What do you think of Starfire?

What do you think of Starfire?

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I think Raven is better because she is goth and goth is supreme

>>115113207I dunno. I feel like somebody who use to be a sex slave shouldn't be as bubbley as her, she should be hardened warrior.That's my two cents

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>>115113207I think she would look better in a bunny suit.

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>>115113207I think she's better than Raven because goth is shit and plebian.

>>115113253I dunno I just started lobdells red hood book and I find that characterization kinda derivative of to many other characters. I think her being bubbly is a nice distance away from her backstory and a good way for her as a person to define herself as the exact opposite of her trauma

boring character

I'd FIRE my load in her STAR, if you get what I'm hinting at.

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>>115113207Pretty cute, definitely wife material

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>>115113245>>115113317duality of man

Alright Holla Forums, rate the firesfor me itsGO = Original >>> Injustice >>> 2003 >>>>>> Dogshit > TITANS

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>>115113207I think she’s so fucking hot. >>115113245Goths can be good, but Raven is fucking shit

>>115113207I think the TTGO version of her is the best.

>>115113331>started lobdells red hoodThat's literally at her worst. But she doesn't get better so much as the book just drops her and arsenal.


>>115113300haven't you heard? reverse bunny suits are the new hotness

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>>115113531>Dumb bimbo>Best

>>115113712Reverse bunny suitI find it odd how much it defies the point of clothing and their purpose.

Really wish TTGO had more beach episodes.

Stanning Raven is a sign you are too old to be here.

>>115113423What about DC Superhero Girls version?

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>>115114203For one episode it's okay. I like how her whole thing was that she wasn't allowed sugar

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>>115114203she's still very new

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She seems to fall apart under pressure

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>>115113712??Where is this from?

>>115113207She cute and lewd

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>>115113701Best post right here


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The foreign exchange student gimmick was the best thing to ever happen to her

>>115113207She's another example of a sidelined character with wasted potential. I'm always glad to see her in anything though. Also, the people into her have good taste. >>115113423DcAmu Star> injustice> Redhood outlaws Kori> 2015> Titans> Original> TTGo and everything else I haven't seen.Nu-52 made some weird changes but outlaws Starfire was without a doubt a virgin killer. >>115114269Don't bully! The only thing worse was sad cyborg star and insane Greyson

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>>115113207She's ok, i'm more of a Raven guy

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>>115113794It's great isn't it?

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>>115113300>>115113347>>115113423>>115113438>>115113701>>115113819>>115114258>>115114317>>115114470>>115114528Pedophiles deserve death, none of you will ever get married>inb4 tons of replies from delusional pedos, stating it's okNeck yourselves losers, dont' even bother.

>>115113207>>115113712>vagina bonesNice.

>>115113712>>115114528Looks like shit.

>>115114759>mass replier being a fucking retardas always

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>>115114759>none of you will ever get marriedAll 3d women are whores anyway

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>>115113207>>115114269>>115114465post cyborg star

>>115114759>Americans can't fuck 14 years oldsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_age_of_consent#Maps

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>>115115091i would

>>115115091god why'd they give her that weird teeth looking thing on her bottom jaw, just makes her look unnecessarily uggo

>>115113207Hot naive alien that I could probably use her lack of knowledge of Earth to trick her into sex.

>>115114759tell that to the creators of the show too then dumb faggot

>>115115294She literally comes from a society with no quaint notions of modesty and who fuck like Earthlings shake hands.You'd probably just sputter awkwardly and flee when she tried to reassure you that your dick isn't THAT small.

>>115115348Talking about the cartoon version

>>115114759Hoes mad!

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>>115115083>>implying that makes it ok

>>115115402>implying anyone cares what you think, especially on an anonymous image board

>>115113867Saying "stan" is a sign you're too young here


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>>115113253Savage Starfire is best Starfire

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>>115113207Big futa cock

DCAMU > other Star. DC really should just stick to animated features and series and skip movies.

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>>115114269meh, I still would

>>115113867>Stanningleave 4chan and never return, faggot

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>>115113712This is still more clothing than she usually wears in comics...

Her powers are ill defined and just like Raven, she becomes a deus ex in fights more than anything.

>>115114759>none of you will ever get marriedIf pedophiles have sex, they might produce children, user.Pedophiles... with children.Is this the future liberals want??

I can respect Raven, both she and Starfire are absolute top tier. But Star will always be my favorite between the two.

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>>115117631She's the closest thing to Supergirl. so it comes with the territory.

>>115118029Super girl but with more laser and no weakness. also learning things by french kissing.

>>115118018you know who's better than Starfire and Raven?Jinx

>>115118060Jinx is smalltime.

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orange hair >>>>>>>>>>> fuscia hair

>>115113867>StabbingBig oof from me dawg. Wait till your 18, then try again.

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>>115114759You are a sad, strange little man; and you have my pity.

>>115114203She cute. Honestly, if they wanted to do a kids version of the teen titans, they should have went like this instead of shitting on the og

>>115113207She is the beautiful and I want to make her the wife.

>>115118060>you know who's best between Starfire and Raven?

>>115114470Why not both?

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>>115113207She cute

>>115113207I have a passing interest.

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>>115113207She attractive in powers, physical appearance, and personality.

I'm pretty sure Starfire was my first waifu. When I was a kid I dreamed she was kidnapped by Slade and stripped, Robin and Cyborg managed to rescue her but she was naked the entire time. I woke up confused and aroused.

>>115113253Maybe it's a coping mechanism?