Obscure Waifu Thread

Lesser known waifus

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>>117307251that was such a weird image comic

She's from an actual published comic so it's Holla Forums and if maid marian can have a thread so can this one post

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I just found out about Miss Fitna from a YouTube review

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She is from an italian Duck stories, a Dickie Duck' friend. I always liked her design, too bad she appear in a single story.

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>>117310057what from?


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>>117310140Donkey King

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>>117310569never heard of it before, i guess this is the obscure wiafu thread

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>>117309856its pretty fun

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>>117310137So at what point do ducks stop getting orange stick legs with flippers in favor of long shapely legs and small feet?

>>117310664Looks neat, what's the name?

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>>117311356there is not a single body type

>>117309881920london is furry as fuck faggot

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>>117312501liz from Pirates band of misfitsgood movie

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>>117309881Is this that Tranny Snoopy comic or just some other furry trash?

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>>117312982same artist not same writer

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>>117309627Is she from the Hardy Boys cartoon?

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>>117313666inch high private eye

>>117307251looks a little fat

>>117312409I need to breed

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>>117307251Death... is the you?

>>117314279Anon, you can see her ribs.

>>117310416Not okay.

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>>117307251>>117308155Fuck, marry, kill, the post.

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>>117318080That takes me back. Game could’ve been really fun with a bigger budget and more features/polish

Venture Bros never gets that much fanart considering how popular it is/was

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>>117307251fuck, someone else on Holla Forums reads Exorsisters? It's a fun comic

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>>117317525Op said obscure no overrated

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i dont know if lesser known, but Teodora is a cute

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>>117309856I only knew about exorsisters because I was readcomiconline

>>117310664This looks like palcomix porn comics

>>117307857Who are they?

>>117323503I tried reverse image searching I got nothing bro

>>117307251Literally everyone stopped reading Ma3 the moment Gary lost his virginity

>>117308155you better be talking about the middle one

just found this show recently but I'm into her

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>>117312451>Recognize the artist right away.Im going to regret this like Menage a 3 but ill check it out.

>>117312409That was a fun movie.


>>117323503>>117323516They're the Freak Sisters from Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.

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>>117307251I want my stoner canadian girlfriend

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>>117312409When she was in the trailers I though she was gonna be a major part of the film.Boy was I disappointed.

>>117310416I forget this was real. Ahhh its all coming back

>>117310416where is she from?

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>>117327514you saw the review dont you?

>>117327298test what?

Can I put Sandman's Thessaly here? I just found out she has her own imprint so she may not count anymore.

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>>117311766What's she from?

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>>117333569>toilet paper>called ass-o

I need to make more screenshotsand actually learn her name

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>>117313648Not bad at all

>>117334026>>117334044>>117334059>>117334072>furries thinking they're normal

>>117334221Ant is as furry as Spider-man. You need your brain checked

Just in general cute Skrulls are underrepresented.>>117334053Who's this?

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>>117319179Oh speaking of which.That one Henchgirl

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Both, in fact.

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>>117334059Nice ass

>>117334704normally i'd go glasses but thats one hell of a late 30s mom bod on the black one

>>117328406>11 hoursand didnt trigger barneyfag

>>117326945>>117323538remember reading eeries cuties and magick chicks exclusively for melissa

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>>117323456no it doesn't you esl retard

>>117336764>12h and 6 minutesyou're getting sloppy barneyfag

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She's like a cute dress hiding a dozen swords.

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>>117318863I recognize her from Seconds

>>117338141Cute goth

>>117336824And where is she from?

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>>117339398Nah she is the opposite of obscure

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>>117340813My fellow Based user


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>>117307251Gilfs are cool, but black ones are cooler

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>>117335374She looks like she's eight or something

>>117333737Kim Sakai

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>>117341947A younger M.O.M?

>>117311767the best part of the movie

>>117333536paw patrol i think?


>>117343178I said the same thing.Also M.O.M.I always forget if that's a codename or not and M.O.M. is actually their mom/stepmom who happens to be the Director of Spooky WHOOP.I remember being very angry as a kid that she had no art besides some trash.

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>>117334026that's good stock

>>117343741I only remember 2 decent pics of her from my youth. One was by early Palcomix I think and the other was on the deceased WWOEC site and I forgot the artist.

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>>117330838>>117330862>>117330890Where are these cuties from?

>>117343741Mystery operations manager.

>>117312409I wish she was in the movie more.


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>>117309881Wasn't she the trans sex worker who helped that old guy realize he was bi (or pan) and fell in love with her?

>>117318863Good taste. I think a lot of people recognize her but really don't talk about her too much.Probably one of BLOM's most attractive characters.

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>>117328027Was this one of Kim's shitty roommates in Scott Pilgrim?

>>117347595Yeah the one who left her panties dropped in the bathroom floor


>>117348110Damn right, and sad thing she has 0 porn.

She's not really mean. Not deep down.

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>>117307251Who is this?

>>117348188Scott Pilgrim has a disappointing lack of quality porn considering how many cute girls and guys there are

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>>117348711It’s so fucking sad it hurts.

>>117339341She's Aurora from Beautiful Darkness. It's a French comic but it has an English translation.

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>>117344827they are from a french-canadian movies called Snowtime and Racetime.

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>>117307251She needs way more fucking love

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>>117348984Didn't Aurora's husbando kill the actual Aurora? Or did I misread the subtext

>>117307251Isn't that just Giselle? Like, as a teenager?

>>117312409>movie title implies more adventures>ends on an open "well be back next time" vibe>no sequelsIT HURTS BROSalso>not posting queen vickythe ungodly things id do to that short stack

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>>117317750made for BigBethlehemCock

>>117313371I need more shorties who aren’t necessarily stacked, so I’ll take what I can get

>>117312716Where this from?


>>117307251Wats this


if we're doing an obscure waifu thread shouldn't providing source be a given

>>117351089Yes share the wealth

Jailbait from incorruptible.. I love this cunt.

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>>117307251>Eve Ning from Octopus PieHardly anyone ever talks about this webcomic but I find the main character to be incredibly cute, even if she's basically a hot mess.It's sad there's only like one or two good lewds out there of her and the artist intentionally drew her very unsexy. Oh well, she's still a cutie.

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>>117350656>those hips and thighsHot damn.

>>117334221Imagine caring about Furries in 2020.

>>117318863took me a few seconds to remember where she is from

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>>117323942a man of refined taste, I too want to protect that wagie waifu smile

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>>117351054Ginger from Ginger's Tale

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>>117343178Nope. It’s Caitlin from the Day of the Shadows episodes. She was Martin’s tomboy gf.

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>>117350952Black Dynamite. Spoiler: He ain't shit


>>117334730Why couldn't we have had her outfit from the first movie in the second...

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>>117348984Thank you

>>117336684not that user, but it kinda does...


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Oh, I've been waiting for this thread.

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>>117341335she's four

>>117354566She wore this though

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>>117356985Who is this?

>>117357120I was hoping someone would ask. Her name's Jackie Hart—she's the main character of a graphic novel called "Jackie Ha-Ha". Apparently, it's an adaptation of a popular young adult book.I might storytime the book later if there's any interest.

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Western produced manga is Holla Forums. I just wanted to hug her for the last 10 years bros...

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>>117350163Thank you! I'll definitely give these a watch sometime soon

>>117357384I wish Nightschool would get storytimed on Holla Forums. I mean My Life Me threads are a pretty popular niche and people love Birch

>>117311766Very cute.

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Hear me out

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>>117357822not Holla Forums and not even obscure although arguably you could say she takes a back seat to all of the best girls in her show

>>117358121Okay i hear you

>>117358135what do you mean not Holla Forums. also i never heard of the show until my friend had me watch it with her so i thought it was obscure


>>117357368do it please, she cute

My dear anons, please put the name of these characters if you know them. This is an obscure waifu thread, so we're not going to know them right away.

>>117348291She's 14.

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>>117360131Mask on or off?

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>>117310365I love a good Jedi waifu

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>>117361220I'm a simple mask, a face mask is all I need to love a design.

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>>117350656Nice as hell

>>117338151Speaking of Bonkers, I have thing for Fawn Deer and Miranda Wright. Shame they're stuck in a shitty cartoon.

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cute tsundere princess from another dimention

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>>117359542nigga just ask, is not that hard.

>>117357014She can't handle waifu stuff.

Can't post my lesser known waifu or I'll get banned.

Polygamy is okay.>>117364363Yotsuba?

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>>117334591Even cuter Skrullette...

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>>117307251Sadly her last thread was like months ago

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>>117364363then dont post her

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>>117310416Rudolph short movie

>>117334730i fucking hate the mummy guy, but those girl are cute.

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Cant remember the last time I saw a jenny thread

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>>117351980I can tell she's an insufferable millennial quirkball just from this collage

Attached: Emília.png (438x623, 401.13K)

Really only obscure because of how old she is

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>>117368475nice bait ms Holla Forums

>>117351980>hot mess

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>>117358015what a cute

>>117369072Who this?

>>117357822from with show is this anime girl?

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>>117357581you are welcome

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>>117307251once I befriend an artist I can't beat off to their creations any morea smarter man would learn from this

>>117326945>Im going to regret this like Menage a 3She has an actual writer this time not that retard Dave

>>117312982>Tranny Snoopy comicTrap Snoopy comic but yeah

>>117334591If they all looked like De'Lila they could have taken Earth over in a weekend

>>117338141except for the awful personality

>>117376408"A cat is Fine too"

>>117307251don't judge me

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>>117307251I feel like she has a penis for some reason.

>>117376541It's not like they can't.

Attached: Sasansa Squatch.png (1304x683, 434.27K)

>>117368475First crush. Followed by Courtney Gears... starting to see a pattern here.

Attached: muhgurl.jpg (480x360, 12.9K)

>>117310137I wish there was a source for Brazilian or Italian duck stories, because holy shit, they have a boner for ducks.And I do, too.

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>>117317525>Obscure WaifuYou're new on the internet, are you?

>>117378406I meant if their natural appearance was Art Adams hot girls who desperately wanted NEET bfs they'd be ankles up mating pressed pregnant within 72 hours and the population would be half Skrull 9 months later

>>117379262I mean, I wanted to post Cordie but it's gonna be a couple of years before I could get away with "obscure" for that

Anyone remembers Aelita from Code Lyoko?

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>>117376468Hopefully she doesnt get bored and jumps ship with too many loose threads remaining like her previous work.

>>117347454diferent character same artist

>>117377676Dont tell me what to do

>>117357368Do it and if it's good enough I'll drawfag for it.

No idea if obscure, but alien canine is fine too, right?

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>>117379477Yeah good show and she is cute

>>117307251I love this artists style, like a more modern, less prudish Archie

Attached: flower.png (777x1140, 362.5K)

>>117379520I'm pretty sure she won't this time, there's more on the line here than a stable of webcomics.

>>117377746Where is she from?

>>117382585Then go buy Exorsisters, it's the same artist (but written by the guy who did all the Simpsons comics).

>>117383535Shin-bone Alley

>>117384169Thank you

>>117364363Just say the fucking horse's name

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>>117361220If i pull of his mask she will die?


Attached: CDD5E614-0340-4DA5-AD80-6A52656A672B.jpg (470x750, 300.19K)

>>117386169I'll be extremely painful

>>117386620she is a big girl

>>117387551-For you

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Attached: Marilu.png (1920x1080, 1.97M)

Attached: Violeta.png (783x483, 285.56K)


She may be from a well known Netflix show, but considering that she has so little art especially on the lewd department it's kind of fitting.

Attached: vic.png (350x369, 163.74K)

Benefits of having a low budget? Reoccurring,re-used no-name background characters.

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>>117390467So what’s the general opinion?

>>117393159she looks fine as hell, is kind of expected from Kick Buttowski that have a bunch of good girls.

>>117394127You are goddam right and she has literally no fanart at all, i mean what the fuck

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>>117394439>>117394127I honestly can't tell if you're being ironic or not.

>>117394830Unironically i hope she gets more fanart i think she deserves it.

>>117394830She’s been showing up in a bunch of these threads lately, and it’s always one or two people really into her. It might be the same guys.

>>117320565Anime right?

>>117346632Best manga.


>>117348711That might change if considered animated series actually happens.

>>117395311Oh god, I hope so

>>117376449How many artists have you befriended? What’s one artist you can’t beat off to anymore?

>>117395272yeah she is the best girl from 31 minutos

>>117394439>she has literally no fanart at all, i mean what the fuckthe same can by said for most of the girls in this thread.

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>>117399563okay what?

>>117394486she is from Cubix right? nice memories

>>117396111At least 3 artists of webcomics and visual novels, and one softcore model who retired a decade ago. Can't separate the work from the convos and personal stuff any more and I just think about friendships we have/had.

>>117400811Cute huh?


>>117403454Of course

>>117317525You're a newfag, right? Because she is a one Holla Forums's older waifus.

>>117357614That's actually a good idea. Might get discussion going. If I can find scans I might try it out.

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>>117365140What a cute redhead


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>>117341114Fucking cute

>>117402887That’s healthy though. At least you’re able to see them as humans and not simply the means to getting off.

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>>117395141I would not call that comic good but zombirella was an adorable monster girl.

>>117408734Where is she from?

>>117408581I'm also able to see the mistakes they successfully hid from the public, both personal and professional. The artist who relied on you for emotional support for two years that just ghosts you, the bright, funny cheesecake model who cut all ties to anyone who remembered this part of her life the minute she got a trophy husband, the artist who's in denial over burnout on their signature character… Ignorance is a gift.

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>>117378406>sasquatch wifemy nigga

the ultimate

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>>117307251I love her.

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niggas here really be posting characters with no name or sauce baka

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>>117412784goddamn what a cutie

>>117413729just ask and you shall receive my dude

>>117413773have some more playboy

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>>117414862amazing, thank you.


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>>117307251>drawthreads exist>don't use 90% of thesestay obscure then

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>>117395101It was an Italian/Japanese co-production, so kind of.

>>117410947King Crab Space Crustacean.A pilot short from the 90s.>>117414862>>117412784Thank god for the French...most the time.

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>>117417534Who is she?

>>117411490>The artist who relied on you for emotional support for two years that just ghosts youWhy’d they do that? Who was it?

>>117418830sarah vanderstadt from marsupilami

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>>117420408I forget her since I usually think of Wrathmelior

>>117417617>begging for scribblesnah

>>1174190241. I don't know2. They don't do commission work afaik so you *might* recognize her name but it's still between me and her until she explains what happened

>>117369072oh I remember thisis from some Portuguese show about living toys having adventures with some kids

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>>117343544Super Wings, actuallyMore or less the airplane version of Paw Patrol