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>>115103838Brain: “You’ll cowards don’t even smoke crack”

>>115103890Hey user wanna make out?

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>>115104849>i apologize in advance if i inconvenience you!>it's not about youwhy do trannies do this?

>>115104849Can't wait for this thread to be derailed now that the trannie card has been played.


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>>115104895>>115104935Alright, you don't want Kate Leth cringe? Here's some Dobson, more Holla Forums oriented. Hope you enjoy.

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inb4 stonetoss

>>115103838whats wrong with weed?

>>115104963How does South Park get it's episodes done in less than a week, I know it's a bit more of a simplistic art style but that's such a difference in time that it's staggering

>>115104963Geeze, are all cartoonists so unprofessional or is it just the ones who blog in webcomic form? That's statement is true for 99% of all jobs and industries. Do you think Cocacola says "yeah, don't bother telling me about the strychnine that was contaminated into July's batch, tell me what I'm going to do next April if you don't want to be poisoned."

>>115104963why are milennial artists so fucking obnoxious, why do they think all criticism is a personal fucking attack? WHY are they artists in the first place if they have such thin skin?

>>115105035Dobson is a special breed, no other cartoonist is as defensive as him.

>>115104963I don't get his point, is criticism pointless? Should cartoon production go to another model if they want to get spectators feedback?

>>115104997South Park crunches their in-house team and does one episode at a time with an art style that has limited animation. They're also given the benefit of being able to do whatever the fuck they want, Comedy Central doesn't really monitor them. More traditional pipelines have a whole process. Scripts and designs have to be approved by higher ups. Animation is being shipped to Korea which has to go through the stage of rough, clean, and color. Multiple episodes are being worked on at the same time.

>>115104963I have so many problems with this comic

>>115105035>Dobson>MilenialIsn't he in his late 30s or something?

>>115104963>user actually backed out on his own stealth Holla Forums bait and brought the thread back to being Holla ForumsHuh, impressive...

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>>115105092Elaborate them

>>115105077I see, thanks for the explanation user!

>>115104849Bitch I can't even remember most people's names how the fuck do you think I'll remember what flavor of noun they want

>>115105094And? So are most millennials, the group includes people born from 1981 to 1996.

>>115104963He's kind of addressing a problem that doesn't exist. Fans discuss and criticize amongst themselves. No one's literally expecting the actual animators to show up and say "shit, you're right, we'll go back and redo the whole thing".

>>115105179Welp, then many of the math teacher I got in the university were milenials and they were chill people, so I think Dobson is just an obnoxious cunt

>>115104963>Dobsonopinion discarded

>>115105136Here's a nice look into their process, if you're interestedyoutube.com/watch?v=qgkbiVURAlQ

>>115105220Most people from any generation are chill people. Most negative generalizations for all generations are complete bullshit that only applies to a vocal minority of dumbasses.

>>115104963There's something creepy about Dobson using Rebecca Sugar as HIS vocal mouth piece.

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>>115105295why is he so condescending

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>>115105314He perceives that he works harder than most people and therefore deserves praise despite doing jack shit with his life.

>>115105295As much as I hate dobson, he has a point in here, the thing is SU is not really an example of "many artists doing their own style for the same show and characters" they were just making mistakes.

>>115105295there's a difference between different studios / different artists and no consistency imagine a tv show where they cast a similar but different actor for each episode; it would be really distracting

>>115105372>imagine a tv show where they cast a similar but different actor for each episode; it would be really distractingYeah, I'll fucking say.

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>>115105372Actually a pretty good analogy. What many shows do in terms of changes in animation style is the equivalent of the main character in a show changing styles of clothing. What SU does is like keeping the normal actor for a few episodes then swapping them out with a midget for another episode.

>>115105035they crave the criticism and hate, it's attentionsame goes for other things besides just art these days

>>115105314What is even condescending in that? Affirmative sentences?Do you want them to add 'in my opnion' in front of every sentence??

>>115104849>just remembered the whole New Guy thing this year started with

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>>115105372Exactly. The fact he can point out the difference between studios shows that within each there is consistency. As for the studio that makes SU, it’s impossible. No distinct style other than shitty output.

>>115104963Is Dobson trying to imply he's part of the animation industry, as if he's talking about his peers here? My money's on creators like Sugar or Ward having no clue who Dobson is.

>>115104849>sorry if I make a mistake>shut up and stop making mistakesgood think I don't humor that stupid gender shit so I don't have to worry about slipping up

Well Holla Forums?

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>>115105670I don't give a shit about the meds but cis kids don't force me to learn a whole new set of pronouns or get extremely triggered

>>115105670those are some long arms

>>115105094Yes user, that is a millennial.

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>>115105670Because the medication wasn't accompanied with brainwashing children into thinking they were "born as the wrong gender".Think of all the older tomboys/girls who would've been designated trans if they were born today.

>>115105670i want to beat it up and bully it so it hates me more than it hates itself so maybe itll stop being such a fucking pain.thats what i think

>>115104849I genuinely don't understand what this is going for. It's like a worse version of that "two comic strips" Dark Knight comic.

>>115104849“Own Culture”, or the desire for people to dunk on the “bad guys”, is going to poison any possibility for changing people’s minds on social issues.

>>115105670What blockers are they referring to?

>>115105670See I'm actually pro-trans but I don't get the point of the comic. Why not provide a citation? Why not actually explain how hormones/hormone blockers for children work and why prescribing them is safe? Why not try and assuage these good-faith concerns from fence-sitters rather than write them all off as bad-faith transphobes? Why is Sophie so fucking stupid?


>>115106133It's not a comic meant to persuade or reason. It's meant to preach to the choir and make them feel happy about having an argument they've been sorting out be presented in a very straightforward and colorful way. Good or bad faith doesn't matter, it's just not concerned with concerns.

>>115106158I mean that kind of makes sense but I still can't wrap my head around it. I mean, it's not even telling a joke!


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>>115106243That’s TJ Kirk, though.

>>115106158I have yet to see these comics really circulate through the trans woke-o-sphere past 2015. I'm pretty sure its purely Holla Forums cringe threads that keeps this shitty webcomic alive.

>>115106243>you support this group of people? not after I show you this picture of how ugly they are!>yes that is indeed an ugly person now I will no longer support a cause I previously supported for I dont want to associate with ugly people actual child...

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>>115106263It's one of the highest earning comics on Patreon.

>>115106243Friendly reminder that he got beaten up by the dad of the tranny he was dating because a troll sent the dad that infamous video of him pouring hot cooking oil all over his micropecker.

>>115106305Really? I didn't even know there was a Patreon.

>>115105473>2020 is the year we make fun of trannies

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>>115106133>Why is Sophie so fucking stupid?It was her choice

>>115106404you - I like you


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>>115106133>Why not provide a citation?Because there is none, the whole thing is just untested and has no known long-term effects. The problem is that the trans issue became political when it should have remained medical and thus any actual research into it is torpedoed by activists. Doesn't help that a lot of what is identified as "gender dysphoria" may be simply depression or homosexuality. Hence the higher number of suicides or retransitioning for trans people who transitioned as kids compared to adult transitions.

>>115105460Amerimutts do that.

>>115104849I legitimately don't get this comic.How the fuck is block head supposed to be the antagonist here? He's being honest and polite. He didn't say anything transphobic and he's going to try his BEST not to make the mistake of mixing the identity of the fucker who has chicken scratch as a name. If it's anyone being a snooty inconsiderate fuckhead it's the circle headed cunt for being condescending and even downright intimidating.Is the comic trying to parody rude stuck up bitches who are like the circle head? Or is the author that unaware of how that attitude only scares off people who could have supported your cause? Fucking hell

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>>115107468There's been this weird mentality that has been pushed onto millennials and Gen Z lately that basically boils down to if you live life for yourself, you're an asshole.>If you don't have some misery in your life, how are you gonna be a funny comedian or a good artist?>If your friend has a problem and you think about how that affects you, you're a selfish asshole!>If you watch bad stuff happen around you and don't try to prevent it, you're just as bad as the person doing the bad stuff.>You need to realize everything you say and do affects people, so if people take it the wrong way, you are to blame. You need to take responsibility for what your fanbase/audience does. And things like that.

>>115107468Nobody is the antagonist, it's just trying to say that the person is the same, only the pronoun has changed. Like if your faggy ass friend finally decides to comes out, but you don't wanna be seen as homophobic so you act incredibly awkward around said friend

>>115107541>>If you don't have some misery in your life, how are you gonna be a funny comedian or a good artist?Happy artists can happen, but best comedy comes from a place of misery. That's why comedians don't get funny until they're at least 40. That's also why women comedians whinge so much, because they think their material is hot shit when in reality they mostly get by on looks and they don't have the experience yet.

>>115107632>but best comedy comes from a place of misery.Wrong. That's exactly the kind of mentality that poisons people into thinking the only way to be great or "the best" is to be miserable. It's one of the shittiest ideas to push on people. Tricking people that the best art is born from hating your life is shit that an actual devil would push onto people.

>>115106037Anyone have any more like this? I love feeling miserable.

>>115107707You don't need to experience misery, but it sure helps. Rather you should push misery on your comedic subject.Some of the most popular comedic shows and movies in the world are about a character who has troubles piling up on them, usually by their own fault. Best example is Fawlty Towers.Others take things that annoy or upset people and dial them up to 11. AVGN's whole concept is that someone would get so angry at a bad video game that they start ranting expletives and chimping out. Similarly Louis CK with his routine about how doctors no longer care once their patient turns 40.Even the comedic simpleton Karl Pilkington says his thoughts often come from a feeling of sadness or confusion and the comedy comes from his inability to express them and his literal mind.

>>115105326Its not so much cringe as much as it is horny.

>>115107848>but it sure helpsAgain, fuck no. For every popular comedian that has had a successful career on misery, there are just as many who have had successful careers without it. Best example of that: Jerry Seinfeld. Dude's got almost a billion dollars for making, "What's the deal with....?" jokes. You've fallen for the same trappings as other people who believe, "Being miserable creates the best art!". It's just not fucking true at all. Just because people are able to make great art from misery does not mean we need to push the idea that misery is the key to great art.

>>115103890Good /mu/ joke, I doubt Holla Forums will understand

>>115107922Seinfeld is bland and inoffensive and he's more of an exception than the rule. And it's not like his TV show didn't have people creating misery for themselves and people around them.

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>>115107950Except you don't have to be miserable to work on Seinfeld. In fact, there's a lot of stories you can tell that you're able to tell without having a shitty upbringing. The idea that the best art is all born from misery is a flat out lie and a horrible idea to convince the public is true.

>>115107545It makes alittle more sense now that you put it that way, but the comic still gives off this weird feeling that the block head is supposed to be the in the wrong while the circle head is the one who's in the right despite the fact the block head objectively approaches the situation in a humble and respectful manner while admitting to being prone to a very human mistake as the circle head ironically comes across as the one being inconsiderate and threatening

>>115106048Yeah all five of them.

>>115107545That's not the same at all. It would be more like if your friend you've known for years changed their name and you said, "Oh, I might accidentally say their old name, I hope that's alright, it's gonna take a bit to get used to because I've been calling them this other name for years." and the person covers your mouth and just says to do it.It's really fucking off-putting.

>>115107468Some people just want to call themselves persecuted to justify their toxic attitude.

>>115104849yeahhh I gonna stop reading the thread here

>>115108011You're just mad because you live a milquetoast life and have nothing interesting to say.

>>115108107>H-heh heh! You live a boring life and make nothin! Meanwhile, I'm suicidal and make $1,000 a month at the local Comedy Club if I'm lucky!Ok, pal. Keep telling yourself you need to suffer in order to have a story to tell.

>>115106133The FDA recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 “serious” reactions in patients who took the hormone blocker known as Lupron — the same drug given to children who say their gender identity is not consistent with their biological sex. Complications related to the drug’s use include malignant tumors, cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and blood clots, suicidal behavior, lowered IQ, psychological disorders, brittle bones, painful joints, and sterility.

>>115107468Block head is the antagonist for not saying "No." in the second panel.

>>115108558>suicidal behavior, lowered IQ, psychological disordersWho would have guessed.

>>115107940fuck you I get the joke

>>115106133Thanks a lot for immediately saying you're pro-trans so i know the entire post is not worth reading

>>115104849My pronoun is God.Respect it or die, shitstains!


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>>115106133Questioning anything at all? DIE IN A FIRE CISNORMATIVE SCUM.Point being, you're 'pro-trans- because you've never met an NPD person IRL, so don't know how to deal with that whole bullshit. And don't know that that - in a nutshell - is transactivists.But in yet shorter form, 'sophie' is that fucking stupid because 'she' is entirely representative. Welcome to the wake-up pill, enjoy your stay in reality m80.



>>115105670>And the source cited is the author's ass

>>115106037Wow, this is so sad and considering how he describes his anecdote, he clearly got over it.

>>115107940everyone knows viper

When a man in a straight-jacket walks up and claims to be Arthur, King of the Britons, you don't buy into his delusion by calling him "Your Majesty." We aren't helping these people by catering to their mental illness.


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>>115107632Women just aren't funny because they don't understand struggle. It's not about misery, it's about experience.


>>115104849sorry if I don't want to deny basic fucking science. I'm willing to admit human caused climate change, the least you can do is admit basic biological absolutes.

>>115110559>hanging out with an obnoxiously difficult personFuck that.

>>115106133It's Stonetoss but for the left. It's not meant to convince anyone. It's there to get asspats from already likeminded individuals who'll say "lol so true" and post it on their facebooks/twitters/whatever for social group points.

>>115110559You even removed the sweat drops, you absolute legend.

>>115110655What science you don't know shit.

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>>115111086That there are X chromosomes and Y chromosomes and that what ever combo your paired with determines your sex.Its pretty basic user.

>>115111115another one of em 'muh chromosomes'

>>115110813>It's Stonetoss but for the leftstonetoss occasionally attempts jokes at leastthe joke might be nigga stole my bike but at least it's a jokethe transgender comics are 100% straight, no pun intended

>>115111280>stonetoss occasionally attempts jokefixed that for you

>>115111163Another one of them science denying faggots eh?

>>115107468>is the author that unaware of how that attitude only scares off people who could have supported your cause?trannies have this weird mindset of "we don't NEED you to support us! That's patronizing!" only to make a huge scene when they don't get representation/head pats/whatever.

>>115105017It's a passive-aggressive way to say "fuck you" by imposing impossible requirements for feed back."Tell me that last year" indeed

>>115105357he also points out the flaw in his logic in his own comic. Even if they added their unique flair, artists working on animaniacs had a base model to work off. On SU they literally just worked off memory.

>>115106133This comic isn't pro-trans, it's anti-cis. It's about you being the bad guy for keeping the same genitalia you've been born with.

>>115104849This just seems like a cautionary tale that you simply can't please these people.

>>115111291>blacks commit crimes>trannies kill themselvesthat's at least 2 jokes

>>115104849So some faggot decided he is not a "he" anymore, why the fuck should it be anyone else's problem? Why people even allow this?

>>115107545Nothing block head says contests the idea that they are the same. They are just explaining that they accept the change and will try to be courteous. This is somehow interpreted as it being 'all about them', as if the circle headed character is willfully ignoring core subject matter and context.

>>115110559Better use this face pic related

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>>115111459Hi my name is Jim but I changed my name to John, can you call me that from now on?

>>115110626Wait... are those fat male tits or fat female tits? I'm confused.

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>>115111517This meme is fucking ancient, lmao.

>>115111163It's true, cope

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>>115104849So do passive aggressive people really just touch other people's faces when they are angry, or is this just something they wish they could do?

>>115111533No problem, just don't get all offended and crazy if I accidentally use old name.

>>115104849what if

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>>115111560But it fits here perfectly

>>115111730Your dream sounds retarded.People who oppose your political beliefs will always exist.

>>115111730It goes both ways. Go to Holla Forums preaching your crazy fetishes.

>>115104895Because "It's not about you" is their entire life philosophy.

>>115111589Something they wish they could do.

>>115105326I need you to explain why this is cringe.

>>115112032funny considering theyre the most self centered group of professional victims i've ever seen.

>>115111092This isn't cringe, this is hilarious.

>>115111638>so yeah, X is a national socialist nowyou could have just stopped there


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>>115104997If I remember correctly, to keep the construction paper aesthetic, they have a whole bunch of digital assets that can just be dragged and dropped and animate paths can be traced on rather easily.The analogy used was a bulldozer to build a sandcastle.It's why they were able to change the episode after the 16 election so quickly.

>>115106772>any actual research into it is torpedoed by activistsPeople say that a lot but in almost every case they cute as an example the research is torpedoed by ethics boards, not activists. And it's not like those ethics boards are all magically co-opted by trans activists, usually their rulings are pretty consistent with scientific ethical standards that have existed for decades.


>>115109119>you've never met an NPD person IRLExcept I'm actually pretty familiar with NPD thanks to having an NPD member of my family. I know intimately what NPD looks like. I also know a great many trans people and I can confirm that no, they are not at all alike.

>>115112307No you don't understand they're in on it too. Everyone who disagrees with my viewpoints is part of some jewish cabal of megasatans. Only Holla Forums knows the truth because they're based and redpilled.

>>115106037This is actually sad

>>115111730I'll go back to Holla Forums when I lose interest in cartoons and shitty webcomics. Until that day comes, you're stuck with me, faggot.

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>>115104895Because it's all about them.

>>115111457>Jews are bad, muh 6 gorillionWe are up to 3

>>115103890His latest vaporwave album was unironically great.

>>115103838Michael Reeves, pls.

>>115111638Hard try

>>115112142>The creator of the algorithm that changed online content foreverWhat is he talking about?

>>115111804If you think the problem most people have with Holla Forums is just that they have different political beliefs you are either very new or very retarded.

>>115112717also a Holla Forums tourist from Holla Forums. only because the real world is so boring lately. once cartoons become boring too i'll just go back there or to Holla Forums.

>>115106037They went to school with the pimp from Taxi Driver?

>>115113031Most people here use Holla Forums.


>>115113099People wouldn't need to use Holla Forums if people didn't force faggotry into cartoons meant for kids

>>115111115No user, that determines sex in humans. Sex across all species is determined by which sexual reproduction strategy they use. The dominate "many smaller fast moving gametes with little to no nutrients" which is so successful all other strategies have to play around it. The "big stationary gamete with lots of nutrients." And the very rare but not completely extinct "same ish gametes that balance nutrition, mobility, and count".Chromosome disorders don't have any effect on gender it's all about what gametes you have.

>>115113095Cartoons have been pretty boring lately. Just waiting for the next season of Amphibia or Kipo.I'll return to Holla Forums around the debates. It'll be fun to watch Trump and Biden babble at each other with you bros.

>>115113133How are creators "forcing" LGBT content into cartoons when it's their cartoon to begin with?

>>115113099So fucking what, if most people from here frequently used /mlp/ would that make it ok to post horse shit in every thread. Shit like this thread has killed this board. There are over 160 replies in this fucking thread and a strong majority of them are dedicated to trannies. News flash asshole, most people don't give a shit about trannies but normal people don't obsess about it 24/7, instead of a decent thread for webcomics we are stuck with yet another tranny hate thread because you Holla Forumstards are so easily triggered by even the slightest mention of trannies.

>>115113129sorry, meant *vast majority

>>115113194Gender and sex are the same thing, the separation of the two terms is a relatively recent change pushed by sociologists that have mistaken themselves for scientists

>>115113297>vast majorityhehhhhehhehh

>>115113206I can see 2 ways. 1. The studio or creative head demands some kind of lgbt inclusion for a headline to promote their new project, ie Disneys constant stream of 'first gay characters'.2. The director, or one of the staff includes it not out of some grand creative vision but for some other reason. Could be 'political commentary' could be a show runner/show gets accused of homophobia and quickly pairs too side characters up to go 'look look see I'm hip, I'm woke.'There's also the whole last minute lesbians thing but for each example the problems with it are unique to the show, asside from being generally underdeveloped. In Kora it came out of no where and is kinda fucked up considering their past romantic fuckery. In Adventure time it was set up decently but people were more mad they got a resolution while Fin got sidelined.

>>115111638Nice.No higher brain functions involved, that's a crime, JUST DO IT.


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>>115113354How is the mere existence of LGBT characters "propaganda"?

>>115113370I never separated gender and sex user, I only explained what the actual determiner for sex is. We don't use chromosomes cause those are inconsistent across species and prone to mutations. Gametes are equally unchangeable but far more consistent.

>>115113452because they're obviously shoving an agenda in front of the audiences face and trying to tell them that their perspective on the "lgbts" is the correct one. not everyone likes the 2% of the population that identifies as mentally ill sexual deviants and never will. do you even know what propoganda means?

>>115104963SU is a terrible example of this because it lasted nearly a decade and they never bothered to address issues people had with fucking season one

>>115113370Not just that, the founder of such division was a pedo who made twins do sex acts 'to see if gender!=sex "lol"'.

>>115113354Every form of media every created by humanity has been at some point used by somebody to push an agenda. Everybody on this site is aware of the fact that in recent years mainstream media has been used to push far-leftist ideas. We don't need 100 threads a week to remind ourselves of that. Alternatively, if you really think we do need another thread to reaffirm the well-known fact that SJW media is trash then go make that thread. Its the constant derailment of unrelated threads that people hate, not the discussion itself.

>>115113452Portraying a predatory suicide cult like the transgender movement as merely a "lifestyle choice", or even worse, victims when they're the victimizers, is most definitely propaganda.


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>>115113471>We don't use chromosomes cause those are inconsistent across speciesThey aren't inconsistent between humans who are all members of the same species you fucking dimwit. In humans sex chromosomes determine sex and by extension gender.

>>115113480So the idea that LGBT people exist and deserve the same fundamental respect given to everyone else is too much for you? It's a bridge too far?

>>115113521Yes, pedo.

>>115113497the guy who did those experiments wasnt the inventor of the concept, he just believed in it and tried to perpetuate the idea that gender can be learned and forced unto an individual if anything he proved that its something you're born with, which rational trannies have tried convincing people for ages until clown world happened and set the lgbt community several decades back

>>115113502>a predatory suicide cult like the transgender movementGot any citations for that claim?

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>>115105326>>115111092Hello new friends :)

>>115113284Maybe if you faggots stopped screeching "GO BACK TO Holla Forums!" at every single little joke or meme, then maybe Holla Forumsfags wouldn't try so hard to get responses. We have an invasion of Stonetoss "LOL" threads that only get responses because retards fall for the bait and get offended. I'm sick of the off topic politics too, but responding to "le tranny!!1!" posters is not going to solve it. Ultimately comics, cartoons, vidya, and movies have all become highly politicized with social issues and "gender" politics, so it's unfortunately natural that discussions within boards pertaining to these topics will contain politics.>instead of a decent thread for webcomics This is a cringe thread, it was never going to be decent.

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>>115113543your behavior

>>115113521Nobody lynches fags or hunts trannies or whatever. They get in the everyones face themselves then cry when told to fuck off.

>>115113527So you hold an extreme minority viewpoint that is totally out of step with your surroundings and then go online to bitch and moan even further about how you have to see things you personally disagree with?

>>115113480To be clear, nigger here is an edge case who lumps all 'opting out of reproducing' persons as mentally ill.Nah.LGB, fuck 'em - or don't - but they're not a problem. Personal choice.It's the T faggots who advocate chopping of essential bits of themselves to literal children, at the slightest amount of adolescent angst, that are crim pushers. Homos, suck a dick once and you can walk back from that.Trannies, chop a dick off? *No* walking that back.

>>115113520leftwats entire ideology depends on ignoring biological reality. its funny considering theyre all the same people who fake that whole DURR I FUCKIN LOVE SCIENCE TYPES NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON AND BILL NYE ARE MY GAY DADS grating ass personality

>>115113554Writing this many words is cringe

>>115113549This dude so cowardly loser he couldn't just not wear a condom, he had to be sneaky.

>>115113452Devil's advocate, in the same way any character that's explicitly labeled as something is propaganda. Imagine a show where theres one black character and everyone in the show explicitly labeles him as black. In that show he's also a lieing, stealing, manipulate, stupid, perverted, rapist. Could that not be counted as propaganda of some kind? In the same vain if you give you villain a face and tie them explicitly to a real world group aren't you makeing a political statement especially if you don't have a counter balance also from the same group. The principal should then work in reverse, haveing exactly one member of a group and showing them in exclusively good lights must also be a kind of propaganda.


Attached: 1589954367530.jpg (700x642, 89.81K)

>>115113582Stop preying on little boys, pedo.

>>115105372>imagine a tv show where they cast a similar but different actor for each episode; it would be really distractingThat actually sounds hilarious. If they leaned into that, it could be an incredible running gag.

>>115113597being on Holla Forums is cringe

>>115113554I never fucking said go back to Holla Forums, don't use strawmen in your arguments. You conceded my one and only argument which was the derailment of threads with unrelated political shit is annoying, and it goes both ways.

>>115106133>I'm actually pro-transYou might deny or not even realize it, but you are an evil person.

>>115113564>Nobody lynches fags or hunts trannies or whatever.I mean there's plenty of resources out there documenting anti-LGBT hate crimes and high profile attempts at allowing anti-LGBT discrimination (remember the Bathroom laws?) so I'd say you pretty much have no idea what you're talking about and only resent LGBT people because you feel personally inconvenienced by their struggles.

>>115113520>>115113596Anons you fucking idiots did you think gametes corilate to something else other than two sexes? Going by chromosomes is scientifically inaccurate and creates mutant 3rd genders, going by gametes is what most biologists actually use and eliminates all other genders except in mono gender species.

>>115113543Sure, just check out the /tttt/ board.

>>115113638>Everyone who doesn't agree with me is a pedophileLmfao

>>115113596Only in Burgenland is an entier political ideology condensed to gender identity.

>>115113450Distracted by depression, probably.Seriously, what on earth is this trying to accomplish?

>>115113669Anon buy a gun, never feel threatened agian. Also. >remember the Bathroom lawsYou could argue the purity of it but the principal argument behind those pushes were not explicitly anti trans.

>>115113669Ok, I had to write "only a few idiots per million lynches fags" but you would nitpick anyway so fuck off.

>>115111533False equivalence.

>>115109677Dear lord that video. It’s fine as is but the multiple distorted versions of that one clip was a bit much.

>>115113702Anon there isn't wrong.Sexual predators spend years in seminary school to get access to little children, this 'self identification' business is mana from heaven for them.100% the result, 0.002% the effort

>>115113543Certain trans individuals and groups have an active role trying to recruit people into their condition, the most infamous examples can be found on discord. Transgenderism is a suicide cult cause they have high rates of suicide.

>>115113669why do you fags think you're the only people in the world that have suffered hate crimes, you don't even make the top 10even white people are victims of more hate crimes per capita than you freaks. being beaten by your abusive wife isn't the same as a hate crime.

>>115113781Saddest part is, they're not a particularly effect suicide cult.An effect one burns itself out faster than it can spread...

>>115113807>An effect one burns itself out faster than it can spread...See you say that but stats in a lot of the western world say they're growing faster than they're dieing.

You know, I think a lot of the problem isn't actually with the people themselves but the fact that the issue has to be addressed at all.Most people don't give a fuck unless the issue actively involves them, and now that it does they're 'forced to have an opinion' on it.

>>115113872Yeah, that's my point.In fairness I forgot to complete the word 'effective', but by effective I mean where we get the koolaid meme from.Those cultists were super successful, if only every cult could be the same.

>>115113689Anon, a gamete is one of two cells that fuses to create a Zygote, they alone do not determine sex, like at all. An egg cell or a sperm cell are gametes. But its the combination of the sex chromosomes in each of these cells that determine what sex the zygote will be. Try actually researching shit before making it up.

>>115113900If you have any female relatives at all, it affects you.Expected to walk back 19th century advances to allow some hairy a0es into their spaces, when stats lean heavily towards those hyaiey apes being rapists etc.."Not all guys", sure, but a fair percentage of dude who'd be keen to push such boundary?In fairness, half the battle is self-ID laws making it trivial for sex predators to go 'hey imma be clever to get access to my targets'. 30% of the battle is encouragement of delusion - 'professional' - quackery. 20%, that's where the 'not all trans are like that' anons exists.

>>115113746>idiotsWhy are you insulting yourself, user?

>>115113781Do you have a single citation to back this up?

>>115114213>citationsWe don't use those here user.

>>115114213>scientists being prepared to commit career suicide by questioning such a large vociferous cultUnless they're on the outside anyway, and then you'd just say they're neonazis anyway.Systemic bias within academia for fear of punitive reprisals is a known thing, user.Funny, because trans-whatevers claim gold in oppression olympics but those that could really qualify for gold don't have a highly funded network to back them up. Funny, that.

>>115113971Anon you absolutely creiten I don't give a shit what sex the zygote will be, what gamete you have determines your sex more reliably than chromosomes

>>115114213Did you want me to find the discord or find the suicide statistics?

>>115114342BioAnon here has a point.Aren't there creatures out there with, like, 50 different sex chromosomes? Yet it boils down to which plugs into what neh.

>>115114342So prepubescent children are sexless?

>>115114342There is not a single fertile person on the face of planet earth that doesn't have the proper combination of sex chromosomes user. Intersex people are fucking sterile for a reason.

>>115114395You know what? Let's run with it.Yes.Don't sex the children, it's *entirely* frowned on.

>>115114395Only from a needlessly reductive perspective. In most species sex determination happens even before sexual maturity from partially developed sexual characteristics. If you have immature testicles I can be certain you will probably develop into the 'male' of the species.

>>115114453Anon I never said otherwise, I'm just saying it's a more efficient method of sexing someone. What do you think my point is?

>>115114459>Don't sex the childrenlefties say this while also being the most likely people to be talking about the sexual identity of underage children at any given point in time.

>>115114541>user playing straight bat in a shitpost threadI'm saying don't fuck children, you cretin.

>>115114618Purchase a thesaurus and stop reusing the same insult. And learn to speak English so that people can understand you.

>>115104849it's almost like its hard not to call someone a they because in English 'they' means more than one, and is improper grammar.

Attached: POOP.jpg (985x905, 850.27K)

>>115114674>puns and other wordplay is supposed to be about not inviting the double entendreThread's gone to shit, the fuck does any of this have to do with Holla Forums..? Really.Making a joke of it is actually slightly less a shitpost than unironically delving deepest on Holla Forums vs. Holla Forums shit m8.

>>115114313>>scientists being prepared to commit career suicide by questioning such a large vociferous cultWhich one are you?a) anti-vaxxerb) creationistc) climate change denialistd) Flat Earther

>>115114899Nah nigga I just eat poop

>>115114899'Stress' ulcers.Oh yeah and lobotomies as gr8st l8st treatment. That too.'B-but we're past that!'...Evidently not.

>>115114313Are basic scientific ethics boards a part of this "large vociferous cult"? Because they're the ones saying no to the research, not the public.>>115114361If you could find actual concrete evidence of these discords that would be a start.


>>115114999STFU nigga just eat poop

>>115114999They're one's vulnerable to "TRANSPHOBIAAAAA11!1!!1" attacks, so while not part of it themselves they are vulnerable.This is what 30 years of suppressing good science looks like. 'Transing' children.Will be fucked off in the end.


>>115105670that's not a comic, just a picture


>>115115085You have no idea what ethics boards do, do you? Because it's a key cornerstone of scientific ethics not to permit research that could be weaponized against marginalized and vulnerable groups. If a proposal could possibly be used to malign or demean transgender people no ethics board in the civilized world would approve of it.

>>115115345Where's the ethics board decision on enabling schizophrenia, user?To not encourage their alternate take on reality is demeaning, maligning even.Where. The. Fuck. Is. It?Or are not all ethics the same?

>>115114999Alright the /sissy/ discord that came from /gif/ and tried to infect /r9k/

>>115106301But that's not even a trans person user. That's the Amazing Atheist.


Attached: big_arm.png (832x672, 1.41M)

>>115114541lefties talk about sexualityrighties simply rape

>>115107765I'll post a couple

Attached: 14.jpg (800x510, 218.27K)

Attached: 1.jpg (800x487, 218.17K)

Attached: 26.jpg (800x516, 187.8K)

>>115113762youtu.be/xbp1D7iKqwAIt was the best shit in the world, user.

Attached: 32.jpg (800x501, 212.56K)

>>115115850yes, lefties groom children into believing they want to be fucked in the ass before they actually do it.

>>115115911>>115115942wait, what is this comic series about? these seem way less sad than the others

Attached: 83.jpg (800x509, 175.51K)

>>115115880Why would someone make up a story like this? No parent in the fucking room would let random ass kids into their kids room then just shut the door. Its always so easy to spot people that make up stories to try to seem like victims. What probably happened was he stole something that belonged to the other kids, they came asking for it, and his dad came into his room and took the thing back and this is how he was "bullied in his own room".

>>115113450Does the author know that people who actually suffers depression don't usually have the things he listed in the comic?

>>115113549I still don't understand if he made this on purpose to tell a joke or if he's actually this big of a pussy

>>115113549That's actually pretty funny


Attached: cr1nge.jpg (480x560, 53.55K)

>>115111730Yeah, this is pretty cringe, but it's not a webcomic.

>>115116018Did you know that literally anyone can suffer from depression because sometimes its literally brain chemical imbalances? Doesn't matter what you have. People can have everything in the world and still be fucked up in the head user.

>>115113099Dude pol fucking sucks, I use K and mu too but theres no way I'm gonna hang out in a fucking right wing hugbox.

>>115115983The title of the comic series is Pathetic Geek Stories, started in 1993 it used to be featured in The Onion until 2004, then ran intermittently on its own website until 2008

>>115116219It's not a hugbox is the more controversial the opinion, the more visibility it gets.

>>115111730>being so neurotic you dream about Holla ForumsypsLiterally rent-free at this point

>>115113781>40% isn't real if we just think trans people aren't realhow convinient

>>115111804>talk with commie friend: decent talk banter and i dont feel like shit afterwards >talk with Holla Forums: feel my brain crumbling

>>115115850Yes, keep on denying reality. Keep that chant up to the gallows pole

>>115111804opposition isn't the issue, your sheer retardation is

>>115116436/pol/ is fun, relaxing shitposting.Holla Forums is wondering what horrible things have to go wrong in your life to end up being a marxist tranny.

Why do so many anons use so much of their time and energy thinking about and discussing such a small fraction of the population? It's such an odd thing to be obsessed about.

Attached: 1427766902710.jpg (543x549, 72.79K)

>>115116777People are retarded, user.

>>115116271the hugbox is the replies. everyone can see your post, but as soon as they click on it they'll see 200+ replies of essentially the same exact name-calling

>>115116531sounds like your brain is just wired a certain way if you can have fun on one but only see boogeymen in the other

>>115115026They changed her voice actor like every fucking game in the original trilogy

>>115116006I could see my parents doing this in a way, but not to total strangers. I live in a small town where my dad was born and so he was friends with a lot of other dads in the area. Most of them have chill kids but a few were total dickheads. If one of them came over and asked to come to my room to "play" I have no doubt it could have turned out like that comic.

>>115117121Actually I do have a story on this. One day some random ass kid I didn't know wanted to come over to my house and hang out, turns out his dad was a childhood friend of my dad. The kid wasn't malicious but was a complete spazz and ended up trashing most of my legos and I just kind of had to deal with it. The kid's dad was also kind of a spastic retard, he borrowed and crashed my dad's car. I'm not sure why we associate with them.


Attached: 21FF78F2-1731-4785-9828-C25D42A7914E.jpg (1300x1083, 77.55K)

>>115116531The right leaning stuff on Holla Forums isn't just shitposting. There is some legitimate incel rage and racists on there who mean everything they say about race wars, women not having rights, ect.Its just as cringe as Holla Forums. Two sides of the same shit covered coin.

>>115117349>being a centristlmao

>>115117600>hateing extremist retards>must be a centristWhat's it like having an IQ lower than room temp?

>>115115942the real issue is the tagger saying that zeppelin sucks

>>115115481That's not a citation, that's a rumor. A citation would mean actually some proof that this supposed discord existed beyond a few 4chan posts alleging it did. >>115116531Notice how he didn't say Holla Forums, he said "his commie friend". In other words he talks to people who don't get their personal politics from fucking mongolian basket weaving sites.


Attached: 1590006775920.jpg (1570x1440, 601.55K)

>>115104963I know Hirsh already has a punch able face but Dobson's somehow makes him look even more smug.

>>115117641ok fence sitter

>>115117349I'm pretty rightist and am on Holla Forums a lot but I feel like the shit like that is just shitposting. If those people are serious, they've got some real problems but either way it's funny to me

Attached: 1589142782758.gif (426x240, 1.07M)

>>115106037>be new kid>get a cool nickname like Roach>be fat autist instead of funny cool fat guyGuy ruined it for himself.

>>115104849>completely rational response>nooo your still the bad guylol

>>115106133I wouldn't call myself 'pro trans' but I also don't give a fuck what you want me to call you. If we're friends and it makes you comfortable, and it doesn't hurt me, why would I care? But all the fictional characters saying "trans rights" and comics like this are so fucking awful. There's genuinely such a huge stroke of vileness in the LGBT community. You can be an attack helicopter all you want just don't bother me about itIn reality it doesn't matter what someone does if it isn't hurting other people. You can be gay, just don't be a faggot about it

Attached: feelsgoodman.jpg (300x233, 9.93K)

>>115106037He had the chance to play himself off as normal and ruined it by screaming in front of a crowd and forcing people to apologize to him. I love the artstyle though

>>115117069Yes, nonwhites larping as white nationalists is fun, marxism is just cringe

>>115116006I think it's implied this happened awhile ago. I mean, stuff like this (not the bullying, just letting kids hangout with eachother) still probably happens a lot in suburban neighborhoods. It's not that hard to believe user.

>>115117949The problem here is thinking that all trannies want is for you to use their pronouns.Trannies will utterly ruin any group that they're tolerated in, no matter what the group was about previously.

>>115118031I think you have a confirmation bias, user. I've spoken to people with the stupid flag profile pictures and they haven't done anything wrong to me. If they did, i'd just block them and shut off the friendship. In fact, i'd wager that my experiences with them have been a lot more positive than negative. I don't disagree with the fact that there's a lot of bad shit in the community and that most of these people are probably fucked in the head somewhere but you've also got to keep an open mind and realize that humans are humans and they're all going to think and act differently. Your continued push to try and levy your argument against an entire group of people just tells me that you aren't very socially aware or emotionally mature.


Attached: you're not depressed.png (351x2613, 1.05M)

>>115117792Imagine unironically being so much of a fence sitter than you're an extremist.This meme was made by off-the-compass game

>>115118091>comic while insensitive attempts to say 'look at the bright side of life'>some faggot just rewrites and edits it to make it more depressingThat's loser tier shit. Imagine spending your time to make it

>>115118070Oh look, it's the "there are totally normal trannies you just don't notice them" lie.Wanting to be a girl is the least serious of their insane issues.

>>115118126It's all based from personal experiences. If you haven't had any actual interactions with these groups aside from you throwing random Holla Forums buzzwords at them to made them mad because your an epic edgy 4chan troller, then it's hard to take what you say seriously. Forget emotionally mature, your straight up emotionally stunted. It's never too late to try being nice user

Attached: 34.jpg (800x495, 195.3K)

>>115113549that wasn't that bad

Attached: 21.jpg (800x502, 600K)


>>115104849Enough about you lets talk about me

>>115118179He could have played it off as cool.Screaming "metallica rules" and busting a chair is potentially badass.

>>115118193>got invited in the first place>wasn't even told to bring beer or anything>got pissed off by them not paying attention to him sitting in a fucking chair doing nothingIt would be less cringe to have gone on a mass-shooting at the party.

>>115116006These stories? Fake? I don't know what you mean

Attached: 77.jpg (800x498, 235.96K)

>>115118146No, you're definitely lying, since you seem to be the only person who has "positive experiences" with a group of people who are by definition delusional low functioning emotionally unstable autists with a hormone imbalance.

Attached: 66.jpg (900x573, 237.33K)

>>115118266Empathy is a learned trait, user. You still have the capacity to shed ingrained confirmation bias and look at things from multiple angles. I might be some random internet stranger but I still have hope for you.

Attached: 74.jpg (800x490, 219.31K)

>>115118193This is pretty damn funny though

>>115118246If this story is real it was actually nice of people not to bother him. I know people who would see a guy acting like that at a party and just make him leave. If he managed to find a group of people that invited him to a party and just let him do his thing even if it brought down the mood of others then he really missed out on a potentially good group of friends.

>>115118291You're not gonna convince him with barely masked patronizing though

>>115118266I mean I've had positive experiences with them too. Hell, the best head I've ever got in my life came from a trans girl.

>>115118283O I laughed

Attached: 13.jpg (800x507, 204.05K)

>>115118291It's a predatory suicide cult that targets children and /r9k/ losers. They don't deserve empathy, since they're victimizers, not victims.

>>115118266Not him but my experiences with trannies are about 50/50 for positive and negative traits. For people that just politely let you know they changed their pronoun and never bring it up again I have no problem. There are, however, people who make a huge deal about it and get pissed any time you forget to give them attention, they are assholes.

>>115118319>brought down the moodAs somebody who drank a lot in highschool I would not have given a single fuck if chairguy was there.

This one could be something greg heffley would do if he was a more capable sociopath

Attached: 15.jpg (800x500, 202.92K)

>>115115911This one made me sad ngl.

>>115118371I already said the community is a vile cesspool. I was just giving anecdotes based off personal experiences. You have too much hate in your heart.

Attached: youheardme2.jpg (600x474, 58.75K)

>>115116006are you stupid?? why shouldn't the parents not let some kids from the neighbourhood visit their child? they were most likely glad that their child would make new friends so fast

Attached: 29.jpg (665x410, 145.03K)

>>115118376I mean, neither would I. Hell, I have been chair guy a few times mostly from getting too high. But I know people who would be weirded out by him and they are dickheads but most highschool partied have at least a few of them.

>>115118355Devil's advocate for The girly boy- his handwriting may have been so difficult to parse that his teacher didn't quite understand what the fuck he was writing about.

>>115118376Plus if it was a highschool party far stranger things than chair guy would be happening

>>115117792Nice job demonstrating you aren't capable of nuance.

>>115105295Wow... what bullshit. "They aren't talentless. They just draw different, and different is diversity and diversity is good!"Bullshit. Seriously, western animation can be consistent. Just look at stuff produced for the Marvel and DC superhero animated films. But easy to draw shit like most non-cape western cartoons? Yeah, no excuses. That is just laziness and lack of dedication or caring for your craft.If I had you a bun, a burger patty, some tomatoes and condiments, and wait expecting you to deliver a full formed hamburger, but instead you hand me bag a hoagie roll sandwich or a taco, you done fucked up. That isn't creative expression.

>>115118432I can kinda see being the asshole kid who would organize four dudes to pick up the chair with dude still seating and walk around with it as a joke.

Attached: 41.jpg (800x502, 210.89K)

>>115118430Work is better spent in college where it matters, High School should be far more focused on socialization with others

Attached: 50.jpg (800x497, 197.12K)

>>115116006not everyone had helicopter parents

>>115118491I learned this lesson far too late but in a way, it kind of worked out. I spent way too much time on academics and activities in HS that would look good on applications and lost out on a good social life. In College, however, I had a great social life while maintaining high grades because I figured out early how to really effectively study.

>>115118193I think I'd go up to him and ask him what the hell he's doing, honestly.

Attached: 63.jpg (900x568, 247.06K)

Attached: 64.jpg (900x574, 237.31K)

>>115118402>ur hatefulThere are some things that rationally should absolutely not be tolerated, and the transgender movement is one of the biggest ones being pushed in Western society.

Attached: 82.jpg (732x454, 338.64K)

>>115116018Everyone could get depression, it's an illness. wether you have friends or a partner or a jib doesn't matter much

>>115113014I can only imagine it's an encryption algo.

>>115118583She wanted to /ss/

Attached: 16.jpg (800x511, 197.29K)


Attached: 15E3F586-3DEF-470B-9EEA-1E3E48FEFE8C.jpg (2000x2000, 1.91M)

>>115118547It's not like High School helps students into properly socializing either though, it just throws a bunch of strangers into a class together for 3 of their most turbulent years from 16-18 and expect them to figure things outSome form of organized activity and dedicated free time classes to get high schoolers socializing through all three years would at least be a little nudge in the right direction Also, nothing breaks the ice faster than getting drunk together so higschoolers should have lots of parties

>>115118648They were laughing with you Seth, it was a funny joke.

>>115118706I guarantee if you actually told someone "No." they'd just stop associating with you before they tried to make it a fight.

>>115111589I doubt it but>was in some lib city art college>club member tries to tell me this one other club member wanted to be called a he now>have a laughing fit, tell her no and continue club duties as if nothing happenedHer face was litterally the Triggered picture. The other club member ended up being my roommate later and was even later one of my bridesmaids.

>>115118705what a faaaaaag

Attached: 51.jpg (800x511, 163.38K)

>>115118371>It's a predatory suicide cult that targets children and /r9k/ losers.Again, you have no evidence of this cult existing beyond rumors and hearsay.

Attached: 19.jpg (800x506, 210.75K)

Attached: 20.jpg (800x503, 231.68K)

>>115116271A reply is used as an upvote or a like on this site. The only way to judge the quality of your post is the attention it receives. Thus the outlandish ideologies and over the top hyperbolic racism is nurtured. If you want attention on 4chan use slurs.

>>115118402Hate is often justified

Attached: 35.jpg (800x505, 205.14K)

Attached: 65.jpg (900x819, 275.45K)

>>115111092I don’t get it

Attached: 3.jpg (800x475, 599.08K)


>>115105295On model is not relative to alternate production teams or stylization of designs.If there's a reduction in quality because the artists in your studio are rushing to meet deadlines, changing the style to suit a re-imagining, or just not up to the quality of the original design they still have to stay on model for their own production because consistency is equally important if you're animating stick figures or for Ghibli. There's a word for when you don't. Shit. Bad; not very good at your job.

>>115118862Because people are different than you?

>>115104895Because it's all about ME!

Attached: Profile_-_Kuzco.jpg (1084x996, 128.83K)

>>115118968Another get wasted in a storytime thread

>>115114773I'm an English teacher. They can also be used for individuals of unspecified gender. For example: "I don't know who my new teacher is. I hope they are nice."

>>115118991Because they're harmful and immoral. I hate murderers. I hate thieves. I hate trannies.

Attached: EF7A0C9B-6CAF-4639-8031-A97F83FA15D5.jpg (1024x1024, 181.94K)

>>115111115Honestly go with If it got a dick it's a boy. If it has testes but no uterus it's a boy with no dick.If it got a Y chromosome, he a male

>>115105460That last part where they admit to knowing exactly what drawing off model is, but decide to lie is pretty smug.

>>115119058Except you can't prove that they're harmful and "immoral" is a matter of opinion, not fact.

>>115118991The problem with the tranny menace is not how they live their life, the problem is that they expect everyone to play along with their delusions. It really is a cult. I see no difference between a tranny and religious person

>>115119082>you don't want us to convert a bunch of kids who will then go on to castrate themselves and blow their own brains out?Huh, guess that means you want to fuck us.I'm not even angry at you, it all just makes me so fucking sad.I have a cousin who fell for this shit, her tits stay wrapped up so tight she refuses to do any sports anymore because she can't breathe.

>>115119140I'm sure thieves don't think themselves immoral, either.

>>115118483did something like that once, but with charlie chaplin's mustache without knowing who hitler was

>>115111163Yea, some people would describe another by their sex as gender roles are bullshit, wholly unimportant and inaccurate descriptors. Wouldn't want to make assumptions. It's called being open-minded and non-discriminatory. You should try it sometime, kiddo.

>>115119142>It really is a cult. I see no difference between a tranny and religious personI mean do you tell every religious person you see that they're delusional and religion isn't real? Do you correct everyone who says "bless you" and "thank god" and such? >>115119167Exactly, because by their own standards, they're not doing anything wrong. Likewise, since there are no universal moral truths, no one person's conception of morality is more valid than anyone else's.

>>115103838just use a deprivation chamber, me and my friends are all trying it, i just soundproofed my basement

>>115118397that's actually funny

>>115104963when has a steven universe pisode ever lasted 30 minutes?

>>115119214you know that the fedora probably does


>>115118119No, it's about what a depressed person interprets it as

>>115119214>Exactly, because by their own standards, they're not doing anything wrong. Likewise, since there are no universal moral truths, no one person's conception of morality is more valid than anyone else's.Firstly, no, they're still doing wrong. I'm entirely justified in hating them, and anti-theft laws are just. They just have an imperfect moral mindSecondly, no, moral relativism is cancer, and so are you.Thirdly, IFF all moralities are justified, then my hate is justified.QED. Fuck trannies

>>115113206If the content is intended for a majority audience, straight people then including LGBT content is forcing the majority to have to stomach it or drop the program.But apathy will leave most of them to ignore it and continue watching

>>115118031This See: ADGQ, Tabletop games, video games, comics, theater, cartoons...


Attached: dobson animaniacs.png (990x556, 42.13K)


Attached: polshit.png (1056x869, 73.18K)

>>115119282So if there is an objective set of morals, where are they? How can they be proven to exist?

>>115119346They ruined entire mediums? How?

>>115119417>whereRealists and Empiricists get the rope too

>>11511445910/10Gave me a giggle

>>115119214>Do you correct everyone who says "bless you" and "thank god" and such? No, because not only have those phrases evolved into meanings outside of a religious context, but also because they are choosing to use them themselves. They aren’t forcing me to use them.

>>115119142religion can actually help people, cutting off your genitals can't

>>115119409>being disgusted by trannies like a normal person is Holla Forums

>>115119214>I mean do you tell every religious person you see that they're delusional and religion isn't real?If they were self-flagellating and shit or dosing themselves with poison to see visions of the saints I probably would.

>>115119346>Tabletop gamesoh boy I can't wait to hear how you explain this one>>115119443So you basically can't prove anything you're asserting and are just demanding everyone else go with it? Isn't that what you accuse trans people of doing?>>115119449So you've never had to accommodate someone else's religious differences at all? Like you've never had to make sure a meal was kosher or halal for a jewish/muslim friend/coworker/etc.? You've never sat in silent observance while someone prayed before a meal?

>>115119424Tabletop Games: Trans elves, screaming about how racist Lovecraft might have been, screaming about how racist orcs are, screaming about needing more than two gender options in their DnD titles Vidya: See, Twitch, Last of Us, etcCartoons & Comics: Do you come here often? Theater: This is sort of a cheese, theater has always been infested with insufferable onions-types that crumble in the face of virtue-signaling and because "art is free" or some bullshit.

>>115118706>You go along with my shitty make-believe fantasy or I'll resort to violenceI'd like to see these faggots actually try to do shit besides whine on Tumblr and their fag blogs. It'd be entertaining at least

>>115119503Except trans people don't self-mutilate or take poisons.>>115119506Literally everything you just listed in tabletop games is bullshit though and you would get laughed off of /tg/ for complaining about it. The general consensus is that you just ignore those people and play the game you want to play with your friends.Unless......you do have friends, don't you user?


>>115119506One could say the same thing about incels in those hobbies and it'd still he a non-issue. All you have to do to solve any of these problems is not engage in SJW twitter.

>>115119505>So you basically can't prove anything you're asserting and are just demanding everyone else go with it?No, I'm saying you're a fucking retard, as are all relativists.

>>115106037Roach is a cool nickname. Should have leaned into it.

>>115119549>trans people don't self-mutilate or take poisons

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>>115119634I'm not even a moral relativist lmfao you fucking pseud

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>>115119506>screaming about needing more than two gender options in their DnD titlesthe character sheet doesn't even fucking ask for gender.

>>115119719They don't though. They take medications and undergo surgeries that are specifically prescribed to them by actual medical experts.

>>115119742>egoistOf the same vein, but even worse. Unironically kys.

>>115119760Yeah, and I'm sure trepanning and miasma theory were quite popular at the time too.

>>115119760>Medical experts

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>>115119491No, derailing every thread that hints at the mention of trannies is Holla Forums.

>>115119505>So you've never had to accommodate someone else's religious differences at all? Like you've never had to make sure a meal was kosher or halal for a jewish/muslim friend/coworker/etc.? You've never sat in silent observance while someone prayed before a meal?I guess my point is that trannydom is a lot like religion, in that it’s a pointless thing to argue. Neither ideology is based on fact, but rather, feeling. I “feel” I’ll go to heaven for doing this. I “feel” like a woman because I do this. I can respect their life choices, but that doesn’t make them any more rational

>>115105295God I hate Dobson so much. I feel bad that Rebecca had to be drawn by him.