Was he right about her?

Was he right about her?

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They’re both idiots.

>>116337207how is he an idiot?

Men are always right. Fact.

>>116337128Is what he said true? If so he blew her the fuck out. Those types get even more pathetic when they start pushing 30

>>116337289if he knew she was still a trainwreck, why even bothering agreeing to go out with her. If he just kept it in his pants for 2 more days, he could've skipped this whole incident

>>116337368For a quick bang obviously

>>116337128where is this from?

>>116337128>>116337207The guy is making something of himself. The girl is stagnating and will die alone. There's only one idiot in this situation. The guy has egg on his face for one night, but he'll get over it and move on. Tge girl will just collect more cats and call them her children.

>>116337321Fact: I am a man and I say you're wrong.

>>116337128They were both right about each other.

>>116337368The colloquial "I knew it" means "I expected this". When they were getting along fine the rest of the day I bet he wouldn't have said that.

Am I really supposed to think he's ridiculous for not keeping up to date on New York hipster shit? Or think badly of him that he's working a job of his choice and earning enough money to pay for nice new shoes to go to a friend's wedding in, or to take a cab on a whim, or pay for overpriced mixed drinks at a city bar? Is the author really expecting me to be an envious little shit?

>>116337289He got baited into a shouting match in public with a reptile-brained wo-manchild.He should have just plainly said she was pathetic, throwing food is something children do and left.

>>116337625she didn't say anything about him. "your insults are so old" is not a remarkable statement

>>116337128>>116337479The guy wanted to bang one out with an ex to prove something to himself, showing how insecure he really is about who he is or who he is trying to be. Will he be better off in the long run because he has actual work ethic despite be shallow, probably.By the end of this comic her circle of friends has basically fallen apart and she has no job or prospects of a future. Everyone sucks by the end of the comic especially her.

>>116337764>The guy wanted to bang one out with an ex to prove something to himselfproofs?

>>116337721Have to look at the whole context to see what I mean.

>>116337814He hooks up with her and in a prior page it's shown he has a plane ticket to leave NYC that night or something close without telling her. He had no intention of getting back together with her in an actual relationship.His plan was to bang her and leave, this is what people do when they want to prove to themselves that they can get what they want, especially when they are insecure about themselves.

>>116337865We don't see the sex start but we do see she went to the doctor to get her pussy fumigated or something. It's implied she initiated it.

>>116337342She was salty that he didn't tell her he was in town until the second to last day of his trip. She was holding onto the fact that they might get back together.>The guy is making something of himself. The girl is stagnating and will die alone.True. He offered her an opportunity to come along to Chicago with him but she was too scared to move.

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>>116337889She was getting an already scheduled pap smear and the doctor tells her not to have sex for a week. And she does anyway, that was the point of that.

>>116337488Pathetic onions simps don't count as men.

>>116337948>The guy is making something of himself. The girl is stagnating and will die alone.>True. He offered her an opportunity to come along to Chicago with him but she was too scared to move.meant for >>116337479

>>116337889>>116337959>Don't have sex all week>Proceeds to have sex later that afternoonwhat the fuck

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>>116337764I remember the comic having a relatively-ish happy ending in a "life goes on" sort of way.

>>116337865>His plan was to bang her and leave, this is what people do when they want to prove to themselves that they can get what they want, especially when they are insecure about themselves.I agree with the banging thing, but that part about the insecurity seems to be a lot of assumptions on your part, unless im missing something on the comic or unless you were talking to men in general.

>>116338037all i need is sweet n sour sauce

>>116337865> this is what people do when they want to prove to themselves that they can get what they want, especially when they are insecure about themselves.Why does fucking someone need to be a statement? Why can't it just be about getting your peepee waxed?

>>116337477how come nobody answered this question yet?

>>116339101Scott pilgrim

They're both shitty and they deserve each other.

>>116337128What’s the name of the comic?

>>116339101Generally, because things have changed, 4chan users generally looked down on people asking for sources, as it takes very little work to find out.

>>116339560Octopus Pie octopuspie.com/


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I read some of it. I seems he's an old flame that had a bad break up, and during a vacation they hooked up.Shit, I've seen that happen.I still dont understand why she fucking freaked out and dumped a beverage at him.He didnt do anything wrong.Am I missing some incredible context?

>>116337865>His plan was to bang her and leave, this is what people do when they want to prove to themselves that they can get what they want, especially when they are insecure about themselves.No, this is what people do when they want to bang, but not have a relationship. Are you retarded?


>>116337948>>116337128Jesus Christ that's depressing. Poor guy.

>>116339884She was mad that his intention wasn’t to get back together (they were on and off for years), so she felt led on by him and got mad. He flipped out and threw some cutting words at her. She called him old. Most of the previous context is that they dated and she refused to move to Chicago with him because she was too scared to leave Brooklyn.

>>116339884>Am I missing some incredible context?Both of them had different expectations for each other. She built up this notion of some greater importance to him, so when he told her why he was actually in town she felt hurt and insulted by how little he thought of her, and he saw her as at best a quick fuck with an ex after he finished everything he had to do before leaving. All of this gets clearer in the second page when he's bitching her out and she starts laughing at him, because he's moved on from whatever they had and thinks she's still stuck in the past that he left behind, and she realizes that he's this superficial dick who's little more than some yuppie jerking himself off by talking about how sophisticated his life is. He gets pissed off because she doesn't respect his achievements, and she doesn't respect his achievements because he sounds like an asshole who left and came back a tool and she believes that legitimizes her previous hesitation to leave her comfortable home.You're meant to sympathize with Eve because she's the protagonist who got used for sex and is therefore the aggrieved party, but neither of them are blameless for the miscommunication and their reactions. Now can we please stop having this fucking thread.

>>116339892>but not have a relationshipHe's not very good at sending that signal then. (Not the user you're replying to by the way. They're a bit off base imo.)

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>>116337971Anon, there's no call to be so hard on yourself.

>>116340998Let's ask the Brain Iguana. Brain Iguana can we stop now?

>>116340998Seriously someone's been making threads about this for like two weeks

>>116340998Oh, thanks, but DID she got used for sex? Shes and adult who had sex with an adult man willingly.Sounds like she was expecting more without verbalizing her thoughts. To be fair to her, he was acting kinda silly after the drink was spilled on him.

Why should we think he isn't interested in a renewed relationship just because he came to New York for a reason other than to see her and had to go back home soon?

>>116341249I think it's the part where he waited until he was about to leave to even let her know he was in town.

>>116341249He probably wasnt expecting to fucking HOOK UP with an ex. That wasnt his plan. Do you think flight plans magically change because you fuck some random girl, the airline managers AUTOMATICALLY sense it ?>Somewhere in a corporation a clerk goes "SEX SENSE IS TINGLING! John Dumar of 555 Bennings Street, TX is having sex! I gotta call him and see if he wants to change his flight plans!"

Did she redo these pages or something? I remember this happening like three years ago but the site has it dated this month.

>>116341270They broke up on bad terms. She renamed his phone number in her phone to "Nope". I'd sooner assume he didn't positively decide to do it until it was now-or-never.

>girl realizes she isn't the center of attention>spergs out>we're expected to think she's in the right

>>116341296Why would you seek out your ex who you know has hangups over how your relationship ended the day before you're supposed to leave town?

>>116341295The commentary is new. It's just reposts.

>>116341312Why would she agree to meet him? The same reason probably; nostalgia had dimmed the sourness of the break-up and they both hoped they could regain what was lost.

>>116341310That's what it read to me, until the dude went off on her lifestyle. He could have gone quietly "Why?", but the author wanted to show to everyone 'MEN BAD', even though he did show that the Guy did become succesful.People react weirdly to changes in priorities.It does happen in relationships. I knew a fatass that got dumped, lost 200 pounds, became succesfull, then hooked up with his ex years later, only for the EX to dump him because she 'didnt like what he had become.'.Stuff happens. People grow apart.

>>116341362Her lifestyle IS bad and she proved it by suddenly sperging out.

>>116341384I mean, what was she expecting?Anyone with a fucking brain would have thought 'he probably wasnt expecting this hookup'. I know the writer showed the lizard brain to clearly show us she wasnt thinking straight, and great, that's good, but...Fuck me, man.She's kind of self intitled, if she thinks he was her priority.The dude moved on years ago.

>>116341295She’s been rerunning them for about two years with commentary. She’s also adding some extra content like paywalled comics (from last arc). It should finish its rerun by the end of the year.

>>116341296What I don’t get is that there was never like a real bad nature to their breakup. Eve didn’t want to go to Chicago and Park was a little upset. However, there was no huge issue. Their first breakup was far worse, ending with the pretense that Eve suspected (and was correct) that Park cheated on her.

>Why didn't he call her until the last minuteBecause he expected to see her at the wedding rehearsal. He had no idea she hadn't been invited and thought she'd decided to skip it.

>>116339884The wedding has a big part to play in this as well. Everything else is going on, but she's also hurt that her friend, a really good friend that she fell out of contact with, didn't reach out to her when she got hitched. That makes Park's ambivalence all the more apparent. He might not have contacted her either if the main cast of Hamilton had been playing.

>>116341217No. She simply had greater expectations. The thing is that while he is kind of a prick about the whole thing, the comic's greater context at this point is pretty much all about how she's stuck in life and personally adrift because everyone else has moved on.

>>1163415451. She obviously doesn't care much about that friend if they never see each other any more.2. It isn't his fault that friend decided not to invite Eve.

>>116341668Which would mean she isn't in the right and it's a pathetic episode for her.Yet the author says we're supposed to think she was right.

>>116341688Do they?

>>116341217>DID she got used for sex?She had a different concept of what her worth was to him after he left and came back, whereas he saw that she was wanting to fuck him out of nostalgia for their old relationship and acted on it. I guess it depends on who you sympathize with.

>>116341545>That makes Park's ambivalence all the more apparentThis is the whole thing behind those two pages. Park is ambivalent to what Eve still sees as important to her, and so she gets upset with his flippancy towards their encounter. The lizard brain thing even underscores how she knows her flinging a drink in his face is the logically wrong reaction to have to being told she's been reduced to less-than-important in his mind, but she gives in anyway because it feels justified. Then he turns into yuppie stereotype and she laughs at him because she realizes there's nothing left of what they had together before.

>>116341830But he was right.


>>116341217>DID she got used for sex?Personally, I think she made poor judgment but she made a decision to sex Park. It was a mutual thing they agreed to and clearly Eve was into it (as evident by >>116338037)

>>116339620Thanks man. I sometimes just want to have fun.Not go on a scavenger hunt just so I can get the jokes. I wish 4chan guys were less recalcitrant to sharing.

>>116338836It can be, but for him, it was a statement. Everything about him is trying to be, that's the problem. I mean, it's taking him somewhere, but as shown in that one thing, it's got him having abandoned his glasses for contacts he fucking hates even in his personal life. She's rather shit herself, but he thinks he's climbed the mountain when he's maybe 10 ft higher then her.

>>116337128it's really hard to not be a sexist asshole some times, a lot of girls really are just so obnoxious compared to generally more mellow men. I don't get it

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>>116341913I may be happy to see you, and might fuck you, but that doesnt mean you WERE my purpose for visiting my hometown. That doesnt mean I'm a fucking asswipe. It means you and I had a fallout BEFORE we hooked up again and arent my priority before.Maybe if she hadnt gone reptile brain she could have become a priority again?

>>1163371281 she is a cunt2 she is stupid3 she was in the wrong4 the guy is an asshole5 this isn't a good moment for her, this isn't a you go girl scenario6 throwing a drink at someone is way more visually shocking than Calling him an asshole7 this is a comic and comics are a visual medium8 if you feel anger at her then conceal that's exactly what you are supposed to feel, just because a character is a protagonist it doesn't mean you are meant to side with it or agree with what it does


>>116341944She did end up with a decently hot white dude (though he’s a fuck up too), so I guess she found someone suitable for her in the end?

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>Something that felt natural but I didn’t think about much at the time: throwing a drink is an act of anger, yet in this sequence Eve looks completely fearful of what she’s doing. She doesn’t have the confidence to back up her aggression, and most likely would’ve crumbled in apology if Park hadn’t reacted the way he did. Up until he reveals his lack of cultural awareness, she still holds him in high regard and can’t walk away. It’s sort of a gift that she gets it out of him, for both of them – they finally have their answer.>The final visual was mostly lost in the bigger, more enticing discussion of their roles, but I still like the duality. Eve is either laughing or crying, and the $50 is either pathetic and irrelevant, or the basis of a formal, transactional meeting.God, Gran is a cunt.

>>116341991Don’t forget to buy her game when it comes out!

>>116341991>Up until he reveals his lack of cultural awareness, she still holds him in high regard and can’t walk away.>cultural awarenessWe really are supposed to think he's silly for not knowing the latest New York hipster shit. Incredible.>the $50 is either pathetic and irrelevant, or the basis of a formal, transactional meeting.Isn't he paying for the drinks?


>>116341991>$50I'll be damned, the bill DOES say "50" on it. It's very easy to miss.

The next strip will be a doozy.Not as much as the cave woman strip, though.

>>116342044>We really are supposed to think he's silly for not knowing the latest New York hipster shit. Incredible.user keeping up this shit isn't very hard, all you have to do is talk to people when you go out to a bar or something.You do go out, right user?

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>>116342330He doesn't live in New York anymore.Eve is one of those New York chauvinists.

>>116337488Well, you just revoked your man card. So you're wrong. QED.

>>116337865>sex badBeing adult about sexual encounters doesn't make him shallow. More importantly, just because he had a ticket doesn't mean he wasn't on the fence.

>>116342616>just because he had a ticket doesn't mean he wasn't on the fenceYeah he just lives in Chicago. He could come back next weekend if he really wanted to.

>>116339892not with an ex, anonget a prostitute or hit up a singles bar if you just wanna fuck, you don't fuck your ex unless:>you want to get back together>you want to prove that you still got it>you're a retard that doesn't realize that either you or your ex is going to rekindle some old feelings

>>116342879Or, and here's the kicker, exs do have hookups. You know, adults that aren't virgins.

i fee like if a guy sperged out because he thought a woman wanted a relationshup with him we wouldnt even be having this discussion

>>116343320she's not meant to be in the right in this comic. she's having a freakout crisis over the patheticness of her life, and it is literally depicted as her going reptile brain. the only discussion is being had because people don't realise a woman artist could make a female character both sympathetic and wrong, hence the "this poor guy!! fuck hipsters and women!" when those comments are totally redundant.

>>116337710Just saying "fuck you" is more mature than insults.

I said it once and I'll say it again:WomenAren'tPeople

>>116343408I blame simps that encourage this reptile brain behavior in women to begin with.

>>116337289Well he tricked her into thinking he was in town for her when he was in town for a wedding she wasn't invited to, and he dropped that bombshell while being so self-absorbed that he just bitched about his frustrations at her while she sat there reeling until she threw a shitty drink at him.And his insults were old. And while he's super-proud of working his ass off and making a life for himself, it's clearly not a life that he's very happy with, so bragging about how he did that and she didn't is a bit worthless.

>>116343475>she felt bad, so she had to>he's trying, and it hard, therefore he should give uplol if he did those things, he'd be her.

>>116343408no i keep seeing comments about how the guy is an asshole too for "leading her on" even though girls do that too and yet its always men fault for misunderstanding that

>>116343437Huh? All the flaws here are human flaws.

i used to love this comic, then forgot it existed when gran hit the middle aged hipster wall that leads to brainmelt and reading this i think i made the right choice.Why is Stand Still. Stay Silent the only webcomic that didn't go full pretentious smoothbrain?

>>116342487And Park is now a ultra-modern yuppie that Gran disparages by having him spout off a bunch of trendy shit in quick succession.The whole exchange is meant to exemplify the distance between someone who leaves home and someone who stays behind, and how Eve's worldview clashes with someone who became something more than what she remembered him by, viewed through the lens of a woman stuck in emotional arrested development scorned.

the next page

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>>116343675here Eve's catching up with Greg who was at the wedding>Gwen's pregnant?

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>>116343784Mother issues

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>>116343784I thought she was going to throw her drink in his face again.


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>>116337128>Your insults are so oldMaybe that's more a sign of how long people like you have been doing this, more than anything.

>>116343886should I just stop here, there's only three more til end of this arc?

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>>116343906Keep going. I want to see how this ends.


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>>116342330No, if you live outside a place that's its own bubble then you have to actually take time and effort to keep up with what's going on there.This isn't 'Oh he doesn't know what kids say these days and is giving us a rambling story about Well back in my day we used to call pumpernickle darkie rye which was the style at the time' this is 'Lol look at this pleb, not knowing our hand crafted local lingo'Putting stock in such things is a mark of being a snob.


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>>116343967>Putting stock in such things is a mark of being a snob.New Yorkers are snobs though

>>116343969chapter end

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>>116343986Yes, and? That's my point.There's more to life than living in a bubble dome filled with your own farts.

>>116343997so you're angry about true to life writing

>>116343996Is she carrying a grudge over that? Still?! I hope not.

All these characters are obnoxiously pretentious, there's no nuance to any of these people at all despite how deeply some wish it were some kind of character study, it's pointless meandering from one cardboard cutout to the next.Please stop.

>>116344014Nah, I'm saying that particular user is likely one of those snobs for putting stock in such things and sniffing at people that don't.

>>116344080the comic's already long dead, so...

why do you keep reposting this shitty scott pilgrim ripoff from 2016


>>116343475>he tricked her into thinking he was in town for herproofs?Remember that he thought she had been invited to the wedding.

>>116337128you gonna post every page of this shit?

>>116337128I don't read this comic. What does the iguana in the previous strip represent?

>>116345863A lizard brain reaction.

>>116343996Damn, Eve’s mom is kinda hot

>>116343675I’m still confused as to why they made Marigold gay with Jane. Even by the logic of “spare the pairs”, that pairing made little sense to me

>>116342178Considering she got a fruity drink and they live in New York, $50 might’ve been needed to cover her half. That shit ain’t cheap

>>116342164Nice! Thanks for sharing that. It’s cool to see the process of the strip being made

>>116343717>>116343784>>116343798Is...is Greg a channer?

>>116337128No lizard brained reaction outside of a war zone or immediate physical violence is ever the right one

>>116343861She only had one in the chamber that day

>>116345762Considering there’s only 150 left, why not?

>>116344057It's less the moment at the beach but more that she's always had tension with her mom from childhood because of a brutal separation between her parents.

>>116343925>>116342319I'll post the next chapter, but I won't be able to post the cavewoman page because it's too big for Holla Forums

>>116348291>>116347416>>116343996Next chapter

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I've been through that Brooklyn hipster lifestyle. I grew out of it but this brings back memories.I wonder how most of the cast would fare in corona 2020. Probably not well.


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>>116348377>I wonder how most of the cast would fare in corona 2020.Considering the author of this comic even ditched the hipster life for a house in Philly, many of them probably weren’t too far behind you >>116348389

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>>116348544Hanna just wants to fuck someone

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>>116348291>too bigjust link to this gif from the desu: desuarchive.org/aco/thread/4092310/#4206885

>>116348671Good deal, user>>116348661Looks like Eve is gonna get her weekend upstate

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>>116349218Time traveling orgasms

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>>116349371And that’s the end of the chapter. Eve’s with Will but her job burned down. There’s only one other chapter besides this, but I have to go to work.

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>>116343798>>116343996I find it funny that Eve has such mom issues. I wonder if they're exacerbated by the fact that her mom is a hardcore Republican patriot.

Hipsters aren't people.

>>116343475>And his insults were old. What does this even mean exactly

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>>116350105scones and fixed-gear bikes are SO two years ago

>he works a well-paying job he sought out>he can pay for new leather shows, cab fare, churros, and overpriced mixed drinks>he must be an assholeThe envy just reeks.

>>116350516Eve is a mess, but I don’t think she’s jealous of the stuff he has

>>116351745It's impossible not to be, especially if you've got a prior history with the person and you're resentful of them. It's humanly impossible not to compare yourself to others and how well off they are compared to you.

>>116337479The point of this scene is that Eve finally, FINALLY, is able to let go of Park and, by extension, her attachments to the past and unwillingness to grow. Even in the first few panels of after she throws her drink at him, she's clearly terrified that's she's just fucked everything up. If Park hasn't started calling her a hipster, she would have apologized (per author commentary, but also her expressions). As to whether Park is "the bad guy" here, that's not really the way to look at it. He simply didn't think his relationship with Eve was nearly as important as she did. I don't think he even knows what he said that set her off like that in the first place. They're just two people who don't understand each other at all.

>>116350105Park is trying to be biting, but how he's changed as a person makes him sound like a dude older than what he really is. Millennial acting like a boomer towards another millennial, which pisses him off because she's indirectly ridiculing what he thinks is success and not giving him his due respect and recognition.

>>116352890>The point of this scene is that Eve finally, FINALLY, is able to let go of Park and, by extension, her attachments to the past and unwillingness to grow.She was unwilling to grow when Park challenged her to, though.

>>116349357Why....Why did Marigold even HAVE roofies?

If the meaning of the scene is so muddied, maybe it was poorly executed.

>>116353378im with youthe context just makes me believe shes a petty idiot wrapped up in her own world

>>116353378It's not "muddy." This site is muddy with autistics and sociopaths pretending to be retards. Pretty much what >>116341968 said.

>>116353285>Why did Marigold even HAVE roofies?Do you not know what molly is? Ecstasy, dude. MDMA, not roofies.

>>116353285Marigold is a partier and much more willing to live on the edge than the others. When she was fresh out of high school (17-18) she would lie about her age to men in bars late at night and date college professors at her school. Hanna, the most type-A person of the group, basically felt responsible for her as some kind of caretaker who cleans up her messes

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>>116341874he should have just stood up and left, it wasnt worth it

>>116353558ur mum is muddy

>>116342879Don't have sex with your ex.It will make your life complex.

>>116349406Let me take a wild guess Eve now moves in with Will. How right am i?

>>116339620oh i used to read this! pretty forgettable, but comfy art

>>116339620What kind of stupid name for a comic is Octopus Pie? Are there even any octopi or pies in the strip? It sounds like a title an idiot would come up with.

These were the comments underneath the OG webcomic page...

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>>116354904It's mostly bullshit.

>>116337128Yes. He was right.

>>116354673is it because she's azn

>>116338583Hey, it's a day later and this thread is still going.From what I recall, this character was always a cunt and treated her like shit. He was a shallow asshole that hated all of her friends and her lifestyle in general. Like he dated her simply because of them both being asian or their parents being friends.The comic was worth reading a page three times a week but in retrospect kind of sucks.

>>116353009Is he? I mean he's just calling her out on her shitty hipster lifestyle or at least the one he remembered. Regardless of her age she still acts like she's unable to grow up. Even at the end she's stuck with a loser boyfriend and unable to really grow.

>have 0 impulse control and unrealistic/wildly disproportionate idealistic expectations about everything>get btfo by yourself and sperg out at the only person that ever offered you something of worthiunno OP, you tell me.

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>>116343173Yet you talk like a virgin

>>116354478They get together and Eve moves in with him. However, they didn’t get together until basically the end of the series because Eve was mad he sold weed.

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>>116354673The author said she just wanted a name and it was available. She got it in like 2006, it was a different time

Coastal Urbanites suck, I wish I could just be a rural faggot

>>116356004Embrace it, user. Living rural life is the same except you see the same 12 people everyday and all of them are constantly talking behind your back. At least on the coast, you can avoid people you hate.

>>116353009>>Park is trying to be biting, but how he's changed as a person makes him sound like a dude older than what he really is. Millennial acting like a boomer towards another millennial, which pisses him off because she's indirectly ridiculing what he thinks is success and not giving him his due respect and recognition.Wat. I thought 'your insults are so old' was in reference to the fact that the two are completely out of touch with one another......but then again I stopped reading octopie years ago (around the time session manager stopped working on firefox, which made me lose my place), and the next page >>116343675 would seem to support your reading.>how he's changed as a person makes him sound like a dude older than what he really is. This is really messing with me. How on earth can this be a bad thing? Do people really try to 'look cool' outside of high school? Or does she mean 'he's acting old' to imply that he's out of touch with her, thus giving a double meaning to the phrase? I thought the replies to the one panel comic thread were retarded but now I feel even dumber. Fuck. Maybe I really am a sperg.

>>116358111>I thought 'your insults are so old' was in reference to the fact that the two are completely out of touch with one another...It was, hence the churro reference. Park and Eve know each other from a distant past. Any hope for a future together was slim at best.

>>116337289He went and stuck his dick in his crazy-ex, never stick your dick in crazy.

>>116347246Oh, that's easy. Gran wanted to gain progressive brownie points and pull this shit out of her ass.

>>116353558t. gran

>>116339884She realizes how little he cares about her. If you read the flow of conversation, she was at the absolute bottom of his priorities of who to visit while he's in town. He dedicated time to visiting work acquaintances before he talked to her.

>>116361568They weren't even friends after they broke up. Seeing her is an odd anomaly he had to positively choose whereas seeing those other people was obvious. He could have just left town without seeing her at all.Again it comes around to her seeming salty she isn't the center of attention.

A 30 year old woman sulking because it turns out her ex-boyfriend didn't fly across half the country just to see her instead of taking the situation as it is.