Infographic Thread

Read the subject. I really think it's clever and funny for the character limit to be set to 88. Can't wait to see all these infographics. Let's do this.

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some of these sacrifice aesthetics for info, which I am totally fine with.

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Good man.

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Hello friend

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This ones pretty basic bitch

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Don't forget the Jewish Grindr one too.

Not sure I have one for that.

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It's a juxtoposition of a common filth twitter post saying "white people love faggots so much they created grindr" with an article saying "the jewish origins of grindr"

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I will only post more holohoax pics if requested.

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Smile once in a while

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requesting a screencap that talked about bolshevik free love in the 20s

i'll be back tomorrow to continue

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The Sandy Hook Batman stuff is really creepy….

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Are redpills ok too?

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Thank you for the contributions I'm really hoping this stays afloat overnight. I understand it might not though.

Anything, especially red pills !

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No. Jews just think White people are faggots because in general we aren’t sex crazed niggers that diddle little kids like they do.

(((Karl Liebknecht)))'s mother was a kike and (((Erich Mühsam))) has since been added to the list of commanders on the socialist side.

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Where are the market indexes today in the shemitah cycle, or did the jews skip this one?

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