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Every woman can be improved with a bun in the oven.

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>>117375734Anon, you're supposed to start threads with a picture relevant to the thread. Turning a character fat is never an improvement.

Am I the only one tired of Coomer shit?

>>117376307Stfu and let people have fun

>>117376307Then why don't you avoid these threads? It's like going into Holla Forums and being shocked at their politics

>>117376896A better question would be why not use the fapbait boards for fapbait threads? Then the thread would even be board relevant.


>>117375734give her a boob window

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>>117376307all comics are Coomer shit, no just capeshit too.

>>117375734Make her a double monstergirl

>>117378156>>117378377Don’t ask op do it yourself... op never existed

>>117375843>Pregnant fetishI don't get it

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>>117378472Then who started the thread?!

Well that was a deceptively easy task

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>>117378494>literal reason you exist is to reproduce >ultimate domination move you can pull>breast and ass growth through pregnancy>emotional pride of being a father It's not that hard to understand.

>>117378562>shadman Go to jail where he is

>>117375734They already improved her in canon

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>>117378646>>117378692Oh piss off, both runs were fucking awful.

>>117378646>>117378692Oh yeah, both runs were fucking amazing.

>>117378494>Your penis has the power to make a chick incredibly horny while making her tits and ass hugeI get if you don't like it, but how can you not understand it

>>117378736Your mother was fucking amazing before I donkey punched her and nut in her fat cunt.

>>117375734Here's one

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>>117375843You look like one of those weirdos who has engaged a fetish so extensively that you no longer realize it as a fetish, and talk to people casually about your weird sexual interest like it's perfectly normal and that everyone also engages in it. Like the Furry who just assumes everyone in the world also thinks Renamon is the sexiest Female of all time, or the deviant who just doesn't understand why everyone else gives them a funny look when they start casually talking about sniffing armpits.

This thread is already ruined.

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>>117378884Look at this fag that doesn't even grasp the actual purpose of sexual reproduction.

>>117378905But instead of just being dumping my Raven folder I'm gonna describe how to actually improve Raven.

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>>1173789341)>keep her with the new teen titansDon't isolate her from her old friends. Starfire,Beast boy, Dick, Cyborg, and Donna are practically family. Don't send her to be alone in some California high school trying to love a normal teen life or put her on the magical x-men.

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>>117378932>"Oh no, I've been found out! Better pretend I meant something else instead!Pregnancy and birth actually damages the body, and can even lead to death, so you were also literally wrong to begin with, assuming you are even >>117375843

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>>117379063>Pregnancy and birth actually damages the body, and can even lead to deathOh hey its the unfounded Pregnancy is le dangerous meme. You do realize more people die every year by accidently suffocating in their sleep than they do because of pregnancy complications right? Not to mention that's not even an argument for the fact that pregnancy is the ultimate end goal of sex.

>>1173790452)>keep her exoticRaven should be weird being both half demon and was raised by ascetic monks. I think her mannerisms and behavior would be akin to a sheltered if not slightly flighty princess.

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>>1173792103)>showcase her sinful natureRaven's demonic nature doesn't have to be bad but it should have an affect on others. From mentions of an uneasy atmosphere to cults forming around her.

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>>1173793614)>more mother/daughter bonding

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Giant Raven.

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>>1173793955)>polyamory marriage with Beast boy and Starfire

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>>117375843pregnancy is not for lewd

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>>117376642While you are right that people should be allowed to enjoy themselves on here, I wouldn't call looking at pictures and getting a hard-on "having fun".

>>117379063so how are humans supposed to survive if they arent allowed to breed?

>>117375734give her a femboy lover

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>>117379874Is that Glimmer from the hit animated show She-ra and the princesses of white power?

>>117376896>It's like going into Holla Forums and being shocked at their politicsMore like it's like going to Holla Forums and being shocked by the offtopic politics flooding the entire siteWe all know there's cheesecake 24/7 because coomer culture, but don't play dumb by "defending yourself". Nothing worse than a coomer trying to go "why are you here"? Post your fucking fapbait and cope like little coomers.

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Just make her Lady Legasus instead.I seriously suspect people growing up with TTG will develop a preference for legs due to those episodes, at least hopefully legs and not stuffing or farts.

>>117379988Next time you post it better be about Raven.

>>117379907Nobody mentioned Humans not breeding. The implication that Raven being pregnant would improve her appearance or personality in some mysterious way was made.

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>>117380044Here little coomer, just for (You)

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>>117379424Normal sized Raven can be good too

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>>117379096Not that user but read the final bit of your statement again: the ultimate END goal of sex. Just because I wanna stuff a bun in that oven, doesn't mean I like the way the oven looks when in use. It is the end goal, but it also ruins a perfectly good body.

>>117380176If you don't want Raven threads to be just fanart dumps then try and start a discussion. People like Raven, they will talk about her if given the chance.

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>>117380239Even if it's just to complain about how everything she shows up in is mediocre.

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>>117376896No, It's like going to Holla Forums and being shocked at their distinct lack of video game discussion. Coomer threads belong on coomer boards.

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>>117380280Faggot shit belong on /lgbt/ and yet you're here.

>>117380176Perfect for my demonic dary delivery.

>>117380280Can you discuss Raven instead of complaining about the lack of discussion.

>>117380333>noooooo my carefully crafted false equivalency >you can't just call it out like that

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>>117380553There is nothing to discuss that hasn't been said 1000 times before. Her shows suck and she has no real personality, she's just babby's first big tiddy goth gf.

>>117380600>she has no real personalityYou don't have to be part of the discussion y'know.

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>>117380600>she's just babby's first big tiddy goth gf.That and so much more. If this was just about big tits then any OC should be just as popular but people like Raven because she's the daughter of the devil who rejects her father for humanity.

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>>117381069That's why you gonna be stuck here trying to shut down a thread for an incredibly popular character.

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>>117378884Based >>117378932Cringe

>>117375843I would literally never stop trying to impregnate Raven. Every day I would wake her up by coming in her and every night I would cum in her right before going to sleep, which I would do with my dick stuck insider her. I would take some viagra before bed just to maintain my erection so that she'll be ready in the morning when I thrust into her like an animal and slather her in kisses. Part of our wedding vows would be to have as many children as physically possible. I wouldn't even care if she's already pregnant, I'll fuck her while she's pregnant and she'll get double pregnant. I'll fill her with so much cum every day that she'll look pregnant even when she isn't (which she'll never be after we're married) I would do everything in my power to make Raven as fertile as possible. I'd give her fertility drugs, I'd give her uterus massages, breast massages, I wouldn't let her go 12 hours without at least one spastic orgasm. I'll even bake her home made lactation inducing biscuits to help her get to a point of hyperlactation syndrome so that she'll be seeping out multiple quarts of milk per day. Which I will save and drink just so that I can tell her how delicious it is. I'll make her so fertile that triplets will be the minimum number she's carrying at any given time. I would literally never stop doting on her, I would respond to her every beck and call and I would cum inside her again each time she asks for something. She would be so pregnant all the time that she would literally not be able to stand up straight anymore even after menopause. Her spine would be permanently bent out of shape to accommodate a pregnant belly. Even after she can't get pregnant anymore I would just keep putting more eggs into her. I would clone her purely so that I can put fresh eggs from the clone inside her after she runs out of them. She would have so much progesterone running through her veins at any given time that even the thought of not being pregnant would seem odd to her.

>>117375843>Raven not having Tokophobia, but biologically compelled to search for mates to conceive with

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>>117379907They're not.

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>>117376102Bold of you to just announce your shit taste like that.

>>117381941Plump Raven makes a lot of sense.>sedentary lifestlye-lot of sitting with meditation and reading>fondness of rich foods like waffles >genetics as her mom is also thicc

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>>117382059Eh, she’s still fairly active, she’ll probably never be buff but I can see her not being chubby either

>>117380021Nah.Raven needs to be Mega Legasus. Is a perfect development for her being the most powerful of all the Legasus

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>>117382086She's the least physically active one.

>>117380206Imagine the feel and smell.

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>>117375734>Raven UniverseNo thanks

>>117382260>Raven joins the CIA

>>117381069>people like Raven because she's the daughter of the devil who rejects her father for humanityNo, they like her because they were at just the right age when they discovered her so she was their first real crush.

>>117382420>I like character because of X>NO U DONT ITS BECAUSE OF YQuit being a little bitch and post Raven

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>>117382195True, but the Titans do seem to have some degree of physical training at the very least, so while she's likely the least fit, she's also likely not unfit

>>117382260I do every day

>>117383004Move over, Lois Lane!

>>117375734Kevin Smith Titan VerseRaven comes to earth as a child is found and raised by Jay and Silent Bob. Raven ends up emulating Silent Bob, weed also mellows her emotions (legal age of course)Starfire lands on earth, same situation plays out but she kisses Raven and learns Jay speech mannerisms. They don't end up joining the Titans instead hanging out in front like Jay and Silent Bob to Quick Stop. The Titan Tower has a Clerks with Cyborg and Beast boy as Randall and Dante, Robin acts like Elias but instead of Jesus it's Batman.

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>>117380206>gentle dom giantessI require the source.

>>117383562RavenRavenRaven's latest patreon post

>>117380226>TokophobiaHave you seen Anri Okita post-pregnancy?Yeah, she's totally ruined buddy.

>>117382059>>117382086Alternatively, demon genetics, ensures any extra mass goes to all the right places

>>117375734you start, op

>>117383189>>117384043Just a slight belly for the cherry on top.

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>>117375734make her an edgelord demon slut who only sides with the good guys because she's addicted to hero dick

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>>117378494A friend of mind told me the best sex he had with his Ex was when she was Preggo. I think they're at their horniest at that point.

did people like this issue back in the day?

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>>117384114Or dicking hero(in)es

>>117383593He's posted it on his deviantart and newgrounds so you don't have to worry about giving any shekels to see it on patreon.

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>>117384350>He's posted it on his deviantart and newgrounds so you don't have to worry about giving any shekels to see it on patreon.I have more money than I know what to do with, handing out a few shekels a month to an artist I like is no big deal to me

>>117384192Raven can soul vore people?Hot

>>117384096>Just a slight bellyNah

>>117376307I for one am tired of normalfags like you shitting up our website.

>>117384756Fine but softness is the key. Raven should be plush and marshmellow-y.

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>>117385081Eh, depends on where the softness is

>>117382345I don't get it

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I wish I was Starfire here

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>>117378636Shads in jail?



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>>117383685I wasn't talking post. Big tits and fat asses are nice, but everything else swelling up too? That I could do without. Not everyone likes them fat. Once that bun is out of that oven I'll be right back in there, stuffing another bun in there like the retard coomer I am.

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>>117389474>You will never feel her shift atop your face as she gets comfortable

>>117389238Pregnancy =/= fat user

>>117384114Side shaves look retarded.

>>117390955I actually sorta like them on hot punkish chicks

>>117389474Everytime I see this I don't know which I want to do: Sniff, taste, or feel.

>>117390149Getting off to pregnancy is worse than getting off to fat.

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lol I love how this thread has devolved into arguing which fetish is more degenerate.

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>>117391180>Sniff, taste, or feel.>OrFool, implying you wouldn't be doing all three if she plopped that soft, yet hefty right atop your head, nestling your face deep between her soft cheeks, cutting you off from any light or sound so you can better experience the taste, smell, and feel of her thicc grey ass

>>117391482But if you could only do one, which would you choose?

>>117391100They're ruined by the masses of unhinged uggos and fatties, just like colorful dye jobs.

>>117392056That's a fool's question, if I'm in a position to do one, I'm in a position to do all three anonTaste, would be the easiest to pull off the other two before as well>>117392067>ruinedThat is the talk of a weak willed coward, the only reason they'd be ruined is if you let your personal taste be dictated by others. Now it may not be good in on a fatty or an uggo, but on a hot chick with the right look for it it'll still bump things up a bit

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ship her with someone not retardedInstant improvement

>>117393139Breast envy Jinx is best Jinx

>>117389123Ironically, invoking fallacy fallacy is in and of itself a fallacy fallacy.

>>117375734How about making her look Half Demon and the reason for the hood is to hide her demonic features.

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>>117393833So.... not Starfire?

>>117393871is this now>Implying implicative implication were implied?

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>>117394531>When you realize you should have gone clothes shopping before casting that thiccening spell

>>117378710Kys toon fag

>>117384114>>117382545>>117381414>>117380944>>117380261>>117380239>>117380176>>117379504Live action goth teen

>>117393958>Hiding it

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>>117387541What flavor is it?!

>>117378710They're not awful, just mediocre.

>>117378494low test

>>117396112What writer can actually do a good Raven book?>inb4 Kami GarciaNot bad, just mediocre.

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personally I'm a fan of the DCAU version of Raven, I'm surprised no one's posted the qt

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>>117396806She's cute, but I like the original Teen Titans version better

>>117398028Me too

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>>117388575He should be

>>117378494It’s a way to justify being attracted to fat women. Just say you like fat chicks, no one cares

>>117399351Fat chicks are ugly though, pregnant women are beautiful

>>117396806DCAMU to be precise

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>>117396806>personally I'm a fan of the DCAU version of RavenRaven doesn't exist in the DCAU.See >>117399559

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>>117375734Two words, Horror Erotica. I want a Raven that can make me cum with an otherworldly whisper while also shuddering in revulsion at her otherworldiness.

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>>117400033Imagine the delicious thrill of a full on demonic Raven violating your soul and impregnating you with the seed of oblivion.

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>>117400089Or the more subtle dream seduction, implanting thoughts of her into your head till she's the only one you can think about.

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>>117400140You'll never come harder then when your mind breaks when you finally comprehend her true nature.

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>>117400140she basically raped him

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>>117400890she ate two of the Ravens twice

>>117393859what she lacks in breasts she makes up with a gorilla grip pussy. enough grip to suck your soul out

>>117375843She can't be preganant, Robic checked.

>>117401095>suck your soul outI'm pretty sure that's more Raven's thing, what with the whole half demon thing


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>>117379424Has this artist ever draw something else except specific fetishes and pin-ups?Has he ever draw a sex scene?

>>117402403I wish that was me

>>117402657>Has this artist ever draw something else except specific fetishes and pin-ups?Mostly that>Has he ever draw a sex scene?No, purely lewd rather than outright porn, which I actually prefer so I'm not complaining

>>117402695>No, purely lewd rather than outright pornI don't know... feels like kind of a waste...

>>117402728I have to agree with you here.If RavenRavenRaven kept the character proportions (and I mean boobs and butt) as in the show (like Jinx), I would disagree... but by giving them such large assets it does feel like a waste to not make some more risky lewds and some porn scenes

>>117399818Very nice. I love the hair!

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>>117403129Jinx should poke raven's nipples and push em inwards over and over thus playing them

>>117382059She's active as fuck, watchu talkin about?

>>117375734>>117378646>>117378692Best version.

Attached: Raven N52.png (480x715, 606.7K)

My version of raven aka BatVen a fusion of batgirl and Raven

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>>117404833Fuck is this devil trigger shit?

>>117404507Comparable to all the other titans she's not, using her shadowself to fight most of the time.

>>117405196Delete this

>>117405294You implying that she isn't getting a workout even with projections and the like? It's clear that it requires physical energy as she ends up collaping from exhaustion after going mental with the powers multiple times.

Attached: Raven criw.jpg (693x1242, 636.97K)

>>117405338It's purely spiritual, I don't think there's a caloric expenditure like there would be for Beast boy or Starfire.As for her exhaustion it could be theoretical that her physical form isn't yet strong enough which is why RAVEN NEEDS TO BE THICCER

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>>117384114Liefield Raven?

>>117402728>>117402782Personally I just like stuff that tantalizes more than outright arouses, so his current output's good for me

>>117378884>He doesn't think Renemon is the sexiest.I don't like you.

>>117376307I'm tired of being a coomer, I do not wish to be horny anymore. I just want to be happy.

>>117398028Live action as well.


Attached: starfirerobincuddle.png (1080x1110, 569.39K)

>>117408399Never actually seen the live action version

>>117405208>After years of holding Trigon back Raven can figure out the true limits of her power which includes a Devil Trigger, but that for comes razor thin to the limit and acts more wily with it.

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>>117405208The improved version of Raven OP asked for.

Attached: Raven New52 style.png (719x930, 223.26K)

>>117378494You will when you're older.

Attached: wallhaven-96vqmk.jpg (3840x1634, 1.32M)

>>117408567This image is simultaneously wholesome and cursed.

>>117399437This. Stating otherwise is just tranny cope.

>>117404833>>117404833looks like something from a retarded anime

>>117375734Make her cheery and bubbly.

Attached: switched_raven_and_starfire_by_kaylakedziora-d9elfod.png (1024x1633, 642.67K)

>>117401002multiverse or magic or whatever

>>117405951nice titties

No, this thread and raven fans amd bbrae fans dont exist.

>>117375843Robin is the father, bb is a cuck.

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>>117400890>Raven voreWhy does Go Raven have to be the pred?


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>>117417184that's a fine booty

Attached: I like big butts and can not lie.jpg (1000x811, 81.21K)

>>117416131whatever helps you sleep at night

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>>117388575Yes he is, he was indicted on the grounds of after drawing 1000 traps, said traps are gay. Got 1000 concurrent life sentences(could parole after 500)

>>117382059Reminds me of a conversation I had about an older Raven. Could see her with a soft belly, if not a small paunch.

Attached: MILF Raven Go!.png (600x1000, 142.29K)

>>117417520>picGreat comic.


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>>117379504>he checked


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>>117413662Must be the best anime ever

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This is how you improve Raven.

Attached: Raven throne.jpg (1920x2951, 2.23M)

>>117418979>>117418954If best means most retarded, then yes.

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>>117378905now improved.Really, ntt robe + leotard underclothes is the best combination

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