toll on my memory, I guess. I'm sure I at least dragged you into Skype group chats or something.

And any instances of "bullying" and drama don't really seem to effect the thread very much. Too many of the active posters are too calm.

You have a good signature


who knows. that was ages ago anyway.

i was only half here last friday cause i was cleaning and packing

i posted user cause psychologically it was better to remind me that i couldn't post all night

don't even know man. that was like the final draft

it started as
think that 4chan wolf made it

ginger dudes with obnoxiously long hair never looks good

see >>>>> elma

cuppers is a voluptuous one now?

i mean what does it matter anyways

not that you'll be able to see them do anything

wish i remembered why you thought i was mad haha

remember when you wad the nervous "haha" every fucking reply

obviously not

not reading this one honestly
just go away dude lol

i was really enjoying this community a few months ago
now im not
i dont really feel obligated to explain it

maddie looks fantastic, though.

I'll take that as me not doing anything you can think of and just you throwing a fit for whatever reason.

are you mad about the IDs?
youre my only friend who i think isnt benefiting greatly from them since you user post so much

also nah cupcake is a fat guy with greasy blonde hair

An old friend of mine. It was pretty good.

The name kind of sounds familiar. Sorry, bright one. That must have been a decent amount of years ago, eh?

What do you mean? I will see them live their lives, unless I die soon.

damn it boo I told you this in confidence

Thank god I didn't give you nudes.

That's good. Friends are always a good reason to travel.

take it however u want dude
not important to me

yeah it must have been at least 4 years
i cant believe i still remember your name
are you here to stay?

ive just seen pictures of you lol



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Aye, we did some pretty damn cool things. Shot off fireworks and shit. One of the reasons I want to get a jeep actually.

I kind of come and go. Not a permanent attraction, more like a nomad biker just traveling by from time to time.

How about you?

yeah man, we're too comfortable casually hating each other i guess

i even find myself kinda liking the people i hate


cuppers looked pretty fit in the only pic i have seen

massive dong too

nah i don't really care. i gain more satisfaction knowing that my bitching made beepop get rid of them

then my bitching made him put them back

i just like feeding autistic drama

ID's suck though in that i can't well time Murder impersonations

but sometimes it's funnier when it's obvious anyways

i think the funniest part of the ID thing was that no body even knew we COULD have ID's until recently

tldr beepop is a pedophile

i mean after you die, what does it really matter

not that i live my day to day with this mantra

but in the grand scheme of things, you're like dead dude

It's a secret