Is this the ideal She-Hulk bodytype?

Is this the ideal She-Hulk bodytype?

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Face is flat chink garbage.Shubkie needs to look alike a woman and not a retarded doll with a sticker for a face.It looks super weird with the contrasting level of detail

>>117398439Fit, not bulk

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Power lifter with fat in all the right places.

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>>117398439Eyes should be green, otherwise literally perfect

>>117398439John Byrne bombshell Jen or nothing.

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>>117398439A bit too bulky for my liking. For me, Frank Cho draws peak Shulkie.

>>117398439Big but sexy, pretty obvious

>>117398439Pelletier's powered-up Shulkie is my favorite.

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>>117398827Just let Frank draw all the women.

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No this is ideal

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>>117398779Big hair is essential

>>117399210>baby hand

>>117399244>Big hair is essentialBig hair bros assemble!

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>>117398779>>117398562>skinnyfags Absolute trash taste

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>>117399359Fit isn't skinny, retard

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>>117398439She looks closer to what the female equivalent of the Hulk should probably look like. Being large and muscle bound.

>>117398439Pretty good.Basically she should be buff, while still being very sexy and proud of it. There's a good amount for variation within that window.

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>>117398439More Hips and ASS OP

>>117398779John Byrne's perfected She Hulk for me, i don't really accept any other version as canon save for his and the original Savage She Hulk

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>>117399477Just follow these curves

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>>117399607hell no with these chicken legs


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This is the right body type

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>>117398562Like this?

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>>117398439Yes, but I'd prefer a little less cut.>>117398779Also this.

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>>117399662Calves are one of the hardest places to acquire mass.

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>>117400000>tfw fantastic calves due to mom genesAlso nice quints

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>>117399026>Just let Frank draw all the women.Yes please

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Boots, sneakers, or barefoot?I like the white boots, but she looks pretty cool in those 80's/90's white mid/hi-top sneakers.

>>117400135Hi-Tops with her classic 90's.

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Then again Doc Martians could be hot.

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>>117398439don't even talk to me if her hair isn't taking up 90% of any given panel


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>>117400540now we're cookin

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I always have a habit of colouring her hair teal/turquoise, and her skin green-yellow (Mtn Dew).

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>>117400615I don't know, Sorry.

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>>117400648Damn she's got abs instead of lumbar muscles.I think it works, She needs to be green but it works to complement each other rather than going with more or less different tints/shades of the same exact green.

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>>117400648>back absWut

>>117399607Why would she need to exercise, her strength is radiation based. Now that I think about it, wouldn't most super strong characters look fat or out of shape? since nothing they do in daily life actually puts any strain in their muscles?

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>>117400736Haha, Back Abs!It just bugged me that most colourists just give Jen generic dark green hair or just black.

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>>117400767Wolverine still needs to work out, and so did Cap when he lost the SSS.

Love this one.

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>>117400767They tend to still have muscular gain, they just need to exercise relative to their strength level.While there's the emotional factor Hulks have, there's also a physical factor and it's working with what the human actually has to begin with..depending on the writer.Also it probably helps to actually practice your strength.

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Too Lewd.

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>>117398439No. I want more new musclegirls, all with different bodytypes, ranging from fit to hulk.

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>>117400847True, True, Just saying someone with Superman levels of strength wouldn't have anything to exercise with. Like you see Mr Incredible using trains as weight in the movie, so someone like She-Hulk wouldn't gain shit going to a regular gym.

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>>117400565I know Balak is french, but Jen shaves her pits.

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>>117400949Why do writers always draw buff girls with not hips? women are bottom heavy even if they train their upper muscles their bones are shaped to be bigger from the waist down.

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>>117400970Even without the plethora of Super-Science bullshit to help Superman lift he could probably make due by doing practical exercises in extreme conditions.She-Hulk even when she hits a regular gym seems to pile up literally every weight there and it's still barely a challenge.>>117401018Writers don't tend to draw anything.Also I'm guessing they're referencing actual bodybuilders or atleast trying to guess at what's realistic rather than going for sexy.

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>>117401059That power-up plot point was so pointless.

>>117398439No it isn't.>>117399359Fuck Jason Aaron and fuck you

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>>117401507>No lively musclefu who's mousey deep downJSDIMA.

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>>117401909>>No lively musclefu who's mousey deep downAmen! Jen must be Protected!

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current She-Hulk because I like BEEF and wild hairsupermodel she-hulk is shit

>Synedoche artThickness be blessed.

She-Hulk is shit compared to Carol, that is all.

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>>117398439Cute face but head is too smol for rest of body.


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>>117403365Sorry but the Carol Holla Forumsrps doesn't need permission to remind you who your Queen is. :)

>>117399607This. Byrne's showstopper she hulk or bust. Maybe F4:WGH for animation.

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>>117403535Season 1 90s cartoon was top toon She-Hulk.

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>>117400194looks like Chyna, which reminds me...

>117403384you need to remind you yourself 1 loser is not a Corp no (you)

>>117403384Shut the fuck up simp



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I kind of want to see Grey She-Hulk now. The Personality behind her being Jens ideal gf is optional.

>>117398439Neck's too thin and glutes not prominent enough


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>>117399735Sweet Christmas

>>117398439Only if you don't understand beauty.

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The best she-hulk body type is the one with a sensible balance of cleavage side boob and underboob.

>>117399735>small tits>huge assNo, I don't like it.

>>117400767Unless it got retconned i recall She-Hulks base strength being effected by her untransformed strength. Pretty much she would get better results doing work outs untransformed.

>>117406804Nah, that's dumb, Like how she got stronger than than Thor & Herc in only 3 months. This written by somebody's who's never picked up a weight. and in the end she lost the gains, it was pointless.

>>117406901She already should be stronger than those jobbers

>>117398439You posted it.


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>>117400847John Buscema knew what he was doingAmazing

>>117406990>She-Hulk should be stronger than guys who are regularly as strong as the Hulk and literal gods That's pretty fucking dumb.

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>>117407102>strong as the HulkLies, Hulk kick Thor's teeth in all the time.

>>117401018Kelly Thompson doesn't allow an artist to draw women with hips, big tits and fat ass in her stories and they can never wear any sexy clothes, Thompson It's the biggest WOKE example in Marvel comics today

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>>117407102>That's pretty fucking dumb.This whole page is 28 flavors of gay, Guys liked when girls are stronger than them.

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>>117403247Kelly t. arrives

Kelly if your reading this.... imagine writing for Capeshit lol

>>117407140Thor and Hulk constantly match eachother, Hulk needs to get to a good level of Rage before he's manhandling Thor.

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>>117403535Leotard in 2006Fully clothed todayUgh

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>>117407228>big tittiesNow that's my She-Hulk.

things we will never see again in marvel comics (1)

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>>117407301>things we will never see again in marvel comics (2)she-hulk wearing a leotard

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>>117407239Hey, they at least had the balls to make her with a hourglass shape, visible tits and actual muscles.

>>117400970She-Hulk is using a high-tech gym in the Baxter Building, more than likely Thing's equipment that was built by Reed.Second, Mr. Incredible only used trains to train because heroes were still outlawed at the time. His world isn't as high-tech as Jen's, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a gym around tailored for heroes back when they worked with the government.

>>117407301Huh when David writes about sex it isn't gross. Funny thing that.

>>117406670You've been spoiled by 2D, those tits aren't ridiculously but they're by no means small.

>>117399699This ain’t video game systems.

>>117407561>but they're by no means small.

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>>117407561They're certainly not befitting of what is like a 9 foot tall Amazonian woman. It's hard to tell her exact size, perhaps C or D, due to the lift/push effect of her outfit.

>>117407626They're like half the size of her head each, so depending on her band size could be as low as C or as big as E

>>117407670Look at this picture:>>117407596I think my estimate is pretty generous now honestly; they were better looking in 2015, before she cut. In 2020, there definitely isn't a huge amount of boob there, and given that she has implants, it'd probably be easy to find out what cc they are.I don't know her name, though.

>>117407746Kiki Vhyce

>>117407626She's only 5'10.

>>117400135i'd love to see a She-Hulk wearing stirrups while barefoot.

>>117407225she can't even write imagine if she can read


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>>117407596She-Hulk legs

>>117407870Her navel's fucking low

>>117407870>feetHow dare you bring this filth here.

>>117407824>>117407780They list her as 42D on a website, if that's at all accurate.She-Hulk is listed as 6'7.

>>117407239That suit is tight as fuck

>>117398439I prefer green swimsuit model, but to each their own.

>>117408092I was saying Kiki is only 5'10.

>>117399477The snu snu gang

>>117399389Literally just just cut the hair and that could be JadeThat's a generic green girl

>>117407824>5'10That's a fucking giant for lady bodybuilders.

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No that's female objectification.

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>>117398439Musclefags suck. Just looks like a fucking fetish orc.

>>117408119I understand. I'm saying there should be a pretty big difference between the two in terms of boob size due to their height/body size difference. She-Hulk is also listed as weighing like 600+ pounds. The idea that she'd be strictly pear shaped by having this chick's giant ass and disproportionate tit size is weird to me. >>117408153 even looks more appropriate for a 600 pound woman.

>>117407870Why are fetish artists so bad? Wonder Woman's lower body looks atrocious, almost looks like her right leg is a giant tumor and she has a tumor growing out of her ass

>>117406618run, duffy duck!

>>117408153Yes, and?

>>117408230The perspective's all fuccked up because the artist is trying to show her sideboob and her ass, and probably took a reference that don't have as much meat. Also her neck must have poped off, look at the distance between her head and her shoulder.And anything under She-hulk's ribs is fucking weird, like her waist was cut and shortened, and her crotch is wrong, I can't even describe it. Also, her tits look like she have a solid piece under her leotard, there is no weight to them whatsoever.It's clear the artist used several different references for the bodyparts without really caring how it all mesh together. Probably hoped the horny would distract use enough. inb4 "do better yourself then", at least try to get your things aligned before putting them together.

>>117408230Because for most it's about their fetish. Most artists actually care about their art. They want to get good, improve where their skills lack. A fetish artist just has a compulsive need to see more of their fetish into the world, quality doesn't matter. Both in creation and consumption.However that doesn't mean an artist with a massive fetish can't be good. Jed draws ridiculous fucking muscle women, a lot to the detriment of their attractiveness but I'd never say it's ever do to a lack of actual skill.Also Methonium/Synedoche, 99% of their work is fat girls but they're always spot on.

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What should be she-hulk's mensurations when transformed?


Did Johnny ever get dommed by her?

>>117409314If he doesn't, what the fuck is he even doing with his life

>>117409462Fucking a Skrull

>>117398439>not posting best costume

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>>117409871That's the same costume, but improved.Also the best costume is She-Hulk in a leotard and jeans.

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>>117399735Reverse the ass-to-boobs ratio and she's a perfect bodytype for ShulkieCAROL is supposed to be the one about ASS.

>>117399823Shulkie is relatively top-havier, but yeah.Jen is nort a body-builder, she's about being fit&lean, not STRONKIf anything, TITANIA should be the weight-lifter looking with well-defined muscles even when on rest>>117406511regular Sensational IS basically her Joan Fixitand USUALLY her Grey forms always been Savages...I now want to see Grey Shulkie being a super-hardcore lawyer who resorts to any and every tricks and loopholes in the book to achieve JUSTICE in courtroom, laws be damned.>>117407164You might have missed her Rogue&Gambit books.

>>117398779This is her best look.To everyone crying “skinny fags“>put down the fork>have standards>or dont, no one cares lol

>>117410697>You might have missed her Rogue&Gambit books.She gonna full woke now and does not allow cheesecake and no fun in the comics she writes

>>117398779It doesn't work today, I love Byrne but his women are skeletons without ass, it doesn't work

>>117410804I'm quite unsure it's her and not either editorial or the artists themselves

>>117410756>To everyone crying “skinny fags“It's not about her being too thin, it's about her lacking muscle mass. Where are the abs? The biceps? She's suposed to hulk out, not just get taller and greener.

>>117398779 >So, I have superstrength, but I don't have massive muscles, or anything, I just look like some regular skinny woman who lifts five lbs dumbbells while jogging, tee hee! Unpopular opinion: I don't like John Byrne She-Hulk. She doesn't need to be a literal hyper muscle monster like Hulk, but if you are going to give him a female counterpart, don't chicken out.>>117398439>>117398575>>117399026>>117399477>>117400017>>117400949Are what massively super strong women should look like. Go big or go home, no pun intended!

>>117399477Is it bad I imagined them all with giant, veiny dicks?

>>117411674Depend, are those feminine, giant veiny dicks ?Because if not that's just gay as hell, you fucking faggot.

>>117412025I mean, they would have to be feminine, but they're still giant, veiny cocks.

>>117412040As long as it's a woman's, it ain't gay. You're not attracted to masculine cocks, are you?

>>117412085No, but futa has always gotten me good.

>>117399477I like her at that size with that build, tho I wouldn't say no to bigger tits.>>117400790>>117400736I like the hair that's so dark green that it looks black, desu.

>>117412245Futa on female with the futa as a dom is patrician.

>>117412329I like it to include feet, too.Dammit, user. I'm never going to kick this problem.

heres ur life action jen, broshes a self taught street lawyer who lifes in ny with her gf

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>>117409871Faggot costume

>>117410161>in a leotard and jeans.Only works if she has a fat ass

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>>117410756She-Hulk and not She-Chicken legs

>>117400970>>117407492What if the reason why she is so skinny is because she doesn't lift? All the weights in a gym must be the equivalent of a 5 pound for her.

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>>117410756Gainlet hands made this post. C'mon bro, gotta eat to git big.

>>117401018Because muscles are masculine and make you masculine


>>117413118If you go the bodybuilder route sure, but if you don't want the dry-ass muscles that show every fibers you can keep a form of feminine softness on top of the strength.

>>117410756Shoo shoo gains goblin

>>117398562you're a homosexual

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>>117412688Jen only works if she has a fat ass

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>>117400767Save for power houses like Thor and the Hulk most heroes still constantly train even after given their powers (or at least they used too, you don't really see them doing so in modern comics as much). Probably has something to do with the strive for excellency being intertwined with heroics

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>>117398439this is the ideal muscle girl body

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>>117408136She's tall too

>>117406901>Like how she got stronger than than Thor & Herc in only 3 monthsTo be slightly fair, that was three months training under Gamora for a bout with the Champion of the Universe. Not exactly an average workout regimen.

>HURR DURR SHE NEEDS TO BE BULKY AND LIKE HER COUSIN>MUH GAINSIt's fucking gamma radiation. I ain't got to explain shit

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>>117416674Which issue is this from exactly?

>>117416872Can you really call her she-HULK if she's not at least muscular?

>>117417000But she is muscular? There's different body types, and different forms of fit.

>>117417062True, but that pictures don't carry the visual strength we are sued to when it come to "hulk" characters. She lack the raw muscle mass to be intimidating. Without that she's just a generic green skinned woman. At least appearance-wise

>>117416799>Orangekisses purged her art again

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>>117410697>...I now want to see Grey Shulkie being a super-hardcore lawyer who resorts to any and every tricks and loopholes in the book to achieve JUSTICE in courtroom, laws be damned.You made me picture Jen as Shadow Sae from Persona 5.Thank you.


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>>117417103>True, but that pictures don't carry the visual strength we are sued to when it come to "hulk" characters.Because she's NOT her cousin. That's the entire fucking point of the character.

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>>117417206Coincidentally, I just saw this on my Twitter, only to come here & find someone posted it.

>>117417213The point of the character is control. That's the main difference between her and bruce.


>>117415706>her porn of her headscissoring guys' heads is incredible and hot

>>117416853Still ended up being pointless.

>>117406618strong is beautiful

>>117400135Sneakers but the open toes shoes she has on now also work

>>117417544Control? No, the point of Jen is embracing what's inside rather than trying to hide/destroy it

>>117400000based quints

>>117420003Don’t try to articulate the finer points of this great character to this Jason Aaron liking ass

>>117420840I'm not referring to Aaron's shitty take on the character, you dumbass

What were they thinking with this?

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>>117421857When Bruce transformers it's painful, but when Jen does she Cooms?

>>117421890Yes user

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Is this true? Do you people like Aaron Jen?

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>>117421937No one does.

>>117421937Pretty hot design, completely ruined in terms of personality.


>>117421958As above>>117421980So below

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>>117421903Ewww Slott's run or "The Trainwreck years"

Wew lad

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>>117422028Like you never had a cousin crush, plus he's 5 mentally.

>>117421980We could've had a confident, sassy bombshell as broad as a truck, but nooooooo!

>>117422065I can tell you liked Pappy Banner in Old Man Logan

>>117422085No I hated Old Man Logan.

I love Jennifer.

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