Branding cult leader arrested

Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM sex cult in Upstate NY, arrested by FBI

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Degenerates are going to be degenerates, I guess.

It's like an NTR manga IRL.

John Argus IRL.

Holla Forums is not a news board. Why are you posting this here?

politics, news and current events.

Fuck off.

Hi Keith. Why did you do it?

Would this be on the FBI .gov site if true? I'm not seeing immediate hits elsewhere, but a lot of "currently investigating" articles from Dec. '17.
If true, this is beyond Weinstein-tier proof that the swamp is beyond drained from sea to shining sea.
I didn't watch embed related, but the cult was in NY but involves a lot of Hollywood "celebrities".
Why can't I embed Hooktube?

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I can't even

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technically it was originally /new/ and it was nhp: news, history, politics

so you fuck off

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Nigger, search 'Keith Raniere' it's getting hits everywhere right now.

As far back as 2015 there was suspicions of cult activity. Here is his kikepedia page

And back in 2011 he had a big enough ego to make a kikepedia page for himself naming him the smartest man alive Considering he's a nobody, who else would have made it?.

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Just noticed:

Meanwhile Hillary is still walking free. Really fries the almonds.

Q fags btfo. I guess there won't be any drops tonight.

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Future proves past. Expand your thinking.

I said there's little mention of the FBI arrest…plenty of articles on the cult activities, friendo.

Seriously, though: how are women this stupid?

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That is so bizzare, i would have smeared the skin with cum before the branding iron stances it into the skin, would have given it a very special touch.

thats not the brand he used. its just some default image the FAGGOT OP used. the real brand is some ugly AF retarded brand that includes both their initials.

>>>/qresearch/810563 the Qpids are looking into this and there's some real deep shady shit there. They installed a keylogger on Edgar Bronfman's computer, the cult ran on the money of two of Bronfman's daughters, one of them married a Libyan terrorist, they nabbed several actresses out of high profile shows like Smallville and Battlestar Galactica, and there are high level political connections. This is a happening.

This is multilevel happening.
Just one teased out connection:
"Sara Bronfman’s husband, Basit Igtet, has ties to Muslim terrorists and cult leader Raniere"
November 23, 2017

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That used to just be called slavery.

just look at these headlines
Dalai Lama Secretary denies $1 million paid to speak for Raniere; Yet Dalai Lama Trust founded 10 days after Albany speech with $2 million in donations
Raniere’s latest heist of Bronfman money involved $20M cell phone scam meant to foil NSA & FBI; it followed commodities and LA real estate scams
Raniere told followers ‘death threat’ [not law enforcement] made him leave for Mexico
Contractor files lien against Sara Bronfman’s Albany mansion, claims heiress stiffed him out of $35k
Raniere says famous forensic psychiatrist evaluated sorority; Park Dietz says he was not hired to evaluate sorority
Mexico: ‘And Now The End Is Near’: Alejandro Junco, Felipe Calderon Wade In to Topple Salinas, Raniere
Exclusive: Bronfman reached out to ‘Crisis’ PR as well as lobbyists,
New York Times breaks the news: The DOJ/FBI investigating Raniere/NXIVM
NXIVM doctors, Danielle Roberts & Brandon Porter represented by top medical malpractice law firm; but NY State has not taken action yet
Clare Bronfman in Mexico, seen in San Pedro near Raniere
Mexico: Emiliano Salinas bypassed as PRI candidate for President; branding women might have burnt his political career

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That's an yuuuuge understatement. Connections to Hillary Clinton.

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Last week we were LARPing faggots. I'll take Qpids, it's an improvement.

I'm solidly heterosexual, and not above making fun of myself.

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Drugs, low self esteem, and hypnosis.

What's the board?

No, you won’t be taking any designation which tricks people into thinking you’re something you’re not. You are paid jewish shills LARPing about bullshit that was proven false half a year ago. You need to be banned on sight.

Don’t fucking pay attention to paid shills. Q-LARP faggots are liars. Report them.

I kind of want to check it out for myself. Quite likely hogwash, but I want to see the kind of content they post. I tried "q" instead of "pol" but it was like a joke page or something.

Pelicans need to be euthanized.

Pic related.


And keep your str8 boi fantasies to yourself.

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I gotta admit, the idea of Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk being in a sex cult has my younger self tweaking out a little.

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This is teasing a distant memory i have of reading about this somewhere before…
Im pretty sure this branding cult ran "self development" retreats/workshops for high-profile women in the corporate world and entertainment industry.
Coming up empty in search- can anyone confirm?

Better than a wedding ring for identifying cattle.

What the fuck are you trying to talk about that didn't exist.
The only ant qaddafi people were americans and frenchies

And this retarded shit is fucking fake and has zero sources.
Are you the same fetishist that has been spamming your slave fics peior to this?

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Related to the Finder's cult?

What took so long? Where were the father's, uncles, brothers etc?

I think you mean this. Weird. The article is from 2017.

The cult also has an official website

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According to ((wikipedia))

just go to the one thread on this topic >>>/qresearch/810563 and disregard the generals
unless you want to see the worst shilling money can buy

>(((salzman))) (((Bronfman)))

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>but they said if i joined their supersekrit fruhternal club and got bumfukkd just the onetimethey'dmake measuccessful partnerI NVER THOUGHT ID GO TI PRISOENNN1!!!

user, please: we're trying to dig here

user, do you realize just who this (((Bronfman is)))?????
>is the money behind this cult multilevel marketing organization
inb4 the daughter is "a renegade who ran off with her inheritance" and not just "fulfilling the family's longstanding goals"
that place is very JQ-neutral and rightfully so—it polarizes/derails too much
some random doc on the Bronfman's I didn't watch

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Fuck man, why don't I ever get invited to sex cults…

It's not as fun as it looks in pictures. You'd get bored and be back on Holla Forums after a week at most.

Oh Im well aware kek

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Dalai Lama is CIA. Also a secret Nazi.

God, women are so pathetic. And this asshole's rich too. this world needs a purge so badly.

You could do it too if you were a sick fuck with an unhealthy obsession. And probably do a better job of it. But then you'd have less time for more productive things. Like Holla Forums.

This always happens with cults.

Starting a cult is a pretty good way to have sex with lots of women and steal peoples money.

L ron hubbard was actually a genius not only did he start a cult, he innovated by making the cult members hollywood stars that would make millions and be enslaved to the cult

One thing i have noticed is that there are almost no cults started by women.

So I need to start a cult that has mandated donations of 10% of your salary so I can call it a church.

As I understand pyramid schemes, you have to keep bringing in new member who bring in new members or else the exponential demands can't keep up.
(By it's very nature, the pyramid scheme always borrows beyond its means.)

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bumping for overnight anons
i'd love to see a post velocity graph plotted over time zones

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lel, one biggest BDSM blogs on tumblr is rulled "The Rule Set" and is run by a Brooklyn hipster soyboy who looks like a 13 year old could beat him up.
In the end it's all about people, especially women, being highly susceptible to mindfuckery.

It's about fucking time.

I bet he steamed those hams good.

It's not mindfuckery they're susceptible to, it's wealth and social status. The mindfuckery is just what they use to justify it.
That "brooklyn hipster soyboy" probably has millions of dollars in his trust fund. The faggot who was arrested ran a pyramid scheme and was likely filthy rich. If you have status, most of which now comes from money because of jewish societal schemes, women will do pretty much anything.
Women who are actually self-sufficient don't succumb to the bullshit, but most of the overly civilized neotenous women aren't just retarded, they're bred to be stupid and helpless.

but the other trait that is bred into them is status seeking because status confers safety. Forgot to add that.

Considering it's more women than men who fell into this, it's actually steamed clams

Checking those trips of truth! First the Liddle’ Pedophile ring, now a pizza network/pizza cult based from the Fiji islands? Trump is throwing us clues the absolute madman!

Thanks, user. It took 2 days and 60 posts for someone to check my sweet trips.
There's a lotta necrobumping and shit threads being made today…I think they're sliding this and anons don't realize just how yuge it really is. First proof of actual happening imho.
I'm from Utica, and I've never heard of this.
at least you bumped with your shitposts

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It's connected to the Clinton Foundation, of course it's yuuuuge.


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This keeps being slid. I wonder why?


I wouldn't have sex with that woman tbh too ugu

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Yep it's called a Tithe.
Most Churches and Synagogues of Satan do it.

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triggered pedoshill

Holla Forums is so blue-pilled on the jews








DOE, and JOHN DOES 1-10,








>giving into her sexual fetishes


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Mods please sticky this thread, lots of new info and panicked shills.

(((James Franco))) doing Crowley rituals used against L. Ron Hubbard in the past. Also Spirit Cooking.

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full story

Also sticky request. Cults and pedogate are linked somehow to the Clintons

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