Why aren't you watching Danger Mouse? You know you want to

Why aren't you watching Danger Mouse? You know you want to

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I'm still downloading the reboot.I was watching the first era yesterday.Luvs me sum Dangermouse.

Same time next week then?

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>>115109842Because I'm afraid that nothing can top that autistic corgie that filled an entire thread with inane tangents about danger mouse

>>115111310>not realising Ianon was just a corporate psyop The timeslots for the show changed from being stuck at 7am after he started making theory threads

>>115111455>show creators manipulated Holla Forums into breathing life into their dead gay britfag cartoonAs much as I'd love to believe this happened, I don't think that's how it works

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Because the show still hasn’t followed up after “The World Is Full Of Stuff” for over a year.

>>115112754Why don't we talk about the old show in that case? That's 10 seasons of material at least

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>>115112925Okay. What should we talk about?

>>115113093This maybe. I'm trying to find a higher quality versionIs that Fifi or is he cheating AGAIN

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>>115111455Ianon was way too hating of gays to be one of the writers

>>115113266aw she cute

>>115113266That’s DM’s aunt.

>>115113293Was it really a hatred of gays? To me it looked more like a hatred of anything sexual in nature, which kind of makes sense for a clueless writer trying to shill a show for little kids. I wouldn't be surprised if that one guy who wanted us to keep Ianon's threads squeaky clean was in on it too

>>115113266Danger Mouse comics are great. I wish I had some in full to storytime.

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>>115113266>is he cheating AGAINguys we've been over this, getting raped doesnt count

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>>115113524Except I think that the person who wanted to keep them squeaky clean for Ianon was the same person who was interested in Professor Squawkencluck's butt. After all, when a thread that I presume was created by them was made to keep the explicit from Ianon, the main image was Squawk's butt.

Do you think the Danger Babies are going to get their own CBeebies spin-off like Roy did?

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>>115113667>the same person who was interested in Professor Squawkencluck's buttI'm pretty sure everyone apart from Ianon falls under that label, user

Yeah I'm all caught up

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>>115113857How to draw a danger mouse character:>draw furry in a bland, stiff pose>add wide soulless eyes>add big nose>add "quirky" tuft of hair>add "quirky" accessory

>>115113896No it doesn't, fucking squawkfag

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Too much Penfold. Waaaay too much Penfold.Also not enough Jeopardy Mouse.

>>115114348>No it doesn'tIncredible reading comprehension, penfag

>>115114348>>115114415>not taking the corgipillYou're both fags

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>>115114408This. I've lost count of all the episodes where he does something brave and supposedly becomes less of a coward. Does Penfold really need so much character development?

>>115114481>Giraffe Warriors 2 coming soon>Giraffe Warriors 7 already out by the Queen Weevil's debut episode

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>>115114757You noticed that and not the fact he's standing in front of his Danger Mouse creepshot wall in his profile pic?

>>115114861>Danger Mouse creepshot wallI'm still trying to comprehend that a living breathing thinking person unironically has one of these in real life

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>>115113590stiletto is a bean and i love him

>>115115205It was more of a conspiracy chart than a creepshot wall

>>115114572I have to agree on this.Surprisingly, Professor Squawkencluck doesn't get it as often as Penfold. Since this is a New 10s cartoon, you'd expect them to put the emphasis on the female character, but they didn't.

>>115114098>"I'm all caught up">Mouse RiseI feel sorry for you yanks

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>>115115536what do you mean?

>>115115459The show's director never shuts the fuck up about the new female characters. He's one of those woke types that focus more on the 'female' part and less on the 'character'

>>115115785I don't know where you got this from.

>>115115777Mouse Rise was the final episode of season 1. You're not caught up until you've seen The World Is Full Of Stuff which us loicense-having brits can watch thanks to the BBC iplayer. Also nice trips dude


>>115115867The only cringe phrase in that was referring to Jeopardy as "(thankfully female)" - and that was a remark by the journalist rather than the director.

>>115114481>>115114861If he's that shameless about wanting to fuck DM, just imagine what his timeline must look like

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Okay, just one thing I feel I need to mention about Professor Squawkencluck and her large butt — is this a common trend in cartoons, for the smart female character to have an oversized rear end? I swear I've seen it in several other cartoons.

>>115116120Sorry, I means the sensible female character.

>>115116120Making women smart AND sexy and eliminating any potential flaws in their character is empowering

>>115116088>wanting to fuck DMbruh he's 10 he doesn't even know what sex isit's just autism

>>115116120Don't question it bro just enjoy it

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>>115116300What is going on with that image quality? The ass is crisp but everything else looks like a shitty jpeg. Is that the show's blur effect? Lool

>>115116178Well Squawk isn't entirely flawless...

>>115116088>its all just self-insert slash fanfiction

I tried but it sucks.I really wanted to like it, but it's just so bland.

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>>115113857the elephant is so fucking cute>>115114163>soullesshow dare you

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>>115109842Avenger Penguins is better.

>>115112925The 1981 show was fucking crazy but ultimately not that memorable

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>>115116178I really don't understand how a large butt on a female character is empowering...

>>115116685It empowers my dick

>>115116300I really want to grab that screwdriver and poke her butt with it.

>>115116685It empowers my dick

>>115117003Ah fuck bad internet made me double post

>>115117003We get it. But the problem is that "strong female characters" are meant to stop that.

>>115116300The character designer must have known what he was doing.

>>115114481>tfw he could release a deadly virus on the population and watch the world burn from the safety of his moon base

>>115115205The virgin Sing gorilla tranny Vs the chad Ianon

How do you think Professor Squawkencluck would react if you told her about her large butt?

>>115117668It's a 50/50 coin flip of either flattered that you noticed or absolutely disgusted at you

>>115117413>IanonWhere is that autistic little shit anyway? Still depressed?

>>115114098>>115115849CBS All Access has both seasons of the reboot here.cbs.com/shows/danger-mouse/

>>115114481>Ianigger calling squawkposters fagslmao

>>115117727Danger Mouse would be the best character to tell her.

>>115113857I'd watch it

>>115118021Oh shit, didn't know that. Thanks

>>115118653You're welcome.

>>115118054I'm so sick of these retarded fucking buzzwords

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>>115118708Well I'm afraid 4chan is full of them.

>>115118920>ywn caress the professor's soft feathery rump>ywn play with her tailfeathers while she shyly teases you>ywn slide your hand further into her cheeks as she giggles and squeals for you to stop in case Danger Mouse barges in

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>>115117861I really hope he comes back because the only thread of his I actually caught was the one that started with Nero being dead and the reboot's Nero being a new Nero, I missed all the others and over time I've thought of so many questions to askFor instance isn't Danger Mouse's job is just a very high ranking police officer? What other jobs is he entrusted with when all the megalomaniacs are busy or in jail? Does he bust drug smugglers? Does he prevent acts of terrorism? Does he investigate child porn rings?I wanna know man

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>>115119077To be fair, Squawkencluck does canonically shake her butt when dancing.

>>115119292Not Ianon but I think in the original he was the prime minister's errand boy and got asked to buy her a new washing machine so he also had that going for him

>>115109842NO NEW EPISODES!

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>>115109842>over 14 months since the last new episode aired and not a peep from the BBC or seemingly anyone elseI think it's dead, Jim.Oh well, nice while it lasted.

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>>115119765Maybe we should contact one of the higher ups who worked on the show?