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Make OC you lazy fucks. I know you're all NEETs so you have the time.

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if i was willing to put in effort i wouldn't be a neet


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The John Oliver of Holla Forums

Shit i meant to post that on Holla Forums later.

Get fucked faggot.

I dislike the majority of the people I post with too much to give them nice things.

I wanted to make promos for the Gahoole vs. Bliss fight but i don't know when/where and i haven't seen Blissman, hence i don't know how to draw him/her/xir

I don't give fuck about Zack. I just don't like sycophants or reddit-tier spam memes.

Here you go, newfriend.

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only someone from Holla Forums could be this autistic

Looks like he's got a fair bit of the Irish in him too…

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Holla Forums has the worst moderation of all the boards I've visited tbh. Legit fucking autists.

Fuck off

you don't belong on our board, stay on Holla Forums

it's all from Holla Forums. Chadposting was dead on arrival here and the only ones posting it were Holla Forums crossposters, it's the ultimate red flag.

I knew it was cancer, but fucking hell

It's over, Gahoole is finished
Where did you get this, i don't remember Bliss talking

Is Holla Forums turning into /soc/?

I'm Zach

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I'll be here all week

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You tell me.

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Does any waifufag not have a face at this point?

All me

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Where are you getting this pictures from?

fucking autocorrect

I'm Zach

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He has blue eyes, I doubt he's hapa.
Did you just pick a random facebook profile to create this 'Zach' persona?

No shit I have blue eyes, I'm not a hapa


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Are you going to rumble fight?

Why would I fight someone halfway across the country

You want one of my school photos?

Stop posting this kid's family photos, it's really pathetic.

I'm Zach

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/cow/ and robertsfags on suicide watch.

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How is this Zash guy in any way interesting or amusing?

Jesus christ nigger I shitpost on letterboxd years ago, stop being an autist. I'm also a squinty motherfucker sometimes I can't help it. I'm actually Irish on both sides of my family, just like Gahoole.

Anyone want a drink?

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He's not, hence why a vol sperged and wants to fight him in public


It was actually me at the Jameson factory

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I am Irish though, alcoholism runs in my family, but I actually don't drink that much, because I don't want to be an alcoholic.

Holla Forums was right again


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You are a hapa alright

Anyways I don't know what prompted me to post, I have to go anyways. Peace out nigga.

I fight to kill and I don't want to murder you just because you are uppity, you fucking cabbage patch doll.

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No you asian potato, i just want to see you animals fight, so either one of you stop posting
I don't mind the photos, i need them to draw the poster

How the fuck would I fight someone in the middle of bumfuck nowhere?

Also I'm fucking Russian and Czech that's probably why I have squinty eyes

I wouldn't be surprised if /cow/ and Holla Forums got the wrong guy.

Gahoole likes Tarkovsky?
I have like 10x more respect for him now.

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Didn't that 56er propose to go to your town?
Zach didn't respond, hence his coward status

I don't negotiate with terrorists, nor do I want some sack of shit flying into my town.

Nah, you if you go thru the /cow/ threads you'll see there are a few too many (((coincidences))) at play here. It's him alright.

So far it checks out very well
Like said, too many green potatoes to be from another field

Why would you believe them in the first place?

I wouldn't believe them without evidence. Luckily for us though, Zach is dumb enough to use his real name and the same usernames everywhere.

If he's real, he shitposted so hard on 4chan that they still get their panties in a bunch an accuse others of being him

What if Zach was actually trolling everywhere on the internet?

What if the OP on /cow/ is actually the ghostposting watsonfag trying to frame another watsonfag named Zach?

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I looked it up before and there's like 50-100 Zach Hasbroucks in America

Then he is the best troll in the history of the Internet, and he's been using the same troll persona since 2007/8.

There's evidence of him trolling that long ago?

But only one of them posted his picture on his profiles and talked endlessly about Emma Watson and Harry Potter.

Then he's actually a great mischiever


Maybe the only reason they post that is because it is the number #1 and number #2 things that upset Holla Forums the most and he knows it?

His LiveJournal was started in 2007 I think. Not sure when his MySpace profile was made, but it was probably around the same time.

Livejournals are usually made for fucking around

>(((pure coincidence)))
You might have a point if he kept this spergery to just Holla Forums.

You might actually be onto something, but what if the OP on /cow/ was actually a 4chan user who got upset about the ghostposting watsonfag and simply framed Zach?

I mean it upsets Holla Forums a lot, but it's hardly the only people that get upset at Harry Potter

Holla Forums really is a microcosm of the west.

Sure, but he's written some really dark stuff on his - talking about his parents, how his dad is yelling at him all the time, as well as his emo poetry. And his friends who left comments on his LiveJournal had a MySpace with photos of the same guy in the YT/Twitter/Instagram profiles.

What if the Robertsdyke sees those qt Zach pictures and actually becomes unlesbian?

Maybe he only did that to fit in because it was what all his friends were doing at the time.

There are caps from his reddit account that float around the board. Evidentally at some point in the past he was in an "open" relationship with his girlfriend and asking for advice on how to deal with the buck.


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I hope you are right, I really do. I kinda feel bad for him if it is true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Seeing those pics would make any woman a lesbo, m8.

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user we aren't talking about this

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It's possible the user who is framing Zach knows him in real life too. Then again i'm underestimating the autism that halfchan Holla Forums waifufags have.

If what is true, feel bad how?

No, we are talking about Zach, Zach.

That he had (or still have) a terrible relationship to his parents, that he went through everything he wrote about on his LiveJournal, being picked on and even beaten up by a girl(?), being shipped off to live with his aunt & uncle in a place he hated, etc., etc.
I don't like the guy, I think he is a master spaz who clings to his childhood, but I don't want anyone to go through that experience.

Are all waifufags a bunch of miserable little people?
And after all, where's/how's maisefag?
And if we go way back, what about Glaufag?

sup zach you coward ass bitch

OC don't steal

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Maybe that girl thing was an inside joke with a friend.

So is /cow/ wrong, or is Zach playing feigning innocence?




Why won't you defend your waifu and fight him?!

How would you know this?

Watson isn't a waifu she is a living Goddess.

Then you should have an even bigger reason to defend her, faggot.


She is a run of the mill actress who will be remembered for her first major role.

You are a fucking pussy, Zach.

She's already had multiple roles since then that are better than anyone you can think of faggot, nobody posts about any other actress for a reason

Do you have a dog in this fight?

No, I don't like you (Zach) or Gahoole ;^)

Do you think it would not be nothing but a showcase of autism to actually fight with the mod on a shitposting board?

I think it would be the right thing to do, which is why I know you won't do it, pussy.

Why would it be the right thing to do if I could actually seriously hurt him since I wouldn't play fair at all. I mean even boxing matches have weigh ins.

Why should I have any respect for someone who doesnt take care of his own body?

We get it, Zach. You are a coward who likes to post pictures of your "goddess" and talk endlessly about your children's films. Just come out and say it already.

You sound like a mad dyke or cuckchanner

You sound like a cowardly faggot tbqh.

Reminds me of preppy middle school girl backbiting.

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That's why I don't negotiate with terrorists.

Also, I'm not a burger, Zachary.

Why won't you fight Gahoole?

I knew it.

Why did you post the mutt meme then?
Why won't you fight Gahoole?

It was a test of sorts and I was simply seeing what you'd say. In fact pretty much everything single thing I've shitposted about has been a social experiment. I'm abroad right now, I'm literally in England.

Sure you were. Also, isn’t it awfully convenient that you are abroad, and therefore unable to participate in the fight?


Why won't you fight Gahoole?

b-b-but cow told me this about u so it must be true!

Someone should warn Watson!

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Watson is in America right now. You know I know this.


mein gott
remember anons, anyone who posts her is some guy named zach

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Why should I know that? I don't pay attention to that cunt.

/cow/ is sometimes never right

Why would you believe /cow/? And particularly the 4chan anons who flooded it?

I didn't say you should, she travels back and forth a lot. It's not rocket science.

You shouldn't believe the anons who find the info but the fucking info, you cumgurgling faggot.


This is why you fail. How many times do you need to be told.

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Damage control over what? I'm going to post Emma Watson from now on to piss you and your stone/robertsfags off.

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*stone/robertsfags friends

now that is some irrefutable evidence right there! totally 100% legit

You are a foreigner, so I don't expect intelligence, but you are dumb as shit if you think one person posts Emma


I don't understand what is Zach or what is Gahoole. Totally lost.

One is an attentionwhore dude who post Emma Watson, sorta like the original Glaufag/Milafag but without followers
The other is an attentionwhore jannie/vol who wants to fight any waifufag, and if he wins/waifufags don't show face then he will present the victory to the BO/mods as a tribute to justify the ban on all waifus from this realm

What he doesn't know is that the BO gets blown by fat trannies and is jennyfag himself

Yo zach you bitch I'm uploading a video JUST for you right now

Zach is the emmafag and I'm the guy who wants to kill him and every waifufag. Also if I win waifuposting will DEFINITELY be banned

Rotfl. Ty. Makes a lot more sense now.

Now that i think of it, when are you going to challenge Margaretfag?

Zach is based and a booogeyman and Gahoole is a fucking mutt

this guy is zach i can prove it by posting his ip logs if you want

I made a video on him but it didn't turn out good. Focused on the blissfag fight now

4 u faggot

Oh come one now, you are asking to get your shit pushed in, m8

That's where I grew up, I beat up somalians every day for fun you gotta be tough to live where I'm at m8

MNfags know well where it hurts
I'm not going to bother you as you've already answered all my questions and i predicted your psyche already, but i do have one more question
What's your staff position and what has the BO said

Can't answer that sorry. All I got to say is that when I say something I mean it

Go to bed Gahoole you suck

Zach is a random user who is rareoy here. Gahoole is a shitty ego driven mod. Who likes anime, the WWE and god knows what else. He also wants to be a youtube eceleb cancer bitch. Name is Patrick Nelson. Looks like la creatura. .

Kill yourself bro you are a weakling and a fat fuck


Hey bro come watch me livestream hooktube.com/watch?v=5zuFK_QVBxU

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So fuck off newfag

That must be why you lie all the time.

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