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>>115114954whelp this board became unusable

>>115114967That's what happens when you let Holla Forums in

Just hoping this gives me more Stargirl wank material.

gj reddit

>>115114954Man of Murder

Will it really be any better than the theatrical version?

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>>115115044It will most likely be much worse. I'll watch it nonetheless, so I can shitpost about it to crying deluded Snyderfags later with authority.


>>115115123This. I lose nothing by this existing, and the potential for lulz at the expense of the Deeply Autistic are too much to pass on. I think we could all use a good laugh at this point, and I'm tired of waiting for Trump to drink bleach.

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>>115115044It's Snyder of course it won't be betterBut mocking DCucks for their neverending stream of shit movies is always fun

>>115115044I doubt it's going to be that different since it's not the real snyder cut, just some frankenstein garbage

Justice League breaks records becoming the first movie in history to flop twice

Is DCEU the biggest cope of the last decade? Only Aquaman was good because they got an actual director.

>>115115289Man of Steel was cool

>>115115285It can't literally flop if released on a digital plataform.Honestly, this is a good move BUT IF THEY HAD DO IT DURING THE QUARANTINE

>>115115289I liked Shazam but goddamn it was released at the worst time.

>>115114954I admit that is actually amazing, but having said that:>rip Holla Forums, drowned in wojak and Holla Forums memes>it will still be absolute trash but you annoying faggots will take years to accept it, just like the prequels>inb4 Holla Forums hates it because they'll never be happy

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Can’t wait for it to be even worse and watch snyderfags cope even harder

>>115115339they'll probably pay news outlets to inflate the numbers, like how they were reporting watchmen had seven million viewers per episode so it was a huge hit. but turns out it was like seven million total, with an average of 750k per episode

Is this fucking meme magic

>>115114954#ReleaseTheAyerCut when?Also what happens if the Snyder cut is amazing? What are the odds of bringing back Affleck?

>>115114954Ok. Next goals>Make JL2 a reality>RELEASE THE AYER CUT>Bully Joss Whedon into suicide>Baffleck movie

>>1151153392021 is when HBO Max is available worldwide so it's smarter for them to wait

>>115115384I heard that snydersóys actually paid a lot of money on ads and other shit

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>>115115364>he got so upset about a meme that he made this image about a form of treatment that will still never happen>he probably also unironically repeats false statistics like "41%"looks like all the bleach went to your head rofl

>>115115289>Aquaman was goodBoy you DCucks have some laughably low standards

>>115115397>What are the odds of bringing back Affleck?The guy was drinking himself to death during his run and would be dead right now if he kept being Batman

They confirmed a finished cut never existed

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>>115115397Never. Nothing because that's impossible. And less than zero.

>>115115044Of course not. If it was actually better, they wouldn't have needed to make another version.

>>115115397the director cuts of Dawn and Watchmen actually made the movies worse

>>115114954Great, now can you whiny bitches finally shut the fuck up?Enjoy your bad movie in silence.


>>115115444Vfx was not finished. The rest was. The new scenes are cliffhangers in case they need to make it a tv series.

>>115115477The fuck you talking about. The director cut of Dawn of Justice is actually better.

>>115115477Mason's death is the best scene of Watchmen and its not on the original cut.

>>115115433>guy says dc movies are bad except one>somehow dc fanboy

What is this going to do? The DCEU is pretty much dead by now.

>>115115524Dawn of Justice’s extended literally adds nothing of substance to it, all it adds are some extra Clark Kent scenes.

>>115115354I hate how they always put Superman in the middle in stuff like this as though he’s some sort of Golden Goose or Christ-figure when he’s not even the most popular or even 5th most powerful leaguer. If you ask me The Joker should’ve been in the middle. He may not be on the JL but he’s a much better written, much more popular and much more powerful superhero than Superfaggot and his manbaby, sjw fanbase

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>>115114954I don't give a shit as long I can hear Zimmer & Junkie XL's score. Also, a fan EDIT, from another thread, literally shows what a mess Whedon made of things.youtu.be/HSPRqn81Jh8


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>>115115524I meant Dawn of the Dead, I never bothered with extended BvS

>>115115477>>115115566It's not better or worse. When I watched both movies I feel like they cut some good scenes and left scenes that could had been eliminated.I don't know why they fucking cut the "I don't deserve you alfred"

>>115115444The cut was finished. Just not all vfx were finished. This has been known.

>>115115541Back from the dead with a brand new personality like Superman

>>115115636In dawn of justice, they cut the scene that explained that the black woman at the beginning was just a hired actor, but left all those silly scenes with perry looking out for clark.

>DC 2021BatfagShazam spinoffGunn's SuicideDirect to streaming Snydershit>Marvel 2021EternalsShang ChiSpiderman 3Based Marvel stay winning

>>115115044It'll still suck but at least it will fit together better. I hope they go the six "chapters" route rather than the single, four hour, cut

>>115114954Perfect so people will realize it's still shit and movz on

>>115114954IM SHOOK. Just bought 5 HBO MAX subscriptions .

>>115115664in Watchmen the director cut breaks Rorschach's "out there somebody knows" segue into Mason talking about how it all began with Rorschach beating up a cop and dodging bullets before jumping off the same window Blake fell from. then the ultimate cut also breaks the shot of Rorschach's journal dropped at New Fronstiersman seguing into Laurie saying "why don't you just tell me how this ends?" with a Black Freighter chapter. both transitions very much in the spirit of the comic book undone by the """improved""" cuts

>>115115541Going to get a shit ton of people to spend $15 for HBO Max and more if they stay longerIt's genius

>>115115746give me one faggot

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>>115114954Who fucking cares

>>115115804unironically right

What happened to the DCEU? Serious questions. Are they doing more movies after Wonder Woman? It all seems like they gave up and its over.


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>>115115874Aquaman and Shazam 2 are confirmed and have no issues. Flash is in development hell since forecer.Some nigger with a retarded name was doing a new god movie.

>>115115874The DCEU fandom is now going to campaign for #BringZackBack so he can finish his vision.

>>115115874They already filmed Gunn's Suicide Squad they're in the middle of Batman and Black Adam starts when the quarantine ends

>>115114967>>115114973>t. shitposted in DC threads multiple timesCan't handle anything you dislike, huh?

So anyone outside of the US is screwed? I hope it gets put on other services too.

>>115115928 was going to say nobody outside US even cares about this, but iirc Holla Forums proved the bulk of snyderfags are from india and brazil

>Snyder cut is released>it’s literally the same movie but every shot that was at regular speed is now in slow-motion>DCucks will claim the additional slow motion is masterful kinography

>>115115240>>115115431>>>Holla ForumsGo home.

I cant believe they're giving zack snyder 30 million to make an alternate release of a movie that flopped

>>115115928HBO already has European streaming platform, no reason they can’t release it on that.

>>115114954Based. Now release it on Bluray.

>>115115874screw it, start the WildStorm Universe instead

>>115115957I just wanna see it out of curiosity.

>>115115869Ironic, coming from you. Still obsessing over your DC bulls, huh?

>>115115528It's also a shittier version of his death in the comic

>>115114954It's amazing how mad some people are about this just because it's making others happy and not negatively impacting them at all

Wasn't that Harley Quinn cartoon just using a snydercut fan as a horrible strawman just a bit ago? Seems like they spoke too soon.

>>115115874Only they know. The official statement is that there's still a shared universe but there are no plans for a big team up or crossover and the directors are all going to do their own shit.I think they are taking the x-men route, where everything is canon except when it doesn't

>>115115992They desperately need contentFriends and Rick and Morty only go so far

>>115115044Yeah I think so. It might not be good but at least it won't be a Frankenstein monster

>>115116036it's like the Sonic fiasco with the redesign>you're setting a dangerous standard rewarding toxic fans!!

>>115115602>3 and a half hoursJesus Christ, I will never understand the retards that think watching nearly four hours of a shitty movie makes it better.

>>115115416>Proudly Supporting American Foundation for Suicide PreventionThe memes write themselves sometimes.

>>115114954I am hyped for a worse movie.

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>>115116038>as a horrible strawman just a bit ago?You don't know what a strawman fallacy is.

>>115116038>Snyder gets his cut>Disney made TLJ insignificantI'm happy for these two...

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>>115116055I'm still assuming it'll be somewhat of a Frankenstein's monster. I doubt Snyder had completed all he wanted to film and I doubt even Joss' most accurate scenes really align with Snyder.

>>115116035>theatrical is better than director cut>Show how director cut is better>well, but the comic was better!Back to Holla Forums faggot

I'm happy for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. It is definitely going to be a terrible movie, like literally all of his movies except for 300, but I really genuinely hope you enjoy it.

>>115116092Huh? I mean the angry nerd was used as a strawman against the show.

>>115116065Pleb. Extended cuts are a thing and often improve a movie that the studio fucked over by insisting on a two hour or so cut so that they could maximize how many times they can run it per day.

>>115115044better? maybe. Good? most likely not. it will be more tonally consistent if anything

>>115115044>Hey kids, remember how we were bullied into releasing a version of Superman II but with most of Richard Donner's original vision supplanted in?>Guess what! you bullied us - the brainless, dickless simps in expensive suits - into doing it again!Have fun waiting a year for this wreck, I guess.

>>115116132Lmao go back to Holla ForumsThis is Holla Forums nigger

How different was this version anyways? I mean I can't imagine the ending where Superman effortlessly saves everyone to a near comical degree is completely removed. Yet that really was not Snyder like.

>>115116184The Superman parts were the only good ones

>>115116065it's going to be closer to four hours, apparently

>>115115240He's already taking bleach in pill form.

>>115116106I assume this episode finished production before Rise of Skywalker was released since so much of that movie was spent undoing decisions from The Last Jedi.

>>115116184Very different. Whedon inserted the russian family, that’s an entirely new part of the movie, he cut a ton of Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash background stuff, he apparently entirely retooled Steppenwolf’s role in the movie, etc. Also, all the mustache reshoots.

>>115116240>Very different. Whedon inserted the russian familyAHHHHH I FUCKING KNEW IT. WHY THE FUCK HE WOULD DO THAT.


>>115116184The changes were pretty substantial from what we know

>>115116248Because gotta have stakes by showing random normies.


>>115116240>>115116257Expect a LOT of super-dickery.

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>>115114954Gonna be real funny when it ends up being worst than the movie released in theaters.

>>115116248Because Geoff Johns wanted to bring "optimism and hope" by forcing a quipmaster like Whedon. He was the mastermind behind the whole backstabbing. He was the number 1 guy at DCEU for 1 minute and he managed to fuck it up completely. He forced Whedon and Whedon is just a hired gun, its not even his fault. He got the money and ran with it. For the record Geoff was also responsible for Birds of Prey.Im glad all the people turned back on him, he is not even allowed to be 10 miles near the movie division and he was demoted to Stargirl tv show.

>>115116150So, no, you don't know. Because he was not a Strawman.Strawman fallacy is when you put a flawed argument in the mouth of your opponent and attack that flawed argument instead of his actual stances.95% of the time, a strawman fallacy is about what a specific individual had actually said, not a whole group.seeing that in that episode, they actually made fun of stupid shit that were actually said, it is not a strawman fallacy.

>>115116238Strangely enough The Last Jedi guy was portrayed as the more reasonable of the two. The show has a weird way of trying to meet people half way while trying to appeal to the woke crowd.

>>115116238>I assume this episode finished production before Rise of Skywalker was released since so much of that movie was spent undoing decisions from The Last Jedi.You know TV posters still seethe to the Last Jedi right?

>>115116335>For the record Geoff was also responsible for Birds of Prey.Margot was literally the producer.

>>115115350>inb4 Holla Forums hates it because they'll never be happyQuality projector you got running there. Mind if I use it to screen my latest film?

>>115114954Oh man it makes me elated to see all the >i-it'll still be bad :^(posters knowing they were adamant that this wouldn't release and circle jerked hate threads for over two years

Can't wait for it to be a bigger flop than the Last Jedi. The Tears are gonna be delicious.

>>115116027Snyder should have been making The Authority instead. His style and views on heroes would have made him a far better fit for it.

>>115116285>filenameSuperman looking angry with heat vision has never happened before, grimdark edgy Snyder ruining muh Supes

>>115116416>>115115350>>115116313>>115116176>>115115737I can't hold all of this cope

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>>115116409What if it is still bad?

>>115116416There is no objective metric it can match in order to reach those levels. Justice League already was a damaged brand thanks to the movie we got and its merch sales already sucked, and BVS didn't even make a billion before this. There's no matching a 700 MILLION dollar drop from the previous movie, the complete annihilation of one of the most lucrative merch sellers of all time, and a disinterest in the "Final chapter" that would immediately follow it resulting in a full 1 BILLION drop from the first movie.This movie could cost them 200 million dollars and they make nothing and it still wouldn't be within the same solar system of the amount of damage Last Jedi did, that was a legendary fuckup nobody will ever match.

>>115115289Every DCEU film except Justice League was good

>>115116494Then it'll be bad and you can laugh then, given Snyder's track record there's a high chance of that happeningBut preemptively hopping on that excuse just screams "I got shit on and I am coping"


>>115116467this must be what doom preppers felt when the media was calling people paranoid for stocking up on masks and canned goods.

>>115116513I mean again, given Snyder’s track record, I don’t think they’re the ones being shit on

We all know that Ayer's cut of Suicide Squad is next, right? That shit is basically confirmed at this point.

>>115116517>trusting the mainstream mediaWell there’s your problem

>>115115397>#ReleaseTheAyerCut when?2022.>What are the odds of bringing back Affleck?The guy was having the worst time of his life making these. Time to let him go.

>>115116542>swear up and down that it isn't coming for literal years>it isNah, they definitely are today

will they really be able to recoup the 30 million they're giving snyder to do this with people signing up to their streaming service to watch it?

I'm going to laugh my ass off if it's just a documentary about the internet movement that wanted it.

>>115116572What is known about that? Outside of that one joker scene

>>115116650they already lost 60 million the first time around, what's 30 million more

>>115116668Good thing there's a 0% chance of that happening.

>>115116594I wouldn't blame Affleck for not coming back, but for posterity, the burnout only really kicked in once BvS tanked and WB tried to push him into acting as their messiah with the Batman solo. As far as we know, the process of BvS' production and the early pre-production on Batman was good to him. As long as Snyder won't try to make him pump iron, I think he'd be okay doing pickups.

The Snyder story is pretty amazing to me. Has anyone in Hollywood ever failed upwards more than him?I gotta admire the hustle he’s pulling on these dummies at WB.

Are we actually in the timeline when the Synder Cut gets released before New Mutants ...

>>115116718New Mutants is still going to premier in theaters and VOD this year.

>>115116718depends, this is 2021 and New Mutants is supposed to come out in August

>>115116151Most movie-going audiences don't want to sit through four hours of a shitty movie, the only times that shit flies is if it's from a truly visionary director like with the Irishman or the movies are already widely received in the case of the extended cuts of the LotR movies. A massive extended cut rarely if ever redeems a shitty movie.

>>115116708>As long as Snyder won't try to make him pump ironBut that would be good for him.

david ayer wants his cut of suicide squad released


>>115116718New Mutants probably filmed on top of an Indian burial ground with the luck it's had

>>115116730No user, it will be WORSE. Adding in MORE Flash quipping while trying to be MCU Spiderman and Cyborg crying is just going to drag everything down. But don't worry, I'm on your side, I've WANTED this to happen for a while. I want you to have a worse movie and my wish will soon be granted.

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>>115116715Imagine being this butthurt.

>>115116132Mason's death is a case where all the changes made are for the worse and all the good parts are just cribbed from the source material. The comic didn't have Hollis Mason reminiscing with Silk Spectre moments before his death or need to show his brutal death, the comic was smarter than that,

>>115116549WB must be desperate for content as it won't look good for them either way:Either the new releases are shit, badly reviewed and are going to actually detract from the brandOrThe new versions are miles better than the previous versions, proving they are fucking incompetent and raped the films in a ditch the first time around, but please come and watch our new cinematic releases.Neither are an outcome that raises their public perception

>>115116820They have to cope somehow.

>>115115900>Aquaman and Shazam 2 are confirmed and have no issues.>AquamanAnon, they're recasting Mera because she was abusing her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp.

>>115116715>Has anyone in Hollywood ever failed upwards more than him?Yes.

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>>115116465Superman looking angry and murderous multiple times throughout both movies is not a good look, yes.

>>115116594>The guy was having the worst time of his life making these.Not when working with Snyder. Snyder was a really good influence on the guy, the gym and beer story was a good example of how to handle and how not to handle depressive alcoholics on set.

>>115116845Yes, that is correct. Just chill out have a beer, and watch all the snyderfags get triggered. It's going to be fun.

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>>115114954The HBO social media manager can breathe easily now.

>>115116849So? Ironman recasted Rhodey.

>>115116825The comic showed a defenseless old man being senselessly murdered by a gang that came down pounding on him. The movie showed a man past his prime having a heroic last stand. People who say the movie was faithful are dumb

>>115116879Exactly, this user gets it.

>>115116851I cannot get over how fucking awful this movie is. The last act with all the slow-mo running in the desert is one of the most painful things i have ever sat through in cinema.

>>115115254Cope tranny

>>115114954So any other details? What about a release date?

>>115115044The extended version of BvS was more coherent than the theatrical cut but still not really a good movie. This will be the same.

>>115116650Returns don't really work the same way with the streaming services. It's not about subscribers signing up for a single show or a single series of movies (unless you're Disney+), but about the volume of content in general. They want beefy libraries, so the services are okay with dumping extraordinary amounts of money on projects normal movie studios wouldn't put their weight behind for a full theaterical run nowadays. That's why Scorsese ended up on Netflix, remember?

>>115116509MoS=BvS>WW>AqM>Shazam>SS (I don't have space to put enough > to rate JL where it belongs)WW would be the best one, but it fell apart the second that Ares showed his true, CGI-shitfest form.

>>115116879>Dumb brainlet thinks that matters

>>115115498>The new scenes are cliffhangers in case they need to make it a tv series.Lowut?

>>115116851Why.... why would you remind me of that film. Sitting in that screening was the day cinema died for me.

>>115116828>Neither are an outcome that raises their public perceptionI don't know about that. One look at Twitter and you can see a lot of people praising WB for such a bold move. Seems like public perception is shifting for them.

>>115116825>The comic didn't have Hollis Mason reminiscing with Silk Spectre moments before his death or need to show his brutal death, the comic was smarter than that,The comic was a 12 issue product that was consumed for a period of 14 months, the movie wasn't, if you don't understand the difference you are a moron.

>>115116915Don't you see user? The extended cut for BvS wasn't even the real extended cut. Snyder had ten more hours of footage that the greedy execs cut that would have made it the next Citizen Kane!

>>115116927zack pls

>>115116825>>115116879No one said its the same. Im saying the movie scene is better.

>>115114954erase Ezra Miller from it

>>115116974The ironic thing is Orson Welles didn't actually enough movie so he resorted to some stock footage, and it all worked beautifully.

>>115116944They didnt decide yet if its a 5 episodes series or a full +4 hours movie.

>>115116970Then why does the comic read even better all in one sitting? Fucking Snydercuck casuals trying to make excuses for how their shitty adaption is still good...

>>115116038>a horrible strawmanWB is the most self-depreciative company in the industry next to Disney. You think they're afraid of offending the outliers in their consumer/fanbase? Do you not watch TTG because it makes fun of the original TT?

>>115115541>What is this going to do?Lots of autist money

>>115114954It may actually be marginally better than the film version. It's going to likely be more joyless, and lacking any human connection (Snyderfags will like this), but it will probably be more cohesive and at least it won't have that dumb mustache CGI. I imagine Steppenwolf will still be shit though.

>>115116796nobody cares

>>115116873>Snyder literally gets paid to shit on a camera.>Thinking The same Snyder fans that applauded for "martha" will get "triggered"I can't tell between which is more broken: Zodd's neck or your arm for reaching for that cope.

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Good for you guys.I'm a fan of Reconguista in G (Gundam Anime) and for a long time the fans of the series were mocked for hanging on to hope for the show to get a series of movies the creator had mentioned. Then it finally happened. It's a very validating feeling.

>>115117012>+4 hours movie.Jesus christ so this confirms what we thought: the footage exists, but a finished cut that could have been released in theaters wasn't. They weren't even done editing.

>>115117056>Lots of autist moneyIts not going theatrical though. All its going to do is get pirated a gorillion times.

>>115116859Ah yes I too do not read comics but pretend to know what I'm talking about /comfy/ Supes thread anyone???

>>115115498>>115115640>Here's your car, sir. Ready to be driven home.

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>>115116952Twitter isn't even 1% of the population

>>115116796Does anyone else?

>>115117102Angry Superman is best used sparingly for emotional moments, Snyder Superman is angry and dour looking at default.

>>115117101I mean the autist that will actually pay for HBO max

>>115117098The 3 hours 20 minutes cut is done. But needs vfx and some extra scoring. The editing was locked.

>>115117126>Angry Superman is best used sparingly for emotional momentsYep, Superman should be all smiles in his fight sequences

>>115116944This isn't the snyder cut. According to the new sources Snyder wanted 20 million more to turn the snyder cut into the a new movie, and HBO was offering 30 million BUT if he turns it into a mini series. We have no idea how things will go, but the product we are getting isn't the snyder cut but something bigger,

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>>115116514Bet an artist friend it would come out. I get to cash in a commission now.

>>115117144>superman movie should be all fights

>>115115044No I bet you money it'll be worse too.

>>115117015Because you are reading it and you control the pace of the information you dumb child.

ITS HAPPENINGtwitter.com/DavidAyerMovies/status/1263181922592673792

>>115117184>i am different fuckwhat did he mean by this?

>>115117144Superman spends very little screentime fighting.That pointless, drug-out fight at the end of MoS nonwithstanding. I never saw the point of them shoving trucks at one another and swinging I-beams, when it was established thoroughly that none of these objects have any hope of damaging them. But it kept Snyder from filming dialogue I guess.

>>115116922Scorsese also priced himself out of the studios with ridiculously high production costs.His next film is about historical police brutality on indian reservations and he's demanding 200 million plus budget, which is Avatar level.For all his talk of big budgets killing hollywood he has no problem not practicing what he preaches. A studio could make 4 reasonable films with that, or Blumhouse could churn out 12.

>>115117183So how does that justify Snyder butchering the source material you troglodyte?

Is there a particular reason anti-Snyderfags are so mad? If anything this shouldn't affect you unless you care.

>>115117223>His next film is about historical police brutality on indian reservations and he's demanding 200 million plus budgetYou think those Rolling Stones tracks are cheap boy?

>>115117223What was even the last Scorcese film to generate $200 million in box office?Does he think he's some sort of artistic charity now?


>>115117266he should just ask about getting a lifetime license for "just a shot away"

>>115117067Oh user, you don't understand. Snyderfags aren't going to be the only people who see it. Everyone who saw Justice League and took the time to shit on it will shit on a worse version EVEN HARDER. That's what will trigger them. If you thought you saw some seething snyderfags the first time with things like the infamous hugbox thread and the "go see it 7 times" meme image, this is going to be so much worse. This isn't just about them getting the movie they wanted, this is about them proving to people that Justice Leave is better than the MCU.

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>>115117223>200 million plus budgetHaha wtf? This better be the Avengers endgame of dowoop back in the neighborhood movies

>>115117257This. If you know the film will be shit regardless, why bother? You haven't exactly changed their minds for the past 2 years of this cut ever coming out. What hope do you have to change their mind now?

>>115117287it'll be like Alita, just a dozen guys buying tons of copies and giving them away to spread the word

>>115117201Then why did you choose to post an image where he was fighting :^)

>>115116224He's just saying that to distract from reports on his Saudi Arms deal (and to own the libs).

>>115117305I guess they've spent so much time feeling superior that they're legitimately afraid that the Snyder cut could be good and they'll look stupid.


>>115117308That happened?Wow, I wish I ran in to one of them. That's still on my to do list at some point. I'm interested in how that passion project worked out.

>>115117257They're seething because they spent so much time denying that the SC would never happen just take a look at this retard bringing in the MCU out of absolutely nowhere >>115117287

>>115117184You know what David I think we're goodJust... go back to Bright 2 or whatever


>>115115044Not at all but DCmanchildren will think this will be the equivalent of Donner's cut Superman 2

>from the writer of The Rise of Skywalker

>>115117236It's an adaptation you dumb animal, you need to make changes so the meaning remains the same. the form needs to changes. The utilitarianism, nihilism and objectivism in the the characters represent matter. Dan looking out of shape with the suit doesn't, what matters is that the audience knows he is out of shape, a good adaptation ADAPTS more than the STORY, it adapts the symbols into shapes that will hold the same meaning.

>>115117361A direct-to-video release that still managed to be an awful and disjointed mess?That seems reasonable.

>>115117287So that's what this is really about, isn't it? You're scared that the MCU might have a challenger again because you're a fanboy.

>>115117338it got waifu'd HARD

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>>115116513You know there'll be tons of damage control from fanboys if the cut is bad.

>>115117154>WB is legally bounded eventually screen it if Snyder requires itThat's the version I want to see. What Snyder created under WB, unfinishe post production and all. I'd get the most laughs out of it that way.

>>115117385Dan isn't out of shape in the movie though, he moves incredibly in every fight scene. He's not Rorschach mind you, who is like an ancient Chinese Kung-Fu master, but he's still incredible.

>>115117154the cut that currently exists is also unfinished

>>115117397Maybe, but there isn't going to be a soul that defend's whedon's cut.

>>115117398You won't laugh. You'll sigh in relief that the competition is gone.

>it will be badYou think this is about that, when these people like MoS and BvS as is? It's not about unearthing some lost masterpiece, but about getting the movie they expected, rather than the patchwork they did get.

>>115116910Hey, I'm actually excited for this, but I don't see how 30 millions is going to help this movie

>>115117432>>115117446>laddercuck coping this badlyrelax, it's just going to be on HBOMax. It isn't going to compete with Black Widow in any way. Now go suck chink dick like your mouse god.

>>115117414Whedon doesn't need defending for a one-off from his usual wheelhouse. He's earned every bit of praise throughout his career.

>Miniseries or a 4h movie>4h movieDunno why some people are so sure this can't end up worse than Whedon's chimera. But if the guy has issues with editing perhaps a miniseries would be the way to go.

>>115117484Whedon's a worthless hack

>>115117257Because they spent years saying it didn't exist and the fans were delusional. They're just in shock of being wrong and are coping anyway they can

>>115116873>writes a 15 paragraph post> n-no YOU are the one who is triggered

>>115117393If that was true, why would I be cheering you guys on? I've been with you since the start because I know how this will play out. You will get your movie, it will be bad, and the world will shit on it even harder than last time. Does this sound like the actions of someone who is "scared that the MCU might have a challenger"? I don't even care about your petty MCU hate boner, I know it's all you people can think about. Anyone who says anything bad about Snyder is accused of being a MCU shill without fail. They live in your head rent free.

Attached: cute.png (878x1393, 996.57K)

>>115116594>The guy was having the worst time of his life making these.more like seeing these movies getting gangraped and destroyed while he had to lie to fans that everything is fine

>>115117484>He's earned every bit of praise throughout his career.that's why people are just banging on his door to direct their movies. oh wait they're not...

>>115117542Seriously, what's up with snydercucks and the MCU?

>>115117515But it literally DOESN'T exist. They are sinking 20 million USD into creating it.

>>115117161This is unironically what Snyder fans want.

>>115116673Not everything, we know some stuff. some example are Diablo doesnt die and Dadshot and Harley end up hooking.Joker is another final boss.also, presentation/editing wise is another film entirely.

>>115117580>superman fansftfy* Superfags are in denial of who they are and what they want. They're just DBZ fans in denial.


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>>115115364>Snyder whore>10-D chess trumptardChecks out

>>115117574>I..it doesn't existGive it up loser

>>115116851BIG. METAL. BALLS.

>>115117395Dang user, I need a Panzer Kunst shirt too. Good stuff.

>>115117558I don't know, but my god they are petty. They wanted support for this movement and I've given them it along with everything they want. And yet they rage because I think that this is only going to hurt them in the long run. What kind of thought police world do they live in?

>>115117558You tell me cuck

>>115117623the same people making jokes about shining light and injecting bleach into your body are the same clown shoes that take acetaminophen/caffeine ridden pills like tic-tacs and has never read the side effects to most pain relievers people crave and pay top dollar for when they're slightly inconvenienced.

>>115117574post-production is not production genius

>>115117677Oh shut the fuck up, seriously. This is about movies not thought policing. Jesus Christ, the lengths you people go to to shut down opinions.


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Will it meet people's expectation? Seems like people have this idea that Snyder's JL was gonna change the landscape of movies and storytelling, but it will be so? What happens if it doesn't? Will they admit that or create excuses? What happens if its good? They are gonna ask for more?

>>115117529>3 lines of text is a15 paragraph postI know shouldn't take this bait, but I just need to ask, why? Do you think this makes your "side" look good or are you just an Marveldrone pretending to be a retarded Snyderfag to make them look bad?

>>115117787>Will it meet people's expectation?The expectation from snyderfags is that it will be better than all the Dark Knight movies and make more money than Endgame.

>>115117580Lmao, is that why they defend BvS where Superman has two fights in the entire movie?

>>115115246>>115115433>>115115709>>115115869>>115115972>>115117432Reminder Mousecucks

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One one hand I'm in favour of audiences being able to get to see what things would've been without studio interference. On the other hand though, this isn't Terry Gilliam or Sergio Leone, it's a fucking Hack Snyder movie. No extra hours of footage can save what was already broken from conception.

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>>115115709>saying "batfag" when Eternals is shilling gay kisses and shilling a actor coming out of their closet for their movie.

Attached: 1461318176347.jpg (320x240, 58.1K)

>>115117872Snyder is not a hack

This whole time Zack’s claimed that the movie was done and actually exists, but today says “we still have some work to do” before the movie comes out... NEXT year. This is truly the Chinese Democracy of superhero movies.

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>>115118023Well, even the version we already have isn't finished. HAVE YOU SEEN CYBORG?!


>>115116335>He forced Whedon and Whedon is just a hired gun, its not even his fault. He got the money and ran with it.That's not a lot of loyalty for a hired gun.>For the record Geoff was also responsible for Birds of Prey.Hey now, I liked that one.


>>115117574This is ZSJL, not the SC you stupid faggot>>115117409I agree with that, he is too smooth, but by out of shape i mean "fat" by 80's standards, soft, when he moves he needed to be rusty

>>115116335Johns had a bigger impact in SS than in birds

>>115118034I hate Whedon so damn much

>>115114954>Cartoon Network shows>Sesame Street>HBO shows>Originals>Snyder CutHow can Disney+ even compete?

>>115118294and anime.

>>115115289Meh, Shazam, Wonder Woman and even Man of Steel were alright

>>115116447now this would be kino


Attached: zack snyder justice league toxic fans.png (821x359, 23.42K)

>>115117845>The one good movie that got great reviews and buzz is our only scapegoat to show how better we are than you guys.Pathetic

Attached: 1460666519008.png (2673x1750, 1.38M)

>>115118314And Friends.

>>115115044>>115115123>>115115246>>115115365>>115115720>>115115737>>115116055>>115116089>>115116313As long as they minimize Affleck quipping & the Flash falling on Diana's boobs IT WILL INSTANTLY BE FUCKING BETTER THAN THE THEATRICAL. PERIOD.

>wb throws away 20-30 million to appease spamming autists lmao

>>115116879Why can't the scene be both like I read it ? It's poetic you fuck

>>115118446>one>also implying MCU films don't get majority good reviews because critics are scared of getting blacklisted by Disney

>>115116825Pretty sure the ultimate edition in fact did have the scene of him calling Sally before he dies

>>115118496>I have no concept of how much money WB has

>>115118494That doesn't mean it will instantly become a good movie as well

>>115118494It will be a LOT more Flash quipping. As for batquips. Snyder was the one who put them in. He wanted jokes.

Suicide Squad coming soon.

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>>115118564>I have no concept of how much money WB hasThey had exactly one movie out of over two dozen actually turn out a hit.And it's AT&T money, not WB's. And they are in worse debt than Disney. You haven't noticed how their movies have been getting skimpier budgets? Even the animation division looks budget at now.

>>115118672*last year.Last year was a terrible year for WB, box office-wise.

>>115117787> Seems like people have this idea that Snyder's JL was gonna change the landscape of movies and storytelling, but it will be so?What in the actual fuck are you talking about? No we just thought it would he a more effective & serious superhero movie than what we got, that is all.

>>115118023>the Chinese Democracy of superhero movies.Mediocre and forgotten upon release?

>>115118651What the fuck is this shit


>>115118672>>115118689Box Office success doesn't correlate to actual resources a huge company has. You're moving goalposts.

>>115118651>She was now the Queen of the laff bringerHoly fuck! This is bad.

>>115118294Hbo Max looks pretty nice so far, I hope they add enough things on it to be really interesting unlike disney+


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This is great. Snyderfags will get their shitty slow-mo fest of an extended cut they always wanted and I get to laugh and shitpost about how crap of a movie JL is again. Only problem now is that these people will never, even if the movie in undeniably shit, ever admit it's bad, and we'll have put up with company war shitposting and genuine synderfags for the next year before and following the release of this shitfest. This site will be a lost cause, but I guess I'll still be able to make laugh at the genuine casuals on twitter who don't know jack though.

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>>115118885>coping tearsLmao

>>115115804>Hey, I'm a pretty lousy president.God I miss the 90's.

>>115118885From "lol you'll never get the cut" to "i-i'll get to laugh at a trainwreck" at breakneck speedcope.

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>>115115044it depends on what you like:JL wedon is basically Avengers 1.JL snyder will be BVS directors cut.


>>115119081lol they seething