NY Times/Harvard Uni: Races and Differences Between them Exist, No Longer Can Be Denied



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This needs to be memed into public consciousness.


You just don't bring up the word 'superior'. Niggers are adapted to their shitty African Jungle and tropic environments. That those environments are not conductive to intelligence and empathy development can be left up to the reader to interpret on their own.

I get the feeling that he's going to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice.

>But genetics conveniently correlates to these social constructs
Why even bother saying it's fake if you're just trying to say it's real?

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Welp. His career is over.

how new are you?

This isn't fucking news you god damned kike

culture and nature are the same thing.
the difference is only a value distinction created by various religions who divided the 'good' aspects of animal behavior into culture and the 'bad' into nature.
you can date this back to the old neoplatonic notions that matter is evil and mind/spirit good.
they assumed that aspects of life that arose from planning and thought are a different order than impulsive/instinctual/reflexive/emotional aspects, the former being culture and the latter nature.
in reality there is no difference in kind between nature and culture, barely a difference in degree.
your propensity to violence is built into your body, and your culture will reflect it.

When christians for example, colonized a savage people, they didn't just convert them with argument and gospel to civilize them, they first killed or imprisoned all the savages with balls to fight back, created laws and institutions and economic system to impoverish and discourage from breeding anyone who wouldn't get on board the new rules. and the meek and clever psychos who played along were rewarded with money and privilege and freedom and reproduced.
the savage genes were simply bred out of the gene pool there

It's a tool to be used against their followers and faggots who pass off race as a social construct.

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He's trying not to get suicided by kikes.

I'm pretty sure myself and most other first world whites would be incompetent if dropped into those environments. But don't you think blacks from the first world would do even worse? At what point do we stop pretending to not be superior? A greater capacity to understand reality = more access to power = superior.

Excellent post.

This will be used to argue for white inferiority.
Every non-white gene will be practically deified (more than now) and our traits will be demonized.
Jewish flaws will be lumped in with our traits.
This is a narrative shift seed being sold as a bone thrown our way.
We can not let this be grown against us.

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Race is a biological classification for everything except humans. Hmm.

They have a lot going for them in that environment on genetics alone. darker skin keeping the sun from burning them and longer limbs with a shorter torso alone is a huge advantage.

I think a lot of anons are misenterpreting the text.
When he says race is a social construct, I'm pretty sure he's referring to the perception of race people have.
Niggers eating KFC? Social construct.
Niggers are more violent? Genetics.
You can also read the last paragraph as "wecan't keep calling racist to people who bring this issues up and silence research"

I'm pretty sure whites have the capacity to create shade and reach things.

We might be a little more uncomfortable with the heat for a month or two, but whites do just fine anywhere. South Africa, Australia, Rhodesia, etc., etc.,

Blacks = Adapted to it being balls hot all the fucking time
Whites = Adapted to think abstractly about the environment in order to prepare for varying extremes

didnt want to bump but this is illuminati propaganda, they admit they arent measuring shit. they admit the test is on things that the peole who scored low have no familiarity with.

take some of those kids and raise them like the asians raise their kids and youll get the same score

you think this aboriginal could pass? niggas white af but he doesn't know any geometry

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user, you do realize Whites ruled the entirety of Africa only a few years ago?

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I'm sure if you were to take a representative sample of whites and drop them in the jungle to live they would do better than a representative sample of blacks, but I don't imagine a group of whites with the minority of capable survivalists removed from the equation would do better than the blacks with their best people intact. Modern domesticated people of all races are almost useless without their technology and safety nets. I'd bet on the death of most people if not accompanied by the comparatively miniscule amount of those more capable.

You guys underestimate the how worthless people have become since (((entertainment))) became their primary drive to exist.

Why play the technicality game when it's obvious that the adventurous whites who want to craft a new society and colony would embark knowing they need survival skills and resources? That level of premeditation exceeds niggers by far.

Yes but natural selection would fix the issue within two generations and then you'd have new Boers and Rhodesians. Higher IQ and creativity takes tens of thousands of years to evolve but greatly enhance a population's adaptability.

In that case he actually saying racial stereotypes are social constructs.

Aren't the Dinaric people the tallest on earth?

I'm still speaking the context of my original post, it's you people that read stuff out of context and then reply to me.

Why do you people keep responding to the first part of my reply to that guy out of context of the point I was making? Finish reading before you reply. I go on to suggest that whites are obviously superior in the next sentence.


guys i think we should memory hole this and simultaneously act on its truth in our own spheres of control. let it all burn down. accelerationism is best.

So close, yet so far

Fuck, I hate journos so much.
We've known this shit for over a hundred years, you don't need to be a geneticist to observe obvious differences between races. Our ancestors didn't look at genetics when they bred wolves into dogs, they looked for behaviors.

This but

What the fuck happened? It cant havr been Trump. Theres a LOT of antisemitism and conservative values springing up worldwide and a call to logic and common sense. It's like all the shenanigans the kikes have been pulling have simultaneously been ground to a halt.

Oh shit we are just so fucking close to the tipping point oh god its gonna be days now… like weeks max

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Calls to logic don't mean much if no one follows. And a lot of the big names in movements like the aut-right are transparently controlled opposition. Literal jews are coming out to tell the goyim that nationalism and racism isn't so bad. Now pls gib money on patreon or whatever.

Until you see average joe taking action to reject the current system then it's all just business as usual. Now if you hear of a business, or a bar that is trading food/beer/goods for some alternate currency like silver, then you know shit is hitting the fan.

Fuck right off

Once this becomes common sense again the public will decide which race is superior on their own. The spread of credible claims like this is critical.

So tired of this dumb myth. No, Africans are not the product of their environment. They are the product of inbreeding and disease, as has been shown over and over. It's the exact same degeneracy that caused a continent of Mesoamericans to go from an agricultural empire of masons to scattered tribes of naked cavemen.

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The kikes will try to water this down and diminish it but we can meme this easily to make it achieve its full potential.

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[citation needed]

you need a citation to see what niggers are?

(((They))) just can't help themselves.


Fuck's sake…

From the article:

See also:
>Montagu began life as Israel Ehrenberg, having been born on June 28, 1905, in [[London], England]].

David Reich is right


>b-b-b-but m-m-m-muhhh (((jared diamond)))

Nigger, if that was true, they wouldn't be raping goats to cure AIDS, and a shitload of African animals wouldn't be bordering on endangered if the niggers knew how to survive in their shitholes.

If you don't know that inbreeding makes niggers by now, you need to lurk for 1,000 years. Just looking at what first-cousin marriage did to Arabs tells you precisely how degenerate Africans are.

From the article:

See also:

Do not let them memory-hole this. We need to start making memes and infographics of this.

>In this way, a consensus was established that among human populations there are no differences large enough to support the concept of “biological race.”
No such consensus was ever established.
It was argued by Jews, you mean.

Literally "Oy vey we gotta come up wit a narrative to damage control dis before da goyim figure it out!".

In other words: African-American is just a catch-all simplification term for "bearing a heavily West African genome" and "European-American" is just a similar term for "bearing a heavily European genome"?
This really is nothing but a Jew trying desperately to damage control this shit before it gets out of hand.

There explicitly is though.
Oh really?
Pretty fucking sure that's not a 'social construct', jew.

>At a meeting a few years later, Dr. Watson said to me and my fellow geneticist (((Beth Shapiro))) something to the effect of “When are you guys going to figure out why it is that you Jews are so much smarter than everyone else?”

>(Contacted recently, Dr. Watson denied having made these statements, maintaining that they do not represent his views; (((Dr. Shapiro))) said that her recollection matched mine.)
So then we know its (((the truth))), eh jew?

(((They))) can't help themselves.

Imagine what else they're wrong about. Ask your normie friend this. The races being different is something they have hammered as being impossible. So all we can ask is. What else could they be wrong about?

This will get you started. See you in two years.

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They are. It is approach from the other side. R-selection at its full potential. That reflects chaotic epidemiological environment of Africa that makes long term investment much less viable. You can see how breed like rats strategy beats level of diseases that otherwise could be considered as catastrophe. There are African countries that have 25% (!) AIDS rates but their population still grows fast. Try to beat that, white man in the Europe!

Plus skin allowing them walk naked in full sun. Asians lived in stone age around ecuator too, but they need to wrap themselves in bags and giant straw hats. Imagine dumb Asian. He would just die from sunburns in the Vietnam rice field.

Jesus, are the dems reduced to having Hillary personally kikepost now? How can you be so bad at it?

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Does this mean that everyone who was calling us racist were on the wrong side of history?

No, that explicitly is not what he is arguing.

He's not.
If you read the article instead of just what OP posted, you'd see that this ENTIRE FUCKING ARTICLE is damage control.
Its a Jewish 'scientist' trying to engage in rhetorical gymnastics to defend previous Jewish 'scientists' claims that race ain't real goyim.
He even goes to the point of suggesting "well men and women are different but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated exactly equal where i feel it right and not where i feel it not", trying to use that to argue, basically, race still ain't (MEANINGFULLY) real.

That depends, really, and ignores the reality of proportional representation of various important traits.
Example: The US White population has an average IQ of 102, the US Black population has an average IQ of 85, and the African Black population has an average IQ of sub-70.
Given that data, and the further knowledge that only 5% of the US White pop is over IQ 130, that only 0.03% of the US Black pop is over IQ 130, you can figure out that the African Black pop over IQ 130 is basically a statistical zero, and realize that in terms of likelihood borne of proportional espousal, Whites would likely still do better than either the US or African Blacks.


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The question was not "are africans stupid?", it was "why are africans stupid?". Just showing that they are does not mean it is from inbreeding. Chimps are stupid too, but it isn't from inbreeding. They are as intelligent as they need to be to survive in the environment they evolved in. Africans evolved in tropical rainforests with year round food availability requiring no planning, thought, technology or foresight. They just got hungry and picked fruit and ate it, just like a monkey. So there was no evolutionary pressure to select for the more intelligent among them, so they didn't get smarter as a group.

Great article except the "nazi" larping & the fake statement how kikes have superior intelligence. This is a legit red-pill to the normos by a (((source))) they trust. I'll be spending the next 30 minutes messaging this article to everybody I've been trying to explain this to the last 3 years. Good luck Anons lets use this to usher ppl to us & our side - KEK

Jesus fucking Christ, statements like these prove they just can't help themselves even in the face of truth that can no longer be denied.

We should be VERY CAREFUL memeing with this as substrate, as this is NOT a narrative that follows what Holla Forums generally supports - its a kike running damage control ont he established narratives on race.

Nothing happened.
You just didn't read the article.

No, he is not.
He's a scandalous kike snake trying to run damage control.

Amongst others. I mean, fuck dude, they even reference fucking Watson in the piece.
Kikes are the worst 'people' on Earth.

That's just it, the truth IS being denied, even in this Jewish piece of propagandistic damage control fodder.

So that those of you who've only read the OP can get a grasp on what I'm saying, here is how the kike closes things out…

>I think the answer is obvious: We should both recognize that genetic differences between males and females exist and we should accord each sex the same freedoms and opportunities regardless of those differences.
Translation from Hebrew: "We should recognize we are not equal and should continue to pretend we're all equal, stupid goyim."

>It is clear from the inequities that persist between women and men in our society that fulfilling these aspirations in practice is a challenge.
>Yet conceptually it is straightforward.
>And if this is the case with men and women, then it is surely the case with whatever differences we may find among human populations, the great majority of which will be far less profound.

>An abiding challenge for our civilization is to treat each human being as an individual and to empower all people, regardless of what hand they are dealt from the deck of life.

>'Arguing that no substantial differences among human populations are possible will only invite the racist misuse of genetics that (((we))) wish to avoid.

This is another crack in the fassade the kikes have built up.
We can use this as a stepping stone for normies.
I mean it's not like we need most people to go 1488 we just need them to realize some basic truths like racial and sexual differences.

Oh my bad, I didn't realize you were trying to cuck.
That Ruskie died in 1888. That his research remains valid seems dubious.

Its not though.
Its damage control - in point of fact, this article is a bandaid the jews are trying to rub over the ever-building cracks in the facade.

We need them to recognize such IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT.
Again, the kike even makes the argument that you can expect others to parrot now - "well most variance is between individuals" "men and women are highly varied" etc etc.

Nobody with any sense in their head doubted the notion of racial and sexual differences, and you're not going to convince people who're motivated by emotion/ideology with mere evidence, but the last thing we need is kike narratives like these catching on.
I mean, fuck dude, this whole article is basically "racial differences might exist goyim but it don't really matta - just don't let those ebul Nahtzee racists convince you of anything on the basis of those differences!".
And for a good portion of the scientifically-illiterate science-worshipping crowd of NORMALFAGS, that's exactly what they'll think after reading this shit.

When someone see a bandage they know what lays beneath.

How the fuck did you think that up?
Besides it's not like we have to ever stick to the kikes script. This is merely the kind (((authority))) we can use to make people ask themselves some important questions.
Any additional material on the subject will be judenfrei.

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False. They know only that there's an injury, the not the extent.
This article is a kike putting the bandaid on to cover an axe-wound while saying "Tis only a splinter goyim!".

How the fuck do you think there isn't damage?
>Besides it's not like we have to ever stick to the kikes script. This is merely the kind (((authority))) we can use to make people ask themselves some important questions.
By definition, if you're using a kike (((authority))), you're using his script.
Further, I mean, are you just being obtuse or are you actually stupid? Exactly HOW do you intend to use this kikes claims, while ignoring the claims he follows it up with, and still think that'll be a valid use of this (((authority)))?
Don't go getting all defensive on me here, what I'm saying is accurate and you know it.

If you try to shill this kikes' narrative, you're going to be shilling ALL of his narrative, whether you like it or not, and his narrative is, again, "Yeah goy, there's some differences between races - but there's differences between men and women too! And far more difference between individuals! Race is mostly a social construct, and even where inequalities exist, we must continue to espouse promotion of equality. If you don't you're a bigot misusing science!".
And you want to shill that to the scientifically-illiterate science-worshipping normalfags?
That sounds like a terrible idea m8.

When the subject was being propped up as an invincible god-like truth. People rubber neck if they were to see a god bleed. When you want to present perfect and invincible wearing a bandage is a death sentence.

Word for word, you could not be more correct. There's been scientific evidence for years on years, yet libtards, niggers and shitskins all dismiss it due to their ideological mindset. Their low intelligence and cognitive dissonance doesn't allow them to accept the truth.
One day (very, very soon) their opinions won't matter, and we're gonna have the world revived. Dissonance will fade (as well as these people's lives, including the kikes behind them) and the world won't be a shit hole anymore. It's only a matter of time.

And who actually upheld that mindset? Basically nobody… Except those motivated by ideology/emotion. Which evidence will not effect.
I'll agree with you there, but differ in our interpretation.
I would suggest (((they))) have recognized that the narrative of the 'perfect and invincible' narrative you describe has failed. As such, they're trying to reassert themselves in the conversation, reposition themselves as the (((authority))) before the conversation goes further.
If you're trying to present invincible, a bandage is a death sentence - but if you're trying to conceal what could become a lethal injury, downplaying the severity of that injury is a good go-to approach.

Gods willing user.

Honest Q: If you're basically saying this is genetic, why are so many fucking whites not woke?

Doesn't this prove their point that the only difference is those that choose to accept reality as it is or as its sold?

You know how many white friends I have that won't talk about this stuff at all? The past 15 years of my life I've been losing friends and jobs because I just don't have friends to work with anymore.

They take the safe reality, what ever they're prepared to face that day and avoid their feelings. Go home and watch their programs and play their games.
Maybe we're just fighting for a country that was more a game than a place.
Aren't we learning America was fought a few wars in 1776? Think we didn't sell out then? A little more with each war?

This family has been playing this game for as long as it can remember. It's really brilliant and for all we admit, it's responsible for all the progress we have the past what 400 years?
That means it took us out of the dark ages?

"We're discovering that there are real differences"

Bullshit, people have known since the dawn of time that there are differences this is just more liberal crap. So tired of universities and their garbage.

They accept it because when you unravel it all you realize it's hard to work for something other than yourself. It's hard to progress as a society without sacrifice and no one wants to sacrifice willingly for a building, that'll house a factory that builds stuffed animals for kids in a country that would rather have food.

People historically kill themselves and usually someone else before that point.
I think we're at a new point in history where with free information, verified somehow, we can build something productive for everyone and include free will for all (even if it means private societies in societies in societies, instead of jails).

but I think history has shown that humans get little done without fear and hope

It’s time to push harder. It’s time to get them legally defined as separate species.

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If what is genetic?

Why is the Republican party 95% White?

Plenty, I'm sure, but what do you think that indicates to you?
The reality is, Whites aren't allowed to speak - and they're the only group so burdened.
There are ZERO explicit White advocacy platforms in the US today… Why?
Because THE MOMENT you speak up, the moment you attempt to advocate for Whites, you are a Nazi.
And so White people, generally tired of being called monsters just for saying things like "Its Okay To Be White", have become strongly apathetic and terribly demoralized, by the numbers.

If any other group were subjected to this, they would have crumbled long ago.

Who cares about the country, user?
I don't give a single solitary shit about pitiful civic entities that crumble - I care about the people, MY people. The state is just a means to an end - and when a state becomes the end in itself, it becomes a monstrous aberrant thing.

We didn't really meaningfully sell out until the late 1800's.

What family?
What progress?
What 'dark ages'?

Seems like you drank the Kool-Aid my man.

Fair enough.
Then you haven't studied history, nor evolution, nearly as much as you believe.
Free information?
Where is free information transpiring?
Certainly not on the internet - information is heavily policed. That's why you can only say the things you can say on Holla Forums, on Holla Forums.
I think history has shown that White people who become deracinated, alienated and demoralized due to the consistent efforts of a minority of foreigners, tend to eventually revert and they're usually quite angry.

I stopped listing the kike posts about a third of the way down when I quit reading. This is a kike post full of shills. )))OP((( is a distraction.



This thread is just another case of
It's a trap, problem is that Holla Forums is full of "fashy goys", the kind who think Southern and Pettibone are (((BASED))), and shills encouraging them to spread this story.
It's a bait-and-switch, trojan horse, however you want to call it. Damage control is a fair assessment. It's ideological inoculation too.
It's shocking how many here don't seem able to grasp jewish reverse psychology. Another thing, they don't know what the fuck else he will say after they use him as a "source".

Literally no one is saying this, ban evading paid jewish shill.
Only you are mentally ill enough to think that the sum total of a person is “always correct” and that “you must agree with everything a person says iff they have made one factual statement.” This is a delusion borne of belief in EGALITARIANISM, which exposes you, ban evading paid shill, for what you are.

They aren't though, that's the real rub of it - they're starting out saying what sounds like the truth, but through the course of their conversation in that vein it becomes extremely obvious that they ARE NOT telling the truth, they're doing that Alex Jones gate-keeper thing wherein they say 90% truth and 10% lies which invalidate the aforementioned truth.
Yes, exactly.
Yes! Exactly!
Quite true.
It reminds me of the people who still buy into MSM polling, and urge the promotion of such, when the outcome appears to suit their tastes.

They literally are saying this, disingenuous accusatory shitposter.
Pathologizing your enemies, standard Jewish practice.

Yeah, if you want to use them as a valid source, in the modern parlance, that is exactly the case.
You can't hold up someone claiming to have race realism data who also presents themselves as a flat-earther and not think that's going to cause massive dissonance in any argument involving the use of that individual as a source/(((authority))).
That's just rather retarded as narratives go.

Link is broken for me, anyone have the article OP is talking about? Skimmed thread/DDG and found nothing.

Meant to add this to the part replying to

but it works for

as well:

If a source is bogus and untrustworthy, especially if its making such extremely obvious, then all of their contributions are worthless - if you had a White 'NatSoc race realist' who was married to a negro or a Jew and claimed that clade was on-par with Whites as much as mattered, would you not suggest that invalidates whatever truths they had to offer about, say, that racial differences exist?

Archive link works just fine for me.
Seems like you're trying to get someone to post the direct-link for shekels.

Thanks for typing that gibberish, idiot who didn't follow the link. Filtered for being an illiterate.

This dude is so convinced of the power of that idea in academic circles, that he's going to put it up against muh racism?

Posting two facts does not relate one to the other. You can not go: "africans are dumb, inbreeding makes you dumb, so africans are dumb from inbreeding." That's exactly like saying "chimps are dumb, eating lead paint makes you dumb, so chimps are dumb because they ate lead paint". You need to show that africans are inbred. So show us a study of african genetic distance so we can see how inbred they are. Oh right, you won't do that because they show that you are wrong.

If you know that, why haven't you posted them?

Discredited and firing incoming.

Yes, everyone who is taking this at face value as some kind of "jews finally being honest" slip-up is implicitly saying that.
Nope, try again.
Mental illnesses don't exist you fucking kike.
Ever wondered why kikes like this always accuse anons who contradict their narratives, shilling, trojan horses, e-celebs and reverse-psychology traps as "mentally ill"? Read about "sluggish schizophrenia" : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sluggish_schizophrenia
Because I wrote anything approaching that.
Muh mental illness.
Your neurotic run-on sentence and spergy random accusations shows everyone who is the real shill.
Once again, this is a trap, an example of ideological inoculation, which once digested will prime the normalfag reader's mind to knee-jerk away any use of proven genetic differences within a racialist argument.
>oh, that's what the sigh of gushing admiration s…scientist said in that video about race. He warned us that wicked racists would falsely apply science to further their horrid beliefs.
They will shut down and stop listening because this man has primed them to.

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Oh, and one more point you fucking moron. This article is written up to sound like he is addressing his fellow scientists and researchers, but he isn't. He's addressing the public because they are the target.
If he was actually wanted to warn the people to whom the information actually applies, out of a genuine concern for the effects on research, then he would do it through a genetics periodical, not the fucking NY times.
This is simply preparing the public to hear of medical racial differences by seeding the belief that they don't matter outside of research and medicine.

I agree with a t0rpedo

But that's not what I said.
Another user claimed X.
You claimed X is false, and implied that the user should post A, but won't do so because, you claimed, A would show that X is false.
I asked you to post A.
You responded to that by implying such has any connection whatsoever to the claim of X being true or false.

Extremely semitic.

Attached: 1408277347451.jpg (494x605, 62.47K)

That's empty rhetoric.

An user made a claim. You claimed a given source would disprove his claim. I asked you to provide that source. You deflected and now are engaging in slinging empty rhetorical smear.

Extremely semitic.

You have to go back.

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I would have immediately asked if cheating/lying are genetic traits that could be passed down such that one group are the best at cheating and lying.

Attached: uncle.jpg (620x419, 35.07K)

So I'll take it that means you DON'T have the source?
Meaning in this post

you espouse exactly - and I mean EXACTLY - the same behavior that you're projecting onto the other user, namely, making a claim and refusing or being unable to provide a source to back it up.

Extremely semitic.

No shit? Intelligence is genetic, behavior is culture, that's why you are redpilled and boomers are retarded. Gentics only gives you the potential, weak men make bad society etc

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You're very disingenuous and extremely semitic.
But at least you can admit that you have no source as you claimed.

I never claimed to have a source Schlomo. I never even made a claim. "Unicorns are real because I say so". No they aren't, you can't show proof of unicorns". "LOL PROVE TEY IZ NOT [email protected]!111"

Yes you did.
Right here:
The claim was that a source would disprove the claim of another.
I asked you to provide that source.
You can't.
Its doubly funny because you were crying in that very post about how the user in question wouldn't provide a source, while claiming that you knew of a source he would not post because it would disprove his claim, and when asked to post that source, you failed to post that source to support your claim that it would disprove his claim.

You quite literally said:
How can you know that it would show that he is wrong if you do not have the source?

How do you know if nogs and kikes will blackwash the public on which race is the superior race? Holla Forums should remind the public which race has the higher IQ

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Oh, and to clarify:

The user did not say "X is real because I say so", he said "X is real because of a given source saying so".
You asked for that source, while making the claim that it would disprove his assertions, which is why, you claim, he would not post it.
Two claims in there, in fact.

One of them you can prove easily enough, by posting the source that you claim would disprove his claim.
So, its more like
>(((You))):"Unicorns are not real and you won't post Source A because it will prove unicorns aren't real"
>(((You))): "Y-Y-YOU'RE A JEW!"

I don't know, I am assuming. Just like I don't know unicorns don't exist, I am assuming. Jesus Schlomo, I know you are desperate to try to maintain the illusion that africans are human, but this "oh they would be just like us if not for inbreeding, you just need to race mix with them goys!" shit is so transparent it is pathetic.

Quite possibly (((russian))).

His mother was very possibly (((Jewish))), maiden name "Bekker," of German and (((Polish)))? descent. The name appears in quite a few of the LOLohoax databases and appears in Argentine immigration records with several (((Jewish))) entries among quite a few protties. It's a Dutch or Low German form of an occupational name for "bakers."

Far from proven, but anytime I see cucking on the scale of that man's work relative to the historical times in which he lived, I always look for the kike in the woodpile.

Agreed, that right there is claiming to know of a source(s).
Have you noticed that even when the behaviors which make a kike obvious are described and enumerated, the kike shill can't stop using them? It's almost like they're following a recipe, or the behavior is so ingrained that it's like asking a dog not to lick its asshole. It might stop when you shout, but 5 minutes later it's back slurping.


Still trying to push that shit are they? Also OP is not a fag while using TOR. Good bread.

Just filter this assclown desperate to claim niggers evolved. It's an old jew lie trying to assure goys that degenerate behavior and inbreeding are sexy and fun.
If you're curious, here's the formula for calculating genetic drift due to inbreeding to accompanying the study on IQ loss

Should be able to use that to utterly destroy the kike lie they have the highest IQ. Because it's quite easy to prove how inbred the ashkeNAZIs are (hint: 30+ severe genetic disorders specific to the NAZIs).

Attached: 1432079132612.jpg (449x274, 47.58K)

I never understood why people are so committed to one side of this issue. This is the case mostly with those who claim there is no genetic factor, but its just as naive to think any differences are purely genetic and have nothing to do with culture.
It seems pretty clear that there are genetic differences between populations, however like all genetic differences they will have come about through natural (or sexual) selection which is in turn influenced by culture. European Jews are the perfect example of this, as their culture revolved around being good with money and books for hundreds to thousands of years. This led to those who were smarter having more children and thus over the generations selecting for high IQ. The same can be said about American Blacks, who during slavery were specifically bred for high strength and low intelligence, and currently have a culture that looks down upon smart people for being "too white". I would argue that most genetic differences come about in this way.

Nothing weird going on here.

So then why did you say something that implied to you did know?
Why did you make a claim based on an assumption, while decrying someone else for doing what appears to be the exact same?

Kike shills run off >(You)'s, so its kind of understandable. I think a few of them have realized that they can get tons of >(You)'s by just shitposting really really hard in a way that aggravates autists and people who care about detail.

Not really, its pretty clear what happened here, but I'll run you through it.
*repeated 3-4 times*

That… What?

You know it's a good thread when it's mostly bots "arguing".

"History shows again and again
How nature points out the folly of men" - Godzilla

Attached: godzilla-face-palm2.jpg (500x301, 50.71K)

Nice try, Ari.

What happened was one bot got called on for a source, and was mocked in the same gesture by suggesting it wouldn't produce a source because it would prove the bot wrong. Then the other bot responded by asking the first bot for its source. Enter the "no yuo" loop.

These bots are only semi-autonomous as its obvious some controller is feeding it specific madlibs to give the air of authentic user bantz. Except it's really obvious to the seasoned veterans.

Attached: costanza belittles.jpg (375x375, 15.72K)

Calling people "bots" is the new version of calling people "shills"?
Seriously bro, bots don't call you a cum-guzzling homo.

To be fair, its bi-directional.
-> denotes influence

Genetics -> Physiology -> Psychology -> Behavior -> Culture -> Society -> Civilization

There is, of course, feedback - if a given genetic trait results down the line in a given cultural stance, that cultural stance can, in turn, have an effect upon the genetics.
I think that's a common argument for how kikes got the way they are - they were already kikes, but when their situation deteriorated they took on a cultural position that created a genetic bottleneck, which in turn generated genetic conditions that furthered the cultural stance, etc etc etc.
The idea that its only downstream as goes influence is rather flawed… Of course, the idea that the origin point is not genetics but culture is, as you say, Ari-tier.

Why are you pretending that the obvious answer and an absurd answer are equally likely? And why are you still trying to push the "nogs are human" meme?

Attached: 1408283594814.jpg (310x440, 92.54K)

sources or gtfo TORpedo

Why are you pretending that one answer is absurd?
Where did I push that meme? Cite it, specifically.

Source for what, specifically?

Look ma, I'm a negro!

Attached: 4bad321ae9e6a9e051e77df0edce8a668efea0bcd0b094d165b243169684c91e.png (470x588, 186.33K)

Because it is you degenerate piece of shit:

Tha actual human hierarchy goes:
race -> culture -> language -> ethnicity

your source code for your bots

I hope you are ready for

More like

So you don't have a specific thing you want sourced?

Its absurd to imply that the suggestion of inbreeding being a source of extreme nigger subhumanism is equivalent to suggesting that unicorns exist.
You made an assumption on an issue which is far, far, far, far less absurd than your unicorn example, and now you're trying to present otherwise.

Bottom line: The user made a claim. You made a counter-claim while referencing source material you cannot reference, implying in doing so that you could and have referenced such, as to know that it negates the anons claim. Now you're trying to pretend that its as-fair an assumption to suggest "unicorns don't exist" as it is to suggest that "niggers are not shit, AT LEAST IN PART, because of inbreeding", while simultaneously projecting a false narrative onto your opposition in direct opposition to their stated position.

I've never said anything of the sort - that's you projecting again.
Why would you want to race-mixing with inbred subhumans?
What about them being inbred, as to generate their status, would suggest
If you had a population of inbred chimps, would out-breeding them make them not be chimps anymore, or just not be inbred chimps?

The worst thing is the “I’m sorry bullshit”.

They are all sorry but none of them will do anything about the problems themselves. They just want to keep advocating lone wolf school shooters and other assorted bullshit and faggotry.

They are sorry alright.

Attached: shoulder shrug.jpg (4288x2848, 3.78M)

No it is not. Read the fucking link you kiked out piece of shit. In order for inbreeding to explain their IQ, they wouldn't be able to survive. They would be so disease ridden and feeble that they would not be here. Plus, there is absolutely no reason to think they would ever have had any evolutionary pressure selecting towards higher IQ. Two big reasons that the inbreeding lie is absurd. Then when you factor in the obvious fact that the entire point of that lie is for jews to keep convincing whites that africans are the same species as them, we see that you are an oven dodger.

Attached: 1432015103967-1.png (285x372, 14.62K)

Exactly. That's why jews are always pushing bullshit when it comes to inbreeding and intelligence. They want everyone to believe there's a mysterious biological mechanism beyond human reckoning that determines the races, when really it's no more complex than the farmers that gave us Jersey and Angus cattle. Niggers and Myans inbred themselves retarded, and now the Arabs and jews are doing it too.

IQ tests are designed by psychologist.
Guess who has the monopoly over psychology?
These test give big emphasis on the linguistic part aka bullshitting and shaping of words.
Which means basically nothing in the modern economy outside of (((non-technical academia))), (((journalism))) and (((law))).
All of which are infested by (((them))) and contribute nothing to the advancement of the West. Rather the mentioned professions destroy it.

The reason why nogs fail at it is mainly becouse they fail at everything thrown at them, except blowing money and dying due to bullets.

Attached: 8ddb76ec711ecc8429558a1990f5f994.jpg (465x413, 33.69K)

Kike logic: race is a social construct, but genetics shows that there are some differences, mental illnesses are genetic, racism and sexism are mental illnesses, take your pills white people

You mean like AIDS, Hep C, Ebola, Malaria, and a huge list of others I forgot… of which most niggers in Africa would likely succumb without the jews food and medical support?

Like I suggested earlier after watching OPs embed my guess would be that kikes genetic advantage isn't their intelligence it's the lying/cheating "gene".

Nobody has requested I cite anything, except you.

Oh, you're retarded.
And a pussy.
Good stuff.

Yes, it is.
Which link?
This one?
Which part of that link's content, specifically, demonstrates that conclusion?
What about the Ashkenazi Jews? And, you do realize that niggers ARE horribly disease ridden, yes?
Cite the specific part from that link that demonstrates that conclusion.
So, its absurd to suggest inbreeding contributes to the extreme niggerdom condition, because… You claim there was no selective pressure as regards increased IQ for the niggers, and you claim that inbreeding to such a degree as to generate that would demonstrate such physiological rammifications of a deleterious nature as to make them unable to survive? Is that a fair summary of your claim?
In what way does suggestion of inbreeding as source of niggerdom equate in any way, shape or form to suggestion of being of the same species as Whites?
Again: If you had a population of inbred chimps, would out-breeding them make them not be chimps anymore, would it make them into humans, or would it just make them not be inbred chimps?

Anyone else see Nassim Taleb publicly pull the rug out from under (((Mary Beard)))s' attempt at pushing the diversity narrative across the pond recently? It's worth a read and some investigation, IMO.


Background: The BBC cartoon showed a subsaharan African as part of a “typical” Roman Brit in the name of diversity. The UK “bien pensant” establishment now has a binary classification“white” and “other” that is, “nonwhite”, whatever that means, a classification that encompasses anything that is not Northern European and, if Mediterranean, comes from a “diversity country”, that is from a non EU-member. One nonwhite can substitute for another. If that’s not racial supremacism, what is?

No, I mean like genetic diseases from inbreeding. Look at arabs and kikes. How can you possibly be too stupid to understand the difference between genetic weakness caused by inbreeding and viruses?

Exactly the point. They aren't as dumb as africans and they have way more genetic problems. You are disproving your own lie Schlomo.
That has nothing to do with the link. Low effort kike.
That's the claim you are making. They are just inbred humans. They are not, they are their own subhuman species.

Not all of the tests are.
Doesn't matter because psychology isn't a real science like psychiatry.
That's not true. Anecdotal as it may be: I was forced to take three separate IQ tests before the state allowed me to graduate high school early and attend university. There are different tests that measure different capacities such as speed, memory, pattern recognition, etc. All tests the state administered before granting my request were performed by psychiatrists.
polite sage

Attached: Heebs will not divide us.jpg (1200x672, 142.01K)

This is all setting up for a Jordan Peterson-esque, "Jews are smarter than you so you should accept your slavery stupid goyim" argument.

You have it ass backwards. Psychiatry is (((Freud))) saying that respecting your parents is a "pathology" if you are white, but healthy if you are a jew. Psychology is understanding what we think and why, it does not involve any attempt at subjective judgements.
Then they are not IQ tests. IQ tests just measure IQ, which is entirely unrelated to memory. The kike you are replying to is of course lying, but it is so obvious it wasn't worth responding to. IQ tests do not involve linguistics at all. They don't even have any words. This myth of "cultural bias" in IQ tests is entirely jews trying to discredit basic scientific measurements. It is just as absurd as saying height is "culturally biased" and feet and inches aren't a "real measure" of height.

The argument falls flat then when one contrast/compare nigger inbreeding and kike inbreeding and combine it with your idea that inbreds cannot maintain a society. The NAZIs have over 30 genetic disorders, some of the most fucked up ever, from all their inbreeding but they've figured out a way to exist for 5000 years.

I'm not, but I'm also not arguing that any of the inbreeding races and their societies will simply vanish due to their inbreeding.

That's as retarded as making the claim that Rome collapsed because of the lead in the aqueducts when we know lead linings actually purify water.

>You have it ass backwards. Psychiatry is (((Freud)))
stopped reading right there because you are flat out WRONG

Attached: top gun.png (1280x720, 974.45K)


How would you explain how genetic differences across races arise other than natural and sexual selection? Its literally the same way with every other species.

In a word: mutation.

What if it's a mystery yet to be solved…

So inbreeding has the same effect in all cases across species?
Then provide a source?
No, its not. That's you projecting, AGAIN. You can't even seem to keep track of who you're talking to at this point.
No, I never made any such suggestion.
My suggestion was that you implied you had knowledge of a source, and I asked you to cite it, and you sperged out and acted like a massive kike.
Whatever they are, human or otherwise, is a completely different issue.
Are Asians, Jews, Arabs, Hispanics, etc 'human', or are we all effectively subspecies, perhaps even as far as being divergent species themselves?
Seems more likely they're subspecies borne out of divergent evolution.
Like the niggers.
Who may or may not be inbred.

My argument, of course, not being either of the two, but rather, that you were attacking someone on the basis of not providing sources to back up a claim while implying you possess knowledge of what lies within a source that, when asked to cite, you sperged the fuck out over and engaged in semitic semantic argumentation to suggest that to imply niggers may well be inbred - thus contributing to their status - this is equivalent to saying unicorns are real, and claiming further that the motivation behind this, inexplicably, is to promote race-mixing with niggers because "they're ONLY inbred".

You've been incredibly disingenuous, and can't even comprehend that I never made a claim, per se, as regards inbreeding in niggers - I just asked you to provide a source you implied you knew the contents of while accusing someone of not sourcing their arguments, and when I did so, you freaked out and started calling me a jew instead of just posting a link to the source you implied you knew the contents of as to be able to suggest they disproved the claim of your opposition.

So, what uncomfortable genetic truth did they recently find that is so obvious that they can't cover it up?

Why are we screaming shill and bullshit at eachother instead of trying to answer that part of the puzzle?

That's the point you illiterate retard. Kikes are horrifyingly massively inbred to the point of barely being able to live, and their IQ is still well above africans. Calling jews "NAZIs" is really clever though. Those evil nazis and their horrible oppression of your people right? How date they tell you that you can't steal from the goyim!?

Just saying "UR RONG DURRRR!1111" won't change reality you knob.

"Ok so it doesn't make any sense but that's fine because things just are different right?". Jesus man, just go back to reddit.

That's how an individual gets a genetic difference, however if that mutation isn't selected for either naturally or sexually (culturally) then it does not change the race as a whole

It is still a mystery, I'm just giving my best guess based on how things work in nature.

The asthma thing might have been a catalyst.

Can't remember the exact details, but basically, it came to light that asthma treatment medications are HIGHLY variable between racial clades, such that medications which will treat White people just fine have little-to-no effect upon Blacks/Spics, and that because of this social view of 'equality', we're stuck with this "shotgun medicine" approach, because there isn't functional research being done about the variance in efficacy between racial clades.

IOW: A bunch of muds and shit are dying because we keep giving them medications that are tested on majority Whites, medications that either don't work or don't work as well, on the muds.

The only thing that doesn't make any sense is your hostile semitic narrative and behavior.

What makes the least sense is why you never answer questions posted to you.
Answer these:

I guess it also doesn't make sense that you'd project a pro-miscegenation narrative onto those suggesting niggers are inbred, nor that you'd suggest that a population being inbred directly equates to the notion that they are of the same species and just lacking as a result of that inbred state.

Were you actually the specific real kike Hitler was talking about arguing with? Look at your fucking example, it is exactly what I said. Inbred chimps would be chimps. Just as inbred humans would be humans. You are pretending nogs are inbred humans, when they are simply a different species altogether. It is like saying gorillas are inbred because they are dumber than chimps. No, they are just a different species, that didn't need to evolve as much intelligence.

It's not working for me either. I tried to look at a dif archive earlier and got the same problem but figured it was the link. Now I'm wondering if everyone else is having the same problem.

Attached: whahappan.png (491x343, 13.66K)

Attached: How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race’.png (1270x10331, 2.19M)

No, that's just you projecting, yet again, you filthy jew.
Let's make this very clear:
Whether niggers are inbred or not has no connection to their being or not being of the same species as Whites.
They two totally unrelated issues.

Now, knowing that fact, or at least assuming it to be fact:
If niggers are another species, as you imply, would inbreeding not make them worse?
If the answer is 'yes, it would make them worse', would altering their inbred status make them better?
If the answer is 'yes, it would make them better', would that statement be equivalent to suggesting they would be equivalent to Whites?

Answer the fucking questions.

Probably just subspecies tbh.

No, you dumb, dumb, nigger/slimey, slimey, kike.
Its like saying inbred gorillas exhibit negative traits associated with being inbred.
If they were not inbred, they'd still just be gorillas.
Inbred chimps exhibiting negative traits associated with being inbred, who are then outbred? Still just chimps.
Inbred niggers exhibiting negative traits associated with being inbred, when are then outbred (with non-inbred niggers)? Still just niggers.

No, they're probably just a subspecies, that didn't evolve as much cognitive ability, and their being inbred - which they may be - as to exacerbate that condition only makes them worse… But, assuming they were inbred, if they were altered from that state as to NOT be inbred, they'd still be…. wait for it…. niggers.

You stupid nigger/slimey jew.

I am not having any problem.
Its on your end.

Yeah, but no. They are disgustingly inbred to be sure. Yet they remain extant.

It's called etymology. The kikes have been subverting language for thousands of years and the "NAZI" neologism is derived expressly from "ashkenazi" being a pejorative. All they did was flip it back on the people (((they))) want to oppress and subjugate.

You are factually wrong, though. Psychiatry is an actual science, and psychology is (((Fruedism))). For fucks sake my neurologist that treats me for Epilepsy is not some kiked fake scientist…

You're saying that a mutation that becomes an advantage must be selected for, and I disagree. It can actually be spontaneous and passed on without any adaptive or sexual pressures.

I'm pretty sure that's not true…

stop this. if there is a crack in the dam you dont just make little bits of water dribble through so they can then come repair that spot to make it stronger for the next time. the best thing to do is put as much pressure as possible and hope the whole thing breaks.
look at this shit in the first 30 seconds of OP
this crap needs to end.
and before that they even had the gall to suggest that niggers are better hunters. give me a fucking break. they're still trying to justify having negroes mixed in with men; that's how it will always be with these people. if it turns out that there is an undeniable downside to being nonwhite, they try to turn it into an upside through mental gymnastics. "oh, their iq isnt as high? but their harder workers. what? they're lazy? that's because they need motivation. they're actually very passionate and creative - they just need a proper outlet to unleash their true potential" and it keeps going on like this. the truth is that they are all subhuman savages. not even the white man has been able to change that, so you know it will never change.
maybe if it was us that were the ones putting down the stepping stone that would be fine, but this particular stepping stone is the product of juden.

it's difficult to realize how brainwashed people really are when it comes to the negro. think affirmative action but automatically applied mentally in every scenario. people have subconscious affirmative action filters in their perceptions and subconscious. they immediately want to make excuses for the nature of the nigger. it will take a lot to convince people that they can have absolutely no part in the future of mankind. it is one of the biggest mistakes to apply your altruism to nonwhites

Attached: ufc-220-stipe-miocic-francis-ngannou-2.jpg (650x360, 89.54K)

Kikes have done their utmost to prevent Whites from conquering tropical lands because for whites it would be paradise. For whites it'd be like living on hard mode for thousands of years only to suddenly live on easy mode. White civilizations in such easy environment would become 10 times as efficient. Do you think it's an accident that everytime white empires were about to conquer Africa, South-America and South-Asia that certain (((advisors))) always decided it would be better to enslave or live alongside natives instead of simply genociding them? That "we" should let them live for humanitarian reasons and they're not a danger anyways? That suddenly wars broke out between empires at the most critical moments to prevent expansion and start infighting? U.S and Europe could have easily steamrolled into the south but something always came in between like a wrench. Go read on the history of all these occassions and i can promise you that everyone who made bad decisions to prevent the southern regions of the earth to get conquered by whites ever since the age of discovery, were fucking kikes. Australia and few islands are the only tropical like region whites own because they directly started genociding the natives, even finished the job in Tasmania, now one of the whitest easy mode regions on earth.

Imagine what white civilization could do in the south with near unlimited raw ressources, food and water everywhere all year around and constanly good weather and health. Without kikes you might have heaven on earth.

Attached: 1449564261251.jpg (887x900, 202.48K)

Yes it does. As your example made clear. There is nothing to explain if they are another species. Are dogs inbred because they are dumber than us? No, they are dogs. Are nogs inbred because they are dumber than us? No, they are nogs.
Like being stupid.
Where are these non-inbred niggers then? If their IQ is the result of inbreeding, then they are all inbred. There is no population of africans that isn't low IQ. Because they are the IQ they evolved to be. The implicit assumption in your kike propaganda is that they should be smarter, like us. But they are not like us.
In which case, there would be no reason to believe they are inbred, as there would be no reason to believe they should be more intelligent than they are. You only think they should be more intelligent because you are comparing them to humans. Because you are a subversive kike trying to push the "africans are human" propaganda.


lol reported

whats the advantage of having pedophile liberals from tor on pol?

Again, that is the point. Are you retarded? They still exist but are sickly and full of genetic diseases. Africans have IQs 20 points lower than jews, if it were due to inbreeding they would have correspondingly far more heritable disease. But they do not.
It is called being a kike. Absolutely nothing you said is correct.
>Psychiatry is an actual science, and psychology is (((Fruedism))).
And I gave you a link showing that you have it backwards.
Neurology is not psychiatry or psychology you fucking retard. Tell him to start treating you for your massive brain damage.

Look at Nazi Germany and tell me it wasn't. Look at california 1920 before frankfurt kikes came along and tell me it wasn't. Look at australia, a country which was more or less build by the descendands the worst of white criminals and still at the height of white policy still was a hundred times better than anything you see now in the west now. Look at South Africa under white rule, then look at south africa after kikes enabled nigger rule. I can give you hundreds of such examples.

Every time whites were in complete rule, even in the most northern harshest lands, you had utopia until kikes infiltrated. Now go back to Holla Forums.

Nations do better along ethnic lines, no argument from me on that. However, segregation isn't the same thing as worldwide extermination. That's playing God, as well as being really stupid, not to mention impossible.

Pretty much.
From the article:
The orthodoxy goes further, holding that we should be anxious about any research into genetic differences among populations. The concern is that such research, no matter how well-intentioned, is located on a slippery slope that leads to the kinds of pseudoscientific arguments about biological difference that were used in the past to try to justify the slave trade, the eugenics movement and the Nazis’ murder of six million Jews.
Lol, I thought there weren’t supposed to be any slippery slopes?

Messed up the formatting


You're right, but extermination is inevitable and even necessary in the case of kikes, and even if we wouldn't do it, chinks most likely do. Might as well do it ourselves now and spare our descendands from doing that job.
No, it's the rule of nature.
How so?
What makes it impossible?

[citation needed]

You're on your own with your extermination goals. It really isn't plausible.

So was walking on the moon, curing smallpox, flying, crossing the oceans, etc. If our ancestors listened to cowards like you we would still be living in grass huts like niggers. Never be afraid of an impossible task, they are never as impossible as they seem.

Tell that to Pizzaro.

Sure there is, seeing as we see examples in their population on-par with ours.
Show me the Thomas Sowell dog who can do high level math. I'll wait.
No, they're dumber than us because their nogs AND because they may be inbred.

Yes, yes exactly!
But all gorillas are stupid.
So are inbred gorillas more or less likely to be stupid than non-inbred gorillas?
Exactly, you nigger.

Theoretical context faggot.
That could well be the case.
The implicit assumption is that they COULD be smarter, like us - and, because examples of their kind CAN espouse intellect on-par with Whites, we know they COULD be smarter, like us… But they aren't. Because they aren't like us. And may well be massively inbred.

Except that we know they're capable of demonstrating greater intellect, the question is why.
Evolutionarily derived? Certainly.
Completely without contribution from being massively inbred? Negative.

No, I'm comparing them to their own population.
You still didn't answer me if those other racial clades are human or not.
How about you do so now, eh?

Answer the fucking questions.

I'm not afraid of difficulty, I just don't put effort into what I think are evil goals. And, before you bring it up, I don't think it's necessary (let alone worth it even if I thought it possible, or good, or related), to murder entire races in order to advance technologically.

He destroyed their pagan empire, not the entire south american/mestizo/incan race, right?

So now again you admit you believe nogs are human because you don't understand the concept of a bell curve. Yet you still insist you aren't saying nogs are human. Complete judaism.

And all nogs are stupid.

There's no measurable difference between gorilla populations. Just like there is no measurable difference between african populations. Really activates the almonds huh?
So because Sowell has a 90+ IQ that means africans are inbred? How did he manage to get such a high IQ then? Inbreeding doesn't just lower IQ, it causes the population to be genetically similar, so they all have IQs very close to each other, with little variation. Again you are disproving your own propaganda Schlomo.
No, you just did it again. You compared them to whites: "because examples of their kind CAN espouse intellect on-par with Whites". Lying doesn't work when your post is still there.
Because they are red herrings intended to distract from the argument in question. Nice try.

I'm tempted to just smug at you, but I'll bite: They have no future. Even if kikes succeed in killing us off they will just consume and consume without giving anything back until the earth is a desert and then die regardless.

Its that /fringe/ shilling of that jew book again, something with diamond in the title. (Everything is connected, word meanings are esotheric, hidden knowledge, Nazi and AshkeNAZI, SEE?) Its a massive low IQ shitshow and the Q psyop also works toward that.

There are three distinct dna groups:
All others are mixed phenotypes.
All the data they have is here:
From this research I have found that
Proving there is is at the crux of reich's entire career.
But his work proves otherwise because
There is no jew dna
Jewshills btfo.

No. There's no sensible way to get 3, you get at least 5.

Attached: race_tree.jpg (602x480, 67.38K)

Is this why jews are smarter than cumskins?

That's not going to happen. Our war is much more a religious and ideological one than a physical fight. Mine is, in any event. There is no way they can beat us on the battlefield.

Part of that war is the idea of 'diversity' being a good thing, which is just one tactic for destroying western civilization. Destroy the erroneous idea of diversity (forced race mixing, and forced religious mixing) being an ideal worth attempting (another utopian lie, like communism), and that tactic fails.

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Proof positive australians are NOT europeans

Ha what nigger?

Attached: dna-unperson.jpg (835x655, 157.51K)

Didn't a Russian Oligarch buy his prize and then immediately return in.

This is your brain on marxism. As Yuri said, even when confronted with authentic information, the demoralized cannot but give their pre-programmed responses.

Fucking David the Kike Reich is at it again, trying to minimize the genetic advantages that whites have but still get a big paper by crying progress!

Damage Control is absolutely a perfect descriptor here. Every fucking time.

you talking about the femin virus?

ya know whats funny as fuck. Hes quoted in that article as having baited the kikes who did the study into doing the study to 'prove the high iq of jews'.

kikes really are stupid as shit.

Interesting but the austronesian and papuan/australian "natives" migrated from asia/africa, respectively.
So they are africoid.

Sources for claim:
Haak W, Forster P, Bramanti B, Matsumura S, Brandt G, et al. (2005) Ancient DNA from the first European farmers in 7500-year-old Neolithic sites.


And Asiod.
MIxed and shit.

Also, what is source of your pic related ?
Tineye don't work so good without javascript.
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/pol is compromised. It is run by people trying to distract from Trump's total betrayal with the omnibus, which capped ICE agent hiring and capped deportations. It is opposite of what we voted for, and pol is trying to hide that.

Please move to /zenpol

By that logic so is everyone. "Where we found some bones and roughly dated them" is not helpful. We don't find most bones, and we can't date them accurately. DNA does not lie. It allows us to clearly measure the genetic distance between populations. As you can see, the genetic distance between abbos and asians is greater than the genetic distance between asians and whites. They are their own race.

Not him.

Seems based on time.
Why Maya/Azteca/Amerindians are more different from Chineese than Mongolian, even though they are the Ancient Mongolian people.

Out of africa theory is bullshit.

It is.
Though I agree woth your reservations about accuracy claims.
"Archaeological evidence" is a hueristic by which we can establish relation and "distance" between us and our ancestors.
Without it, we can only establish relation and "distance" between us and our brothers, resulting in claims, for example, that the Irish and Scottish, both Gaels, are not the same people, when they are.

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AT&T by any chance?

It isn't. It is based on genes. Be less stupid.
That's the point idiot. You are using out of africa "evidence" to say abbos are african because they came from africa.

No it is not. It gives us very little to know when those people were actually there, for how long, and what they were doing there. But that doesn't tell us who they are related to and how closely, which is the question. "Well these bones were half way between africa and india and they are 3000 years old, so indians came from africa 3000 years ago" is not logical. Genes tell us without any doubt that africans and abbos are more distantly related than whites and asians are. So if you want to pretend abbos and africans are one race, you have to also pretend whites and asians are. So stop pretending, and deal with reality.

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There is plenty of studies where they did exactly that. Well guess what, they still grow up to be savages. You can't take the savage out of these people. You can't even fully tame them unless they breed with whites, which destroys both races.

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They must be D E S P E R A T E if they are pulling this shit

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Funny coincidence: The ADL was formed because of a similar thing.