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Prev: >>116287741 >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:pastebin.com/kc7zwd8fNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/611748

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Requesting Jessica Jones passed out at a bar.

Attached: Jessica Passed Out.png (1194x701, 1.28M)

Requesting Tina like the right pic, only wearing regular winter clothes.

Attached: t.jpg (1128x998, 320.88K)

Requesting Sedusa in the style of Avenger Gorgon from FGO/FGO Babylonia

Attached: Sedusa Gorgon.jpg (2771x1781, 1.16M)

Requesting this but replaces with Kelsey (as Eric Andre), Handlebarb (as Steve-O), and Jessica (as Hannibal Buress)

Attached: Leaked COTC Kelsey Talk Show episode screenshots.png (1900x1900, 1.9M)

Requesting this but replaces with Melissa (as Spongebob), and Marie (as Shop Worker)

Attached: when Melissa met Marie fot the first time.png (1436x1146, 1.03M)

Requesting a busty Ruby Rose seen from above

Attached: 158753836780.jpg (2484x992, 1.35M)

Requesting Justice League Ace in her own head to toe costume like other versions of the Royal Flush Gang, and styled like a portrait.

Attached: AcePotrait.png (607x950, 901.75K)

Requesting Anne and Luz wearing summer dresses.

Attached: Anne Luz.jpg (980x1080, 144.78K)

Charlie brown doing this poster

Attached: Quatre_coups2.jpg (220x321, 132.64K)

A Star Wars themed Snapping Turtle; somewhat fierce looking. Name, world, and history optional. Artists discretion on how you want do do it.For a story thing, so please include how you want to be credited. I dont know if the turtle itself will be included, but it will be significant enough a beast to have a modification of Soresu named after it.

Attached: heyturtlebitehim.jpg (634x465, 56.67K)

Requesting Anne getting kidnapped by Sasha, Marcy, and Maggie (Wearing ski masks or pantyhose) as a surprise for Anne's birthday or the Season 2 premiere.

Attached: Amphibia Prank.png (999x760, 1.09M)

Requesting Judge Hershey wearing short shorts.

Attached: Hershey 003.jpg (582x800, 145.17K)

Requesting Steven hanging out with Holla Forums traps

Attached: 3279AB29-E0F7-4C06-93E5-66894375B34F.png (860x1437, 102.83K)

Requesting Rule 63 version of Jessica Williams.

Attached: tumblr_p8h92hHke61w8n3j5o3_1280.png (1280x778, 270.96K)

Requesting Jørgen, Fjällmarr, Hár, Sigmund and other unspecified Ancient Giants playing poker

Attached: Giants playing poker.jpg (1065x1723, 2.06M)

requesting a Luz version of the knife cat meme. if you want, make the knife a wand.

Attached: same energy.jpg (1020x696, 236.9K)

Requesting some cheesecake or a pin up of Barbastella.

Attached: BarbastellaJ.jpg (2295x2310, 1.96M)

Requesting Gruagach rallying or scolding the trolls to attack Trolberg or the main protags.

Attached: The Hog and the Trolls.jpg (1067x1722, 1.77M)

Requesting The Librarian and the Raven wearing cute Japanese maid dresses

Attached: Cute shit.jpg (1054x1714, 1.17M)

Requesting the left image with Simone.

Attached: Simone request.png (788x1044, 899.38K)

>>116331596Kai, Adam, and Mira from the hollow doing this shit.

Requesting Azula as a veiled ninja geisha. Colours don't have to be exact.

Attached: Geisha Azula.png (1103x691, 1.01M)

Forgot picture>>116331855

Attached: Wipers_-_Youth_of_America (1).png (300x292, 38.71K)

Requesting Zatanna asking out a blushing John while kissing his hand.

Attached: Zatanna and John.png (700x834, 817.26K)

Requesting Supergirl showing off her body like the reference. With the EL-Symbol on the underwear

Attached: tumblr_c3fa8927d285c7bc560d00673da207cf_070c2e29_2048.png (1920x1080, 2.57M)

Requesting Raven Branwen in the same outfit and pose as Anne Possible here. Color scheme changed to black and red. Black panties.Instead of pom poms, a half empty bottle of red wine in the hand closest to the viewer and her sword on the far side. Really will only see the pommel and blade which is fine.

Attached: Raven cheerleader request.jpg (3969x2424, 3.12M)

Requesting Olive Oyl (from Popeye) wearing these sailor outfit like the lady in the reference.

Attached: E674624A-229F-4081-BEB4-EEB6A6DAE79F.png (2850x2236, 2.4M)

Requesting this comic with Marinette and Adrien.

Attached: Marinette's Revenge.png (663x750, 782.15K)

Requesting Injustice Supergirl playing in the surf on a beach in an American Flag Bikini.

Attached: BAA0BA64-57CD-444F-A8EA-EB856FC11921.jpg (772x690, 142.19K)

Requesting this Scream movie poster, but with Silver Banshee.

Attached: SB Poster.png (986x793, 785.09K)

requesting Luz, Gus, and Willow standing around like the guys in the right pic and saying "Fuck Amity all my homies hate Amity

Attached: 1594270575614.png (1055x550, 1007.37K)

>>116331596Requesting IDW Sonic meeting a stranger (or Ken Penders) showing him the sleeping cadavers of Fleetway Sonic and Archie Sonic, a cover parody of Action Comics volume 1 issue 399

Attached: 1594912594177.jpg (600x900, 172.55K)

Requesting Jesse buffing Lake's ass.

Attached: buffing.png (731x1087, 373.2K)

requesting Ruby and Sapphire sitting on user's lap at the movie theater maybe eating popcorn

Attached: 1594844431061.png (1069x661, 182.26K)

Requesting Lapis Lazuli wearing a tube and swimmies, afraid of swimming for the first time

Attached: Swimming1.png (2000x1785, 2.63M)

Requesting fusion

Attached: demon pawn fusion.png (1024x806, 233.93K)

Requesting Tendi and Mariner sunbathing

Attached: tendi and mariner.png (1500x2160, 1.27M)

Requesting Catwoman as an Italian chef.

Attached: Chef Selina.png (1386x667, 1.81M)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: Mignon-mi2x.jpg (900x1600, 127.36K)

Requesting Ten bear hugging Booster Gold. Maybe with a flirtatious or teasing interaction.Below comic is the reasoning for this odd pairing.

Attached: Bear Hug.png (699x873, 1.05M)

Requesting Yvonne cosplaying as Lenora

Attached: obscure swedish milf look-alike.jpg (501x2379, 320.02K)

>>116331596 Requesting Marco Diaz as William Foster from Falling Down

Attached: 5A690B7D-894A-4D5E-A13A-75F96A107460.jpg (1540x1482, 592.18K)

Requesting the cat eating a rat.

Attached: star-trek-lower-decks-officers.jpg (760x428, 48.1K)

Requesting older Mabel and co. wearing versions of their "fancy" clothes.

Attached: GravityFallsOlderTrio.png (1702x1702, 2.63M)

Requesting Beavis and Butthead with Fluffer Nutter from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends sitting between them. They are air riffing and head banging to the song Iron Man by Black Sabbath while sitting on the couch.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-AFffTDUfyGi6.jpg (1050x450, 120.08K)

>>116331596Requesting Abby Hatcher drawn like a Pokemon trainer.

Attached: AbbyPKMN.png (1600x800, 1.27M)

Requesting Evil Morty killing Beth

Attached: President Evil Morty.png (1357x2048, 3.04M)

Requesting a human Slappy as a bank robbing gun moll.

Attached: Gun Moll Slappy.png (785x902, 659.41K)

Requesting Jennika fucking off to Dimension X

Attached: poochie ending jennika.jpg (1508x1492, 916.14K)

Requesting Rogue redesigned with a full body costume and eyeless mask (Still tight enough to show features) with her usual black and green colours.

Attached: Rogue Redesign.png (663x873, 784.18K)

Requesting Shredder as Principal Lewisyoutube.com/watch?v=gF48L7cMdRw

Attached: style guide shredder core 11.png (792x1224, 920.17K)

Requesting your waifu as a vulcan

Attached: vulcan girl.jpg (1064x770, 71.97K)

Requesting the Totally Spies girls (Clover, Sam, Alex) as sexy cavegirls in animal skins and loincloth in the style of Tartakovskys PRIMAL. They should be a little scarred and rough around the edges (unkempt hair etc.) from living in the prehistoric era.This is basically if the time travel episode of the show went to the prehistoric age rather than the middle ages.Also anchoring to hope that the guys who did wips for these finish.files.catbox.moe/u3x90t.jpghttps://files.catbox.moe/mgu2gj.jpeg

Attached: totally spies clover sam alex for primal request 3.jpg (2500x1188, 822.46K)

Requesting Raven winning Miss DC Universe

Attached: Cute_Raven_(Hood_Off).jpg (546x647, 70.86K)

Requesting human Slappy in the middle of taking off her top

Attached: tiddie drop.jpg (4500x1800, 800.66K)

Requesting this with a bitch character of your choice.

Attached: nina is a bitch.jpg (320x240, 12.56K)

Requesting Steven hooking up with random aliens

Attached: steven alien girls vers 2.png (733x704, 317.65K)

Requesting Karai chewing the "turns you into a kid" gum

Attached: karai berecca.png (548x342, 214.36K)

>>116331596Requesting something cute with this drawfag's depiction of Antarctica's Hell queen.

Attached: Antarctica Hell Queen.png (1788x1852, 615.65K)

Requesting Steven drinking harder stuff.

Attached: Drunk steven color.png (1199x1085, 372.3K)

Requesting Mandy and Marie sleeping in the same bed.

Attached: mandy and marie double d.png (1280x922, 474.71K)

Requesting Luz enthusiastically declaring her love of magic to the public, only for Star to toss a cement milkshake at her and call her a whore

Attached: tankiestar.jpg (6608x4264, 1.43M)

Requesting the above image but with Nightwing and Tarantula

Attached: Love Nectar.jpg (912x1333, 247.84K)

Requesting Enid fighting a Bear and a Bird.

Attached: enids hair covers boobs.png (706x446, 135.24K)


Requesting an original Iron Man suit loosely based on the Mark 42 suit, but painted blue and silver. Also, I would like it if the harness like things as seen on the picture on the left was not included on this suit.youtube.com/watch?v=t7URBWgAfy0

Attached: Blue Iron Man OC Refference.png (2306x1322, 2.34M)

Requesting Comby trying to be something other than a comb

Attached: comby.png (1280x1280, 282.88K)

requesting a clothes swap or just Jasper dressed as Bisky

Attached: beefy.png (801x676, 616.03K)

Requesting This Mabel drinking

Attached: invader falls.png (1200x574, 896.48K)

Requesting these two fighting

Attached: mihn and priyanka.jpg (534x320, 102.22K)

Requesting this with Nica and Five

Attached: Nica yandere gf.png (1192x944, 645.1K)

requesting genderbent Scotsman with a male version of his wife

Attached: scot genderbend.png (1100x654, 1.13M)

Requesting Courtney Babcock in a tight short skirt that rides up her butt as she walks like the Xochi pic

Attached: Skirt.jpg (1760x1146, 239.86K)

Requesting Sol Titanion styled Vexus (complete with flaming wings)

Attached: Vextanion.jpg (1295x495, 225.98K)

Requesting Blue Pearl bonding with Lonely Pearl as they make flower crowns together happily.

Attached: Lonely Blue.png (5018x5088, 1.67M)

thes-hitoverlord if you’re reading this, know that you’re a humongous faggot

Requesting Timantha wearing a U-ring

Attached: milf timantha color.png (1000x1485, 413.95K)

>>116332543Who that?

Requesting other TMNT characters like this

Attached: barbarian tmnt.jpg (760x942, 154.96K)

requesting a character of an older series with this guy and a contract with him saying "so you want a reboot eh? I think that can be arranged, for a price and a few changes."

Attached: the devil.jpg (800x600, 57.35K)

>>116331596Requesting Sailor Moon grabbing Daffy Duck as a new Warner Bros Logo Variant and have her say "Duck Season!"

Attached: RabbitSeason.jpg (3264x1632, 1.13M)


Requesting dragon fusion

Attached: Dragon gang.jpg (2300x1810, 294.94K)

>>116331596Requesting just crossover art with these two. To clear up confusion from the last thread: Just try to do anything you want, the boundaries are limitless

Attached: CEBC30B4-95D2-433B-95AA-05E47A7A1A78.jpg (1215x1536, 1.03M)

Requesting Velma partially transformed into a more feminine She-Thing after a botched science experiment, the transformed state similar looking to the image on the left

Attached: Velma Voluptuous She-Thing.jpg (3112x2190, 1.05M)

Requesting Brooklyn recreating the Painkiller album cover with his bike.

Attached: 1594819331399.png (999x438, 531.97K)

Requesting Eda, Madam Mim and human Slappy nude hot tubing together with the bubbles obscuring their tits.

Attached: cougar hot tub.jpg (5586x1412, 924.06K)

>>116332556The nigger from tumblr that repost art from this threads without crediting artists

requesting White Diamond dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow man

Attached: please be my destroyer.png (849x670, 316.52K)

>>116332836You kinda can’t since this is an anonymous board

Requesting fusion

Attached: vamp.jpg (2496x2432, 406.43K)

>>116332939You can ask for permission before posting them. I'm not even an artist and I'm still angry at this shit

Requesting Catra and Adora as a couple of flirty office ladies.

Attached: 1591264306761.png (1208x1038, 1.18M)

>>116332836You should be happy the art is getting around. These drawings are about seeing ideas come to life. Drawfriends are also frequently posting their blogs + twitter

Requesting Knives Chau in Genocide Jill Outfit + Cute Pose

Attached: Love at first sight.png (1608x892, 1022.09K)

Requesting Rayla and Callum having a sappy cute breakfast in bed.

Attached: Breakfastinbed.png (1827x1448, 2.36M)

Requesting Superboy Prime reading Gwenpool comic and asking her where is the gore.

Attached: 2.png (852x886, 1007K)

>>116333058or simply reading her comic without any written comment

Requesting Pidge and Allura having a beachside hug.

Attached: V2.png (1345x1068, 996.96K)


Attached: request.png (800x1200, 242.5K)

Requesting TMNT's Jennika as a Dethklok groupie.

Attached: Groupieturtle.png (1133x1331, 1.13M)

Requesting something cute with Carey and Killian from the The Adventure Zone comic. In bikinis hitting the beach, maybe?

Attached: CareyAndKillian.png (1978x1480, 3.55M)

>>116331596Requesting the Ed Asner "Knife attack" scene but with either Carl Fredrickson or Hudson.youtube.com/watch?v=z5DqB0cv8uw

Attached: carl_knife.png (1353x900, 981.52K)

>>116331596do you have that Johnny Gigachad alone?

>>116333214>pCheck the booru, its linked in the OP.

>>116333214>>116333277Or last thread

Requesting Ava Ire out stargazing or wandering a meadow of flowers

Attached: tumblr_ot3l7rmQGS1rtsbszo9_400.png (338x381, 139.39K)

Requesting a remake of the Chad vs Virgin image with Golden Age Red Tornado as the Chad and Golden Age Wonder Woman as the Virgin

Attached: 1BAE73D4-C8B7-4CD1-BB83-A2E9F38A0252.jpg (2518x2598, 1.44M)

Requesting leotard redesign of Honey Lemon's suit

Attached: honey redesign.jpg (1850x1831, 715.04K)

Requesting Jetix-tan doing Pajama challenge like on the bottom reference

Attached: sketch-1593171144631.png (1080x1440, 1.16M)

Requesting Korra as Cassie Cage.

Attached: KorraCage.jpg (3264x1632, 801.77K)

>>116332407You know what they say,if one empire fail,move to another

Attached: Warhammer.jpg (764x800, 317.94K)

Requesting Lady Frenzy from Bots Master lounging on the beach in a skimpy bikini, sunhat, and sarong.

Attached: 1591887215887.jpg (1260x1827, 1.91M)

Requesting Batman beating the living shit out of the Hamburglar while Batgirl and Robin watch while eating hamburgers

Attached: 000212.jpg (1920x1080, 258.97K)


>>116331596Rei-questing, the same exact scene but with multiple Hilda's pouncing on Trevor.

Attached: 1594868384798.png (1912x1078, 2.87M)

Requesting Miss Quantum cosplaying as Nina Williams from Tekken

Attached: B4B8B80A-1EFB-4780-87F7-96E1C5311E49.jpg (1200x900, 150.05K)

Requesting Mika cosplaying as D.va.

Attached: M.ko.jpg (1623x808, 259.84K)

Requesting the top image but with Sorceress from Wreck It Ralph

Attached: A580DFA9-7F4C-467F-8CDA-4F480296DBA5.jpg (953x1529, 262.26K)

Requesting Timantha, with her shoulder angel and devil having an argument.

Attached: TimanthaAngelDevil.png (1088x1530, 1.72M)

>>116304433Delivery of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids as the Worst Generation from One Piece

Attached: cosby kids worst generation.png (2992x4000, 1.75M)

>>116335408We're gonna sing a song for yooooou!and bills gonna give you a pill or twoooooooo!

Requesting a busty demon version of the Raven/Sucy fusion (girl in middle-right) summoning an eldritch horror made of mushrooms

Attached: Suven the legendary demon.jpg (3057x1190, 308.39K)

Asking for Lapis & Freckles to be clinging to the arms of user walking passed a confused and disgusted Curls. No lewd required, wholesome is all I need.

Attached: The Three Blues.jpg (640x360, 22.63K)

Requesting Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe) parodying Aqua face like on them reference

Attached: sketch-1595012716339.png (1080x1440, 707.6K)

Requesting a drawing of the bat from Hotel Transylvania and the vulture from Horton together

Attached: corequest.jpg (1249x443, 64.87K)

requesting Cassandra in a "sun's out guns out" tank top

Attached: suns out.png (965x1305, 482.52K)

Requesting older Meteora and Mariposa out clubbing in matching outfits. This outfit, to be precise.

Attached: Clubbing.png (1892x1729, 3.6M)

>>116333102Ahh that's cute. Thanks!

Requesting Eurotrish from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends as the Queen of England, sitting at her throne wearing a robe and crown.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-RFLVi6YoGk.jpg (2533x3034, 1.15M)

Requesting your waifu dressed like Goro Majima from Yakuza

Attached: D305CFE5-935D-4936-A76F-B7BB1B11E4C5.jpg (419x731, 36.14K)

>>116335408OR that is really impressive you my good sir have class

>>116331596Requesting flirty Cree hitting on the viewer.

Attached: Cree_Lincoln.jpg (470x416, 84.29K)

Requesting Lapis smoking a shisha casually

Attached: shisha.jpg (952x1024, 794.28K)

Requesting four versions of April O'Neil in pic related

Attached: aprils.jpg (1715x897, 782.3K)

>>116333029>drawfriends are also frequently posting their blog + twitter yeah and the bastard doesn't make an effort to credit them he just link to the thread instead of crediting them properly he could at least make the effort to see those who have blogs/social media but he doesn't

>>116336456Realistically normies seethe at 4chan and would rather get stabbed then say 4chan does something good.I do agree though that if they're linking claimed and credited work from drawfriends they are a cunt for not crediting their channels.

>>116336559Remember when 4chan saved an abused Cat and sent happy birthday gifts to an old man who had no one?

Requesting more original and human Slappy breast envy

Attached: breast envy2.jpg (1524x800, 300K)

Requesting Jon Arbuckle being squeezed between Suki the Sumo Belly Dancer's ass cheeks like in the gif on the right.

Attached: Suki and Jon.gif (964x377, 1.4M)

Requesting Eda wearing some keyhole lingerie, but have the hole shaped like an owl instead of the cat

Attached: key hole owl lady.jpg (1988x1079, 304.28K)

Requesting a remake of the Buck Rogers poster with Eric Cartman and the other 3 in the reference images

Attached: 1170EC00-DF2A-460C-AD34-0653FA1352A6.jpg (3893x1954, 1.42M)

requesting enid and wilhelmina wearing matching dresses like pic on the right with enid looking slightly embarrassed.

Attached: mommadaughterdress.png (1920x1080, 1.16M)

Requesting eda petting owlbert saying "Aw look at how calm he is" with owlbert turning towards the viewer with enlarged pupils.

Attached: Calm Owlbert.jpg (2600x1086, 336.24K)

Requesting Raven and Ace sleeping.

Attached: raven and ace.jpg (3588x1884, 1.12M)

>>116332121>>116332217>>116332250>>116336081Requesting Jessica Cruz for these requests

Attached: 1590093082763.jpg (1400x1949, 872.11K)

>>116330550 OR that's great I love some MILFy goodness sorry for not responding sooner >>116326185 this also looks great I don't know if this is on purpose but it looks like Musashi is using his wakazashi instead of his katana or if that's just perspective making the sword look smaller but either way it looks pretty fucking good

>>116331596Requesting Wonder Woman as Narancia.

Attached: NaranciaDiana.jpg (3264x3030, 1.22M)

>>116338034I get it they both have invisible planes

>>116337715Requesting Jessica as the baby.

Attached: cry harder baby.jpg (749x559, 50.9K)

Requesting Cassandra Cain in business suit bending over to pickup a pen and unintentional give the viewer an upskirt shot

Attached: business suit cass.jpg (1210x700, 630.7K)

requesting a co/ character of the drawfriends choice drawn in the style of Genndy Tartakovsky's PRIMAL.

Attached: primal spear and fang.jpg (1920x1080, 163.57K)


Attached: batman vs hamburglar.png (4000x4000, 560.98K)

>>116331596Requesting Harvey Birdman questioning Sailor Moon on her Sexual Misconduct to Moon Knight. Extra points if she sweats nervously.

Attached: HahaLawsuit.jpg (3264x3264, 2.22M)


>>116338396i love you user

Hello! Sorry I haven't been around the drawthreads in a while, did Terrible ever deliver on that wager undertaking an entire thread's delivery list?

>>116338502Aw, Shucks

>>116338546no homo

>>116332068Bottom middle

Attached: FusionSmall.jpg (1957x3764, 853.67K)


>>116335408Not my request, but Hey Hey Hey! This is okay!

Requesting George and Arthur Lambchop from Flat Stanley on the beach making a sand castle together as father and son.

Attached: George and Arthur - Copy.png (951x448, 459.59K)

>116287769Late delivery for a request that already got three deliveries.

Attached: buttering up universe.png (4000x3000, 1.59M)

>>116331596Requesting Rapunzel, Eris and Leni dressed in tuxedos similar to the one the girl is wearing.

Attached: 1594831811979.jpg (1434x1034, 261.26K)

Requesting Wart and Hazel fighting the Grail Beast from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Attached: Whgb.png (1896x1320, 1.73M)

>>116338794Woah, you did great!

>>116338730Thanks bud

requesting tmnts irma getting possessed by ghostbusters zuul.

Attached: irma zuul.jpg (1024x768, 116.43K)

>>116338900Thanks guy.

Requesting Raven Hex with the Spirit of Fire looming behind her

Attached: Raven Hex is just Hao from Shaman King.jpg (4176x1526, 1.07M)

>>116339286A corpse would be a terrible surfboard

>>116339286Seconding this.

>>116339298It doesn't matter. Uncle Ruckus can make it work!

>>116331596Can someone draw Ed from FMA pinning down Eda from the Owl House like here?youtu.be/fYmbYudmw5g

Attached: oh, Ed.png (2502x1200, 1.41M)

Requesting Wilhamena bouncing her boobs in a bikini like this.

Attached: Bouncy Wilhamena.gif (512x384, 1.26M)


Requesting insectoid (?) fusion

Attached: Bug-like aliens.jpg (2048x1612, 285.51K)

Requesting Lauri-ell showing the viewer her feet and verbally shaming them for liking feet.

Attached: EdJwvBEXkAM6g-I.jpg (828x1399, 249.02K)

>>116326185OR here, thanks for that friend


Attached: 821478921478021478214.jpg (1067x1507, 423.57K)

>>116340405Cute artwork user.

>>116331596Can somebody with photoshop knowledge do this properly for me? Images I used: imgur.com/D1O2JT1Chapter I cropped that panel from: tapas.io/episode/1787846

Attached: Dateable 1.png (659x1506, 1.84M)

>>116338059yeah that and I just wanna have Wondy cosplaying as the best boy.

>>116341581understandable I hope you gate I mean get your request

>>116335594sorry for how shoddy this looks, i was trying to draw it as fast as i could just for funsies

Attached: la pies.png (1400x1380, 487.38K)

>>116341630All good man.

Requesting DCAU Bruce Wayne introducing himself to Dorothy Wayneright. (With Dorothy either calling Bruce a louse with his reaction up to the artist, or Dorothy commenting that he reminds her of a certain louse she knows.) Thanks for your time.

Attached: BFAC9D2D-B567-487E-8A3D-14CFB655C7EE.jpg (5375x2048, 1.22M)

requesting the Scotsman and Biscuit Oliva meeting and talking about their waifus

Attached: fat chicks am I right.png (919x663, 796.77K)

>>116340405Now I need more of her in that outfit

Requesting Katella the Huntress in some nice shiny black thigh high boots.

Attached: AABB3CA3-9242-4943-BA7C-AA2BE0B98986.jpg (4000x6000, 999.04K)

Requesting Red She-Hulk Holli Would similar to the Jessica Rabbit She-Hulks on the right

Attached: Red Holli.jpg (2362x700, 397.72K)

>>116331596Requesting Megatron as the Joker's gun.

Attached: eC1UM9R.jpg (5000x5000, 1.55M)

>>116338337>>116337715Requeeting her for this too

>>116341687good jerb, user

>>116339481colorless version

Attached: gif.gif (688x711, 938.4K)

>>116333214Here. If y`all need anything else coloured, give a shout.

Attached: Johnnygiga.png (675x916, 240.55K)

>>116331596Requesting Mrs. Leading from Flapjack having a Keijo battle with The Tavernkeeper from Over The Garden Wall

Attached: 1594883291495.jpg (2497x1367, 1.61M)

Requesting Fox Kids-tan wearing black lingerie

Attached: sketch-1593277083332.png (1080x1080, 929.45K)

>>116344169can you do this one? here's some referencesturtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/April_O'Neil_(2003_TV_series)/Galleryhttps://turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Giant_Wasp_Queen

Attached: 1588566073276.jpg (1000x1000, 371.43K)

>>116344446Just to check, is that april's outfit she's busting out of?

>>116344464for the 2003 version, i believe so.

Requesting a redraw of this scene with these characters Essentially the worst possible matches

Attached: BadBlindDate.jpg (1280x3071, 554.13K)




Attached: gif.gif (688x711, 1.63M)


Requesting Bumblebee as Bumblebee Man from that segment of 22 Short Films About Springfield, about to have una catastrofia con pelota grande de beisbol

Attached: catastrofia.png (1304x536, 686.12K)

Requesting fusion.I'd be fine with classic Jason and the Argonauts-inspired Spinal also, if you don't like his newer design.

Attached: spinalli.png (2696x2600, 1.4M)


Attached: Trapped.jpg (1159x700, 434.71K)

Please draw some Plasmer fanart. She has just about none.It can be anything but her showing off her plastic man-tier shapeshifting would be great

Attached: 3D PLASMER FRONT.jpg (1136x1600, 559.63K)

>>116345131Steven no don't fall for it

>>116344446Hope this is close enough to what you were after.

Attached: AprilWasp (2).png (1000x1000, 657.89K)

R/ make an a chibi version of luz

Attached: 821E0267-FC03-4B08-B8E7-F79D0D3602DE.jpg (363x692, 54.82K)

>>116345131OR and great work! Who’s the one between Steven and Shezow?

Requesting Raven turning into a long-haired amazonian version of her demon form, similarly to the transformation image in the middle of the reference

Attached: Raven Raven Raven Hulk Out.jpg (1596x2442, 635.63K)

Requesting Fanny playing the pipes

Attached: Angry-86.png (400x449, 64.34K)

>>116345153or here, i like it. thank you.

>>116345157Double Trouble from Shera

>>116345327Thank you

>>116332029scared enough?

Attached: you better swim baby.png (1400x1700, 253.82K)

>>116345147Why not?

>>116344679Primo melons

>>116331725You forgot to put "Requesting" at the beginning.

>>116345131Steven is Fred ?

>>116345541Hasn’t been the same since Connie dumped him

Requesting Red Tornado trying to hide a wardrobe malfunction with her cape.

Attached: 1594674784049.jpg (1080x765, 525.48K)

Requesting Darkseid in a Slave Leia bikini.Trigon holding the chain leash is optional.

Attached: Oh no.jpg (1729x1700, 697.37K)

>>116332138third itthink Janna would be the one telling him how to sue the RPG?

>>116345418OR here! Thank you, much obliged

Requesting this curvy Maleficent dressed as Aqua

Attached: 1592506757012.jpg (2098x2408, 699.78K)

requesting the Pajama challenge version of this pic.

Attached: 1572041814441.png (1200x1919, 340.83K)

Requesting Craig and/or Jessica dresses as Demoman from TF2.

Attached: DemoCraig and DemoJessica.png (1335x995, 627.22K)

Respectfully requesting Kara from American Dragon holding a sign stating Good luck, Frenchie! looking rather somber and discontent.

Attached: 7A27EBC6-0E77-42AD-94F8-11829E17DCC0.png (625x485, 219.13K)

>>116332409quick draw, hope you like it user

Attached: jasperbisky.png (1200x1600, 289.12K)

>>116348135Not them but that’s some good work, my man


Attached: 66C29160-7DE8-41D7-BC5A-89651F67172B.png (1620x2160, 489.35K)


>>116331665Gave it a go.

Attached: Doodle68.png (1605x3240, 427.5K)

>>116340405Thank you!

>>116333029We want to post our own shit to our own channels though. Posting our art without any credits or links doesn't give us anything of value in return. Fuck this autist for constantly f5'ing this thread to farm content for his blog thes-hitoverlord.tumblr.com/post/624000352779403264/co

>>116349098not OR but Awesome work, dude!

>>116348724OR here it’s pretty cool.

>>116331596Requesting Queen Beryl being Spawn's bitch.

Attached: 1590655049464.jpg (3264x1632, 1.4M)

>>116340405Do you have a blog or something were you post your artwork?

Requesting the middle pic with Eda and Madam Mim

Attached: gilf witches.jpg (2635x1079, 444.71K)

Requesting a recreation of Bane Vs. Batman but with Saitama from One Punch Man and Superman. Have Superman be in the place of Bane.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-biMQNynr9Wei.jpg (1836x1887, 550.68K)

>>116345131Huh, not showing up on the booru

>>116351816It's a pain in the ass to put 4 characters and 4 shows

>>116338794Nor OR, but nice.

Requesting Marcy from Amphibia dressed in Elise Starseeker's outfit

Attached: MELSS.png (1697x1635, 2.45M)

>>116348135OR that is really really fucking good thank you

Requesting Erin from The Simpsons wearing a Gantz suit.

Attached: 0FD9A64E-6497-4EAA-9F0C-FAD9C156EA5F.jpg (1200x900, 427.84K)


>>116331755Here ya go.

Attached: Jesse Williams.png (450x675, 97.84K)

>>116354176really cool!great job, dude!

>>116354248Thanks man

>>116354566Read about it today on \tv\ but heard you all talked about it too so had to doodle this. enjoy.

Attached: ((((STORMFRONT)))-From the Boys.png (1600x1200, 237.44K)

>>116354659It's just not the same.

>>116331596Requesting Bumblebee being scolded by Wonder Woman for crushing her jet.

Attached: Bumblebee-box-office-How-much-money-bumblebee-made-1062191.jpg (590x350, 46.26K)

>>116354659you're not my dad!

>>116354659Anon, kindly go fuck yourself

>>116354659It's fine if they photograph it properly.Often its underexposed, unevenly lit, or blurry.

>>116354659I aim to keep ink and graphite companies in business singlehandedly.


Attached: Low effort because fuck you.jpg (3024x4032, 828.98K)

posting this one for the user on the Xmen thread >>116311691 since I don't know where else to post it and I said I'd post it here so hope you're around user

Attached: Apocalypsedidnothingwrong.png (1750x1700, 470.85K)

Requesting Kipo in this outfit.

Attached: KipoOneArm.png (2048x2048, 2.25M)

>>116356648What an Absolute unit

Requesting the April from Rise, in her usual outfit but posed kinda like this and begging the viewer to watch Nicktoons.

Attached: APRILDESPERATE.png (1483x857, 1.14M)

Requesting this classic meme, with 2012 Raphael.

Attached: raphael his smile and optimism gone.png (1357x640, 742.09K)

Requesting Slowpoke from Pokemon and Slowpoke Rodriguez sitting at a bar having a drink.

Attached: slowpoke.png (479x250, 135.16K)


Requesting this meme but with Connie, and saying "Steven" instead of "him."

Attached: Connie Texting Steven.png (679x917, 190.78K)

requesting a catgirl version of rises tmnt april kinniku busting the foot recruit.

Attached: april kinniku busting the foot .jpg (1024x768, 139.06K)

Requesting Battle Chasers' Gully, smirking and looking down similar to the ref, like she knocked the viewer onto the ground.

Attached: Gully Down.png (1738x1600, 3.78M)


Requesting Elisa Maza, posed along these lines and pointing her gun at the viewer.

Attached: ElisaGun1.png (1997x1620, 1.76M)

Requesting Lake and Tulip sitting like and dressed like these guys.

Attached: Infinity Watch Out Were Mad.png (917x917, 513.12K)

Requesting Aang and Po facing off like Goku and Vegeta, respectively, both of them smiling would be cool

Attached: draw request aang po.jpg (2970x1096, 558.45K)

Requesting this old ad redone to be 2012 April and Donatello.

Attached: thisishowitrappedmyman.png (1793x1439, 2.87M)

Requesting female version of Tigerhawk

Attached: Tigerhawk.jpg (360x576, 27.96K)

>>116354659kekyou poor stupid bastardmaybe if you started paying commissions they could afford to go digital

Requesting glitch-possessed Miko popping out of a lootbox.

Attached: miko_is_loot_now_oops.png (1957x1543, 2.64M)

>>116331596Requesting Costumes swaps for these two couples.

Attached: Pride.jpg (3264x3030, 1.97M)

Requesting Cassandra Cain looking a bit uncomfortable in this dress. With some of her scars visible.

Attached: CassandraDress.png (1751x1659, 3.33M)

>>116331596Requesting Squidward drawn like YandereDev.

Attached: 00923667-F41B-4E5D-8335-5F692C62767D.jpg (283x367, 37.34K)

Requesting Power Girl's fangirl giving a kiss to Huntress' fangirl.

Attached: worldsfinest.png (554x608, 450.5K)

>>116343683That's one I'd actually be interested in seeing.


Requesting Roberta and Sherman from "I've got Batman in my Basement" in this kind of pose but wearing their normal outfits.

Attached: IveGotBatmanInMyBasement.png (1913x1649, 2.76M)

>>116331596Requesting Batgirl (DCSHG) and Adorabat (Mao Mao) doing a manly handshake like reference

Attached: bat handshake.png (1248x1523, 1.12M)

Requesting Rubi from The Beano/Dennis and Gnasher, in the stereotypical mad scientist outfit on the right.

Attached: Rubi.png (1959x1919, 2.96M)

Taking requests for cool poses/scenes. Comics, no bean mouth. Maybe TMNT.

Requesting this panel, with Emara.

Attached: rocket boob1.png (2048x1883, 1.39M)

Requesting Molly Hayes in a playboy bunny costume but with one of her hats providing the ears.

Attached: Molly Bunny.png (982x982, 1.16M)

>>116360025How's this?

Attached: e152f2ac0f1d49cba1c73ee90a9028c567475dab_00.jpg (424x512, 78.6K)

Requesting Rayla checking out how her ass looks in her outfit in a mirror.

Attached: raylaback.png (1774x1838, 2M)

>>116360025How about Nemesis the Warlock dancing with Tyranny Rex?

Attached: 2000 AD baby.png (1754x1728, 3.71M)

Requesting Amity trying to get a clearly possessed Luz down with a broom.

Attached: episodepitch.png (2202x1710, 2.39M)

>>116331596Requesting Montana Max from Tiny Toons smugly fanning himself with his own money, Yakuza-style.

Attached: Montana Max.jpg (1348x1431, 1.53M)

>>116338034I'm destined for the 9th circle of hell for this, also hope you don't mind it's the animated version of Diana

Attached: Dianaonawholenotherlevel.png (1250x1750, 437.73K)

Requesting Velma admiring Marcie's behind from behind, like in the pic. Or Marcie admiring Velma. Either's fine.

Attached: Appreciative.png (1537x1845, 1.89M)

Requesting Bishamon from the Darkstalkers series fighting Samurai Jack.

Attached: Bishamon vs Samurai Jack.png (4312x1088, 3.05M)

requesting Ruby being carried around in a baby carrier by an user as she sleeps

Attached: not so eternal flame.png (1119x614, 539.5K)