Rise of the TMNT

New episodes on right now. Are they really introducing Chris Bradord?

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>>116336675Wasn’t this show moved out to pasture on NickToons?

>>116336697its on NickToons yesApril and Splinter episode


>Bringing back Chris Bradford and making him Lou Jitsu's nemesisRise continues to mog 2012

lots of gay fanservice in episode 2>Donnie calling Mikey "Angelo" for short

this is probably one of the best episodes of the series

>>116336675They doing two or four tonight?

>>116337097four. episode 3 just started.

shit is getting serious battle nexus time

>win or DIE

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>>116336931he should have called him Arcangelo

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>>116337277God I miss Neo-Yokio so much

>>116337330same it was a beautiful disaster that ages like the finest wine, maybe an 1892 Chateau d'Yquem


Did Big Mama just fucking die?Maybe Foot Recruit isn't Casey after all. Jesus Christ.

>Best girl is now the main villainJesus christ that's fucking awesome.

>>116337574there's no way she isn't casey or at least related to this version of casey. Otherwise, they wouldn't have called her CJ nor give her hockey sticks on her apartment.

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>>116337613I have so many conflicted feelings. Being evil is part of what makes her hot but I was also really happy seeing her start to be redeemed. >>116337662A Casey Jones that works for Shredder though? I'm not sure if that makes sense.

any links?Missed the first 2

The episodes were great, but I felt it lacked weight for the most part. Like they were good and fun but despite the 10/10 presentation, the writing felt a bit weak.And then those last 10 minutes were the best shit that has ever come out of the entire series and blew all of my complaints away

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>>116337747>And then those last 10 minutes were the best shit that has ever come out of the entire series and blew all of my complaints awayyeah. I can't imagine what comes next. but since they escaped we might just go back to regular episodes after this.=

>>116337784>we might just go back to regular episodes after this.=I mean maybe, but there better be a good damn explanation on why shredder isn't destroying literally everything the next episode.

>>116337734this one is repeating themtwitch.tv/ladyspade101

>>116337694For all we know it might be like the bebop and rocksteady thing where there repetitively teasing it but might not have the episode order or something.

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>>116337818I really want to learn more about this version of Shredder. Who seems to some kind of mythical vengeful spirit instead of Oroku Saki.

>who even likes foot recruit?!fuck you ass I love her

can I get a link?

>>116338191>>116337842no link yet unfortunately

>>116338191Episodes will be added sometime later on here:turtlesntrenchcoats.tumblr.com/It's too early as of this post.

>>116337898>For all we know it might be like the bebop and rocksteady thing where there repetitively teasing it but might not have the episode order or something.

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>>116337694>>116337662Come on, she even uses April's bat in the episode

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>>116338496wait is this the girl scout one?

>>116338540it's from the latest episode

>>116338237>turtlesntrenchcoats.tumblr.comThere here

I’m pretty sure the twist with the Foot Recruit girl will just be it’s Casey Jones twin sister Cassie Jones or something like that.

>>116338496I have no problem with her being Casey the ending of tonight's episode just really threw me off. Are really gonna have to wait like a month or two just to see what happens next? Fuck Nickelodeon man

looking fine

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>>116338249It's not a happy prediction but still they might just go with keeping it at a tease.

>>116338649i bet her ass is so soft

>There's still good in you.I love big ol jorogumo titties as much as the next guy but let's not be silly.

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>>116338885you know it's him holding on to his old crush and trying to justify it

>>116338885>>116338898maybe getting mindbroken by Shredder and CJ will reform her its really a crime against humanity this show isnt more popular there should be WAY more porn

>Rise is better than 2012 in every conceivable way>dumped on Nicktoons to inevitably dieFuck this gay ass earth

>>116338981It's Nick if it isn't Spongebob they don't care.

>>116338981A real shame. But then again, the tmnt 2012 wasn't really treated well either. I had no idea it was still going after season 3, anyone who wasnt a tmnt fan stopped paying attention to it completely.

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>>116338981>theres still 15 episodes leftJesus, it feels like a lot has happened in just 11 episodes.It is about time the foot clan resurfaced. I kinda hope they go for a full hero-villain team up to defeat the shredder.

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Really hoping she (he?) shows up soon to avenge big momma. Their design is way too good to be just a crook

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>>116339650she was so great this episode

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>>116339727Is happy Harry working on this?

for a moment we got a new catgirl april.

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>>116337747that whole episode got me grinning >that air punch through the ceiling damn i hate waiting for more episodes

>>116336675Thanks god KARAI not Casey.

>>116336697>Wasn’t this show moved out to pasture on NickToons?Yuuuuuuuuuuup. It's dead Jim.

>>116338811Gonna get me some NSFW artists in on this.

Someone have Mega for season 2 ?

>>116337662>CJ grabs April's bat

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>>116338649>>116338811I was just looking for the TMNT thread to post that exact same shot. Have some April Thighs instead.

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>>116340126>Second part of first linkIs this what male gaze feels like

Making Chris Bradford into a Jean Claud Van Damme parody instead of a Chuck Norris was a neat move.

>>116338649Finally understand what it means to coom goddammit, I'm feeling so many new things right now.

>>116338958>its really a crime against humanity this show isnt more popular there should be WAY more pornYeah, why isn't this show more popular with smut artists?Just kidding. We all know why.

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>>116338981also>Rise is better than 2012 in every conceivable way>Almost no one on Holla Forums watches it and every thread we do have is taken over by racist "not muh" shitposters

>>116339039TMNT 2012 still got attention after it shit the bed though

>>116339650>>116339727I really wish there was more art of her Lewd or otherwise

>>116340190shes probably not karai >>116340242please do I just know that foot recruit has a soft squishy ass

>>116340593Never knew buzzcuts could be so sexy.

Was it rape?

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>>116340618I'm glad the Rise crew know when too much change is too much, happy she's going the Karai route

>>116339039>>116340569Yeah, I don't know where this selective memory is coming from, because anons seem to forget how hard teenybopper weebs fell for that kawai anime shit thet were pushing with that version. But even outside of that, people still dick-ride the 2012 version to this day. Like you could argue it's just for their April alone, but the point still stands.

>>116340250No I still don't think there is one looking through the archive I can only see links for S1>>116340490thank you. do you happen to have screenshots of the fat mayor from the witchtown episode?

>>116336675>that image>splinter not featured>that aprilWell, now I get why she's like that.

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>>116340569did it? I mean I know it has its fans but it wasn't as talked about as other cartoons that aired during that time did. >>116340674I know the people who like it REALLY like it, but I have never seen it be that big compared to other shows. I am of course talking about personal experience, everyone follows different accounts and visits different websites, but Ive never seen the tmnt 2012 show be a boom, just like how most people skip on rise

>>116340528>>116340626>>116340653Did you really jerk off to that screenshot?>Never knew buzzcuts could be so sexy.You can't be serious.>I'm glad the Rise crew know when too much change is too much, happy she's going the Karai routeShe's still "CJ" and a hockey fan. Anything could happen.

>>116340694>thank you. do you happen to have screenshots of the fat mayor from the witchtown episode?There was a couple more on the thread where we were posting about it.desuarchive.org/co/thread/115779111/>>116340716I need an April version of that image.

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>>116340777Just on principle, why would you interact with an attention-whore? Even one of that caliber?Come on, Jesus. You know better than that.

>>116340550Sparrow did a futa drawing like few months ago of all the Aprils and conveniently left out Rise April. I'm not even into futa but that shit really pissed me off. Rise April is a great character and doesn't get any attention because she's not racially ambiguous pedo coomerbait. It's absolutely insane to me that there's Owl House threads on here every fucking day, that show is almost unwatchable.

>>116340633Rise of the TMNT also mogs Steven UniverseThe turtles have two dads and an evil mom

>>116340490>filenameMy favorite type of thighs!Post more April.

>>116340716I really appreciate Splinter and April's relationship in Rise. >>116340775>did it? I mean I know it has its fans but it wasn't as talked about as other cartoons that aired during that time did.I mean. It was no SU. Or Star vs. But yes 2012 is still fairly popular and gets talked about and new fanart.

>>116340777I'm sorry man, but Rise isn't for your lgbtq agenda.

>>116340823I don't know man I was just responding to posts

>>116336675Please tell me someone took a screenshot of that very last image from the last episode. You know the one.

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>>116340965See that post above yours? What did I say? Just delusional attention-whore, and not even an entertaining one.


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Still happy Recruit's going the Karai route, ain't nothing you guys can do about it.

>>116340991yeah youre right sorry I'm gonna stop

>>116340783>don't say it>don't say it>don't say it>don't say itarmpit fuckgoddammit!

>>116341020im fine with either route honestly

>>116341004Man, I also tried to get it, but I couldn't even get that potato-quality image like yours.>>116341215>replying to itlol

>>116341215I know a lot of original tmnt fans who have a real boner for Karai to put it simply lmao, can't wait to tell them the good news, and this should bring in a lot of new fans too.

>>116340969>>116341225here you go bros

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>>116340126>dailymotion.com/video/x7v2nuqFuck. That Battle Nexus was kinda neat!

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Anyone wanna webm that final fight

>>116341522Are you asking for it? If not, just post it, bro.

>>1163369092012 mogged literally everything else.

>>116341780is this ironic, bro?

So many cool shots this episode

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>>116340783Wish the user that drew for that thread was also drawing for this one.

>>116338885>big ol jorogumo tittiesQuestion. Those like quadruple in size, sure, but are they soft like a big tarantula's bottom, or are they hard like beetle carapace?

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I swear every time I start watching this show again I fall in love all over again.>Sharp style>great animation that makes use of anime techniques>funny as hellWhy the hell did Nick leave it to die by putting on Nicktoons? I mean if this was 2010 and people were still watching it due to it having Avatar, DBZ Kai, and Zim mabye. But who watches Nicktoons now?

The part where this basically happened?*Italian chef finger kiss*Not to mention that little Satsuki Kiryuin heel clack Big Mama did, that whole last like 10 minutes was just fantastic

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>>116338983Is this mega up to date?

>>116336675I-is April getting fucked onscreen?

>>116340862>Rise April is a great character and doesn't get any attention because she's not racially ambiguous pedo coomerbait.No, it's because her design is just ugly. Ugly Mickey Mouse hair, ugly granny glasses, generic outfit. She's just a boring to look at which doesn't compliment her personality at all.

>>116341215What if the recruit become Casey, and Karai'll be a chill dude?

>>116336675100% zoomers shit

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I still need that webm, lads

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>>116340126These episodes were fucking great. Thanks for uploading them.

>>116342603Decadently soft and velvety I'd wager.

>>116341215Maybe she ends up being both

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>>116342326>>116342326These four we’re definitely some of the best episodes of the series. The chase sequence in the Hypno episode was beautiful.

>>116342860I think Nick had a CEO change and it was after the guy who ordered Rise left is when it got sent to Nicktoons. Honestly seeing as how Nick in general has been more focused on live action and immature baby shows like TLH, I really wouldn’t mind Rise being Nicktoons if it was a more widely available channel and didn’t come on 8 PM on a Friday. The team behind Rise is so good but TMNT is just not a franchise that Viacom/CBS knows how to handle. The franchise honestly might be better off in Warner’s hands.

>>116343493Shes getting fucked offscreen too.

>>116343565I like her design and it reflects her being a nerd but you do actually raise a fair point. Rise April’s design communicates that she’s a geek but it doesn’t communicate how zany and goofy she is. They could’ve made her look more “weird” and to show that she’s a social outcast. Like dyed hair and alternative fashion. Maybe braces instead of glasses? Although I think the glasses could maybe still work. I’m not sure but yeah it would’ve been better if Rise April looked like a bit more of an oddball. She fangirls over news reporters and her only friends are mutants and a yokai.

What's his role?

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>>116348101He’s a spy

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>>116348101Forced mascot like ice cream kitty. Thankfully he shows up very little.

>>116349505I really don’t think he can even be compared to Ice Cream Kitty

>>116345431i want to snu snu their snagglepusses

>>116338885she would have betrayed them eventually so im glad we didn't go that route

>>116338885>>116342603Why is she so perfect, lads?

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>>116349505>Forced>Thankfully he shows up very little.Honestly, this just feels like a miscalculation on someone's part. Either some executive forcing that shit and the crew going "nah" the exec going "ok", or the crew figuring that the HAVE to have a little animal-thing but then finding out they, in fact, can manage without one.I love his design, though. Whether I will hate his role is still up to debate if he pops up later on because I am lukewarm on his existence in the show so far.

>>116347952>I think Nick had a CEOIsn't this an old tale for shows in general, but specially for Nickelodeon? I swear I've heard this old "the network liked our show, but then they had a change in management" with regards to Nick shows.

>>116349965why arent there more lewds of her

>>116350148Not enough cool people watch this show or are willing to commission for lewds

>>116350148Show isn’t popular sadly

>>116340490>>116340910black teen thighs!black teen thighs!oh how i love some black teen thighs!

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>>116346777the dangers of having a gf made entirely of mutagen

>>116349477Love this frame.

>>116336931Nexus was hype. Too hype, some may say, but I'm also surprised that this thread is not posting those outfit changes from the episode.

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>>116350666>666Yeah, you would tempt me like this, Satan.

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>>116351133I'm surprised that they gave us a Delicious Brown shota that was also jacked, and not a peep from Holla Forums about it.How "legal" is it if April fucks him?

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>>116350148I just did a quick sharpie sketch if guys wanna see it. Handle's Burt Frogmuffin.

>>116336931What's gay about wanting to defend your bro's honor, bro?

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>>116351379>Jorogumo? I barely know her.Not after this crime you've committed.But, it's not bad. It looks more alien than spider-monster, but whatever.

>>116350603>>116350588guess that means we have to make them ourselves

>>116349965lena headey had some good grunts in this episode

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>>116351714Speaking of voice acting, is Draxum still voiced by John Cena?

>>116351801no, he has been replaced. Either the budget was cut, the actor only signed up for one season or they replaced him to save money for the rest of the show

>>116351831Fuck. And here I was about to praise wrestler-man for his range and delivery.

>>116351839When was the last time Cena cut an actually good promo, though? If ever.

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>>116352416Goofy shot but she looked good in that.Now I want porn of April wearing that with CJ in her usual ninja garb.

>>116352561Pic related is unironically my favorite outfit on April so far. A color scheme with some red looks good on her.

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jesus, the entirety of the dressup montage.they went there a couple of times like in the wrestling ep but here they just went all out with several minutes of pandering to their female/gay audiencealso the animators got some damn good fashion sense, i didn't think it was possible to make the turtles look good in human clothing, it always looked silly in other incarnations/comics

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>>116351133Cute boys, no wonder the show cartoonists couldn't contain themselves from drawing all that incest porn.

>>116351133I wonder if that episode was directly responsible for all that horny art the staffers did

>>116341916all the fans of nick adaptations have a major inferiority complex

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>>116351801>>116351831>>116351839>>116351904Roger Craig Smith replaced him in Season 2, he was apparently Cena's understudy during Season 1.

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>That must be the feller who masturbates all the time

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does anyone have the webm of the turtles in the funhouse mirror scene

GOD I'm happy Karai and Leo aren't related this time around

i really wanted her figure.

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not to mention that yokai city add on.

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>>116355741lol her spider-tits are so blatantly enormous on her toy tooi love that

>>116355448He was more disturbing pre-mutation with his never-ending smile and him hitting the ground in frustration whenever April scored a point.

This show seriously ended on a cliffhanger didn't it

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>>116356721It’s not over yet. Wait, was that the season finale?

>>116355810Ooof it's like the Pizzabox play sets from 2k12 that never made it.

>>116357213you sure?

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>>116357161A halfway point

>>116357275lol Is that really part of the toy line the released for the 2012 show?


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>>116357746So how come 2012 fanboys defend anything and everything from that show? looks like dog-shit

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I don't know I think I'd bully them too.

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Attached: Fist of Furry3.webm (920x518, 938.89K)

>>116336931>lots of gay fanservice in episode 2>>Donnie calling Mikey "Angelo" for shortDid it make him rock hard?


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>it's another April fights below her age bracket episodeFirst the girl scouts now this.

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Attached: Fist of Furry6.webm (920x518, 966.59K)

Attached: Fist of Furry7.webm (920x518, 2.08M)

>>116358864That cheap fucker. Shamefur dispray.

dammit, the animation is so solid it almost makes up for april being a non redhead white

I guess it doesn't count as doping if it's mystical in nature.

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Attached: Fist of Furry9.webm (720x406, 1.62M)

Frank lost all his gains in the end, let this be a less about doping.

Attached: Fist of Furry10.webm (720x406, 1.29M)

>>116359002It doesn't happen naturally in his body. It's still doping, Lance Armstrong.

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Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle2.webm (720x406, 1.36M)


Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle3.webm (720x406, 1.22M)

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle4.webm (720x406, 726.6K)

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle5.webm (720x406, 768.47K)

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle6.webm (720x406, 991.29K)

Animatics and deleted scenestwitter.com/kevikimo/status/1284659547798290432

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle7.webm (720x406, 1.16M)

No montage for Donnie.

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle8.webm (720x406, 154.04K)

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle9.webm (720x406, 262.09K)

Spot the jojo reference.

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle10.webm (720x406, 686.83K)

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle11.webm (720x406, 918.66K)

Mirage turtles in the mirrors.

Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle12.webm (720x406, 1.02M)

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Attached: Clothes Dont Make the Turtle14.webm (720x406, 715.71K)

Did that lady's meme loving baby grow up or does she have another kid.

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>>116359652holy shit

Attached: ECF30C55-9D3D-475C-B268-78ECDFB6EAA9.png (1334x750, 2.98M)

CJs cookie squad is still out

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>>116358085Idk I was a 2012 fanboy myself until Rise came along and did everything it did but better. The show also took a huge nosedive in quality after Spinter died and they went into space with David Tennant. I also don’t get why people act like 2012 didn’t have filler as well. At least Rise filler lets us learn more about the world and this version of the characters. 2012 filler was just monster of the week shit where somebody got mutated every episode so they could introduce a new action figure. And so many unresolved plotlines.

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>>116357753>2012 Donnie vs. Rise Donnie Beta incel cuck virgin with oneitis for an annoying bitch vs. Chad mad scientist who’s best friends with his April

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>>116336675I liked how Hypno won chess by never going first, if you accidentally knock over your king does that really mean you forfeit?

>>116352628Oh yeah she looked great there. I also like when she’s wearing her Ninja outfit.

Don't poke her Leo, it's rude.

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>>116350588Maybe if we got some commissions done from big artists the show would be on more people’s radar

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Attached: Battle Nexus New York7.webm (920x518, 1.49M)

Attached: Battle Nexus New York8.webm (920x518, 980.32K)

>For Donnie's honor!

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>>116350067I don’t know if it’s common story but I know that Nick did have a change in leadership. But again, I doubt it’s less that the new CEO had a personal vendetta against Rise and more that Nick in general has been steadily going in a more immature and live-action direction. The Nickelodeon that made Drake & Josh, Ned’s Declassified, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, ATLA, Fairy OddParents, and even iCarly and Korra does not exist anymore. Shit like The Loud House, Henry Danger, and Lil Dylan look and feel like they were made for toddlers.

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>>116360380love how extra the pie scene was

>>116360183Let's get not started on SpongeBob

>>116359652There's a ton more than that

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>>116359652>>116359675this episode's animation was great.

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>>116358943that actually got a cringe out of me

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Oh my.

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Count the times Draxum almost loses his head.

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>>116360949Little better.

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>>116359626Turtles in dem outfits! Must. Not. Sexualize. Them.

>>116361016Nah go ahead. Literally every person who was in that turtle call out post for drawing porn of the brothers worked on this episode, so you know they were doing it

>>116359112HA HA, oh fuck off. Nice.

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>>116359200>>116359236>>116359268Some of those are based on the old 80s Toyline figures

this show gives me nausea. I cant wait for it be cancelled.

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>>116361165Go watch paint dry if you can't handle motion

why did they make Foot Recruit the butt of all the jokes when she's clearly a fan favorite?

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>>116361179Yeah and if I am feeling really bold i'll jut my eyes left to right and get the same effect that the show creates with it's over-inflated action directing.

>>116361311Nice One Punch level shit.

>>116361359My favorite scene from that episode, the streamers just resigned to watching their fate is hilarious.

Have Rocksteady and Bebop appeared yet

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>>116361547In a human form. They teased it the blueballed

>>116361590In one of the new episodes? Which one?

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>>116359167>>116359200>>116359236>>116359268>>116359381>>116359402>>116359418>>116359517>>116359539>>116359581>>116359626WHY'D THEY MAKE THEM SO HOT?!

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And that's the final one.

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>>116361654does anyone have a higher quality version of the last few seconds? probably my favorite shot in the entire series

>>116336675Who is the black girl?

>>116362083April O’Neil

>>116362225Isn't she supposed to be white?

>>116362225Why do you even reply

>>116361275Maybe they didn’t joe at the time?

>>116362329I just assume the best in people >>116362597know*

>>116361547I really wish Out Of The Shadows got more attention

I’m just gonna say, I love what they did with Shredder hereCh’rell is still peak though