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I bet porn of tunks fucking kid Mei exists.


i'm pretty gay, even if i do like girls


interesting op

private business is objectively flawless

Stop making threads.

do i have to repost
im literally going to kill myself if i do

worst thread

muh monopolies
muh societal ineffeciencies


yeah its really shit

I fucking hate threads

interesting how you aren't drunk.


you love my threads.

Yes, but this folder is absolutely unsorted agony, so I will probably never find it.

You're just trying to rile me up.
And it's super easy.
Because I'm already pre-riled.


private business is the most efficient
what's wrong with the best guy winning?

At least make ones that aren't retarded.


Yeah, but it's so unneeded.
Sure, there's girl that are drier than average but as a whole, it'll never be uncomfortable without.
The worst I remember was a girl who was on some medication that messed with any mucous membranes and even then, just a lubricated condom was enough to not make it uncomfortable for her.

yes, I think there's a pretty simple explanation for that.

based cuppers are you ready to talk about it?

my threads are efficient and perfect.

you're grossing me out with all this talk of sex with girls.

c'mon, dude. this is just obvious bait now.

I'd discuss it, but you've clearly laid the trap here.

no. ask again never.

I'm gonna eat cereal


how will he ever recover?

she's so fucking cute though
idk about you neokanra but that face is definitely my type
and faces are like the most important part on a girl for me

I see how it is.

like what happened after the accident

If it doesn't already, it will in time

Clearly it's just a hint to the fact that he will be the next legendary god saiyan super goku ssgssgssgssg1ssgssg4

Hows it hanging?

sometimes, life gives you lemons and vaginas

other times, it gives you dicks and butts

just gotta go with the flow

concentration of power

winning isn't merely a measure of aptitude all the time you know

i'm enjoying most of it
keep going

im not baiting

oh, the accident? that's old news. it is what it is. there isn't even anything else to say about it.



so right now i think its

super sayian god super sayian 2

You're not a master debator? Then at least you're a cunning linguist

Nice not baiting bait.

You're so bossy.

what do you see

I could do better.

you could just draw it.


I will not.

yes, badfox?

that you're a bully who won't be an alcoholic with me.

maybe you should try making one sometime then.

that's not how that works

i don't think i got much post accident news other that you were still alive and broke your jaw or something

this new thing was worse than that?


That is actually
really fucking gay

and hot

should I have another drink



sometimes i like bossing people around

Have like six.
Just drink a fifth.

it largely is tho

whats up for debate

it's not baiting to have an opinion

yes lexi go back to your old ways

Be an alcoholic with me, then. It's not as bad as it sounds. I promise.

I promise nothing

OMG look how drunk I am guys

ek trink die bloed of die vlanke mann kaffar

yes it is. bully.

nah, my jaw was fine. my back is fucked up forever though. can't afford any major surgery so it just hurts all the time. like over three years of constant pain at this point. I'm pretty used to it.

don't get my hopes up.

well I guess I have to now

hi five

depends, people can become easily entrenched with the wealth of their forefathers

I gave up on the bottom


You'll have to share it with your Korean boyfriends so that you can all giggle and wave your wrists around in aroused mirth.

Just drink ginger ale until you throw up dude.

Like in hostage situations?

tp come on man.

it is the opposite of bad. I already basically am one.

Not enough spelling errors

Bliss is when you find someone who wants to be bossed around. But be nice; know their limits, grow into a relationship that's give and take.

is this a fucking boy

The head looks like a mix of a horse and a dog.

Kun je daar mee stoppen, dat is niet lief.

It's noooooot!!!

after my first time being drunk I realized how easy it is to proofread before posting, so I rarely make errors anymore.

What you're suggesting is untrue, and you know it.

To the left.

oh shit that sucks man

but even that wasn't what caused you to come back

you see what i'm fishing for here

xasD im aso durank raight nwos

Give it a few more years, newb.

I've been playing this on hardcore difficulty for five years.

idk why thats a blessing chiri

i thought when it came to gays theres a severe disparity between tops and bottoms

arent there a lot more subby bitches than dominant guys?

if a family gets rich then they should own it
nothing wrong with that




itu weigl happegn

The only people that "drunk type" are 16 year olds after a single beer.

It is baiting to bait, however.

But judgment errors aplenty.

If it's labeled "nothing####" it's a boy.

Describe your ideal battle station Holla Forums
>One computer running windows 7

This is gonna take a lot of money. Maybe when I become an X ray tech I'll go for it.

theres always a girl in the relationship because homosexuality doesn't really exist

I'm just all about doing that to cuties.

I'd probably be too busy destroying them, if that were the case.

What do you take me for, gay?


can we just like evict this idiot?


yeah, and I already said no.

hopefully I'll die before that.

or me, the first time I got drunk and just couldn't figure out how to type anymore. it really isn't hard once you've been drinking for even a few times though.

as a dom, I'm picky and I don't want any fucktard who wants to be collared.

that's not how relationships work.

20 iPads

and i dont do that
shocking huh

then drink with me.


i hope you choose me

I actually proofread my posts better drunk than I do sorbe.

... maybe not that high tension

i'm pretty versatile with that stuff, tbh
i hope to find another person like that

it's not a measure of aptitude when mediocre entrenchment can indirectly hamper achievement through means


Honestly the best post of the thread.

Nice job

We need Ui to evict Swedish Fish but this time from the threads.

Honestly amazing

oh well.

i still have the folder you gave me on my other computer

and i gave it colbert

and then he literally whored it around

still kinda bitter about that

sorry bro

shit happens

No, there are a lot of fat dudes who even out the skinnyfat subby masses.

If the high heel fits.

Someone at the fast food joint got your order wrong, and you're about to go off on some service workers?

stop that.

well put, scarlet. good post.

it measures the family's aptitude

Go back to spoilering the gay shit.


That was fucking great but I think I got some thing better


i think you bring way too many of our memes here
a lot of people dont get them

what folder? and don't worry about it, I don't care.

21 iPads

Exactly, be open about yourself is the first step.

I haven't met a life partner yet, so, same thing as regular dating.


beepop is lost

he literally took cyber promises to enact IDs


No, I just meant.
Obviously what I need is someone to take my hand, and give me head pats, and tell me it's okay that MC is so goddamn infuriating.

that chi cat or whatever

i trusted him with it

This is all the attention you are getting. Now leave me be.

he flipped a coin

LMAO yeah youre right
last time we had the ID drama bloodchan asked him to get on steam

im glad he resisted that succubus

Just imagine how many little boys' buttholes it took.

Vitagen is being a bit screwy today.
I was going to fight the Demon Goddess again but I kept dying. Right around the second form she cast a spell that clears half my party. I've found that buffs help immensely but they're only temporary and by the time the second form happens then there is no point casting because she keeps one shoting my healers and I'm stuck with my dark lords and Conette. Once that happens the Demon Goddess one shots conette and I can't heal at all or the Demon Goddess will cast a spell and knock my health down to half and then cast the same spell again. I'm convinced that I need a weapons upgrade from Blacksmith Sheep and a few Newt books to defend my party against the fire attacks. But that grinding is going to be a pain in the ass. Newts are cunts and only show themselves in the worst moments.

yeahI don't usually draw dogs like this

You didn't ask very nicely so I'm not going to do that.

22 ipads

I was going to fight the Demon Goddess again but I kept dying. Right around the second form she cast a spell that clears half my party. I've found that buffs help immensely but they're only temporary and by the time the second form happens then there is no point casting because she keeps one shoting my healers and I'm stuck with my dark lords and Conette. Once that happens the Demon Goddess one shots conette and I can't heal at all or the Demon Goddess will cast a spell and knock my health down to half and then cast the same spell again. I'm convinced that I need a weapons upgrade from Blacksmith Sheep and a few Newt books to defend my party against the fire attacks. But that grinding is going to be a pain in the ass. Newts are cunts and only show themselves in the worst moments.

but fool youre awesome
please ;_ ;

Sadly have only found 1 asian trap so far and he was chinese.

Destroyed him tho, so it's all good.

Ik eis een permanente stop van deze uitspraken en wel onmiddellijk.

I got Dutch tea now

Attention is at a premium these days.

i dont even get what ban is doing right now

23 ipads



What even is the difference?

i started killing
thats why i went solo

more 'someone at the fast food joint got my order wrong and i'm going to go home and basically be a shitter until i don't feel angry anymore/have rough sex with someone willing'

can't i just describe some sexual fantasy and have my 'domness' gauged from there?

not the individuals

also, unrestrained market economies leads to monopolies which ruins the whole point of efficiency in market economies

maybe i'll eventually be out of the closet irl
as long as i'm not too much of a faggot about it and have some pride then i'll be fine, right?


i want my fool back ;_ ;

Wanna date now?

Yes it is. How's it going, Kaybe?

What song should I learn on Uke?

was it me

eh so what
forget about it

hows that?

i like the steven universe theme

Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

one of the most honorable gays I knew was a fit, fun, and social guy who seemed heterosexual in every way.

he committed suicide because nobody understood him

24 ipads

wu tang - shame on a nigga

Bound to happen

I don't want it though so why would I?

Everyone thinks of the same joke! lol

Mystikal's Shake Your Ass.


fool please im sorry why dont you like me anymore ;_ ;

25 ipads


are you just satirizing the lack of humor in that user's comment
or is it sci who took his name off?
thats all i have



nikker know your tea's.
Russian tea is Black tea with orange peels, lemon peels and blue cornflower.
Dutch tea is Black tea with just orange peels.

oh. well I can do that last thing. it's okay. you'll be okay.

oh, yeah don't worry about it man, it's fine.

I mean, I'd love to be able to give you advice, but this game is one where you need to just grind your way through problems like this. that or maybe try changing your party comp some. that will take even more grinding though. have you tried the magical princess yet? seriously, the buffs she gives herself with her magic change ability are insane, especially if you've done the thing where you drop them back down to level one and get bonus stats. do you know about that? unfortunately everything is still going to need grinding, but just pop on a show or something while you do it.

you're a bully.

nah he went super sayian god super sayian 2 in that fight with Hit

thats what he powered up too
99% sure

Steven Universe theme song

and Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries

fool also give me hi

I hope you were careful not to catch overpopulation from him.

Is one of your sexual fantasies walking out in front of a car and then yelling at them when they slam on the brakes and honk at you?

I don't even know what this means.

Our furnace broke, our air conditioning broke, it's the hottest week of the summer so far, and a tree fell against our house in a storm. So pretty good. How are you?

kill yourself boo

Soaking up mad ipads like i'm high on a blunt or something 560



what do you mean?

you can concede a point and still hold your position though

ideologies are rarely if ever perfect


i'm even more confused about what to do now

That was Kaioken during super saiyan god, you dumb nigger.

I was just really mad and the first thing that came to mind was the last time I was getting measurements taken.

Do the first two too or it's just incomplete.

I'm doing alright. Painting, sculpting, and coughing a lot, sometimes blood comes out with it. Got a vinegaroon too.

Tea is for fags.

if im his only option here maybe he'll talk to me again

i miss him so much ;_ ;
he was like my best friend

I will not.

kinda glad that fool didn't ky tbh and hope is cockroaches are mature

don't let anyone choose your path, it's your choice.

le ebin meemay

he powered up before kaio kenning retard

but YOURE RIGHT he did

so the top form is

kaioken x10 super sayian god super sayian 2

I'm not..


fool please talk to me

Supreme Kai said after that that he shouldn't push his body so far or he might lose his powers

you should get a white kerchief

so when you cough up blood between your cigarettes

you can write poetry about it

i always liked fool cause he reminded me of fidel castro

he never let me play my jams tho rip

You'd probably help me get over this headache.

I got way too mad way too fast.

Black is dead goku being controlled by 54 ipads

if you don't drink you're basically harassing me.

your request is unreasonable.

i figured the conversation dropping would be the obvious thing i was trying to say daisy
catch up

yeah he got that really weird defect where his powers started fucking up
that's supposed to be right at the edge of losing your powers

fool is the coolest guy who ever posted here ;_ ;

Are you not going to the doctor because you're too cool for that? If so, that is super cool, man. You get some more canvases banged out? How about that box making dealie? Ever come to fruition? I don't know what a Vinegaroon is.

I mean you can still talk AT him at least.

I'm pretty sure you've done it before.

Why would I want an ipad? lol

If that were true it would mean Hit is stronger than this ssgss2 x10 thing

Wait you aren't telling me someone measures your cock now and again for you, are you? Cause like I don't know how I feel about that being a thing, I'm sure you don't mean that but it sounds a lot like that

Drink coffee or chicory.
Like a man.

3 ipads

I think the series will end with him losing powers or maybe dying
I dont want Goku to die I will cry

kaybe i love him so much please let me have this ;_ ;

yo cooki uke this one

lies. filthy, disgusting lies.

When you have to deal with arrogant roadhog players.

one of my fantasies is bossing someone around and doing degrading things to them though

so maybe if i get to key the car and have it drive meekly away after?

even when i'm confused i have to make a choice eventually


i've probably dropped ~2-3 convos methinks, sorry

What about an 12.9-inch iPad Pro?

if were going just based on strength
goku could kaioken immediately and last long enough to beat hit im pretty sure

but he lost that fight since Hit could have outlasted him

get good homo

go dva or reaper and fuck them up.

i only go on here and pol

this is so mean

whats chicory

deal them fatally

That's what you get for playing that shit game


I know. so why do you keep doing it to me?


didn't cuckshit say he was quitting?

holy shit


Sometimes I get my height, and other bodily measurements taken, so when I'm ordering clothes they fit.

Just do it, slut.

i wouldnt mind if goku died
im a vegeta fangay

mfw someone brings up cuckery


it's not good to keep things bottled up, tp. you should express yourself more freely.

You can't do that when they're on your team.

stfu cupcake

she can't keep getting away with it

-takes your hand and pats your head-

everything will be okay.

I could do that. I could also not do that.

Boxes are on hold till I can get a tool to finish them. Not going to the doctor because I don't rightly care. I am working on the eighth canvas in two months, and have about 12 sculptures I've made as well. A vinegaroon is what is in the last picture I posted.

there are a lot of other good boards scarlet
i wish you would get back into games so we could play a lot of stuff

i certainly wouldn't drop a love-interest conversation, daisy
i feel a little heartbroken

I'll cuck you.

Who do you love?

Best feel is dancing around a Roadhog as Ana and doing so much you kill him or he runs like a biiiitch

Don't really like apple stuff in general tbh

I don't know Hit basically said he was holding back a lot of the fight and only started to get serious when Goku did x10, I'm guessing Hit has multiforms too and we'll find that out in the bigger tournament thing people speak of

That is a lot more reasonable than what I thought I apologize lol

ah. well in that case go symmetra and put your teleport off a cliff. that's what I did when I got a whole team of asshole roadhogs.

I can't d all oftheir voices!
little too sick for this one

ok wait
I can't sing that

I'll get shot.

I can't sing this one either. I can't rap for thelife of me

oh my her voice, it's not a uke song tho. I don't thinkI can match that


oh my god. The EMF song from adventure time is literally my life

I want a compromise

that sounds nice, and french, thus gay.
are you gay?


bard you better say me.

Y'all fan girling over Fool, it's just Fool.

fool please let me be your friend again
im begging you

I'm too ashamed to say

Thank you.

It also makes more than a bit more sense, lol.


And it's yours. It's your world, you're living in it, even if the world is full of people, even blood kin, who seem to be against you, but there are more drops of water in the ocean than there are molecules in living humans, and I think analogies and metaphors never really convey the real message.
The message is not to go and rebel or reveal just to get a reaction, I think on a personal level if you have to reveal your sexuality to your parents it should just be honest, and if you think they will take it badly, you can just as well skirt around it until they die :( and take your secret life to their graves

I was going to avoid changing my party composition. I've heard of the Magical Princess class and I have Fiora to change. I'm just not looking forward to the change. user-kun told me to resistance to fire damage and that will solve most of my problems with her. I think Fiora and Melvy are both weak and I need to a armor upgrade. Because both are level 50 and the Demon Goddess is taking 3/4 of their health. So, I can just equip a book and a Blacksmith sheep can alleviate the armor problem. I think another issue is my damage output. Dark Lords are great at destroying enemies but the Demon Goddess seems to adsorb a lot damage from normal attacks. Raging Smash is wonderful if you can keep your TP up. But I need to upgrade the the swords so the damage output is adequate enough that I don't have to use Raging Smash. I probably need a notebook to write all this down....

the compromise will be you drinking less than I want you to drink, but still getting drunk.


fool is the coolest best poster of all time and you will have the decency to recognize it

oh shit youre right
i never factored in the rematches that will be at the tournament
i'd love to see a golden frost
and they raised Hit way too high up just for a one episode villain
theyre definitely bringing him back

youre pretty good

It's gotten boring pretty fast. There isn't anyone to play with during my night hours.

Dealing with him isn't a problem, it's the shit-talk he shovels out for thinking he's the best player.

Duly noted. I should consider that some time.

of course not

why do you want to uke?

kinda nerdfighter cliche no?

I'll keep your secret safe.

i'm sorry
i think i just can't keep up with the thread because i'm pretty sleepy

thinking about taking a nap then

goodnight Holla Forums!

conveying messages is incredibly hard, but analogies and repeated real life lessons sometimes seem to do the trick

you have nobody to play with cuckwork because you've driven everyone away from you

i cant believe i know what nerdfighter means...

That's because your jams were obnoxious nightmares.

I thought you were all about David, the moment you saw him in that makeup you were smitten.

Oh, I gotcha, like making them lick your feet clean after walking around outside and then pissing on their face with their eyes open?

You should really go to the doctor. Just stop the doctor after you tell him that you're coughing up blood and tell him that he's got it all wrong. You came in to figure out how to cough up MORE blood.

A tool to finish them? Do you mean a spray gun for wood finishing, or like a tool-tool to finish the actual construction?

That's a lot of sculptures. Any favorites?

I don't know what I'm looking at. And I refuse to google vinegaroon.

yeah yeah.

you've basically got the right idea. keep upgrading your stuff, keep leveling up as much as you can stand, and just try beating her again every couple of levels and you'll get her eventually. sometimes you just need to try a few times, too. I didn't grind to beat the harpy near the beginning of the game, I just kept trying until she didn't spam her stupid line hitting wind attack.

that wasn't what I meant

kill me
i have you on steam right
message me sometime soon

can it kaybe
that joke has been stale for ages

ive been kinda getting into stuff

what do you wanna play?

im getting back into WoW, and minecraft soon

I need you to drink tokai. you don't understand how important this is.

It's fuckin midday, you fool.

But I get you, it's hard playing games with our timezones.

he just didn't like black people music

i agreed with his shins assessment

maybe I kind of like the nekoboi

I'm really glad you didn't try to emulate how Dylan does "DAAAWEEER" in that song instead of "door" because that would sound awful.

It's a coffee additive/filler from the latter 1800s that was common during the industrial era.
It just adds an acquired taste.
During WW2, pure chicory was used domestically as a coffee alternative since most of it was being sold in Europe or to the various foreign and domestic militaries.

omg did you just second life?

Yeah the point is that nobody is you, nobody has ever lived your life, but there can be similarities and other people can share their own experiences, and you can relate sometimes, but in the end there's no user manual for life; It's all yours.

Remember that and you'll be fine and you'll know what to do.


wow's subscribers are plummeting
the games gonna be dead really soon
i'd play black desert with you if you want a mmo
i just dont play it because questing alone is crazy boring

Sci relax. unless he can sing and play guitar, he isn't that cool.

You shouldn't be so flippant when trying to convince my beau to drink.

a nerdfighter is term created by the vlogbrothers who try to get hella teenage girls to uke

i want sci, tp, quirky, and bard to start a band

if you would just make him drink with me I wouldn't have to do this.

Is that your final answer ?

I did not.

How did you notice the game so fast?

their numbers are stabalising again with legion coming out

seems the original wow dev team is back aka the people who made ulduar since they're done making overwatch

looks really good so far, class changes are really good

i told u i know what it means
i just hate that i know

That sounds like the best plan. I'm glad you're my friend, Kaybe, because you give such solid advice.

A tool-tool to cut the slots to build the walls.

A couple of heads I made.

A vinegaroon is also known as a whip scorpion.

or a tiny at least

Don't you stare at me now....

dude join my bdo guild we'll fukken do boss scrolls and we'll get you to lvl 50 in 2 days mang


why aren't you on steam.


not good for me dude


2 truuu

You're right,
I don't

ah okay, that cool history makes it good.

I play.

Sometimes you just need the measurement of other things by asking another to help you though :^)

Mhm and next time Goku will likely have a new form learned either during this arc or during off screen training like the last

Oh, then you just tell him to go down to his local drug store to buy himself some of a certain tiny blue pill cause it will help him go fuck himself lol


well regardless im just trying to propaganda you to not play wow so we can play videogames

idk how to refute that but just dont play it ok?

wat really?
im totally down to join a guild and get back in the game

wh-why not!

He should be going to sleep anyway.
So should I, really.

I want you to know I'm very disappointed in you right now.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

i gotta drop off job app tomorrow and i want to do it before noon

Glad I'm not the only one

i CAN'T EVEN DECIDE between the soup or salad

this is a good point

im no lifiing it

i have time for other stuff too

you could play minecraft with me when the server comes out, you'd enjoy it because there's tons of drama to be had like EXTREME drama 20x worse than animus

tp come back tomorrow night it might be better

well threads have degressed to that animu slut guy who quit and came back
and that pony slut who quit and came back

kinda need a banger

They didn't have to say what was in a product until the 1920s so fillers and additives were common in pretty much everything globally.
Processed food items were the worst about it but alcoholic products were just as bad.


that street art was the best fucking thing I saw this week

tonights been p weak

It's not stale, it just needs a little TLC.

Tender Loving Caybe.

It's not even that it's black people music, it's that it's garbage black people music. If you ask me. I'm just going to pretend that you asked me.

Don't forget to write "You're a doctor man" on your chest in sharpie before you go. Always a good ice breaker before they jangle your testicles around for sport.

Like, a chisel?

Nice, I like the whole oblong Easter Island thing you've got going on.

Oh, I see. I thought it was a kind of cockroach enclosure. This thread is also going really fast so it will be a bit between replies.

Bard please I need an answer from you before you break my heart.

i cant believe youre just assuming i know about /int/craft

id totally play it with you

i played the last position in Holla Forums island and got to the top by befriending the leader guy octavian

you only get one shot

So let him sleep.

but im not talking about intcraft

im talking about a server kinda similar but with 30x the population and 100x better

imagine that..

I need sauce.
For very scientific reasons.

he can do what he wants.

i havent talked to fool or david much in ages
super stale

This is a good one

One general problem I have with DRPGs is that its easy to forget to upgrade equipment and you can sail through the game through grinding alone until you have a boss fight. The Boss in the Therian Village was bullshit area and it took me four times to defeat that guardian. Even the copious amounts of grinding didn't seem to help. in the library depths it was pretty much the easiest boss fights of the game. The Demon Goddess just has an attack can clear your health with little ease. Like you said I think if I go back there I can get to the second form of the demon goddess with ease. But sometimes the spells are Wizardry 4 tier bullshit. I think Fiora has a buff called Magic Shield that can adsorb most of the damage for those spells. I guess I'm going to experiment with her until I find out.

Hey, hit me up on steam I'll pass you our discord channel. We rock out with a crew of 50+'s and do regular boss scrolls together for all the tokens and memory fragments, we aren't pushing into valencia yet until we push 56 and get our awakenings but we roll around altinova

I'm not sure how I should feel about that

lol it was all worse back in those days.
health wise

I'll take a nap later, I gotta do some stuff

who even are you lol

im over it
too late

He doesn't want to drink.

what state do u live in tp?
i bet it's a boring one from the amount of tv u watch

jesus my thumb is hurting like hell for some reason
wat da fuck

yeah you mean the 1200 AD one right?
the big roleplay shitshow

wow damn okay
sounds like a lot of fun
add my steamo then

youre a good one

fuck slittin her throat, cut this bitches head off

what the fuck is bdo?

You have to be in this club to get in.

Heres my card

she is definitely a tough fight. I remember trying like 4 or 5 times before finally getting it. but you definitely can do it. try out the magic shields and other buffs, do whatever you can to increase your survivability then have your healer spam the best heals she has.

I always do.

No, like, one of them miter saws or something. Whatever they're called.

A lot of people say that.

Yeah, it's pretty quick. No, it's a little baby vinegaroon.

nope its 100x more autistic and shitstormy :')

its not 4chan related, but there is a huge population of 4channers on the server who troll the everloving fuck out of redditors


But I really am gonna get ready for bed and >>>/sleep/ now.

is that u irl

It was worse for "medicines" or other health quackery.
Like drinking fucking uranium laced water for "its healing glow".

The food just had shit that was edible added to it and a similar taste and consistency, like a lot of grains becoming "mixed" with other processed grains that were cheaper.


do you still claim that you do not physically abuse and/or invoke fear into your lesbian partner?


Calm down




she seems kinda meek

like she makes the money

and you sit around getting fat all day and beat her

this is how i envision the fanfic

Still Kaybe. You're welcome by the way.

Oh, okay, neat. One of the European ones with a dust hose, or an American one that just freeballs it?

the weak should fear the strong

ahahaha, Boo.


As much as we've hated each other in the past I would love to roll over ppl with you in my crew tbh. I know exactly what to expect from you and that is beautiful in a way.

get ready, ill wait

I can't imagine how disgusting it would be.
this age is better



rin is right though, you should go to bed.

Freeballs it.



why did you say 'the server' if i would have no idea what youre talking about

sounds fun though

im good at videogames too!
i have a low level character that i think i might want to reset
i can pick for the guild honestly


Sinclair's The Jungle.

That's basically about the appalling unsanitary conditions of mass meat packing places in Chicago, birthing the public fervor that created the FDA in America.

It's a good read.

Me irl

Also known by the name Kek[s4s]andra/Keksandra/Casandra, she is a personification of all the dank memes on [s4s], 4chan and the Internet. A cute girl who flip flops between the ages of 11 (check em) and 22 (also check em), she acknowledges the existence of all dubs that occur on 4chan, judges the quality of all memes ever made (since she literally is [s4s], and [s4s] are the meme experts), and gets along well with everyone.


oh idk

what is bdo though? looks maybe good


That wasn't an accident, I meant to post that 100%. Bold move, wasn't it?

Sawdust is very artistic, if I were working in an apartment I think that's the way I'd lean to also. Do you have any makerspace things around where you are? Austin seems like the kind of hipster breeding ground to be all over that sort of stuff.



Hateful Eight was a crappy movie.

black desert


you take that back.

But it has the world nigger in it repeatedly.
It must be good and artistic.

dumb anime poster

I liked it.

That was a good book

I'll nap later..

looks like it, I'll save

hey now

dont be a hateful bait

This was a book?

i need a cute japanese girl to help teach me japanese

will exchange dick for lessons

yeah but

ive never heard of that mmo and i keep on top of the mmo community

race bait

ive been on s4s sincebefoer u were borned

Fuck off gaijin.

Have fun.
Read any of the early 20th/late 19th century journalism books.
They're a great encapsulation of that time.

She's part Asian and loves dick.

None that I know of. There's a gallery that's co-op, but it's invite only.

black desert is crazy popular dude
its on the tops for sure
ill have to google it but


Quentin should avoid mysteries.

Sorry, it was a bad take on the Murder On the Orient Express. Pulp Fiction despite some scenes was pretty great and to some degree so was kill bill. Django was alright despite the the premise and was my favorite so far. Something about Hateful Eight just felt like a big time waster and sucked my enjoyment from the movie. I think it was the gay Confederate part or the scene here they were in the stage coach.

I just didn't like it as much as my other movies.

I was born like 22 years ago retard.

Fight me you animal.

She's also taken, and a boy.
Not that the second part bothers me

*his other movies*

Maybe you should invite only yourself. Nice boob cylinder by the way.

It was sarcasm.

gONNA fUCkin Puke my DudES

kinda happy that i'm one of the few that have seen poopfox's stache

like people were like did you cap it?

was like nah fam i was in awe

tricked ;)

ive never heard of it

the last big mmo release i heard about was blade and soul which is objectively the best mmo ever made

it was way too weeb for me

I'm not about to fly to Nightmareland South Korea for the privilege, sorry.

Post it.

that was what was good about it tho

I will do exactly that. Why thank you.

I'm soaking up mad tricks like a sponge 560

Nice meme, buddy.

i just went to the guild wars 2 page and theyre selling you a top level account immediately for like 30 bucks

what a shit mmo

no dude i'm telling you i didn't cap it

and people later were like no shit i missed poopfox?

yeah fam his stache was on point



i havent played black desert

is there an generals for it :DD??

they're selling ME?!?!? FUCK THEM

Guild war s 2 is absolute shit

I like your sculpture better than your painting.

That also sounds vaguely like a line from a sexual harassment suit.

Textwall from Cupcake incoming.


are you e-dating him on discourd

man you don't waste time

Hey it's one of the people I was accused of being! Hi!

cuppers you prefer he right?

is discord the new steam for ERP needs?

are discord bfs gonna be the new IN thing?

I'm genderfluid.

you wanna play rust

this is gay

don't you have like several side discourd hos

I don't think he was ever trans or liked to be called she

I need an internet bf that I only talk to in discord.


im going to bed



I refuse to get on discord.
I'm just conversing with him. I think there's a Luka on FB that fell in love with me. she keeps sending stuff about anime and Visual novels and can't into English either.

Like being in existence?
I'm confused.

It is a line from my last suit.

don't start that shit with me

oh hey ian

You're going to give me a fucking aneurism

do you think the first weeaboo gay erp online ldr discord server has been created?

its just two members a boy and his ldr gay erp weeb bf and they both have like pink names and cute custom titles and nickname eachother wacky but also lovey things?

well by definition I am. I couldn't care less if you called me by female pronouns, but I am a guy and that's that.

stopped reading

the fact that you even know about it means that you're back in too deep

Hey Cobble.

i hope you dont wake up

By which I meant a suit made of fabric covered in sexually harassing terms. Obviously. That was a nice suit.


You're going to give me a fucking aneurysm

Gotta get me a discord freak

When I joined some people thought I was actually you


I feel like this is at me for some reason

ok i'll just use male pronouns then


*trips and falls on you* WHOA

I prefer xi xir and xem pronouns

My clever ruse



You don't spell it like a retard

I mean....WAN WAN


you also preferred not to be anonymous

not gonna happen

now we know the truth

I went deeper than 7chan and even went deeper than that.
Still not as bad as other places though.

Strange considering the flag and stuff. They might have been messing with you.





i was just telling cuppers earlier how you betrayed my trust with that folder

Is It telling everyone that I'm a guy when I'm actually a girl since I use a male avatar instead of a female one like most neckbeards use? AYYYYY


Why do niggers always use those not-Segway things?

How did that happen?

Sure, why not

It was a nice suit. I lost it in a legal battle though.



Okay lol.

Didn't you visit 420chan?
It's no worse than that.


i told you not to give it to anyone and you betrayed my trush and gave it to everyone

but at the same time my fault for giving it to an absolute whore

Good of the judge to make the battle legal, violent conflict really is the only good way to solve anything.

It's a shame they removed the gore board.

My stepbrother irl browsed 420 chan lmao
I tried to bring him to 4chan but it wasnt for him

nah fam

i used to go to 99 chan a lot
but i mostly watch sick shows

Write out some words for me to sing, idc what they are but Imma make a little tune to sing um in

420chan pride world wide

One of the words must be nigger.

there's a gurochan but its dead as hell.

4chan is an acquired taste.

It's too bad that 99chan is dead :/

Nigger nipples right on my pimples.

Here's 5 cute facts about Nazrin:

1) Nazrin is a mouse!
2) She's cute!
3) I love her!
4) Eek!


I was going flagless at the time, I also used to spoiler absolutely every image I posted lol

you either come here and like it and stay forever or you come here and hate it and dont come back


I got in a fight, I was indisposed
I was in, despite all the wicked prose
But I'm only a man, and I do what I can
I got friends in high places
I get out for free
I got in a fight but they don't know me
Cause I'm only a man
And I do what I can
Arrest us
Italiana mobster
Looking so precious
Never more
You gave up being good when you declared a state of war
I don't behave, I don't behave, oh eh
I don't behave, I don't behave, oh eh
I don't behave, I don't behave, oh
Are you going to the party? Are you going to the show?
Cause I'm only a man, do what I can, oh
Cause I'm only a man, do what I can
Are you going to the party? Are you going to the show?
I did something bad, maybe I was wrong
Sometimes people say that I'm a big time bomb
But I'm… Full lyrics on Google Play


Way too dead. least there's leakstream or whatever it was called.


is it?

that is sad

How diabolical of you!

I think there is a guro board on 7chan but those assholes are way to strict on crap.

5 cute facts about maki:

- She's a girl!
- She's a tomato!
- I love her!!!!!
- Maki!!!!!!!!!!!


Incredibly, basically super villain levels right there!

... >.>


that's an actual song.

Different URL.

That's why I only lurk them.


There's no difference between ironic autism and actual autism.

i like naz

1 cute fact about scarlet

she literally evicted a bitch cause he ate her last ravioli

here's five fun facts about autism

It was the worst thing I could come up with on such short notice.

Good enough.

Is it bad that I think these kind of posts are directed at me?

I already caught her years ago.

I'm being ironic

Exactly. I lost my suit, but I gained the other person's eyes as a trophy.


ravioli ravioli get out before i evictioli

Are you speaking from experience?

Subtles anus after sex

no one is even talking to you

hey axel

remember like those uncertain times when we didn't know where threads were

and like either you had to lurk the front page or get mssgd?

And now you only have to use your original eyes half the time, so they'll last twice as long.


she has a point, you know?



why did you get so triggerred when fish ate your canned ravioli anyways

who fucking even buys canned pasta?

are you 4?



i dont eat canned ravioli

i buy the good stuff

when alison goes to the store she gets shit okay? i get the good shit

Let's be honest.
Would you want a 250 pound hambeast crashing on your couch, eating your food?

new thread

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new thread

Those were fun times without the catalog. Except I used a script to search for it.