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Post your Who-fus

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i never finished the season but the waitress

>>117386038Great choice

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>>117385247I heard a lot of positive reviews for that. What even is so great about it? Should i watch it?

>>117385247I'll say this, I really liked the friendship between the two main characters.That moment when the reveal of Sam not having a mother and how Guy comforted him was very nice

>>117386552>REALLY Well animated>Is an actual series and not episodic>The writing is actually pretty clever

>>117385247the mom REALLY needed to get laid


>>117386803Yeah, by me.

>>117386837Pfft, yeah right. Michellee is MINE.

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>>117386907>so user, you say you work at home? that's pretty safe. tell me more...

>>117387140That is totally something she would say

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>>117387777I want to show her how to have fun...

>>117387777>>117387777quads CHECKEDalso I've never watched this before and I wanna give it a chance now


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Is there a megas link for this series?

>>117386803finna get GUY'D



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>>117386021Best girl.

God, I love brunettes

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my whosbando

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any draw fags willing to help us?

>>117392643Currently working on a few things right now. If I'm doing it. I'm going for these two >>117386087, >>117388780Any refs?

Fuck these losers. Dr Larue ftw.

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>>117392511Gotta love a silver fox

>>117392742here's a good shot of the mom >>117387777i'll take some screenshots if you need more, just let me know!

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the B.A.D.G.U.Y.S. twist is so fucking stupid but I still love it. The world makes it work

>>117392834This guy gets it

>>117392979If Michellee ever scowled directly at me, my heart would be pierced with the flame of a thousand suns. I wouldn't hesitate to right my wrong, because that's just how much I want my precious waif to be happy.

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>>117392979the fact they actually shade and light every frame is amazing, no wonder each episode costed like 5 million dollars

>>117392979>user, did you eat some of the jelly beans I was counting?

>>117386021When I first saw her I thought she was supposed to be a young kid


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>>117394947Cool briefcase, wish I had one like that


>>117385247>who-fus>not waif-whos

>>117395940I like that much better, nicely done

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>>117394947I need more webms of this show.

>>117396819yeah me too


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>>117397175if only...

>> But that's an otherwise perfect drawing. Thanks for sharing.

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>>117396819I'm honestly surprised at the lack of them. We normally have dedicated anons for that and this show is pure eye-candy.

>>117397674>I'm honestly surprised at the lack of [WebMs] I am also as well


>>117399940the band?

>>117385247>GE&H ?

>>117403162you couldn't tell from the screnshot?

>>117385247I miss this show.Season 2 when.

>>117403250If it wasn't for Corona probably this year. I'm betting next year.

Howdy, user. What'll it be today?

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>>117404696Your ass in my mouf


>>117385247She still counts, right?

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>>117404696I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

>>117385247Green Eggs and Ham is a very enjoyable adaptation of Dr. Seuss' book. I can't wait for Season 2 to come out.

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>>117386804Shouldn't you be on zoom?

>>117408584I'm going to guess the second season is going to be about Sam finding his mother, right?Why do i feel like his mother doesn't actually own the eggs from that farm? I mean, what are the chances she just bought it from them?

>>117408988It's just a way to kickstart season 2 user.

>>117407602God this movie was weird

>>117407602Fair game to me. Here's a reference.

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Should I post a whole bunch of gay shit?

>>117409836If you want to

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>>117409958Well alright then

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>>117410015They'd make a cute couple, wouldn't they?

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>>117410096They sure would

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>>117410447And done

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>>117410467Thanks for sharing, user. Who are some of your favorite characters from the show?

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>>117410571Haven't watched all of it, but Guy, Sam, McWinkle, Gluntz. Friendly cop was cool too.

>>117410662Gluntz is a bundle of joy

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>>117410952>when she sees your dick

>>117386087What was with all the sexy waitresses in this show?

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>>117411924They just played true to real life:

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>>117412118My, MY... What a bold way to kick off a movie.

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>>117409734Thank ya kindly

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doctor sues sucks

>>117415206yeah i hate it when my doctor sues me, amirite?

>>117415206YOU suck

>>117415749I wish I could suck on Michellee's hairy muff

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>>117386907>>117416766She's so pretty

>>117410952Her and McWinkle(sp?)'s shenanigans were the genuine highlight of the show

>>117418527>sp? ?

>>117418549notes that one is unsure of the given spelling of the word used

>>117418823Ah, makes sense.

>>117412118>00:49:38 >01:13:45 >01:24:32

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>>117420405yeah ikr

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>>117416766You ever seen something you want to both pet in your arms and fuck at the same time ?

>>117412118>>117413066 More comic book artists should get into writing novels if it means getting films like this.

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>>117420786cute feet

>>117420749cute ass