Even CNN Admits Trump's Approval Ratings Are Soaring! MUH OMNIBUS Shills BTFO



Guess the concern trolls online weren't real Trump supporters after all. Who would have thought?

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Trump himself said it was awful. Just because someone recognizes that Trump made a serious mistake signing that bill does not make them a "shill". You faggot.

His rating will probably reach 88% by the end of his term if the memes are elevated beyond dreams

Stay salty, my friend.

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Classic reddit tier response. I didn't even say that I don't support Trump, just that I don't support that bill.

You Trumpers really are like leftists. Just jump to whatever conclusion pops into your head first, and never backpedal.


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How much is Kushner paying you?

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He didn't have to sign the bill.
Prove it, Jonestein.

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Prove you won't die alone and unloved.

Another classic. You shills aren't worth the 2 dollars a day Kushner is shitting out for you. Enjoy being a kike slave

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Don't these polls usually lag behind current events somewhat? Either way its nice to see the kike narrative being BTFO.

fake smugness detected

nice try juden.

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Really activates those almonds


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nope, you're a jew because of the false "muh Kushner owns Holla Forums narrative" you always peddle.

get bent you low energy kike.

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Aww did I insult your daddy Kushner? Sad, you must get docked 50% pay if someone realizes you are shilling. Only 1 dollar today!

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don't even try to bantz juden, you already gave yourself up. tell David Brock you need some new material.

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It's ok, anyone who reads my posts will see who is the kike here. Which is why I'm sure they will be deleted, just as any other post which challenges Kushner's narrative.


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Then gas yourself

Oh look, it's the "Kushner is paying you!" nigger again.

You should go ask Soros for some new talking points, this shit was pointlessly retarded from the first time you said it.

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Go back to Jonestein's stream

LoL, getting out-smugged by non-jewish anons tired of the irritating jews hijacking of Holla Forums

Are you saying the the your primary sponsor is Bannon then?

Kuhner or Bnnon, these are the pnly logicalconclusions any user can arrive at to explain why Holla Forums has been 100% kosher jew spew since Trump announced he was running for commander in chief of isreali occupied America

Sage negated, niggerkike.

when you can prove your bullshit claim, we'll listen. until then you're just as much of a kike as Kushner himself. see you you in filter land little juden.

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try harder tor-pedo. you type like a fucking chatbot.

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another 'user' pops up pretending to be goy, outraged at the notion that any user would recognise that someone has to be paying the jew mods to endlessly shill for ZOG on Holla Forums of all places.

Genuine point to make
On Breibart, Fox News and any other kosher conservative media, it would be understandable to have a jewish moderation policy.

Only on Holla Forums having the board 100% controlled by lying jews attacking any pol/ak not down with ZOG kinda looks ridiculous to anyone observing this hijacking of Holla Forums.

Every user who posts great content is banned immediately, anyone posting spastic cartoon frogs heiling ZOG is defended and protected by any legit user querying the love for jewry on Holla Forums

My original response was to OP where I disagreed with his sentiment that the omnibus bill was not a big deal. Immediately after that I was jumped on by 3 separate IPs all claiming that I'm a kike because I believe that the omnibus bill was terrible. No argument from any of you 3 as to why it was a good thing, or even not a big deal, just ad hominem.

What am I supposed to think? That you are organic posters? No.

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post screen caps from the bill then. show us what problems you have. ""prove it to us"'.

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It's more like what wasn't in it. No funding for national infrastructure, no funding for a wall (except in Jordan), and a MASSIVE military budget that will likely lead to a war with Syria or Iran. I don't know about you, but I didn't vote for Trump to get more international wars going, I voted for America first.

The president himself said these things (besides the possible coming wars) in the bill signing ceremony, vid related. He said he did not like the bill, yet signed it anyway.

Only the "us" with you are gaslighting jews openly goading and taunting legit anons.

To anyone not jewish, Holla Forums has become ridiculous in that all it does is push the same NeoCon kikes that TRS/DS/Alex Jones/Breibart and Fox news are, while promoting campaigns to "trigger leftists and muslims"and shutting down any thread that may venture into attacking jewry.

Not to mention that ironically, not a single member of Congress who voted "Yes" on the bill could do what you asked. It was a 2,000+ page document that no one (except maybe Rand Paul, who also voted yes) read.

it's climbing because he's caving on everything he's said.
When CNN starts supporting Trump maybe it's an indication something is wrong. I supported Trump all the way but he keeps caving like this I'll vote for a nigger next election and hope it all comes burning down I don't give a fuck.

oy vey just ignore Trump caving in on literally everything, ban every user that calls him on it and ignore tor posters now that he signed fosta/cloud act and 8ch is logging everything you do.



During the election CNN oversampled democrats by 14 points. If CNN says his approval rating is 42%, we can tell with relative certainty its 56% at the moment. And that's assuming they aren't oversampling by at a greater amount out of their desperation.

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