Why is she so perfect broshttps://youtu.be/RRXui7cY2t0

Why is she so perfect brosyoutu.be/RRXui7cY2t0

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>>117353732Why do you force wojaks into everything?

>>117353732>wojakopinion discarded

>>117353714what does her feet smell like

>>117353714literally no one would give a shit about this rodent if she wasnt a dyke

>>117354045Take a sniff.

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>>117354045Shitty kitty litter and Fritos.

>>117354072>if she wasn't sufferingfixed

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Huh. I never noticed there was so much foot art of her.

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>>117355035quite a bit is commissioned by one dude to be fair

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>>117353714>this is what Noelle actually believesSad desu


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Based Catra feet poster.

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>>117353714 (OP)>>117354564>>117354878>>117354887>>117354887>>117354893>>117354897>>117354906>>117354915>>117354922>>117354930>>117354937>>117354952>>117354961>>117354974>>117354985>>117354993>>117355006>>117355015>>117355023>>117355032>>117355041>>117355052>>117355063>>117355072>>117355085

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>>117355193>mega replyBegone

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>>117353732Me on the right

>>117353714 (OP)>>117354564>>117354878>>117354887>>117354887>>117354893>>117354897>>117354906>>117354915>>117354922>>117354930>>117354937>>117354952>>117354961>>117354974>>117354985>>117354993>>117355006>>117355015>>117355023>>117355032>>117355041>>117355052>>117355063>>117355072>>117355085Holy fucking based

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god i hate this character

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This is the only good thread on 4channel

>>117356148Tfw I drew another version of this but its very inferior

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>>117356484Let's see it.


>>117353714>>117354564>>117354878>>117354887>>117354893>>117354897>>117354906>>117354915>>117354922>>117354930>>117354937>>117354952>>117354961>>117354974>>117354985>>117354993>>117355006>>117355015>>117355023>>117355032>>117355041>>117355052>>117355063>>117355072>>117355085This is an approved sniff webm. Save it friends if you dont already have it.

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>>117356489>>117356503You asked for itshould've practiced more, I never usually draw cartoon characters Yes the legs are intentional

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>>117356489>>117356503You asked for itshould've practiced more, I never usually draw cartoon characters Yes the legs are intentional

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Is there some reason why you faggots have to post sexual pictures all the time? Why don't you ever post cute wholesome shit

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>>117355035Any character with their toes out is getting foot art.

>>117356791You came here looking for cute and wholesome?>>117356550>>117356778Why the fuck did you post the same text twice

>>117356791heres a wholesome

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>>117356858i haven't seen that before, that's pretty cute >>117356808>for cute and wholesomeit's a waifu thread, so I expected wholesome pictures, but it's non stop fetish pictures

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>>117356880more wholesoem

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>>117357151Damn, that's some good shit.

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Fuckin' Seahawk strikes again.

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Attack on Etheria.

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>>117357151Catradora warms my cold heart

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>>117357595>>117357609>>117357632fuck their chemistry was so good

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Abusive incest as confirmed by the canon book

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>>117357683Glitra was better anyway

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>>117357683>abusivethey started their relationship long after they stopped fighting>incestthey were "sisters" the same way you'd consider your guy friend a "bro".

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>>117356550>>117356778Not too bad user, don't be so hard on yourself

>>117357984They were raised as sisters, user. It's not like they were fully developed when they met.

i hate catra so much you guys

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>>117355253I hope you got permission first?

"Hey Lois, I underwent a character arc that will forever be regarded as one of the best"

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Is it normal for butch lesbians to be submissive like Catra is for Adora?

>>117355193All me by the way

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why is this cat so gay bros?

>>117360886only after breaking them in

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>>117360492Delete this.

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>>117360927Mommy issues

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>>117356791Here you go, buddy.

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>>117361462Bitch why the fuck you looking at me for go to your WIFE

>>117353714She isn't

>>117357702Fook off smash brofag

>>117356791Because lesbians are never going to be cute.

Is this show worth watching?

>>117362705It's not for everyone user, if you watch the first few episodes and you're not a fan of the writing/animation then you're not gonna enjoy the rest of the ride. But give it a try the show's strength are it's characters so if you have a favourite it's worth watching their journey.

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>>117362829Is the show propaganda?

>>117362705Depends on who you ask, but for me it really isn't.

>>117363003Meant for >>117362955

>>117362955>propagandaWhat does that even mean?

>>117362955It's propaganda for shortstack awareness

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>>117362705yea. but season 1 is kinda meh. gets a lot better in s2 and starts getting really good in s3 imo.

Wow... You guys are doing a really good job of maintaining the title of most toxic shipping fandom

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I like that the humans are actually drawn like humans and not calarts blobs, and the background are really detailed and nice. Are there any modern shows with animation as good as She-Ra?

>>117363815>She-Ra animation>goodSurely you mean art direction and character design right?

>>117364111She ra character designs... good... oh lord.There is a reason this thread is just spam of the characters way off model. And only 2 characters because no1curr about the non lesbo cast members evidently.

>>117363815>they’re actually drawn like humansNo they’re not. They’re drawn like what a woman with a tumblr account wishes all humans looked like so she wouldn’t have to feel so insecure.

>And only 2 characters because no1curr about the non lesbo cast members evidently.This is true. These threads used to be the holy bastion of Hordakposting goddamnit.

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>>117364235Hordak a cute

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>>117362955it was surprisingly less gay than i expected

>>117364111No, I mean the anatomy and composition of shots. You watch a show like steven universe, and every character is drawn like a morphed blob with noodle arms and zero definition, and every frame the character relationships are different to each other.She-Ra looks can look like shit in certain cases, but at least it's consistent and the characters don't look like they were drawn by 5 year olds. Or maybe I'm full of shit and I've just been watching too much calarts that a normal cartoon looks impressive to me.

>>117364476Yeah I agree with you there, when you said animation I thought of the action scenes and that one really awkward scene of Adora running away, everything you said there is true, it is actually refreshing to see actual bodies with muscles than squishy blobs.

>>117357984What the fuck is this cursed Garfield image?

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>>117364235he is correct

>>117364476The characters look like they were drawn by 4 year olds


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>>117363815NE4U animations (She-Ra anim studio) seems like a discount Studio Mir, but notably varying in quality and with a distinct lack of character shading, still leagues better than western vector animation. Marvel Rising seems like the only other thing done by them that seems worth checking out but if you post anything about it on Holla Forums you'll risk waking the DC Super Hero Girls shills.

>>117361791Simon and Richter are castlevania characters, not smash Bros characters


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It should have been euthanized

>>117357667I'm always a sucker for taking two characters who hate each other and sticking them in a dangerous situation where they bond from the experience.

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>>117356791Because Catra is too sexy.But I gotcha senpai.

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>>117362829>if you watch the first few episodes and you're not a fan of the writing/animation then you're not gonna enjoy the rest of the rideCounter-point to this, I found season 1 an absolute snorefest aside from Princess Prom, but ultimately found it was worth suffering through after getting to mid-season 2 or so.The first slew of episodes are not a good indicator at all. Especially since the first season puts a lot of emphasis on the Princess alliance which are all back-seated the following seasons to focus more on the Horde crew who are infinitely more interesting.

>>117365898>catra is sexyLol what

>>117353714That video is serving Bargain Bin Azula vibes


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>>117364235I miss Shadow Weaver/Casta/Angella posting. Did all MILFfags switch to Eda/Lilith?

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>>117365898They could've done something more in-line canonically since in the book Catra gave Adora a shiny rock that matched her eyes while they were in the horde, maybe turn it into a ring or something. Just my autism speaking that's still fuckin cute tho


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I want to lick Adora's feet

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>>117367132Real talk has an MOTU incarnation lasted more than 3 years? Netflix ordered every episode of Revelations at once and iirc the CG reboot is like 39 episodes right now. Cool that they're releasing an Origins She-Ra though. I haven't owned the Super7 nu-Filmation She-Ra but I've seen complaints about the hair falling off of her head and her arms being super loose, but the latter was something that was reported across the entire first wave anyway. I haven't been able to get my hands on anything Origins because they're always out of stock, much like the 2018 She-Ra dolls, but I saw they're basically the closest to the vintage line as you can get right now.

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>>117368207>MOTU incarnation lasted more than 3 yearsThe Filmation cartoons if you count She-Ra as part of it since He-Man ended and played in syndication re-runs with the focus on She-Ra and both shows airing together in a 1 hour block, though both He-Man and She-Ra had significantly more episodes than Netflix She-Ra, which only had 52 episodes, which is the equivalent of a single season of a show back in the 1980s. The Filmation He-Man series had 130 episodes and the original She-Ra had 93 episodes, totaling 223 episodes compared to She-Ra(2018)'s 52. New Adventures of He-Man also had 65 episodes, despite only being a single season, but that single season had a beginning and end, as if it was always intended to be 65 episodes so it could immediately go into syndication and then just play in re-runs, again and again and again. The toyline lased from 1989 thru 1992. The vintage MOTU toyline also lasted like 5 years, and MOTU Classics lasted for 12 years.So, yes the vintage series lasted 5 years and had far more episodes and was popular and revived with a second series which although it had one season, it was 65 episodes that ran across 3 years. The toys also lasted for 12 years with Classics, which may be getting continued as the Masterverse line.>I haven't been able to get my hands on anything Origins because they're always out of stockI've only seen them a few times in person at retail. I have the entire wave.>much like the 2018 She-Ra dollsI've seen tons of those with clearance stickers on them.>the closest to the vintage line as you can get right now.It's like a combination of the vintage line with Classics.

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Was the original She-Ra any good? Is it better than the new one?

>>117367241I want to lick her pussy.

>>117369259Nope, but it's fun as hell.

>more 80's pandering with lesser figuresand? like I give a fuck.

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>>117369504Just let me know when the Hulk Hogan figure comes out so I can make Skeletor feel the wrath of the Hulkster

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I'm glad catradora content is coming back after Noelle's apology.

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>>117367132>2010>omg how cool is it that we get a horse show that's more than just a toy commercial>2020>what? the new She-Ra was more than just a toy commercial? REEEEEEEE

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>>117369259bizarrely, 80s cartoons are a million times worse than 60s cartoons, you'd be better off watching any Hanna-Barbera cartoon than anything from the 80s

>>117369856weird, I wonder what factors might play into that person's response?

>>117369785>cw shera>tw shera

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>>117369259youtu.be/XnD01qkQJOkWatch this. If you like what you see, then you'll enjoy OG-Ra

>>117353714Because you have such low standards that they’ve drilled all the way through to the planets core.

>>117353714that theme is ass

>>117370609This makes me appreciate modern she-ra so much more


I want to fug the kitty.

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>>117371721at least somebody does i guess.

>>117370879catra is wholesome. please don't make art like this just for your sick desires.

>>117371787catrafags are annoying and transparent

>>117353714dont mind if i do

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>>117371787>please don't make art like this just for your sick desires.Who do you think you are? My mom?

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I’d worship Catra’s feet if I was in Adora’s place.

>>117353714I’d be her foot slave.

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>>117369785Based Koreans never stopped.

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>>117376583In Adora's perfect future, Catra is wearing shoes. Adora doesn't like Catra feet

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>>117354564>>117354878>>117354887>>117354893>>117354897>>117354906>>117354915>>117354922>>117354930>>117354937>>117354952>>117354961>>117354974>>117354985>>117354993>>117355006>>117355015>>117355023>>117355032>>117355041>>117355052>>117355063>>117355072>>117376681I bet one guy commissioned all of these. Wonder how much he spent.


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Attached: 1588987772748.jpg (1280x1811, 235.44K)

Attached: 1597602341415.jpg (3258x2892, 3.73M)

Attached: 1588996106013.jpg (1280x905, 152.03K)

Attached: commission__cute_catra_by_cindymides_dd9dsbm-fullview.jpg (1024x1487, 130.19K)

Attached: ddib8jn-06d66dba-c5e9-41e9-8e43-9d0fdefff1e0.jpg (563x750, 263.6K)

Attached: 1564121018.cyborg-steve_teasing_17_catra.jfif.jpg (905x1280, 174.07K)

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Attached: 1590312968301.jpg (1024x930, 89.39K)

Attached: 1588961132521.gif (1600x739, 2.13M)

Attached: 1588933572160.jpg (841x705, 154.35K)

Attached: She-Ra S05E03 Corridors mkv_snapshot_16 12_[2020 05 16_02 18 21].png (1920x1080, 1.03M)

Attached: tumblr_3b8ae0d9618ad835f0ceb587bd1ddd3a_d860ab84_540.gif (540x684, 3.05M)

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Attached: 1588937094404.jpg (2144x1188, 139.31K)

Attached: 1588936761305.jpg (1136x640, 94.96K)

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shamelessly posting my own

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>>117377695actually good


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her feet look cute but then you realize if you actually touched them you would just be feeling fur Based but bluepilled

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Man, there's a lot of these

shh Hordak is sleeping.

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>>117378010the future is here today

>think they're just good friends>they end up kissing at the end of the showwell that was a surprise

>>117377949Hordak deserved better

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>>117378010>suddenly starts talking in JapaneseShould've just spliced the audio from the show.

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>>117379340or use Catra's japanese dubyoutube.com/watch?v=lqgUyDcudyE>>117377819how about pawpad version Catra?

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>>117378010do people really jerk off to this? why make this?

>>117380580>furry >feetit's a lucrative business user don't hate the player hate the game and the degenerates jacking off to the game

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>>117380580>do people jerk off to a woman stimulating a dick with her bodyno

>>117381309nothing normal about jerking off to a furry cartoon character's feet. especially one that isn't designed to be sexual and is meant for a children's show.

>>117381833first time on Holla Forums? have you even been to the stitch threads?

>>117354838Just sniffed my cats paws and they smell like nothing.

>>117382597This show is going to make a lot of people fuck their cats.

>>117356858Lol cute.

>>117380580No, because women don’t jerk off, men do, and men don’t find these characters attractive because of obvious reasons


>>117382624white girls already fuck their dogs

>>117353714Why is that theme so terrible?

>>117357151Love the style.

>>117354072Nobody gives a shit about this rodent as it is


>>117357683I’m excited for catra to murder adora next time she’s on her feline period

>>117360886I am.

>>117361059I'm dead now. Cute.

>>117361056You wish, psychopath

>>117362705Yes, if you don't take it seriously.

>>117382872>feline periodI think that's called heat

Attached: 1596570277294.png (1200x746, 588.46K)

>>117362705No, ignore the shills

>>117383237That isn’t what in heat means and catra should just have her uterus ripped out like a real cat lets be honest.

>>117357984What in the fuck is this I'm looking at?

Attached: What!.jpg (500x526, 39.73K)


>>117383287a word for word garfield comic

Attached: zihwh1votzl31.jpg (750x502, 73.06K)


>>117369785Just get drunk and cry together with your lover.


>>117377390She needs her feet claws out to fight it is symbolism.

>>117383781twitterfags trying to hard to fit in.

>>117353714This character is so motherfucking annoying and spent 4 entire seasons being a piece of shit for literally NO REASON

>>117383843Catra unironically ruined she ra



>>117383667There are 3 books, a comic and also a "trivia" book for the show's world and characters written from Adora's perspective

Attached: D5aEi6MUcAAY52a.png (438x638, 217.82K)

>>117383266Mean. But it might make her live longer actually.

>>117383818Take the joke.

>>117383955I really need to read those now.

>>117384090Go back, twitterdyke

>>117383867She literally did, it's kind of funny how much Catra ruined everyone's interest in She-Ra.

>>117384124mega.nz/folder/Et1AjSLK#fXQnavlO3mBI1b6EVHiYrwonly lacking the "song of the sea witch" book but you can find it on zlibrary

Attached: 1594011487799.jpg (928x1344, 110.5K)

>>117353714didnt she choose to be an evil bitch for literally no justifiable reason while her sister who was in the exact same situation as her didn't do anything this cunt did

>>117384331Yeah but then she turned into a dyke and and started role playing as an actual animal so it’s fine now

>>117384331Catra's inferiority complex from years of being beat and manipulated by Shadow Weaver while Adora faced nothing ever is what led her on her path of being a cunt. What really set Catra off however was when the literal universe itself happened to favor Adora by granting her the Sword of Protection and forcing her to leave the Horde to protect the sword and later activate the Heart of Etheria.Like jesus christ can Holla Forums watch a cartoon for once? I don't even like the show aside from Hordak and Entrapta but I still understand the character motivations.

Attached: 1593620872204.png (400x301, 88.06K)

>>117384244I am a dyke.

>>117384287Thanks dude.

>>117384617Co don't watch shows

Disliking Swift Wind is PROBLEMATIC.

Attached: Horsey Lives Matter.jpg (620x377, 72.02K)

>>117384617That is literally not an excuse for being an evil bitch and trying to murder the entire world, especially while the sister she is supposedly in love with is setting a much better example, and still this cunt does not change her ways at all or think twice about what a bitch she is until she's already a murder and an attempted genocide of the planet deep

>>117354564She's always barefoot, so they probably don't smell of much of anything at all.

>>117384617Everyone loves to compare Cuntra to Zuko, but Zuko was emotionally abused for his whole childhood and still he was shown to not have been an evil asshole up until the final season and only changed his ways because he suddenly realized he was madly in love with his house pet.

>>117377819She doesn't look like she has fur.

>>117363571They do not, nor will they ever have that title.

Attached: 1459821892538.gif (1524x1172, 2.78M)

>>117362705Surprisingly it is.

>>117385214not even close, cuntrawhora shippers have pretty much hijacked the entire she-ra fandom

>>117385091Under ears short hair little fluff.



Attached: 18180597e5d27173a6f57f46b02814d870b020db.jpg (700x709, 241.26K)

>>117361056And then got away free without any punishment by the end of the series

>>117385948catra? yeah she did get away with everything with no punishment

Catra just wanted a momma

Attached: theretherekitty.png (1182x734, 629.4K)

>>117385327Including the show itself, apparently.

>>117386005Broken bones bae!

>>117353714creator's literal pet

Attached: jlytmsd68hj51.png (1200x1200, 412.31K)

Attached: 1589881436307.jpg (768x1024, 130.6K)

Attached: 1573322935706.png (828x828, 703.03K)

>>117389727damn Adora is one lucky bitch!

>>117390565You're telling me.

Attached: 1595569651659.jpg (1920x1080, 134.66K)

>>117390565id rather be a sandwiched catra

Attached: record scratch, yeah thats meow, you're probably wondering how i ended up in this situaton.jpg (1200x1170, 178.58K)

Attached: adora_and_catra_together_at_last__by_lenorefer_ddwdkm7-fullview.jpg (1280x1280, 114.16K)

>>117353714>the songwhat is this crap?


Attached: femcoomversion.png (2144x1188, 1.29M)


Attached: Catra squirted.png (300x520, 167.67K)

Attached: She-ra mv.mp4_snapshot_01.32_[2020.07.11_14.59.50].png (1920x1080, 2.39M)

>>117384287Ok so where does Adora keep the rock now?

>>117394559the book mentions she keeps it in her utility belt.

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Attached: 1594650921036.gif (422x318, 3.94M)

>>117395083you already made this comment multiple times.

emo au

Attached: Ef-PC6pWAAABPy1.jpg (2000x2000, 2.5M)

why would people make this cursed shit...

Attached: gman_chloroforms__catra__by_monk159_ddos7se-fullview.jpg (1448x1448, 220.01K)

>>117391686That file name lol

Attached: FA226B95-8202-41E0-81F8-63D746DF0F91.png (800x450, 270.38K)

>>117384617none of what you describe is a valid excuse for trying to destroy the universe and be an evil fuck. It could explain resentment against Adora, maybe trying to become better than her, but not enough to try and murder her.

>>117395839God I wish that were me

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I want to lick mermista's salty chocolate body

Attached: 919901_relatedguy_mermaysta.png (1599x1032, 536.68K)

Attached: ddxz5t8-364295e5-f613-47bd-9919-28a28924be86.png (900x1200, 145.55K)

Seahawk's a lucky man.

Attached: 1594513032092.png (1920x1080, 1.41M)

>>117395734I love seeing characters in alternative outfits.Maybe I'm just a big queen but dressing up is fun!

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Attached: EdprW1ZUcAAEtyg.jpg (1576x2048, 497.76K)

>>117394268Is there more to this?


>>117401858I know, I can only wish my moustache was as majestic as his

>>117387462I imagine Catra used to behave a lot more like an animal when she was younger, but Shadow Weaver smacked it out of her

Attached: good parenting.png (1859x3072, 2.17M)

>>117404866good shit

Attached: Eevua2wVoAIMlBP.png (802x1200, 656.41K)

>>117405231>animalthey're called lesbians user, don't be such a homophob

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Attached: 1591763756728.jpg (834x916, 92.62K)

>>117353714She's a lesbian so not perfect but close

Would you?

Attached: h91do1iaprx41.jpg (640x641, 38.54K)

If you don't prefer this Catra you are a pedo

Attached: fcd55969754dc49cc6f0b7276896c064.jpg (1071x1223, 134.82K)

>>117408859not pedos, just women. same difference, though>>117353714she isn't, if she wasn't a dyke you wouldn't talk about her at all. months of spam and I know nothing about this character except that she fucked her human owner to escape jail time for murder and genocide.

>>117408859Or furry, furry is a valid option

>>117408859For me, it's this Catra.

Attached: Young Catra 2.jpg (712x1022, 119.77K)

>>117408703ol lobster faceass

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Attached: EdEeuJtUwAANYzb.gif (600x337, 458.27K)

>>117408859My favorite part about 80s Catra is that she's constantly screaming.

shit character

i hate catra

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>>117410539if his hair color matched the beard he would be very attractive.

>>117396905I too desire for the G-man to chlorine rag me

>>117408859>If you don't prefer this Catra you have functioning earsFTFY

>>117411610>that voice was responsible for some of my earliest boners

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>>117410552I tried my best.

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>>117412952needs more bodyhair

All this feet art and none of it is goodWater water everywhere and not a fucking drop to drink. Where's naturalton when you need him?

Attached: MINMIN.jpg (910x1024, 79.51K)

>>117415504what do you consider good feet art?hard mode: no dirty toenails/foot fungus

>>117415555Well, first off, it just needs to be good art in general. A lot of these people just focus on the feet (and even there, it's not all that great), while other parts, such as perspective, are found severely lacking, as is seen in 90% of the art posted here. It looks tacky as hell even when the perspective is correct. This is most common where the pic is just zoomed in on the feet with little else in focus. It gets worse when the face looks off, which is the case for about 70% of the pics posted. It can't be a good pic of feet if it's not even a good pic to begin with. People need to stop looking at 3d pics on the internet to copy from and paste to a badly drawn 2d template.Now as for just the feet themselves, a lot of people seem to forget what makes women's feet so sexy (and not, it's not the nasty shit you just mentioned. Fuck that). Girls feet are cute because of their dimorphism from men in the same vein as why girls' butts are attractive to us - They display femininity. A girl's butt is more round, her hips wider and fuller, while a man's is more compact and square to fit his narrower pelvis. This same principle applies to girls' feet. The arches are higher. The arc from big toe to pinky toe runs deeper. the heels and ankles are smaller. In many of these pics, those things seem to be understated or ignored outright, and the feet either come across as average at best and masculine at worst.

Attached: phonne.jpg (1122x900, 57.29K)


Attached: 1596406930885.png (794x599, 540.98K)

>>117408846If you turn down sex with a shapeshifter you're a monk, or there's something wrong with you.

>>117415504Post good feet art.

>>117408846The real question is where are they and when can I?

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Attached: Still talking.png (480x360, 247.51K)

>>117395230Stupid nigger

Attached: Capture+_2020-09-03-18-59-55.png (1440x2952, 839.81K)

>>117415838based and redpilled

>>117416411thats a man of taste, twitterfaggot

>>117415838>>117416653>basedyes>redpilled no, cringepilled and feetpilled

Attached: holup.gif (500x262, 443.35K)

>>117415838I'm not even a footfag but at least from reading this I think I get what you freaks are coming from.Sorry excuse me,>*Based and redpilled freaksI KNEEL

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>>117417346Foot fetishism is super common, and as such, you'll find many subdivisions among them. Plebeians who are roped in from other, retarded fetishes, like olfactophilia and sadomasochism find their way in and make everyone look bad. True chads are few and far in between.

>>117418578you didn't even know what a chad was until someone on twitter sent you the link to 4chan a few months ago

>>117418589Oh nigger please. I've been here long than you've known how to talk. I know the very roots of how /r9k/ came up with the persona of "chad." I remember Quentin and his IRC cabal. I remember from 2012 onward when the site slowly but surely descended into the desperate hivemind of cowardly nobodies and narcissistic chickenshits it is today.But you go on ahead and call random people newfags for.. what, disagreeing with you? Liking feet? I don't fucking know, and the more I type, the more I realize how little I ought to care.

Attached: quentin and his ilk.png (1450x328, 110.22K)

Attached: Ed9O-S4WsAcvd3J.jpg (1596x2048, 612.12K)

Attached: 1590299307624.png (1031x885, 541.23K)


Attached: EdD6lsQWkAE6EWz.jpg (2480x3508, 2.35M)

>>117353714lmao retards and degens do mingle together

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Attached: Catra gay comic.png (700x763, 268.25K)


Attached: 1595999040278.webm (1280x720, 2.93M)