I have an idea on how to get rich quick off those suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrom)

I have an idea on how to get rich quick off those suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrom).

Go to a Starbucks, McDonalds, or other restaurant that's staffed by millenial SJWs or niggers or spics wearing a MAGA hat. Order your food while talking about how much you support Donald Trump, but don't EAT the food. Instead, have it analyzed for bodily fluids or other dangerous contaminants and then sue the fuck out the company. MILLIONS instantly.

How does one come to be acquainted with someone who can conduct these types of tests?

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It's not as dumb an idea as it sounds at first. Basically it wound be a variation on the Westboro Baptist lawsuit trolling scheme.


I can't tell if this is a good idea or not.

Instant millions

>"we can't use that tactic, go- guys! that is a jew tactic and us filthy antisemites should never use their own tactics against them!"

It's literally just asking for something negative to happen to you for shekels, and if it's for social awareness or trying to look good in the news and shit people will just say "He was asking for it by flaunting that hat around a bunch of liberals and Mexicans." which you basically were.


it's called using their weapon against them



If you do this, you have to make sure you 1) don't get anything hot like coffee, soup, or anything that's subject to high heat like burgers, fries, etc as this could destroy the contaminant or make or more difficult to detect. Instead, get something cold like a salad or cold meat like turkey or ham if available. Then you enclose it in a container and let it sit at 80-degree temps for a time. Look for bacteria growth and then have it analyzed.

This way, if someone wipes their ass with a piece of lettuce or rubs salami all over their cock and balls, the bacterial growth will tell you exactly where it's at.

This is actually sounding like a pretty lucrative idea. Don't know why anyone here is calling OP a kike for wanting a few shekels.

Except the case will be thrown out as entrapment because judges are pathetic liberals.

You cant expect to sue and win if you have to leave out the fucking sandwhich out and wait until bacteria grows in it

Their DNA would be on it, you dumbass. Otherwise, anyone could order a salad from McDonald's and rub the lettuce on the underside of their toilet seat.

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That's a stretch.


"your honor to prove my case i need testicular sweat DNA from the male employees"

You are retarded. you're not going to fucking get semen swabs and spit tests to guess who find out just which employee(s) inoculated your sandwich, no fucking judge would grant you that, and if the sandwich has been sitting out for days whos to say a jew lawyer wouldnt claim YOU did it?



or you can be a pro like me and just do that for free.
play trump speeches on youtube. instant triggers. kek
people will literally start sighing and moaning after hearing trump.

Redpill me on this

they would protest servicemen's funerals with like "god hates fags" "soldiers die god laughs" "USA fag nation" signs/chants, when somebody assaulted them they'd sue for millions and win

Look up a local analytical chemistry lab if you want something tested for urine/feces.

T. Chemist.

sometimes people make jokes user

now all you need to do is put on your MAGA hat and order a cold cut combo and wait a few days

you give autists too much credit

I cant help myself


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This. Phelps and his entire family were lawyers.

He's have to establish chain of custody but if the allegations went viral starcucks or whatever would probably pay to shut him up. That of course is the signal to strart doing this in large numbers across the country

It looks like this company sells all kinds of tests. Maybe you could find something there.


dubs heiled.
Didn't they become lawyers after the fact though. They had been doing the hardline christian thing for multiple generations and sort of landed on the scam accidentally.

Money and visibility is not bad, its how you use it.

Oh no they are shooting at us, better not shoot back.. thats *their* tactic…

Funny you mention that. Kek works in funny ass ways. I am oldfaggot and can't work my body to death. Chemistry sounds lucrative. My goal is to get chem degree then open certified lab for oilfield chemical and water and oil analysis
I have goals now
Bless all you motherfuckers


/pol is compromised.

Please move to /zenpol.

/pol is part of a massive effort across the web to run damage control and hide what Trump has done by signing the omnibus.

The omnibus not only ban "wall" prototypes. It caps ICE agent hiring and severely restricts deportations. It is very literally the exact opposite of what we voted for and guarantees whites in America are fucked for good.

The Pentagon is resisting any notion of the military participating. They won't be helping with any actual "wall."

Please /zenpol for honest discussion that isn't censoring discussion as part of the massive information control effort.


There's a bunch of neets on this board so why not get jobs at fast food joints and start reporting faggots who do this garbage?

Didn't realize I was on 4cuck.