Cantwell turns Narc

So, Holla Forums is going to love this one. Chris Cantwell is freaking out about facing felony charges and so he's talking to the Feds. He's admitting this openly. He claims he has information on the "Philly Antifa" that supposedly the Feds don't have. He claims this information will get "the Philly Antifa" indicted which will somehow magically save him from prosecution. All the while this is going on, he's screaming about "kikes," attempting to organize more rallies, reading Siege and trying to get lone wolf terrorism supporter, James Mason, on his show. he actually did the interview then found out later it was a troll, supposedly by AWD

I'm pretty sure I don't have to spell the rest of the facts out for Holla Forums since its pretty obvious what he's actually doing.
Actually, this is about IRL faggotry, and its been in the news, so its relevant.

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moar screencaps

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I think the consensus was that this guy was a fed from day 1.

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Like how Hal Turner claimed his real job for the FBI was outing jewish infiltrators who would access his records?

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He was a goofy lolberg. I don't think there was any reason to think he was a Fed before this, and the fact that he's getting fucked with charges would imply that he wasn't

If any autismwaffles are here, I hope they warn James Mason.

Yep. They all are.

TRShills and Anglins Fuck Shack along with (((jew))) have been campaigning against him because he defended TWP for doing IRL activism not because he agreed with them but because IRL activist not obsessed with "muh optikz" pulled his ass out of the fire when they were attacked.

I'm interested to see OP pull up the images taken from TRS forums talking about how they want to change their optics to "moderate racism" lel and DS talking about how they need to grow up or jew writing about how Cantwell is an unhinged fed despite jew showing up on Cantwells podcast basically talking his typical, "genocide all the non-whites" spiel.

Cantwell is likely talking about, if OP was grabbing his previous posts, about the antifa losers basically admitting they lied and did illegal acts and fucking them over like he's been saying for the past month.

OP's a fag but this is interesting to witness the implosion all around faggotry is exposing itself without any real work to be put in.

jew = w e e v

They're who brought him into the aut-kike and made a name for him to begin with.

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word is he did an interview with what he thought was james mason, but it really was an autismwafflesfag


thinking literally everyone is a fed is nutcase thinking. that's not even how the feds usually work

so what? the whole AmNat vs WigNat dichotomy is bullshit

because the consensus is, now, that all the stupid protest marches and whatnot have not accomplished anything but getting people put in jail – and they're right – AND THIS IS WHAT Holla Forums SAID FROM THE BEGINNING

You're implying that Cantwell has any special information about antifa that the Feds don't already have. pull your head out of your ass

That's the irony. The same people that turned on him are the same ones that dragged him into all of this with artificial support. He would've just been doing his racist lolbergtarian stuff had they not given him artificial backup. Could be an epic troll if that was always their goal but I think by now we're familiar with DS/TRS to assume they could even pull that off.

Except none of them ever took that advice and you're missing how you can't talk about Cantwell without mentioning his direct supporters that pushed him to march to begin with. All 3 of them, w e e v, TRS, and DS were all behind that march and after it was a disaster they're all retroactively denouncing it? That's beyond pathetic.

That's not what I'm implying at all. From the start he was gathering all the photo and video evidence of them committing illegal acts from that stupid rally. The evidence feds might not have would be deleted tweets of them actually admitting their fault and private messages.

Cantwell is a talented guy. Hopefully he pulls through his sitting duck situation. Talking to feds still can only do harm to him.

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kikes crack so fast under the slightest amount of pressure

he was already going out in public, armed, with a camera trying to piss people off. don't act like he's some innocent bystander that just got pulled into things. He loved it. He talked on his show about the rush he was getting by doing these demonstrations and getting in these fights.

well, i don't know who is denouncing what, but i know they said going into the future that they should work on optics and avoid demonstrations. they admitted they got in over their head. but, you're right. they didn't take Holla Forums's advice. Now they're trying to shove the cat back in the bag, which is gay. and, they're getting nasty with everyone that wants to stay the course, which is gayer. on the other hand, cantwell is off his rocker

Cantwell's story doesn't add up. If he had some tweets and videos or whatever evidence that the Feds did NOT have, then he should just give it to them. If its true that all he's trying to do is get antifa arrested, then he doesn't need to do an interview. It's bullshit. And, the idea that getting antifa arrested will someone exonerate him is total horseshit. He's lying about something

and everyone around him. that's what worries everyone

this. and, don't believe this "40yrs" bs. That's the maximum, not the likely sentence. For a first offender he'll probably get off with time served and 6 yrs probation or something like that

Can't say jew anymore too? W e e v. Don't want their assets outted I suppose.

You can't be this stupid

He became a narco?




show the error in logic or stfu


wtf was this thread bumplocked for?

Probably for eceleb shit, although for once it actually deserves a thread.

fucking retarded. if its in the news and people are getting arrested, then its okay. when TWP did their action in Berkeley 2 years ago, it wasn't considered eceleb or whatever drama bullshit. it doesn't make any sense

report it and say it doesn't deserve an anchor. Maybe they'll reconsider?

They won't because they want to hide the fact that the obvious rallying points are all controlled by the feds or worse.

Yes, Cuntwell is the new Hal Turner.

probably because OP is a fag not from around here

i guarantee you're not from around here, you dumb nigger. 90% of Holla Forums are reddit kiddies who came during or after the election. You need to go the fuck back

this. they're niggers and won't reconsider anything. Holla Forums is already lost. if you want, you should report it and ask to have the anchor taken off - not me. they know I'm one of the oldfags that bitches all the time about nu-Holla Forums>>11416632

Reminder that Chris Cantwell was a part of a lolberg group called Free Keene Squad which was profiled by Colbert


lol he had police brand keychain pepperspray at the rally, he left his guns behind intentionally


lol no he's not

we know, it doesn't change anything, he started changing his mind just like how he changed his body when he was presented with new evidence and motivation

Reminder that Cantwell did nothing wrong and did months in jail, lost thousands of dollars because he peppersprayed someone who was violent…. then a tranny who hates him said Cantwell peppersprayed HIM which Cantwell did NOT, and instead of throwing out the case, they're charging him with felonies despite evidence of tampering, coaching, and lies.

Reminder that Cantwell says he is cooperating with the feds and that doesn't mean his is a fed. He also said they read his emails. He also said that because he and "our guys" are not the ones committing felonies that the FBI has nothing to charge them with, and in fact wants to go after Philly Antifa.

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bump with Cantwell dindu nuffin

He's not a first-time offender

Exactly. TRS and these other faggots hate Cantwell. That should tell you something. He tried to be buddies with them and they turned on him.

Cantwell has a rap sheet already and has talked with police in the past, you need to when you almost have to use a firearm in self defense and have it on video, which happened to him a few years ago.

Exonerate Cantwell.