What are some masculine kinos you can recommend to an animefag to raise the T...

What are some masculine kinos you can recommend to an animefag to raise the T? Prefferably something about the struggles of men in modern society.

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unironically blacked, look up studies on porn and testosterone



Conan the barbarian. Become the barbarian live the barbarian love the barbarian






Ma-Ma does make a pretty good model of masculinity


Dredd was a movie too good for this world.

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Fight Club is the movie for weak white males. It just keeps you being a pussy.

Watch Braveheart, Master&Commander, The Patriot, The Passion of the Christ, Gladiator, old action-movies like Cobra and shit like that.

Fuck, check out movies based on our history and folklore like the King Arthur-movies (except modern ones), other stories about knights and dragons and stuff like that.

Dude. Fight Club is the lovely story of a guy getting so traumatised by his testicular cancer he developes split personalities and makes up a whole terrorist fantasy with his gay suicidal anorexic projections. It is anything but masculine.
Still Norton is a babe

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Best movie from last 5 years

he said he's an animefag

Taken at face value, the only thing wrong with Fight Club is that the protagonist wusses out on his alter ego's plan.


Required viewing for T-boosting

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Thought about this, but it's more depressing than T boosting. Might as well mention Synecdoche, New York too.

but like, it happens anyway (minus one building) so what's the difference

For animu you may like Salaryman Kintaro.

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Well, it happens despite the main character losing his nerve, so he's not as respectable.

Wrong board, my friend.



Just cutting out anime alone will raise your T monster levels






Avoid all western movies made after the mid-eighties, they are all either overtly or covertly feminine.

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