Regardless of the sisters' separation at the end of Frozen 2, what is your take on the idea of making Anna queen...

Regardless of the sisters' separation at the end of Frozen 2, what is your take on the idea of making Anna queen?Is it a good payoff for her character?If not, how else would you have wanted her arc to end?

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>>117423346I think it came out of nowhere, to be honest.But I just love the idea and the image of queen Anna too damn much, so I don't mind.

>>117423346>how else would you have wanted her arc to end?Maybe have her be the fifth spirit for a twist

>>117423346There was no build up. Personally I think Anna has the better "arc" in Frozen II and it's barely there. Elsa's journey is just a journey to sing songs.

>>117423396Isn't she technically part of the fifth spirit already, since she's the other side of the bridge?

>>117423346Couldnt care less, she was cute in the first movie but became absolutely unbearable in the sequel

It's unnecessary and shouldn't have happened, but that describes most of Frozen 2.

>>117423425>since she's the other side of the bridge>implying Elsa wasn't bullshiting her

>>117423346I was so fucking happy when they presented her as Queen. So, yeah, I liked it.

>>117423346>Is it a good payoff for her character?No, because they skipped past the actual "payoff" part. Anna deserved a coronation scene.

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>>117423346I love Queen Anna!Elsa should be imprisoned.

>>117423530Anna should bow down to Elsa.

>>117423346I think "Home" getting cut hurt the build-up of her becoming queen a lot, though I don't think that song alone would have sufficedThat being said I'm ok with she becoming queen at the end

>>117423500Anna doesn’t need a coronation. Those are for vain girls who need to be constantly reassured, like Elsa. Anna has been “acting Queen” a dozen times already when her sister ran away crying about her problems. Why should this time be any different?

Would Anna fight with honor or dishonorably?

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They should've been co-rulers.

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>>117423673I trained Anna and Elsa to fight with honor! -Lord Shimura from Ghost of Tsushima.

>>117423685Not even the right post, retard

>>117423704Whatever, I choose to ignore this with HONOR.


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Monarch incest lesbian sex in public

>>117423704You have no honor, if you continue down this path you'll be no greater than the Mongols.

>>117423396This is what I was expecting the first time I watched it.

Imagine a nation ruled by a girl that almost married a psycopath after 10 minutes of knowing him because "he hawt", and a king that only knows how to cut ice and take care of a reindeer. Rapunzel should invade them and save those poor people

>>117423346It should have ended with Anna dead and Elsa and Hans having a battle between Elsa's ice magic and Hans' recently developed fire magic

>>117423771Frozen takes place like 70 years after that other movie, you dumbass

>>117423396>Maybe have her be the fifth spirit for a twistOn the Elsa show?No way

>>117423609Honor is a bunch of made up rules that gets you killed when the enemy doesn’t agree to follow them too.

>>117423609>>117423685>>117423719>>117423744>>117423918anon, this isn't a Ghost of Tsushima thread, please stop trolling with off-topic posts.

>>117423346One of the only good things this movie did was making Anna queen at the endRemove that and the movie is 10 times worse

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>>117423918CORRECT, that's why Lord Shimura failed.

>>117423771>Imagine a nation ruled by a girlAmericans literally can’t.

>>117423903Make up your mindsAre the filmmakers Annafags or Elsafags?You autists always use one of the two excuses to justify the decisions they made with the sisters

Come watch O Reino do Gelo (European Portuguese Frozen)Streaming this Friday at 8 pm ESTcytu dot be slash r slash frz>how to install tampermonkey for Anna thread.

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>>117424163I don’t even know if I’M an Annafag or Elsafag anymore. Words have lost all meaning. Mother had two daughters but I don’t know what either of them stand for anymore.


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>>117423425That’s supposedly the case but I don’t understand what it means. Why does one end of the bridge get all the freedom and powers, while the other is put in her place and can’t do anything about it?

>>117424392>Why does one end of the bridge get all the freedom and powers, while the other is put in her place and can’t do anything about it?I can’t tell which sister is which here.

Why do you think they split the sisters apart? Do you think it was the Elsanna fandom that did this?

I think a better ending for Frozen 2 would show Anna becoming queen and struggling with all the paperwork and the amount of stress it puts on her and Kristoff. That would've been more realistic and Elsa doesn't return showing that Anna must learn to grow up and handle things on her own.

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>>117424469I mean, if you don't want to modify anything else on the film, that would make the movie like 5-10 extra minutes longer. Probably something they wouldn't be willing to do.

>>117424518I believe that adding to depth to Anna in that way can further her character development and actually show what being queen actually calls for.

I think a scene showing Anna actually working as a queen and struggling would be realistic and have an opportunity to show the audience that being king isn't all fun and games.

I want her to have to defend the kingdom against a military threat.No spirit BS. Men with pikes and rifles.

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>>117424613I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying they wouldn't do it.They already struggled to make 103 minutes (counting credits). Adding even an extra 5 minutes to make an epilogue like you suggest seems like an impossible task, with how bad that production went.You want to show that being queen isn't all fun and games? Fine, but you still gotta end on a happy note because it's a modern Disney film made for 5-year-olds, so that means you gotta put a lot of work into that epilogue to make it work correctly.

>>117424736to add to your post, WiR2 had an abnormal length of 112 minutes and even with that extra time they couldn't make a satisfactory epilogueI can see why they didn't even bother with F2

>>117423346Wouldn't Anna be a terrible Queen since she doesn't seem to have gotten any real training for the position from her parents like Elsa did and she would likely feel just as bored and cooped up as Elsa did before she left?

>>117424736>>117424794Yes, adding more scenes to the film would have meant a delay and, seeing this in the most soulless corporate way possible, they made the best call they could have ever made.They managed to make even more money than F1 at the box office, right before the pandemic started, and then they were able to cash in on D+ subscriptions from parents who wanted to keep their kids off their backs while they were working from home.It was absolutely perfect.

>>117423346I like the idea of Anna becoming queen *in theory.* I mean, it's a natural, obvious next step for a princess character, right? In *execution,* however, it was laughably insulting to both the character and the audience. It just comes literally out of nowhere in the last two minutes of the movie after Anna has done absolutely nothing to earn it and the story hasn't built up to it in any way. It is a game-changing transformation for the most/second most important character of the franchise and it happens completely off screen. Imagine if Bruce Wayne became Batman, or Tony Stark became Iron Man, or Luke Skywalker became a Jedi off-screen. That's not how fucking storytelling works. The ONLY way they could've credibly pulled off the method they used without it being awful was if Frozen II was an outright spoof like Airplane! or something.

>>117424929No, because she's a main character from a Disney animation movie. So, unless the script calls for it, everything will go perfect for Anna at least until F3 happens.

>>117423903It wasn't always the Elsa Show. Frozen 1 was the Anna Show or, at best, the Anna & Elsa Show.

>>117425181They won't have the balls to make Anna a bad queenAt most they will show her exhausted at one point, to show she's still human, but that's it

>>117425181>>117425232and i'm happy queen Anna gets to be happy during this in-between movies period

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>>117425288For fucks sake, Kristoff.You're engaged to the fucking queen, stop dressing in those dirty ice harvester rags.

>>117425328Funnily enough, that was sort of part of his arc at one

>>117425499Kristoff was robbed

>>117425553Now, to be honest, I doubt many people care about Kristoff.

>>117425580Well not NOW, but he was an enjoyable enough character in the first one. He was perfectly willing to abandon Anna in the forest until he remembered he wouldn't get a new sled then.

>>117423346Bad idea, she has no interest in ruling.NoSlut to the democratic council, sucking and licking them under the table while they discuss matters of state.

>>117425288I love that jacketCan't believe such a good outfit came from a post-movie activity bookI'm glad it's showing up in more books

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>>117423744There's nothing greater than Mongols,

>>117424453Nah, they did it with two previous animated movies.

>>117423346No. She didn't grow into it and there's nothing emotionally rewarding about it. They throw out the entire fucking characterization and she just gets handed the throne like Elsa never wanted it. Fuck Jennifer Lee.

>>117426071Very cute

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>>117426740Enjoy it while it lasts, Anna. That's the first and last time you'll see Kristoff looking that sharp again.

>>117423346Elsa is perfect

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>>117427176She 'ight.

>>117423239I'm a bit late, sure, but nothing else I've read in these threads hit as close to home as that post. They played me like a damn fiddle, ouch.

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>>117426071Pretty sure the little ghost doll is a teru teru bōzu. A charm to meant to stop the rain

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>>117424929What training? Did we actually see any of it? If not, we can assume that both of them got the same lessons since they’re both preparing for the same job. There’s no way they would only teach one princess.

>>117427475Not to mention that Agnarr became king 7 years early when his dad fell off a cliff. I’m sure he would prepare Anna just as well as Elsa, in case she fell off a cliff too.

>>117423346Terrible idea. Anna is not queen material. Citizens will be trekking into the forest to beg Elsa to come back within a month.

>>117424392They're "equals" in name only, like how a president's sister is also the president. Their only power is being able to convince the president to do things.

>>117414767Putting the actual vegetables out for sale. This option has the most carrots, I counted. Yes, I know the other two options have signs advertising the carrots, but we don't need one. Oskar is known far and wide for his carrots. The faithful customers will come and spread the joy of carrots to every corner of this land.Plus, who doesn't love piles and piles of delicious tomatoes? Eat your vegetables.>>117414923>If I were directing this thing I would mandate every new chapter should have a new girl.Sounds good to me.

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>>117428375Tomatoes are the best

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>>117428375After I finish this chapter, I'll try making some carrot cake. Might even be done today.>>117428536Filled the cart with extra tomatoes, just for you and Elsa.

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>>117428930Definitely wrapping up the chapter soon, but I don't think we'll ever see Oskar's family. Oh well.It sounds like we're not getting paid in money, but infinite carrots instead. At least Sven will be happy.

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>>117427668>Agnarr teaches both his children survival skills for falling off cliffs>Anna just jumps off them face first

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>>117429073>Kristoff's snow stays in place, then fallsAfter all the techposts I wonder how hard it was to make that visual joke work

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>>117429020>It sounds like we're not getting paid in money, but infinite carrots instead.Super-eyesight for everyone!

>>117429540I don't think I've ever seen a digimon AU pic


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>>117429839>An alternative universe where Frozen did so poorly at the box office that Disney has to convince people to watch it by using clickbait ads on shady websites.

>>117430044I know, pretty strange but funny scenario.Anyway, click on pic related to watch Disney's "Frozen"

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>>117429540>>117429598That's certainly a change of pace from her usual drawings of lewds and lions

>>117430103wow, guess we can cancel the stream today

>>117430103Ah, it's like watching my life flash before my eyes.

>>117430303b-but the Portuguese

>>117423918honor is what separates us from the animals.

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>>117430519>>117430541>>117430558Straight-up murder

>>117430541>Tee hee. It would appear that I've blocked you out again, Anna.

>>117430606Why is Elsa like this?

>>117430784The strong ought to fear the weak.

>>117430868I mean, the weak ought to fear the strong. How did I fuck that up?


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>>117430558Frozen II should have ended with a jumpscare of Runeard waking up like this under the destroyed dam

Being Anna is suffering.

>>117431143>engaged to the man she loves>queen>her people loves her>suffering

>>117431180>engaged to the man she lovesWho is apparently less important to her than her sister, who keeps pushing her away.>queenA role she never asked for, was forced into, and is clearly uncomfortable in.>her people loves herThat isn't guaranteed to last, especially if anything bad happens.

>>117431180thisplus, even if she struggled with something, she would still try to find the bright side and overcome itunlike Elsa, who would either run away from the problem or lie on the floor and cry

>>117431382Anna is simply the best.

>>117431359It was a bittersweet ending for Anna, but her life isn't all bad. She has the strength to get through it. She has to, since she doesn't have a spare to dump the job on like her sister did. For Arendelle's sake, Queen Anna must succeed.

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>>117431382>>117431432The best thing to come out of Frozen 2 was the amount of people who finally realized how shitty Elsa is, and how superior Anna is in comparison

>>117431527I still love Elsa, but the only defense for her actions I can think of is "surely the spirits are never wrong, and convinced her this is the best idea, we just didn't see it"

>>117431748I just cope by pretending Frozen 2 isn't real.

>>117431748Even if I accept that wishful thinking, that only excuses the last ten minutes.

Once all the Mulan hype is over, Disney will turn their attention back to Frozen, right?

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>>117432006>Mulan hypeGood one, user

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>>117423346>Is it a good payoff for her characterAbsolutely not. Anna should have found her own place in the world, not just settled for Elsa's. She should have gotten something all her own, not be left with the things Elsa leaves behind. And now all the books are describing her as a natural leader and great queen, which is the exact way they used to describe Elsa. It honestly feels like they're trying to turn her into Elsa instead of letting her be Anna.Anna never cared about being queen, she just wanted her family back. The one time she was in charge she immediately dumped it on Hans and took off after her sister. Elsa leaving Arendelle and Anna becoming queen is the exact opposite of what she wanted, it should be her worst nightmare yet the movie acts like Elsa did her a favor.Its also funny how Frozen I initially had Anna wondering if she was "just the spare" and feeling useless and directionless, like she had no real purpose. They cut that out though, and she is perfectly content and happy as princess and doesn't want anything to change. And then FII comes along and reveals that Ahtohallan's plan was always to call Elsa away to her "real home" and that Anna really was just a spare. Being the spare is literally her glacier-god given destiny, she has no purpose beyond being a replacement and has no choice or agency in the matter because it was decided before she was born. They made her Queen in the most insulting and disrespectful manner possible. Anna does not deserve to be queen. She deserves better.

>>117432006>Mulan hypeSince when is there any hype for a thinly-veiled pro-Chinese propaganda film that costs an absurd $30 (+subscription) to see?

I don't have an opinion on OP's topic, but I recently watched this movie and parts of it left a bad taste in my mouth. Namely, trying to make the parents sympathetic. Seems that Disney wants the audience to forget that they forced Elsa to grow up completely isolated from everyone. Sorry, Mickey, but I can't feel sorry for child abusers. Elsa crying over them was fucking dumb.

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>>117432110>costs an absurd $30 (+subscription) to seeI'm sorrry, what?

>>117432039>>117432110I mean attempted hype on Disney’s end. Their PR machine is fully dedicated to generating hype for Mulan, successful or not. I just wish that was aimed towards Frozen instead.


>>117432102>Frozen I initially had Anna wondering if she was "just the spare" and feeling useless and directionless, like she had no real purpose. They cut that out thoughIt really is sad. They cut out the part where she expresses her worst fears, then made her nightmare come true anyway. She doesn't even realise what a bad situation she's in, but we do. It's like she was sucker punched by the universe.

>>117432281They did try to make the parents sympathetic, but actually made the mom even worse.She was a secret member of this tribe all along? If she grew up living with magic, then why did she keep her mouth shut and let her magical daughter suffer for so long?

>>117432289This is why movies coming directly to stream is the best thing ever, we can forget about shitty camrips and get the HD goods the days they release.

Elsa's legs

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>>117432102>>117432338Even if they cut it out of the movie, Anna's feelings of inferiority and being "the spare" are well documented. Being given Elsa's leftovers with zero ceremony really is tragic.

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>>117432281If you didn't like the parents, you can rest easy knowing that the Nokk personally murdered them

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>>117432102I won’t be happy until it’s shown that Anna is a completely different queen than Elsa was. Right now, she’s just doing all the same things her sister did, right down to the same royal portrait. I want Anna to take Arendelle in a bold new direction. If it’s her fate to be stuck with a boring role and a boring husband, she should refuse to fade into the background, and use her power to do something extraordinary.

>>117432338Honestly, Frozen 2 fucks over the first movie's...well, everything so hard that I wonder if it was intentional. Like they went out of their way to slap Frozen fans in the face with this movie.

>>117432102>>117432547Not only did we find out what Elsa's powers mean, we found out what being a Queen means.It turns out that being a Queen means losing all your personality and resigning to a life of paperwork with your designated heterosexual life partner. You rarely think about your sister anymore, give up on your dreams of understanding your parents, and do generic ruling things until you die.Maybe that's why they skipped Anna's coronation scene. They knew it was the end of her life.

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Elsa's thigh

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>>117432568Some user described F2 as "a beautiful act of hatred", I thought they were being overdramatic but now I see what they mean

>>117432392Anna's legs

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>>117432006I think they’ll be going full speed ahead on Raya next.

>>117432464Imagine their reactions when they learn that their murderer is now their daughter's friend. And said murderer also tried to murder their daughter.

>>117432464Is this a Haru or just some nifty edit?

>see, Elsa, they hate you

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Elsa is for the enjoyment of the working man

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Translation user, you there? Could you take a look at the side text in >>117432935? thx

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>>117432862Just an edit of two movies frames together, I forget where I grabbed it from

>>117432913>Look, sister. Look at what you've done.>You can't even open your eyes? You're weaker than I thought.

>>117432547That's why I like the Destroyed Arendelle ending. Anna still becomes Queen, but she has the chance to rebuild Arendelle from the ashes into something entirely new.

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>>117433305>she has the chance to rebuild Arendelle from the ashesMore like rebuild Arendelle from the splashes, am I right?


>>117432646I can Frozen 3 having a split montage of the sisters going about their day; Elsa gets to play with the forest spirits and practice magic while Anna is bogged down by paper-work and other queenly duties. Over time, the two switch personalities, with Elsa becoming child-like and carefree and Anna becoming tense.and strict.>>117432913Elsa would have to do a lot worse than what she's already done for me to hate her. I just think that her actions were questionable, even though I'd probably do questionable things myself if I were in her shoes.


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>>117434049*I can see Frozen 3

>>117434000Arendelle, more like Water Slide World, amirite?

>>117434049>a split montage of the sisters going about their day; Elsa gets to play with the forest spirits and practice magic while Anna is bogged down by paper-work and other queenly duties.Switch the sisters around and this is what "Some Things Never Change" should've been, especially if they wanted to sell us on Elsa being miserable in Arendelle.

Chapter 10 of An Extended Partial Retelling, in which I remembered "...Oh yeah, guess I've gotta resolve that whole 'dam' thing."'re in the endgame now.

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Translations.Leave requests if you have them.

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>>117434303>>117432935>>117433053Here you go.

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>>117434275Then the alternate Elsanna ending comes soon after, right?

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>>117434275Oh, man, only one chapter left?

>>117434313Thanks, I'm glad it wasn't something lewd.

>>117434378Elsa is made for lewds

>>117434378You're welcome.

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>>117434404Tasteful, artistic lewds.

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>>117434318Ah, yes. You'll have to speak to my secretary about that. She's to the left of this post.>>117434333Two.

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>>117434275It's incredible how much it helps to go inside the characters' heads for this part. I guess the Earth Giants were just smart enough to do it on their own?>>117434303You know, I'm wracking my brain, and this might be the first image I've ever seen of Anna and Jack Frost together. I nearly thought it was Jelsa at first.

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>>117434378It's slightly lewd. Elsa is just breathing deeply, that's not an invitation to comment on her body.

>>117434378>>117434313It literally says "This line is erotic"

>>117435178There's always cause to comment on Elsa's body, given that she has such a nice one.

>>117434434oh it's the meme game

>>117435188Literally it can also be "This line is very attractive", but it's an expression you gotta convert.

>>117434303Fresh piacere looks

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>>117435199>people actually think this way in real life

>>117434434Frozen crossovers with new vidya is one of the things I enjoyed most back in the day, glad the trend is still alive

>>117429020I've never seen a task that cost 4 snowflakes before. This must be the big finale.These choices are all good, but one of them has a carrot cake! How can I pick anything else? The Arendelle pillow is nice, too.Kari and Vera return to sing Oskar's praises. Finally, all the damage is repaired from Elsa's winter.Olaf gets a present of a book about terrifying wolves. I don't know if Anna would like that one.>>117429595>>117429839I just love carrots so much.

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>>117435340Lots of people do. It's why I hate taking the bus.

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>>117435394>crocuses toonice touchalso depending on if Forest of Shadows is canon in this universe, Anna REALLY doesn't like wolves

>>117435363It's kind of weird just how easy it is for Frozen to crossover with other things.

>>117435305Yes, you need to cosider if a sentence is trying to be a play on words, if it works in the context and a bunch of other stuffI understand a bit of jap and I think the choice made by translateanon was the right oneAs a rule of thumb, never just keep the raw translation when you're dealing with japaneseIt will make no sense

>>117435394And that's a wrap for Oskar's Farm. Chapter complete! It would help if I remembered the imageIt looks like the next chapter might be the castle library, with some involvement from the Southern Isles? Could be interesting.I'm glad I was able to capture this chapter from start to finish using this vertical format, so I think I'll stick with it. The farm chapter started on July 30, and lasted six weeks. We met a new character, saw some old ones, learned a bit about the first movie's fallout, and Elsa joined us for more than just one scene! Sven made his debut in the game too, and we passed the 1000th level mark. This game shows no signs of slowing down.Hope you enjoyed. See you next Thursday with a brand new location.

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>>117435557Thanks for the updates user. Why is the Southern Isles sending books of all things? What if Hans shows up?

>>117434303>>117435311I was just working on that one.I'll resume at evening, after movie night.If you have more requests, just leave them.

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>>117435557>a gift from the Southern IslesThe plot thickens.

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>>117435666>Elsa is going to make a Mini AnnaThey're invading other universes now

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>>117435666>Goddesses casually using their incredible power to create life for their own selfish purposesOddly appealing

>>117435557>>117435656I very much doubt Hans himself will be there. But it sounds like an Elsa+Anna chapter, and they might dwell on the past, or current politics with the Southern Isles. Exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see in a short.

>>117435188Yes, but as other user said, I converted the sentence into an existing English compliment.I guess that's gonna depend entirely on the translator.

Attached: EA197.jpg (600x700, 82.22K)

>>117434303>>117435666Fixed a typo.

Attached: C358.jpg (699x989, 225.77K)

Remember when Elsa was allowed to have tits?

Attached: 1472276162007.gif (540x274, 1.88M)

>>117432778Cancel Raya. Divert all available resources to Frozen. What Disney needs right now is a sure bet, now a gamble on something new.

>>117436116Flat is justice.

>>117435958OFA wasn't enough dwelling on the past for you?

Attached: 118602731_750255415813832_5897182860054677824_n.jpg (1080x1350, 136.82K)


Attached: boobsa2.png (700x850, 1.24M)

Attached: 200% bounce mod.webm (334x251, 772.77K)


Attached: jiggly.webm (1800x1350, 2.05M)

>>117436207That was the distant past. What I want to see is the direct aftermath of Hans’ arrest and shipping back home, and F2 just skipped past it.

>>117436334We will never see Hans again.

>>117436334I guess you could say THE PAST IS IN THE PAAAAAAAST

>>117436207>red jacket loli ElsaHow did I not know this existed?

>>117436103It’s always the serious-looking ones that are the weirdest

>>117436570I could say that, if I was a drama queen with severe anxiety issues.

Attached: 118604747_739697513259190_4328375072563527500_n.jpg (1080x1080, 78.42K)

>>117436299>>117436330somebody spent way too much time on these

>>117435155>It's incredible how much it helps to go inside the characters' heads for this part.Almost like something a competent storyteller would do, right?>I guess the Earth Giants were just smart enough to do it on their own?Unlike in the movie where the Giants were apparently just idiots, in an earlier chapter of the rewrite I revealed that the dam was protected by a magic barrier (the dam gets hit by a rock thrown by one of the Giants and the rock just bounces off). The Giants have known the dam was the problem, but this was the first time it's been unprotected, allowing them to do anything about it.

>>117436837It’s kind of difficult to pull it off in an animated film vs. text. But I’m sure if I had six years and millions of dollars, I could think of something.

>>117436970Just do the same thing Frozen II did when things were hard to explain: have Olaf say it for no reason and be completely correct.

>>117437227Olaf didn't explain the entire movie to me piece by piece so I don't think that's what they did.

>>117424226Reminder this is happening in an hour

Attached: i was born ready.webm (706x856, 2.89M)

>>117437261Except that's exactly what they didI know, I know, Olaf explained F1, not F2.

Attached: 9EB96631-0DB6-46E9-9CA6-490C37FCD91A.jpg (720x608, 152.43K)

>>117437261Olaf's postcredits recap just needed to be a bit more detailed...

>>117437350He did F2 in the credits and completely rushed through the ending because not even he understood it>Show yourself!! RIGHT NOW! >Elsa, be who you are. >Oh I will Mama, I will!>Elsa's DEAD. Olaf's DEAD. Anna cries... >And then a bunch of important things happen that I forgot but all that matters is I was right and water has memory and thus... I LIVE. And so do you.

Attached: (3840x1600, 479.18K)


>>117437445>literally rubbing in our faces that the ending makes no sensejesus

>>117437445Honestly, how the fuck do they even follow up on Frozen 2 without retconning half of it?

>>117437320I miss fiesty Anna.

>>117437445Even this scene itself is rushed because it’s supposed to be the ice palace. Or Ahtohallan. I forget which, but it’s clearly one but was meant to be the other, but they ran out of time to change it.

>>117437538I miss normal Elsa

>>117436970>It’s kind of difficult to pull it off in an animated film vs. text.All they'd really need to do is have the sisters actually have a conversation in one scene where they're not busy treating each other like dirt.

>>117437576I miss "I'm only doing this to get paid" Kristoff.

>>117437642Is there anything Kristoff wouldn't do for money?

Attached: Kristoff2.jpg (698x900, 88.63K)

>>117437642I miss "mostly nice and well meaning but snarky asshole" Olaf.

Speaking of Kristoff... fresh Ruro

Attached: hey__kristoff____anna_and_kristoff__frozen_fan_art_by_ruro95_de4jexg-fullview.jpg (1280x864, 65.66K)


Attached: kristoff_and_anna____elsa__by_ruro95_de4jf59-fullview.jpg (1280x864, 58.05K)

>>117437761I miss looking forward to the future of Frozen.

>>117437737I'd pay him to never try to imitate Phil Collins again.

>>117436116>>117436234one (or two?) more reason to hate F2>>117436334me too>>117436500nooooo

>>117437772>>117437793>modern office Kristannathis is rarer than it should be

>>117437572It was meant to be the ice palace. They just changed the lighting in Ahtohallan.

Attached: Trash.jpg (564x744, 49.72K)

I need angst.Give it to me.


Attached: 1395770855573.png (500x3260, 658.16K)


Attached: 1395770916872.png (675x4979, 1.14M)

>>117424226>European PortugueseWell, ok...

Attached: tumblr_05ac7b6397758a4eaa68074e7b632895_777147ae_999999999.png (827x883, 532.78K)

>>117437538>>117437576>>117437642>>117437761>>117437833I miss Frozen.

>>117432737>A woman's thigh between your legs in jeansIs there anything better?

>>11742422610 minutes for movie night.

>>117438603Let's miss Frozen together.

>>117438216Does dramatic irony count as angst?

Attached: 1578101498758.jpg (580x664, 46.09K)

>>117438379is there more?


Attached: Elsa-cries.gif (245x300, 1.99M)


Attached: 1396711822783.png (3550x3370, 2.6M)

>>117425752Sounds good to me.


Attached: 1596393162987.jpg (1024x320, 84.14K)

>>117439243>unflappableShe looks pretty flapped to me

Attached: despair anna.jpg (800x421, 25.46K)

Attached: 1581408934954.jpg (702x703, 288.55K)

>>117439446Oh, sure, you get flapped ONE TIME about your dead sister and then everyone thinks you flap over every little thing.

Attached: NOSCOPED.png (950x896, 1.95M)

>>117439998Snipin's a good job mate.

>>117437737Fight other guys with treasure trails?

>>117435430> I'm soo hot I can't get on a bus without the menfolk going wild.Tits or gtfo

Dumb question...if everybody is inside at the coronation, why are so many ships way out in the middle of the water? Shouldn't they all be "parked" at the docks?

Attached: (1920x856, 179.47K)

>>117440291Crew isn't at the party.

>>117440291There's not enough room for every big ship at once, so they disembark and then sail back out in a "holding pattern" to make room for others

>>117440302>>117440325>tfw no short set on one of the ships where they just drank all night and never noticed the eternal winter

>>117440372They would notice when the fjord froze and the boat stopped rocking

>>117440372>bunch of shirtless hairy sailors doing shots of rum and vodka, betting on cabin boy fights on the deck>"its a bit nippy, eh?"

>>117440325Maybe they never docked at all and just went to shore on small rowboats.

Warning: very large Elsa making eye contact

Attached: tumblr_d37a1334bbf76cbc774dd3cf2bb5276f_bb464256_999999999.png (2500x2500, 2.52M)

Japs flexing on us with their merch again...

Attached: EhHQSVEUYAAa0qw.jpg (2048x790, 329.48K)


Attached: EhHQSVEVoAAVOnl.jpg (1536x2048, 285.19K)

>>117440579She cute. I'm starting to warm up to Elsa with her hair down.

>>117440636This "together forever" merchandise has to stop... haven't they seen Frozen 2?

Attached: all they need.jpg (710x819, 135.3K)

>>117440579MARRY MEI mean, uhm, that is very nice artwork.

>>117440637Don't be a retard, you just see her too much.

Attached: 1579562163827.jpg (1148x1010, 443.9K)

>>117424226Thanks a lot for the stream, user!

Attached: frz.3d.002.jpg (599x384, 43.96K)

>>117440655>They start haphazardly replacing Anna with Honeymaren in all the Together Forever merchandise. It's really obvious and looks badly done.

kek, I was searching for the "Frozen 2" bootleg cover for "The Snow Queen" we were talking about during the stream, and found this collection.

Attached: frozen_3_and_frozen_4___frozen_collection_bootleg_by_triassiclane_ddll6p1-fullview.jpg (1280x1512, 335.98K)

>>117440732wow, the complete frozen series all on one disc!

>>117440672>God, I can't wait to peel that dress off.

Attached: smuganna.png (511x585, 364.81K)

>>117440732>Spongebob I don't understand

>>117440732>the authors are already in 2050This looks terrific enough.

>>117440732Found it!

Attached: 9ug6m8o4qolz.jpg (640x853, 117.29K)

>>117440776>Pirate girl with a flintlock pistolI'm sold

>>117440732lol>>117440776>that fucking typoThis is too good

>>117440776Oh dear. I need to clear my schedule, when will this immaculate shit air, streamanon?


Attached: Good-Job-Anna-01.jpg (1024x1567, 250.24K)

Attached: 106500606_2700968613557189_3116020770393201416_n.mp4_snapshot_00.01_[2020.07.08_13.30.56].png (640x334, 309.61K)


Attached: Good-Job-Anna-02.jpg (1024x1567, 324.01K)

>>117440786>girlyou sure about that?

>>117440844I thought I had the translated version of this, but it seems I do not. Can anyone post it?

Attached: Good-Job-Anna-03.jpg (1024x1824, 229.26K)

>>117440732>They made Elsa real at the endkek

>>117440825>>117440844>>117440859Here you go1/3

Attached: C111.001.jpg (1024x1567, 658.72K)


Attached: C111.002.jpg (1024x1567, 867.09K)

>>117440836Delicious noodle hair.


Attached: C111.003.jpg (1024x1824, 550.93K)

>>117440911>>117440922>>117440932Thank you, kind user.


Attached: HairStrands-02.webm (2048x1364, 1.26M)

>They made three of theseOh boy.

Attached: The_Snow_Queen_3_Fire_and_Ice.jpg (265x377, 29.61K)

>>117440922>>117440932>Elsa doesn't wear any underwear beneath her dresses.Believable.

Attached: Elsanna-1760-by-Urara.jpg (848x1200, 358.11K)

>>117441079>threeAnon, there's a fourth one, Mirrorlands, which came out in 2018.Spoilers: The Snow Queen is a good guy in this one.

Attached: The_Snow_Queen_Mirrorlands.jpg (700x1000, 182.03K)

>>117435958>comfy Elsa and Anna castle chapterI hope so, those are the best

Attached: 1589824879272.png (1136x640, 1.63M)


Attached: one little taste.png (1136x640, 1002.94K)

Attached: Elsa fall_waifu2x_art_noise1_scale_tta_1.png (350x750, 104.56K)

>>117441281>saves this for whenever a picture of Honeymaren, that one Northuldran girl, or Lola is posted


Attached: taste.png (188x187, 68.73K)

>>117423346>Regardless of the sisters' separation at the end of Frozen 2, what is your take on the idea of making Anna queen?Awful. Fucking awful. Shit. Shit. Shit. Absolute garbage that Lee would think was amazing and subversive when it is what nobody wanted and is just a disaster in every sense, in-universe and in meta.>Is it a good payoff for her character?No, Anna still hasn't learned shit. Her codependency hasn't been addressed, just pushed onto a new subject.>If not, how else would you have wanted her arc to end?Anna to lose the crown and embrace being a peasant.

>>117441446>>117441367>>117441281>What's the harm in one little taste? A girl works up quite the appetite, doing spirit work all day...

Attached: 1587246427534.jpg (497x465, 59.02K)

Attached: letting-it-go-intensifies.jpg (620x620, 178.92K)

>>117441616>Elsa chases a panicking Honeymaren all around the camp>"LET ME TASTE YOU!"

>>117423727Is that an "n" or an "r"?


Attached: showing-yourself-intensifies.jpg (620x620, 181.05K)

Attached: O111.jpg (1164x2048, 547.77K)

>>117441782>Frozen Onions

>>117437445This was probably all improv'd by Gad. Meaning Lee probably didn't write it. Which makes this a huge slap in the face because it shows that the entire adventure of Frozen II was a nothing adventure just to get Elsa off the throne and Anna on it.>>117437529Get Elsa out of the forest. Fortunately Frozen II is vague/unclear enough that retconning won't be necessary.

>>117441972Honestly, I don’t care for onions at any temperature

>>117437538It's over. Anna's pants are no longer feisty.

Attached: qae.jpg (1155x2048, 156.45K)


Attached: Million-Questions-Meme.jpg (510x589, 317.38K)

>>117434303Not really a comic but a set pics about a modern AU Kristanna wedding from @oiKohpk0515li5P1/4

Attached: C239.001.jpg (1200x1625, 318.03K)


Attached: C239.002.jpg (1200x1625, 292.41K)


Attached: C239.003.jpg (852x620, 102.51K)


Attached: C239.004.jpg (810x501, 83.54K)

>>117442273Option B is much better


Attached: C240.001.jpg (2000x3000, 724.02K)


Attached: C240.002.jpg (2000x3000, 809.21K)

>>117442296Performance anxiety about the night ahead? Poor guy>>117442593>>117442610This feels like it could be a scene from literally any modern AU fic

>>117441601Nobody learned anything. They just put on new hats and shuffled around the board.

>>117442806Elsa jumped off the board entirelyNow she’s playing checkers while the others are still playing chess

>>117442806>>117442919Jen knocked the board over and mixed up all the pieces and the rest of the crew picked them up and put them back where they were as best as they could.


Attached: C241.001.jpg (4093x2894, 1.1M)


Attached: C241.002.jpg (4093x2894, 1.07M)

>>117442919I'm pretty sure Elsa's using the chess pieces to build a castle of some sort. No rules for her.

>>117443055I’m not sure what’s meant to be implied by the quotes around “Anna”.Is it just that Elsa first says “Your Majesty”, then lightens up and says her name instead? Cute if so.

>>117434303Last one for tonight.

Attached: C359.jpg (778x4096, 415.82K)

>>117443212Yes, you got it right.I'll admit the quotation marks for "Anna" are kind of weird, but they were also a weird addition in the Korean text to begin with. In the end, I decided to keep them.

Attached: EA033.jpg (500x500, 46.79K)

>>117443495I didn't know this user was making comics: >>117427176

>>117443495thanks for all the translations, mate

>>117443495I thought the THUDs were the sound of a banging headboard so I expected a more lewd scene when I scrolled down, but this is fine too

Hey, anonsI know this may not be as good as a haru leak, but please accept this

>>117443734oh, wowthanks user

>>117443665You're welcome, m8.>>117443700Yes, pretty deceiving, huh?

Attached: EA867.jpg (500x460, 83.29K)

>>117443734That sure is something.Thank you, user.

Attached: sweat.png (2000x2000, 623.74K)

>>117443700Oh, thank goodness it wasn't just me.

>>117443734That can't be right, Anna doesn't have a penis......Thanks, user.

>>117439153Haven't seen this before but liked this story a lot for some reason it's compelled me to reread the reincarnation fic>>117443625That was my thought exactly

Attached: E675.jpg (700x1000, 90.61K)

Attached: EA1107.jpg (1024x682, 310.71K)

Attached: wicked.003.jpg (786x982, 136.69K)


>>117444394An apt metaphor for Frozen 2. Anna looks toward her sister while Elsa looks away from her toward the distance>They are both just looking left don't read too much...Art's meant to be interpreted dammit


>>117444435>>117445111Never watched Wicked. Is she similar to Elsa or is it just the Idina connection?

>>117445406They share some similarities.Also, at least give "Defying Gravity" a listen, is pretty

Attached: wicked.002.jpg (480x512, 88.2K)

>>117445480There's also this mash up that I

What are your favorite fics? I'm in the mood for some reading.

>>117445915"What Hath God Wrought" is very good.Although, be warned, user is doing a rewrite, so perhaps you should wait until that's done.

>>117445915Have you read Anna enchanted?


Attached: 1395958544233.png (856x856, 1.07M)

>>117445915Are you open to any kind of Frozen fic?


Attached: AU473.jpg (2048x1456, 208.01K)

>>117446059When you say it like that, it sounds ominous.Just hit me with it.

>>117445915Why, funny you should ask!'t judge me.


>>117446079Hmm, I was trying to be more generalistic.Anyway, one of my favorite fics is this one:

Attached: tumblr_ouu040tL8w1w7q79xo1_1280.jpg (1280x1406, 497K)

>>117444358Where did her original dress go?

>>117446115Ah, I see.Ideally I'd prefer completed fics, and fics focused on the sisters doing stuff together.Mainly so I can pretend Frozen 2 didn't happen.

>>117446355>Mainly so I can pretend Frozen 2 didn't happen.We all do, user. We all do...That one I sent you is complete, though. Not much sister adventures, though

Attached: lewd.png (640x446, 305.37K)

>>117446355In all seriousness, if that's what you're after, then I really would suggest >>117446087 It attempts to fix all the bullshit in Frozen II (or at least the worst of it) and reshape that incoherent mess into an enjoyable, satisfying story, and it features plenty of the sisters doing stuff together. It admittedly isn't complete yet, but it's down to the final two chapters and they'll be posted soon.

>>117446430I've already read your fic, you shameless self-promoter.

Attached: 1590208402099.jpg (565x757, 58.47K)


Attached: rekt.jpg (346x146, 5.07K)

>>117446439Well then say that when I suggest it the first time so I don't look like such a self-promoting fool...

Attached: Anna-oh-no.gif (450x720, 3.46M)

>>117446500I was going to let it slide the first time, but then you did it again!But I do like your fic.

Attached: 1588401115348.jpg (779x850, 62.52K)

>>117446519NO, MOMMY! DON'T HIT ME! DON'T HIT ME, MOMMY! I'LL BE A GOOD BOY, I PROMISE! ...I mean, wait, what?Thanks. Glad you like it.

Attached: Elsa-I-dunno.gif (408x270, 869.34K)

Attached: AU628.jpg (1239x2048, 626.39K)

Sword Anna, or Fire Anna?

>>117424090he only failed at raising a dishonorable spaz

>>117443625I don't make comics. I just post truth.

Attached: Elsa909.jpg (4096x2896, 768.82K)

>>117447088If you really posted the truth, you would post Elsa instead of the thing possessing her.

>>117440248This.I'm waiting.

Attached: 1592786383292.jpg (938x1920, 219.21K)

>>117446818Fire Anna. Sword skills wouldn't be magic enough.

>>117447295What about a magic sword?Or a sword on fire?

>>117424076Quite the opposite in fact

>>117447307A basket hilted sword with this little cute curled up in a protective compartment.He imbues the sword with his elemental powers.Or maybe like, she grabs his body and his tail becomes a blade.

Attached: 48.png (2533x1383, 977.94K)

>>117447181I did. Elsa is not possessed. She has ascended.

Attached: Elsa1271.jpg (1280x1032, 159.08K)

>>117447428Elsa in that picture looks as if she's posing for an '80s Euro-pop album cover.

>>117447462llllost in the wooods

I've got a sickness and the only cure is more Sword Anna.

Attached: 1592888298086.jpg (1920x1406, 1.12M)

>>117447471I did a thing. Someone post a tracklist.

Attached: Atohallan Nights (1986).png (1268x1022, 1.59M)


>>117447804Reminds me of Blade


Attached: swordanna.jpg (1920x1026, 370.8K)

>>117437793>Get back to work, you disgusting heteros

>>117447389>she grabs his body and his tail becomes a bladeI like this idea, I don't see why Bruni can't shapeshift like the others

>>117448154I actually imagine the album having a New Order vibe, but Vangelis is great.


Attached: 1581969053648.png (442x746, 275.71K)

By peptobismo7825 (aka qqookk)

Attached: 52EE6C08-8D6E-4F8A-95EF-82E250919464.jpg (820x1024, 152.05K)

>>117447804Doesn't fit but Elsa should clearly listen Alice DJ better of alone and reconsider things.

Attached: 1577277864811.jpg (332x559, 37.14K)

>>117448859Good pencil artist, shame they seem to have disappeared

Attached: tumblr_n86fweYxNp1tt3lyfo1_1280.jpg (805x1024, 273.68K)

Attached: EhKDuoPU4AA3VCb.jpg (1648x2048, 305.66K)

>>117449517Based off these

Attached: EhKDuoQVgAEgztm.jpg (736x1121, 212.55K)

Attached: E676.jpg (1499x999, 65.98K)

>>117449629I can't even see normal-looking art from them without getting suspicious

>>117449821part 2 is a tentacle monster crashing through the window

>>117423346I don't even know what Anna's "arc" was supposed to be. And I don't think the writers do either.

>>117447804As a child of the '80s, I approve

>>117449980She learned to stop holding the main character back and just give up.

>>117449980It's "I want to live in incestuous bliss with my sister forever" but that's too deep for kids or something.

Attached: 66994082_942777072755092_686753267032479080_n.jpg (1080x1033, 160.75K)

>>117450679Is that a bowl for the drugs they smoked when writing the plot?

>>117450679I wonder if the animation crew got a t-shirt as cool as the one they got for the first movie.

Attached: animation.crew.shirt.jpg (652x960, 103.53K)

>>117450961Probably an unanswerable question but I wonder who made the shirts? It would seem odd if the graphics people designed their own shirts.

>>117451137Disney hired an outside design firm, then executed them all when the job was done to prevent leaks.

>>117451137Not as weird if one guy out of the dozens working at the studio designed them.A place I used to work at had all these sort of stuff designed in-house.

>>117451307Maybe they even had a design contest and the most popular one got made into t-shirts. We will never know...

Attached: 107940577_2576720495915443_2040192933424254557_n.jpg (1080x1346, 99.37K)

>>117451392>we'll never see the losing designs

>>117451392>>117451486I know there's an insatiable hunger for cut content in these threads, but you'll go insane if you start coveting every discarded scrap and sketch that was ever made

Made another album cover using >>117440579 because I like the artwork. I hope no one minds.

Attached: ElsaGreatestHits.png (981x981, 592.81K)

>>117451563And here's what the back and or booklet looks like, track list and all.

Attached: ElsaGreatestHits - Tracklist.png (981x981, 499.88K)

>>117451563>>117451581Very nice

>>117451563>>117451581I like it user.Suddenly I want to hear Elsa and Kristoff doing a LitW duet.

>>117451581That paragraph is exactly the kind of meaningless thing Elsa would come up with, and I mean that as a compliment

Attached: e7fe4729-2749-4cff-be5c-e97bcf7b8e54_1.d10d67bcc170f894e4c0d0702dbbf22f.jpg (2100x2100, 702.55K)

>>117451869Very strange hair on that pic

>>117451869>ILII\VIE YOUR Truth

>>117451899It's what happens when she wakes up in her tent after a night of wild sex and has to quickly fix her hair before her sister comes in 5 minutes

>>117451976It doesn't even make sense with the braidI think is just a bad drawing

>>117451392Is that Elsa sticking her tongue out? How lewd.

>>117452359Yes, it takes a lot of effort and concentration to pull that bell.

Attached: 109538550_222266152228357_3642198251837214384_n.jpg (1080x1350, 128.03K)

>>117452418where do her organs go?


Attached: Anna not having it.jpg (1542x758, 547.89K)

>>117452763>Sorry Elsa, I don't recognise you without your iconic braid. Put it back and I'll consider hugging you.

better sisters coming thru

Attached: 14555.jpg (500x500, 64.17K)

>>117453133Don't tell me your thread died already

Attached: E677.jpg (700x1200, 74.75K)

Attached: EA1108.jpg (1905x1501, 202.37K)


Attached: 26267.png (704x704, 382.49K)

Attached: EA1109.jpg (1200x1200, 87.09K)

>>117452709I think there’s one inside the chapel.

Frozen has a lot going for it.But does it have... jiggly boobs??

Attached: 1599326202322.gif (401x315, 705.37K)



Attached: EhJwG8NU4AMYKwE.jpg (1902x2048, 751.2K)


Attached: 1599194115163.jpg (450x488, 46.13K)

>>117453301That was fast.

>>117453403Kek, I saw it earlier and didn’t make the connectionNow Elsa never has to deal with the real Anna again

>>117453238Elsa’s somehow stay in place even when riding on horseback. They must be Frozen(tm) in place, since even the smallest ones would move normally.

>>117453161It did, actuallylol

>>117453553Man, you guys are bad at this.

>>117453450they must have told the animators to hold back this time>>117453553poor punzyI remember her blessing the /frz/ generals

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>>117453651I really like this artist's styleFeels like they are very underrated

Elsa is perfect

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