Haven't seen it, is it really that good?

Haven't seen it, is it really that good?

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The characters don't use facial protection, they are stupid.

The first one is a horror movie. The second one is an action movie. Just remember that.

If you're an easily amused redditor, sure.

Nah. The Doom movie is unironically better.

The first two are worth watching, like the Godfathers.

It’s widely considered among the best sequels, definitely the best sci-fi one.


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You are unironically a terrible troll.


Still terrible and way too obvious.

Pls name a non-reddit movie.

It's unironically bad

Alien>Alien Covenant=Prometheus>Alien Resurrection>Alien3>Aliens

t. Ridley Scott

Pygmalion (1938)

Hi James you fucking hack. You direct like a forth grader.

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no, it ruined the atmosphere and mystique of the first film. just go from Alien to Alien 3, leave a gap where Aliens is and it'll make it more spooky maybe

Xenomorph infestation will inevitably lead to military conflicts. It was a perfectly valid and interesting progression of the subject matter.

It's not great and I'll always resent for being an action movie when Alien was a horror film. As it is there's much better 80s action just about everywhere you look. Alien and Alien 3 are worth your time, but Aliens is only worth maybe 1 watch for continuity's sake.

Also the o’toole version is superior in every way. Get gud pleb.

No, it's LITTY as fuck.

Wrong; Alien³ was just a really poor rehash of the original - it brought nothing new to the table, and the special effects were laughable at times.

The only decent thing about DOOM was the FPS sequence. In terms of mise-en-scène the film was was awful, the worst offenders being the truly awful writing, characters & acting.
Event Horizon was a better DOOM movie than DOOM.

It was too dark, that's about it. The writing, characters, and acting were #raunchy and there's nothing wrong with that. The mise-en-scène fits it's purpose as a raunch kino.

Event Horizon was a wasted potential.

No, it was anything but. The teenage-tier jokes and scene-chewing 'acting' was distracting and had no place being in the film at all.

Your trolling efforts are wasted potential.

This. Choosing the Rock as Doomguy? The absolute state.

if you've gone this far in life without seeing this kino you need to end your own life

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Nice youtube meme. Movies Aliens and The Thing are both horror movies whose scary moments alternate between single and crowd victims.

Any slasher can deal with single victims, they're the lowest denominator. Terrifying a group of people takes more effort.

I hadn't seen alien Resurrection or remembered seeing it all until i rewatched all of them in order this very year. And it's actually better than Aliens at least. I put it ahead of Alien3 which i originally liked a lot, because i found it to be a better overall watch and alien3 assembly cut has a weaker final act imo.

The best part of Resurrection is [spoiler]when Ron Pearlman throws a knife at the cripple and then acts like an ape[spoiler] and that's about it.

oh fug :/


The Rock is the cyberdemon dumbass, karl urban is the doombuy.

Id rathter watch Doom than Even Horizon, agreed