Another Frozen book released in France saying Anna and Elsa are co-ruling...

Another Frozen book released in France saying Anna and Elsa are co-ruling.>Ever since Anna became Queen of Arendelle alongside her sister Elsa, she has spent a lot of time working in her office, at the top of the castle. There are many letters to read and documents to sign.Still nothing released in the US confirming whether this is truly the official status quo or just an artistic license taken by the people at Disney Books France.Why are they being so disorganized about this stuff? Also, do you like this situation of both Anna and Elsa being queens of Arendelle?

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>>116348808>France gets exclusive Frozen books>Italy gets exclusive Frozen comics>Poland gets exclusive Frozen magazines>US doesn't get shitI don't understand.> Also, do you like this situation of both Anna and Elsa being queens of Arendelle?Yes, and I hope they confirm this in any English released material.

>>116348808Which book was this?I know the Bruni book was the other one


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>>116348902Anna's gift>I know the Bruni book was the other oneThe French Bruni book, we don't know if the English version will include the "Two queens" line

>>116348808>Also, do you like this situation of both Anna and Elsa being queens of Arendelle?I need a royal wedding as well

>>116348902"Anna's Gift", released this month in France>>116348954What happens if the English version doesn't include the "two queens" detail?

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>Elsa keeps the title without having to do a thingofc she does

>>116348808Among other things, this book shows that Anna wears Kristoff's wedding ring every day in public.Elsannafags are FINISHED

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>>116349027>What happens if the English version doesn't include the "two queens" detail?The French localization becomes the official canon.

Frozen 2 was a mistake.

>>116349027>What happens if the English version doesn't include the "two queens" detail?We descend into infighting over canonicity like Star Wars fans

>>116349027Disney regularly publishes the same books at different reading levels. Lower levels sometimes omit information that higher levels include, but it’s the same book, so everything in the highest detail book is canon.It looks like the US is getting a simplified picture-book version of France’s book. This would be the same scenario. Language makes no difference. Two Queens would remain canon.

>>116349068>>116349073>>116349117I can’t imagine the detail would be skipped, both french books have it as the very first sentence. It’s the entire premise.

>>116348842>Italy gets exclusive Frozen comicsfunny how it took an user a couple hours to do what disney couldn't do in months

>>116348808I can't imagine this being the original intention at the end of Frozen 2.Are they doing damage control over the fanbase's anger about the sisters' separation?

>>116349309it looks like that to meat least it would mean they're aware of the things people didn't like about the movie

>>116348808>Why are they being so disorganized about this stuff?They are a mess right now for various reasons.We did get some good amount of Frozen related releases over the past few months up until June, I guess these French books are something they couldn't prepare for in time.That being said, they better confirm this shit in English or else.

>>116349027Was this the last one from that series of books or is there more?

>>116349047if you insist

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>>116348808Is there a translation for this pic?

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>>116349047I remember people insisting she wasn't wearing it at the end when all we had was a blurry camrip

>>116349563The series is ongoing, next one releases on August 19. Unclear if there will be more after that. The first movie had 30 books in the

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>>116349047well, it's over lads, we had a good runtime to delete our elsanna folders

>>116349047b-but muh two queens!

>>116349613Anna's letter:>My dear Elsa, I'm looking for a gift idea for Colisa, the queen of Chatho, who is coming to visit me... I thought of giving her a statue of Sven, but I can't sculpt it. Do you have any ideas?Elsa's response:>Dear Anna, here is my advice: find something that truly represents us and our kingdom.


>>116349762Some context: Anna repeatedly tries and fails to make a Sven statue, before Olaf gives her the idea to write her sister.

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>>116349762>find something that truly represents us and our kingdom>lies?>betrayal?>oh, like a canoe?

>>116349840Anna, ice is your sister's thing.

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>>116349866so is being queen

>>116349215Here's you're (You)

>>116349806Did...did she make a Sven from chocolate?

More pics from the book

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>>116349930Greeting Queen Colisa

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>>116349874Shhhh...don't let Jen hear you say that. Don't you know Anna's totally a leader? Not Elsa, they never said it was Elsa.

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>>116348808This book is just Anna being a host to Colisa, right?If so I love that they wrote a whole book just for Anna to do queen's stuff without dealing with magical shit

>>116349806>Anna fucks up over and over until a dumb snowman reminds her she has a wise goddess sisterWtf bros, you said this was a pro-Anna book?

>>116349914Nice, thanks for sharing these, user.

>>116349956Yes, I'm honestly glad Elsa doesn't show up.Anna makes it through a whole day without causing an international incident. That's proof enough for me that she's a good queen.

>>116349953Anna has many qualities of a leader too.

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>>116349762>OUR kingdomBitch, you need to show up more than 1 hour a week to play chess to keep your claim to the throne!

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>>116349914>>116349866>>116349840>>116349824>>116349806>>116348808I love Anna's jacket so much.


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>meanwhile in the forest, Elsa is very busy doing her important work of watching over the spirits

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>>116350106The Enchanted forest is part of Arendelle now, so technically she's in the kingdom, just taking care of another part of the territory.

>>116350230Yes. Truly, their jobs are equally important

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>>116350224>Bruni, don't eat that!>Hey, Nokk! Nokk! Stop drowning those children!

>>116350230>The Enchanted forest is part of Arendelle nowThis is the part I want cleared up. Are the Northuldra really okay with this? Some faraway kingdom they've never seen now owns their land?Hopefully one of the french books will deal with the Northuldra visiting Arendelle.

>>116350291They don't need to be ok with anything. What are they gonna do? Question the will of a goddess?

>>116350291>Our lands and people, now united by love.Queen Anna is getting way ahead of herself. The Northuldra just spent the last 34 years trapped in hell in a stalemate with Arendelle soldiers working directly for the King who planned their genocide. One little statue doesn't fix anything.

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>>116350352>the first short is Elsa brutally putting down an anti-Arendelle rebellion

>>116350361I love Queen Anna!

>>116349762>a snowflake

>>116350386>>116350352>bodies everywhere>some are burned and blackened to a crisp>some are floating lifelessly in the water>some are crushed under boulders>and some are pierced by huge ice spikes, their blood staining it red>"Dear Anna, I'm sorry I'm responding to your letter so late. I had to deal with a small matter here in the forest..."

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>>116349948Look at her. Our airheaded, bubbly Anna is competently doing diplomacy. I'm so proud.

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>>116348808Elsa is perfect

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>>116350224>>116350254Elsa’s itinerary is looking empty these days>>116350276How did the spirits survive for the last 10,000 years without Elsa?

>>116350454very nice

>>116349047You fool. That just makes their forbidden love even stronger. We thrive on angst and guilt.

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>>116349637Those were the days

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>>116349047>in publicKristoff is her beard DUH

What would be like to be under both Queen's rule?

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>>116350771Sun-tanned brown girls, red heads, and blondes are not allowed to wear clothes.

>>116350771Crime increases because they’re too busy fucking each other silly to keep an eye on the streets

>>116348808This has better art than the Frozen 2 book based upon the movie, is the artist french ?

>>116350955the art style looks the same as the F2 storybook to me

>>116349073>We descend into infighting over canonicity like Star Wars fansI hereby declare that Frozen II isn't canon.

>>116350648So was this real in the end? I haven't checked on an HD version

>>116349762>Elsa's response:>>Dear Anna, here is my advice: find something that truly represents us and our kingdom.>Like me. I'm literally the best thing ever, practically perfect in every way. Give her me.

>>116350454I imagine the Northuldra would consider it an honor to be murdered by the very spirits they worship

>>116348842American children dont read

>>116349047>big gold ringBut Kristoff's ring was thin and silver. Whose ring is that really? Hmm?

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>>116351287Yes, it's in this clearer shot as well.

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>>116351479It's Kristoff's ring, what you're seeing is the orange crystals.


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Someone needs to write a A Christmas Carol-style fic where Jen Lee is visited by Bruni, an Earth Giant, and Nokk (with Elsa as the stand in for Jacob Marley) and they all explain to her why Frozen II sucks.

>>116351619>Bruni licks his eye>The Earth Giant falls asleep>Nokks drowns her

>>116351619No, actually, Grand Pabbie should be Marley. Elsa and Anna collectively can be the stand in for Bob Cratchit.

>>116351563>the vibrant color resembles Anna’s rich, auburn hair Wtf? That ain’t cute, I wouldn’t want a yellow diamond ring.

>>116351619>>116351651>Jen is shown how unhappy Elsa and Anna are now that Elsa is acting like an unfeeling inhuman possession victim, Anna is stressed out of her mind due to being queen, and they almost never see each other anymore. Kristoff is unhappy due to Anna working all the time and when she does have free time she's unpleasant to be around due to her stress, Sven is unhappy because Kristoff is unhappy, and Olaf is incredibly miserable thanks to being torn between his two moms.>Jen: "Oh, Water Spirit, I didn't want this. Please tell me these events can still be changed!">Nokk turns and gestures to a snowy tombstone.>Feeling dread, Jen approaches the tombstone and brushes the snow away, revealing the words chiseled within the stone.>"FROZEN II. Released November 22nd, 2019."

>>116351651And Marc as Tiny Tim

>>116348808I'm not the only who thinks making them both queens makes them seem even gayer now, right?

>>116352007*the only one

>>116352007No, that's part of the appeal to me.

>>116352007It’s very gay, but they’re separated, so it evens out.

>>116352007Inadvertently, the only ways they're finding to fix their mess is by providing Elsanna fuel.

>>116352007They are mature sister queens who have grown up and moved apart, but not too far. They share custody of their son, have important full-time jobs, and still meet up regularly to play games, discuss goings-on in their respective areas of the kingdom, and sometimes kiss. I am so proud of them both.

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>>116352418Oh man, I feel like this is ripe for some photoshopping.

>>116352418Movie should have ended here

>>116351440>The day Nokk sank their ship was the worst day of Agnarr’s life, but the best day of Iduna’s

>>116352418>Anna, stop! I can’t focus when you’re straddling me in a skirt!

>>116352213I can’t think of a single thing they could do to extinguish Elsanna at this point. Not even killing them off.

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>>116352739>luggageI'm sure she either has servants do it for her, or lightly lifts it with her magicEither way Anna is right

>>116352653>Kill Elsa offIt's been established that they already planned for her to miraculously resurrect, so that's a no-go>Kill Anna offThis would be more permanent, but lead to an explosion in fan creativity for Elsa using her new powers to bring her back


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>>116352739Now it just needs blood on Anna's knuckles

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>>116352897I'd actually considered that but felt like that was a little too much, lol.

>>116352418>>116352739>Olaf is summoned as a witness in their domestic abuse court hearing

>>116352939based koreans

>>116352939>>116352919based koreans

>>116351619>Jen Lee is visited by John Lasseter's ghost

>>116352531>Iduna deliberately sabotaged the ship so no one could escape

>>116353078I wonder how many crew members died with them. Surely the King and Queen would be heavily guarded?

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>>116352939It never occurred to me that Korean had its own sign language. I feel stupid now


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>>116352397>their respective areas of the kingdomExcuse me? Northuldra is a sovereign territory and kneels to no ruler of Arendelle.

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>>116353258Yelena's body was never found.

>>116353258You can thank Honeymaren for giving Elsa the idea of making this her new home

>>116353468lust turned out to be their downfall in the end

>>116353258When nature speaks, you listen.And nature commands you to kneel.

>>116353468Elsa will last at most 2 days living in a tent before she starts felling depressed, sings a song and builds herself a fancy new ice palace in the middle of the forest

>>116353587>>116353468I can't blame her. I would condemn my tribe to servitude if it meant having a cute blonde gf too.

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>>116353646She and her grandfather are so alike, they both love building stuff and conquering brown people

>>116353706>Elsa has a horrible nightmare where a smiling Runeard tells her how proud he is that she succeeded where he failed

>>116353258>"When the spirits speak, we listen">Freshly thawed 5th Spirit Elsa: "Why yes, I would like to stay here and rule over you now. Thank you for the invitation.">...fuck

Only an act of true love can break the curse...

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>>116353659Apparently it's "Elsamaren Week" across the internet. I've seen a ton of fan works referencing it. I wonder who organises these things.

>>116353824>Kristoff covers Olaf's eyes while Elsa kisses her.

>>116353824Since it's confirmed Anna was aware of her surroundings while frozen, this would have required Elsa to do some explaining

>>116353824Hey since Anna was entirely ice at this point what if Elsa used her magic on her to get rid of her clothes and then when Anna thawed out to normal she was completely naked hahaha can you imagine?

>>116353758That’d be pretty cool if they made Elsa the absolute ruler and forced them to drift away from their traditions. Then something like that could happen. It would be a good way to bring her home and address the awkward colonial situation.

>>116352810>>Kill Anna offShe has the power of true love, you can't kill her.

>>116353873Big Name Fans just declare it, and their fans follow suit. You have a lot of power on the internet if you draw cute fanart.

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>>116354049>Vows to draw a lot of cute fanart, become a Big Name Fan, gain a lot of fans, then declare it "Hunt Down Jen Lee Week."

>>116354047>killing Anna would mean the extinction of true loveWould Elsa go full Komm süsser Tod if something happened to Anna?

>>116353873Desperate attempt to make it more popular than Elsanna.The fools.

Did anyone else think Honeymaren was voiced by Chloe Bennet when they first saw the movie or was that just me?

>>116354158>Those lyricsFits Elsa 100% specially if Anna dies because of her.

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>>116353873It's produced a surprising amount of fanfic and some of it is quite sweet.

>>116354105I think a lot of impressionable teens would grab pitchforks and hop on the first plane to California if they saw enough cutesy art of her head on a stick.

>>116354049I almost asked “no comic for the fifth spirit?”...I need sleep

>>116354260She kind of looks like her too

Elsanna was unavoidable from the start. They are ment to be together and pretty much everyone agrees.All the world needs to do now is to agree that sisters can be in a romantic relationship if they want. All these leftist LGBGQ cunts will have to agree eventually since its super progressive.

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>>116352397>They share custody of their sonWait, so is Olaf the rightful heir to the throne?

>>116354900I doubt Olaf exists in any legal document

>>116354862Maybe not quite the start, but definitely by the end of the first movie. In this moment >>116353824 the world shouted in one voice, “KISS HER!”

>>116354900Elsa’s death would mean his death, but sure, she might appoint him as king, once Anna has a nervous breakdown.

>>116354934I’m sure one of Anna’s first acts as Queen was a swearing-in ceremony to make Olaf a full Arendellian citizen with all the legal rights and responsibilities that entails

>>116350065>Dislikes>Closed DoorsBravo Didney

>>116354989I think it started right away with the akward flirting.

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I haven’t seen very many Disney movies, but Elsanna has to be the best depiction of romantic love by far, right? I assume it wasn’t intentional, but still.

>>116355022I can’t believe Anna canonically uses the bathroom with the door wide open

>Anna decrees there will be no more closed doors in Arendelle>crime spikes through the roof

>>116354862False. If they made Helsa or Kristelsa canon, you would never have this problem.


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>>116355250She takes baths like that too. Anna does all her paperwork while naked in the tub, leaning over a small desk as she does official royal work. Sometimes she leans too far and accidentally leaves a wet print from her naked breast on an important document, then frantically tries to blow it dry. Castle staff freely walk in and out of the bathroom to talk to her or collect papers to be mailed. By the end of her first month as queen, everyone in the castle has seen her topless.

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>>116355491I enjoyed this little story more than I probably should have.

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>>116355135Better than Titanic?

>>116355491>you will never get a letter from Queen Anna that clearly got wet at some point and later dried out

>>116355344Thankfully she has no rule against 6-foot tall windows.

>>116352739>>116352418More fighting sisters

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>>116350106Elsa tells herself she'll only stay for an hour every week, but she always seems to be convinced to stay longer...

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>Anna became the more interesting character over the two filmsDid anyone expect this?

>>116355647That ship sunk before the movie was over, so it doesn’t count.

>>116355491We need to push Exhibitionist Anna into the mainstream

Goddamn the Frozen fandom might be the most autistic fandom on Holla Forums and that’s saying something

>>116355794I did. Elsa was defined by her powers from the start and had nowhere to grow, and she hasn’t. Anna had the most potential by default, and she didn’t disappoint.

>>116355963Yes, I mean, I like Elsa but Anna was always the character with the most potential.

>>116355012>with all the legal rights and responsibilities that entailsOlaf is 3, I doubt he has any responsibilities.Also, him being rebuilt doesn't reset his age?

>>116355963She did grow, but her only route was ever “ice, but more”. Anna could become anything.

>>116356031Given his life is directly linked to Elsa's I'd argue he should be considered the same age as her, he wasn't born a baby and any stuff he doesn't know is simply due to ignorance

>>116356059>They said I could become anything>So I became the Queen of Racism


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>>116348808>Why are they being so disorganized about this stuff?I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Covid fucked up their plans, but I'm slowly starting to think that there WAS no plan.

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>>116356211then why would things be running smoothly everywhere BUT the US? wouldn't things be the easiest where their HQ is?

>>116356299I'm inclined to believe there was a plan, hence why they're still producing new content at a very frequent rate, but they only planned their localization efforts up until the first half of the year. Then, at some point around March, things spiraled out of control for them, and so all these projects were left stranded in their production regions.

>>116356299Because the US is still a bit fucked. Meanwhile, production in Europe has been running smoothly.I just hope they don't abandon all the things that should have been released in the US by now. Either release it all later in one big content drop when things are more under control, or just follow the planned release cadence, but behind schedule.

>>116348808hurry the fuck up and just make lesbian incest a thing already, Disney

>>116349613>>116349762I remember Chatho from one of the storybooks and the comics.Do they originate from a novel I'm not aware of?

>>116356662I believe the very first time they mention it is in "Anna & Elsa Across the Sea", the storybook from 2015

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>>116356662I'm not sure when the first appearance was, but all the fictional countries started appearing around 2015, and they've been recurring ever since.

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>>116356424>>116356482Doesn't this mean that all the actual creative people are euros and the US just translates?

>>116356857I mean, most of the comics are made in Italy, and a bunch of the books are written in France, so you're correct.

>>116349655They normally put up previews of the next couple books in advance, but right now that's the only one visible. Next book might really be the last one......

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>>116356922>F1 has thirty (30) books by the same people>F2 only gets 6 before the series stops deadIt's not fair

>>116356857There's a wall of mist preventing anything from being released in English. Bruni's book will save us.

>>116356965In case you think this is an

>>116356795>>116356832They went dormant for a while but now they're all back in the new books and even the Frozen Adventures game. I don't know why it makes me happy, but it does.

>>116356662I believe the first time they appear is in "Across the Sea", as mentioned.Also, here's one of the comics.Colisa and Elsa know each other since they were kids.1/4

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>>116357094>The storm was so exciting!You'd think they would both be terrified of their ship sinking...

>>116357064>Colisa and Elsa know each other since they were kidsAnd she couldn't be bothered to take the 10 minute Nokk ride to Arendelle to greet her childhood friend

>>116357196It took her 12 hours to even respond to Anna's letter. If she had written it any later, it might have arrived too late to be of any use.

>>116357079>"She came to Arendelle as well, but you were too little to remember it! The brain damage probably didn't help, either."

>>116357196gee, user, when you put it like that it kinda makes Elsa seems like a shitty friend

>>116357106>From now on I will always sleep with my plush little pillow!>we never see it again

>>116357276At least she's just not picking on Anna.

>>116356922I refuse to doompost over this.Instead, have a popsicle.

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>>116357287Agnarr personally took Anna's favourite pillow away because it might have triggered her repressed memories.

>>116357371a bad dad

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>>116357411It would be better if he said>No, Elsa, they were normal.

>>116357492And by normal, I mean heterosexual

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>>116357523>Elsa is a cat person>Sven behaves like a dog>Sven is always with KristoffErgo, Elsa doesn't like Kristoff

>>116357411>"Were the Northuldra like me?">"No, Elsa, I liked them."

>>116350224>>116350254Best case this is Agnarr or Iduna's gravestone though it's odd Elsa's sitting on top of it. Worst case it is Anna's

>>116357064I understand most of this expanded universe content is usually not canon to the movies, but I always enjoy when they still try to create a side canon of its own with constant references to other releases and stuff, makes getting invested in these not feel like a waste

>>116350224>>116350254>Elsa doesn't visit Arendelle as much anymore>charades night has been dropped after the first month, the pull and freedom of unexplored territories was too strong to resist>"I understand, Elsa. I just want you to be whatever you want to be. Wherever you want to be.">whenever Elsa meets Anna, in intervals of six months or so, she starts to notice new little things in her sister's appearance>it's right then that she realizes that everything's changing around her and Anna is getting older before her eyes, but it's too late to come back>Anna is no more. Elsa didn't have the courage to show up after breaking her promise to always be there on Friday nights, even after Anna's blessing to follow her own path without looking back>"I'm going to be fine, I promise. I will do right by Arendelle. And you.">she learns from Gale that her funeral was somber and quiet. She never thought she'd associate those words with Anna. Her wild and free Anna>she wonders, for a moment, if something would've changed if she was there, if Anna even truly needed her at this point in her life, but maybe, Elsa ponders, this was for the best>and here she is, looking exactly as she did 50 years ago, still young and impossibly beautiful. Her beloved sister just passed away and she didn't even manage to tell her a last "I love you">she feels numb. Maybe this is what real cold feels likeSlightly more fleshed out version at ahtohowhat on ao3

>>116357603I assumed it was one of the four spirit pillars

>>116357196Elsa probably remembers Colisa as pushy and rude from her last meeting. She treated her like a trained monkey and just wanted new art for her collection.

Attached: chatho-gallery.jpg (1666x749, 295.48K)

>>116357690>nearly 8 months agoTime flies. Please write more, I liked that one.

>>116357094I know Arendelle is fictional, but it’s based on Norway. Is this queen supposed to be Mongolian or Russian?

>>116357411>Dad tells her magical daughter about how those magic-loving barbarians murdered his dadElsa understood then that her father would always view her with distrust and fear...

>>116357690>but it's too late to come back

Attached: Thor-Is-He-Though.jpg (850x360, 277.37K)

>>116357165The area around Arendelle seems very prone to storms.

Attached: storm.jpg (970x687, 184.67K)

>>116357782Chatho is very oriental.

>>116357743Do Elsa's powers even work on ice that isn't her own?

you think that anna gets fucked like a cheap whore and likes it?

>>116357743>Make this pretty. That's all you're good for.

Attached: colisice.jpg (612x426, 59.26K)

>>116357802>distant neigh

>>116357868Only by Elsa.

>>116357835I don't see any reason why they shouldn't.

>>116357835We've seen her MOVE natural ice, but not actually change it...

>>116357928absolutely decadent.i need to fill up my spankbank foldergotta rule 34 this.

>>116357959If you've honestly never stumbled upon elsanna before, I envy you, there's quite the treasure trove waiting to be enjoyed

>>116357762Sadly I'm just a fan of dramatic greentexts and not the original writer. I don't want to spam the thread with old memories but this art fit the scenario so well

Attached: original.png (850x773, 1.04M)


Attached: nokk-iduna-wat.jpg (600x400, 166.71K)

>>116350254>>116357603>>116357696It is definitely Anna's as it uses the same symbol as her travel outfit

Attached: merlin_162713019_4b96ec97-ac36-4b4c-8f96-80b254e99f82-mobileMasterAt3x.jpg (1800x1006, 207.89K)

>>116358155Well shit, now I have to move them to my angst folder

>>116357979im new to Holla Forums so this is the first im hearing of it.thank you kind sir. i'll also look at some hetero anna elsa shipping for the spanbank folder

>>116357411How telling your daughter she's not magical is a bad thing

>>116352919Elsa is such a retard

>>116358229It's not a Holla Forums thing at all. It's honestly probably the most popular ship of the franchise. Well, at least on the Internet. But yeah, it's not a Holla Forums-exclusive thing by any means.

Translations.Leave requests if you have them.

Attached: C286.jpg (350x667, 248.75K)

>>116355491Anna is Winston Churchill?

>>116358366Goddammit Anna this is why Elsa left you for an obedient little native girl.

>>116357794Probably not as other fics reunite the sisters though the angst isn't as potent if Elsa's been with Anna the whole time

Attached: 78711935_p0.jpg (834x1112, 364.64K)

>>116358053I guess that just makes me a cynical bastard since I assumed no user would ever recommend another's writing

Someone post that comic where Elsa plays charades and Anna always guesses canoe.

>>116353873>>116354049>there will never be an Annamaren Week

Attached: ofw.png (208x134, 38.76K)

>>116358366Here's some scribbley Korean for you

Attached: EdJwjb-UYAATtyi.png (500x700, 115.63K)

>>116358529That ship doesn't even have enough fans to cover every day of the week.

>>116358522It's a greentext, not a comic. Gimme a sec to find it.

>>116358071>This is what you get for being a race traitor.

>>116358522>>116358592Here's the main section:>Elsa clearly acts out 'snowman.'>Anna: "Is it 'canoe?'">Elsa hesitates for a moment, then starts clearly acting out 'horse.'>Anna: "Is that 'canoe?'">Elsa pauses again, then starts acting out 'soldier.'>Anna: "I'm gonna guess 'canoe.'">Elsa pauses for longer this time, then starts acting out 'teapot.'>Anna: "'Canoe.'">Elsa is visibly upset now. Olaf and Kristoff start sneaking off to the side and out of the room.And some extra bits that were added last time it was posted:>"Oh, it’s two words? Ice canoe. Mean canoe. BAD SISTER CANOE.">"IT WAS 'TEAPOT,' ANNA!">"OH, DO YOU SERVE TEA IN YOUR CANOES NOW?!">"YOU COULD HAVE DIED!">"FROM HITTING A ROCK OR TREE HEAD-FIRST AT HIGH VELOCITY? I KNOW!">"I MUST COMMEND YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP, THOUGH. I REALLY APPRECIATED THE SNOWFLAKE PATTERNS ON THE BOTTOM AS I SCREAMED FOR MY SISTER WHILE ROCKETING DOWN THE SIDE OF A HILL."

>>116358747I’m trying to visualize what acting out “snowman” would look like and all I can picture is Elsa making the outline with her hands, but it just looks like her outlining a woman’s hips, chest and head

>>116358510Not sure I'd call it a true recommendation since they are short and written anonymously but I like a few of them well enough to think they warrant sharing it with a larger crowd. Sounds like you assume all the reposts are by the writers themselves?

>>116358910Maybe acting out the rolling and stacking of building one?

>>116358910>woman! girl! uh, lady! THICK lady!

>>116358053>>116357762I was just passing by, haven't been visited these threads in a while. I've read about all the documentary mess, though, but nothing I didn't expect. It did make me wanna write more angst, even though I feel done with F2 and JLee & co.'s dumbassery.

>>116358976>"Thicc! You like 'em thicc! You love yourself a big, thicc ass lady! More cushion for the pushin'!">"NO, OLAF."

>>116358936I did like it, I’ve liked many stories here, but I would feel embarrassed sharing anything not my own, especially since I know the authors post here. So I assume others feel the same, so every link must be self-promotion.

>>116359013>TL note: 13 C is 55.4 F

>>116358976>>116359023>Elsa frantically keeps outlining it rounder and rounder, making it look like she loves even bigger hips


Attached: C287.jpg (240x532, 116.08K)

>>116359070Anna, that’s not helpful, it can still work if you compare it to her normal (low) temperature

>>116358976>>116359023>>116359066>Elsa tries to make more in general, innocent motions with her hands, but accidentally ends up looking more and more obscene.>"Big, juicy hips!">"NO, OLAF.">"What we did last night!">"NO, ANNA."

>>116358990Writing angst helped me out a lot in the past.>>116359030Please ignore all that and recommend away, you’ll make someone’s day.

>>116359114>Elsa’s slower motions just make it look more sensual>”Full-body massage? Taking measurements? Ooh, I recognize this! This is what you do to me whenever I need to get fitted for a dress!”

This sounds like a recipe for a civil war with the queens on either side

>>116359114>Kristoff is watching all of this in silent horror.

>>116359070Thank the spirits Elsa can’t get sick anymore.

>>116359114>>116359175>"That thing I like that you do with your fingers!">"GODDAMMIT, ANNA.">Kristoff sits there in dumbfounded silence.>Olaf spends the next ten minutes trying to figure out what Anna's talking about.

>>116359030I just realized you were referring to the AO3 plug. That was in the original post and I didn't think much of it while re-posting the story. It was a throwaway account anyways with no other stories on it>>116358990I feel as lost as Kristoff as it sounds like you're the original writer but that seems way to serendipitous for you to stop by right when we're talking about it

>Finally get to the parts I've been looking forward to writing in my fic>Reread it to make sure I have things straight and it's clear I've screwed a lot up.I mean, thank God it's just fics, but I'm gonna be pouring out one tonight. Have an Agnarr and Idunna so everyone feels better.

Attached: 1591839516542.jpg (1200x864, 995.73K)


Attached: breakup.jpg (1000x1000, 90.64K)

>>116359417>Kristoff goes straight to Ryder after this conversation

>>116359368>7 new reviews>They're all correcting you on the details of your own fic

Attached: EZyXTx1U0AAJngq.jpg (804x804, 124.85K)

>>116359332>Olaf spends the next ten minutes trying to figure out what Anna's talking aboutWhich mom would be more likely to tell him?

>>116359485Anna would start to but then either realize what she was doing and stop or Elsa would interrupt her (or freeze a coat of ice over her mouth).

>>116359460This is why I've gone back and started consolidating all my notes. I've had moments where I feel like I've repeated conversations.It's all a learning process.

>>116358366How about this one? I'm in the mood for something sweet. (8 images total) artist has a bunch of other cute looking comics too.

>>116359460>pretend it was your plan all along and start twisting yourself in knots to avoid contradicting yourself

>>116359459I'm surprised Rydoff isn't more popular as an excuse for a heartbroken Anna to seek love from her sister instead

>>116358366>>116358567Here you go, m8.

Attached: C288.jpg (500x700, 300.48K)

>>116359417>Kristoff manages to talk her into staying together and it becomes a three way relationship.

I hope Kristen Bell had a good birthday today.

Attached: kbfa.jpg (720x960, 73.23K)

>>116359723>they both exchange pleasantries and just haul their girls homefor some reason this is hysterical


Attached: 1592286147713.png (465x542, 587.57K)

>>116359790I hope she wore her best birthday suit.

Attached: Kristen-Bell-01.jpg (1800x2029, 837.83K)

>>116359735>>116359834I wonder whatever happened to the user that said they were going to make a fic out of the "Elsa's wedding gift threesome" idea.

>>116359365It wouldn't be a throwaway if they kept writing, which is what I want since it was a great story

Attached: lanternsa2.jpg (1510x1510, 111.3K)

>>116357305Thanks, it was another scorcher here today


Attached: 107419099_380437026266697_9065588661615883466_n.jpg (1080x1346, 103.78K)

Attached: Elsa-coming-lol.jpg (493x773, 264.27K)

Attached: lanternsa.jpg (609x793, 86.95K)

>>116359460Some people would kill to have that many non-hostile comments>>116359709They have decent chemistry but neither character does much in Frozen 2

Attached: 9f5e4c779b19b46bd3fb4b06ea09cb98c12da107_ryder_kristoff.png (1280x1405, 1.42M)

>>116360026Anna should build a Statue of Liberty like this in Arendelle's harbor

>>116360398I mean, I guess some people could find a huge statue of Olaf welcoming...


Attached: coming.jpg (1280x969, 485.48K)

>>116360129I just love the warm glow on her face

>>116360398>due to shoddy construction the lantern falls and sinks a ship full of diplomats

Elsanna shipping is retarded and the biggest deterrent from these threads for me. Some recent threads had very in-depth discussion about Elsa's decisions in F2 and psychological trauma, that was much more interesting than coomer retardation.

>>116358366>>116359670Here you go, user.1/8

Attached: 181.001.jpg (708x1024, 255.5K)


Attached: 181.002.jpg (708x1024, 265.16K)


Attached: 181.003.jpg (708x1024, 72.73K)


Attached: 181.004.jpg (708x1024, 280.93K)


Attached: 181.005.jpg (708x1024, 250.74K)


Attached: 181.006.jpg (708x1024, 258.61K)

>>116360836Well that's not very nice. We're mostly joking around with that stuff anyway. And besides, you have to admit, for a couple of heterosexual sisters, Anna and Elsa are extremely touchy with each other. I mean, shit, this image here is an actual, official Instagram post by Disney with no Photoshopping involved.

Attached: Valentine's-Day-2020.png (541x771, 564.31K)


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Attached: 181.008.jpg (708x1024, 270.21K)


>>116359670Am I using twitter wrong, or are some of their other posts too small to be readable?

>>116361062Aww. Thanks very much, I needed that.

>>116361110I always open the pic in a new tab, just in case, and make sure there isn't any bullshit like "small" or "medium" written in the url

>>116360836As long as we’re sharing our preferences, I like apples more than oranges. But sometimes, I get a craving for oranges out of nowhere. You need both to make a fruit basket. I’m not sure what my point was, but you can always try to spark discussions you like yourself.

>>116361289>Fruit discussionI've always liked Anna and Elsa's peaches...

>>116361049>specifically, I love when you appreciate my magic, because nobody else doesa bit sad

>>116359880Well, there was the user who posted a greentext of their plot ideas some time ago. I don’t think we’ve heard from them since. I said I’d use it if I ever get around to writing a fic, because it’s fun. I’ve written most of the build-up, scene by scene, meaning it’s mostly dialogue and character cues, like a bunch of connected one-shots. Not sure if I’ll add filler in between. My favorite scene came to me randomly. I included it, but it assumes that the wedding has already happened, so a formal wedding night gift isn’t happening.The build-up is realistic enough, but behaviors are over-the-top. I skipped to the end and wrote in an explanation for this. It opens the story up to a cool non-sexual sequel and explains F2 weirdness. Basically, there’s a lot of editing that needs to be done, and a bit of writing, at least. I’m trying to decide how much effort I should put into it, because I do think there’s a lot of potential there. I’ve noticed that plot, meandering parts, and frankly, endings don’t matter much to me when I read a short horny fic. It’s been a week since I’ve touched it, but I promise I’ll get it out one way or another, even if it’s not exactly a wedding gift threesome.

>>116361566>Well, there was the user who posted a greentext of their plot ideas some time ago.That was me, lol.>I don’t think we’ve heard from them since.I've been here. Just haven't really thought about the scene in a little while. Not sure if I'm gonna do anything with it. Maybe I will. I dunno. I've never really written smut for mass consumption before.

>>116361723I’m in the same position. It’s great for a 4chan post, but when I pick through, it seems like a mess. Glad you’re around, though.

>>116360627comfy castle Elsa is much better than whatever that is

Attached: 1593572242005.jpg (1920x804, 751.8K)

>>116361566>>116361723>>116361949Just don't end up like me where you hit a point and realize you've really screwed up with your fic. The more writing the merrier though. Plan it out and take your time. No need to rush things.

Attached: 1592934332611.jpg (557x786, 175.7K)

>>116362060At least F2 Elsa can use a touchscreen. Young Elsa would cry because they don’t work with gloves.

>>116358366Last one for tonight.Thanks to the anons who submitted requests!

Attached: C289.jpg (280x612, 156.15K)

>>116362175thanks for the translations anonglad to see more comics from shibarou

>>116362088>Elsa is forced to kiss the phone to use it>>116362175Stick to snowmen and structures Elsa

Attached: fa4cf6d3bcc5ca344085549a7e1593dd41aaa6eb.jpg (1182x2048, 360.25K)

>>116361044Then you have very little experience with real world social interactions. This mindset is exactly why, for example, a genuine friendship between a guy and a girl is perceived to be weird or gay. Holding hands or hugging != sexual tension. I'm not exactly 'deterred' from these threads like the user above, but I agree it's stupid. Trying to sexualise everything is retarded, especially when you just want to jerk off to cutesy lesbian porn and go at many lengths and hoops to justify it lol .

>>116361162>>116362244You're welcome!

Attached: EA985.jpg (700x472, 52.13K)

>>116362381>Holding hands or huggingThat's not holding hands or hugging, user. If they were any closer they'd literally and physically be inside each other, a Brundlefly-esque mass of twisted, tangled flesh.

>>116362506Again, then you have very twisted perception of emotions and very little experience with people. Are you basing this on anime and manga, lolHave you never ever seen how a mother touches noses with her child (even when the child is already a teen)? In your mind, this means she secretly wants to fuck? It's just that within societal norms this motherly affection is standard while other ones are looked upon through this perverted lens.

>>116362175>Olaf doesn't melt because Elsa doesn't truly love him

>>116362618Explain Anna's lip bite in a non-sexual manner and I will fully concede all points.

Attached: 1595014130891.jpg (1080x1079, 138.39K)

>>116362707Not him but this looks pretty gay

>>116362671This looks like Frozen so Elsa doesn't even know Olaf exists yet>>116362707Would you buy animation mistake like Elsa's braid in Frozen?

>>116362618No sisters that age get touchy like that.

>>116362671He does melt, though, that's why he needs the flurry and then the permafrost, they're fueled by hate.


Attached: 1593510076238.gif (772x490, 1.55M)

>>116362735>Would you buy animation mistake like Elsa's braid in Frozen?Elsa's braid in Frozen was an unfortunate side effect. Anna's lip bite was something they had to go out of their way to do.

>>116362797Ah, absolute statements, the pinnacle of arguments Imagine doing all this work just to feel good about masturbating

>>116362798>olaf, if you start feeling the permafrost is wearing down just think of hans for like 5 minutes. ok?

>>116363337You gave absolute statements to begin with.Now don't be a pussy coward and refute my argument.

Attached: Million-Questions-Meme.jpg (510x589, 317.38K)

>>116362618It’s not motherly affection, though. It’s two young adults groping and staring longingly into each-other’s eyes while expressing their deep love. You can’t blame people for at least joking about Elsanna. There’s a lot of fuel.