D&C Or Just Ignorance?

Many people claim there has been an influx of shills seeking to break apart this board and I'm bound to believe that, but what if some of these shills were simply users who don't know any better? I mean Hanlon's razor states "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
What should the average Holla Forums user read into before engaging in debate?(USER WAS BANNED FOR POSTING A MEME FULL OF LIES)

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So is your pic d&c or just ignorance?

I've seen people trying to say
and I can almost guarantee that these people are D&C shills.

I'm pretty sure it's a shitty joke.

I would sooner and happier accept the blackest negro in Africa as white than I would a quarter jew.

It's just a meme picture, don't take it seriously, let's try and focus on the topic of this thread.

I'm seeing a LOT of similar rhetoric from the new batch of retards that I'm seeing from normime boomer conservative websites. I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck they're using as their news organization, because it's always the same retarded talking points and defeatism. You're more correct then you know.

I've been to sites like that and seen the comments left by the people there, and I can agree that the people who frequent such sites often don't know anymore than what they're fed by these sites, meaning that in topics like history and so on they're hardly any knowledgeable.

I'm just curious to see where the fuck they're getting their fucking news. You can spot them relatively easy, because they're like … a mutated strain of the never drumpfers. But they've metastasized into an organic derailing force that brings up legitimate issues and points and just shits on any and all conversation or ability to have conversations by screaming about principles, screaming defeatist bullshit, or promising to vote Dem next time around, the usual shit.

Or are these just fair weather Trump supporters and the low IQ retards?

But who feeds them their talking points? Where are they getting this shit from?

I initially thought this myself, OP, but it is primarily the same person using TOR and VPNs who is crying about the board and it is his own dumb D&C kike ass that keeps getting himself banned. The squeakiest wheel here keeps spamming, calling everybody here kikes, and trying to push forms of nationalism outside of our own ones that allow for kikes, spics, niggers, and gooks, then crying about wordfilters set entirely because of that one user.

My money's on /r/Thedonald

What bothers the most is when they engage in genetic and historical talk, and show to know almost nothing, how can you claim to fight for your people if you don't know their history? And their blatant disinformation just brands them as D&C shills as it often causes conflict between those same idiots who agree with misinformed user and those who disagree.

Google's new shill bots.

Basing your argument on a philosophical theory like Hanlon's razor is an appeal to authority. kys shill.

True and fallacies aren't "you lose automatically" cards.

Begone shill. You and I both know it's not /r/The_Donald. You're trying to compare apples and oranges.

I'm not talking actual National Socialists. I'm talking more republican normies. I'm not sure, maybe they're just NPCs. Your guys I'd blame more on raids or Google's shills because they CAN'T show genetics or history.

Maybe, but the people I've seen on some other forums, ARE real people (or atleast were) and I've got youtube videos of them doing real person things, they've met other members in person, etc.

It's almost like they're just normie low information conservatives who have picked up a new source of information that's designed to make them as angry and defeatist as possible.

Fuck, is FOX news reeeing harder against trump nowadays? I should leave it on later today.

I just want to know where these retards are getting their news. Then we can progress from there.

So ask one.

Sorry for spacing. I didn't expand the quick reply box and now I'm a retard that needs to commit seppuku.

I've asked several. They ignore the question or tap dance around it. Makes me even more fucking curious.

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There's two possibilities here: the first and most likely being that they are so uncritical about their information consumption they simply listen to whatever happens to be on the TV. The second is that they're ashamed to admit they're watching FOX.

You might be right. I've noticed that there's a ton of crossover between these people and people that are vehemently anti-Q posts. Almost like they're unable to process any information on their own.
It very well could be that they're ashamed to admit that they're just repeating what fox news is or don't want to be like "FOX news is fair and balanced, but CNN is terrible" when everyone else is laughing at cable news networks.

But I almost feel like they're binging on like … a lighter version of the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack? Something along those lines, because of the talking points they bring up. It's not TRUMP IS A KIKE sperging, but it's TRUMP IS FUCKING US, FUCK TRUMP, NEVER TALK ABOUT CONGRESS. And they just shut down any discussion.

Q's nonsensical faggotry likely being pushed by the administration to keep the base in line.

I wonder if people have just let their guard down in regards to consuming fake news. Like, they know it is biased, but they're still engaging in it second hand because it is the only news out in the social aether. We even see it here to certain degree, where anons attempt to discuss things hypothetically, but it ends up being the same as if the news was taken as legit: shit-flinging and bottom of the barrel level of discourse.

Spaces between paragraphs isn't earlobe spacing torkike.

Derailing a bumped thread. Wew.

And yet, some of it DOES check out. Some of it doesn't. Decide on the evidence yourself. Words are important, that's why I used vehemently. Don't just shut down any and all discussion by shitting up things you don't like.
It's a group of people posting all the Q shit, and IF it's legit, you've obviously got people working both ways. Don't just have a Pavlovian response to any mention of a topic.

Yep. That's what I'm thinking, but just, where the fuck are they getting this shit from? It's a Pavlovian response to certain topics and concepts when you can't even speak hypothetically. Hence why I think it's the low IQ fair weather people since they can't even speak in hypotheticals or bounce hypothetical situations off one another. It's like they can't grasp that concept of "I'm not saying X is the truth, but if Y is happening, then how would X fit into it".

Q is a disinformation campaign, and endless goose chase of gish gallop nonsense.

I'm noticing this on my pet conservative board. It's all defeatism and it started right around the tariffs being announced, exploded after Florida gun bill passage (and Trump's comments on that). Now with the march it has gone atomic and Holla Forums is almost 100% anti gun shill spam. It's a very aggressive push. What's most troubling is what you have described: massive D&C Never Trumpets on roid's constantly reinstating that they are staying home in all elections. A lot of these people have posts dating back to 2012 so it makes me think the new wave of 2015-2017 shills have basically duped the fence sitters into complete defeatism on the 2nd and conservative principles. The dumb conservatives are mirroring the shills and it's snowballing (my theory at least).

Makes me wonder if this has been in the works for a few years. Building up fake accounts on all conservative boards and waiting for a chance to strike. Trump simply looks weak right now. Anyone with a brain is waiting for his next move but so many people follow the trend and the trend right now is: "omg tariffs, North Korea, gun control, Omnibus, March for our lives" perfect time to sow D&C. Good luck guys in figuring out the depths of this.


I don't see why it can't be /r/thedonald
They invaded 4/pol/, I don't see why they wouldn't invade here

Because we're not talking about the blatantly pro-Trump shilling like , we're talking about the opposite.

one of the mods is the mod of T_D. He is the guy who helped kampfy with the CSS (like the gay corner images) so kampfy took over Heil's account and made him a vol. That's why shitting on reddit is now a bannable offense

Same here. What's your pet conservative board? Fo time? If so, catch you on the flip side.

Same here. I'm noticing the same damn thing.

We both know they've been doing that.

No, we're not talking about "rightfully mad" people. We're talking about the exact opposite of that you stupid torpedo. If you're not literally spewing verbal diarrhea over conversations and purposefully derailing hypothetical discussions on strategy in the future, then you're fine. If you're the type of person to enter a thread with actual conversation and just shit all over it by screaming sound bytes, like you're currently doing, then yes, we're talking about you. Contribute or GTFO.

What was fun is that r/T_D was originally a Colony from Holla Forums. That's what made me merge over to reddit and start shit posting over there. Grew too big and there's a ton of cross posters nowadays. They're basically 4/pol/s half retarded brother.

But, what we're discussing is neither 4chins or R/T_D. Entirely different diction and grammar structures. It's also not the legitimate old people that have flooded to R/T_D because they have an entire different diction as well. They're all separate groups. Never forget that the internet isn't just for young people, I know 60+ year old people that run drunken video streams and chat rooms every night.

But no, we're talking about an entirely different group of people.

Don't forget that they also seem to have a pavlovian hatred of pragmatism. I'm trying to figure out how we can shut these idiots down, to allow for a "Have a pint at the winchester and wait 48 hours to see what happens". We really need to figure out a way to make that happen.

I've noticed that whenever there's one of these meltdown topics, like when Trump was going to pass a full Daca amnesty and then Feinstein fucking fillibustered the fucking bill, is the group we're talking about, goes full on nuclear meltdown, and Trump's twitter is unusually silent. The meltdown goes on for 24 hours or so, and then Trump sends out some 3-6 am tweets that BTFO of the narrative.

It's arfcom (ar15) I just lurk. They would ban me in a week with my shitpostery and langauge.

Oh look who showed up. There is a difference between being rightfully upset and: "REEEEEEEEEE I'm never voting again! REEEEEEEEEE I'll vote Dem to spite them" Hell, there was an unironic "IMPEACH TRUMP" thread. Totally a normal non-shill response to the situation.

I was expressing reasonable criticism against this omnibus and I was banned for 4 years. I am still serving that ban which is why I'm on TOR. You're a disingenuous faggot. Contributing isn't cheerleading for Trump when he makes mistakes.

Which board is that? Are you sure it's not T_D? Very curious

Fo' time confirmed. Learn to shitpost carefully young padawan. Go shit post up a storm in the Saudi Arabia purge thread.

And yet, your original post to this thread was a complete and utter shit post that is deletion worthy. Your NEW post is worthwhile, but I can't IMAGINE that we have the same definition of "reasonable".

I fully expect that you're part of the, as , points out, "REEEEEEEEEE I'm never voting again! REEEEEEEEEE I'll vote Dem to spite them" brigade.

Shit, you can't even fucking READ his response and know the answer to the question you ask? Fucking sad man. Just sad.

Wrong, I never said to not vote ever, but you can't find that since I'm banned. I have always said to keep Trump accountable and that includes getting angry when he does dumb shit. There is no strategy here, it's just defending this action on omnibus because Trump did good things in the past which is fucking stupid. Your grasp of strategy is poor, and I would suggest reading up on game theory.

That's not at all what I'm saying and you and I both know it. Next time to lead off with a derailing shitpost in an actual conversation. >>11412899 was a derailing shitpost. You COULD have engaged in actual conversation, but chose not to.

Fuck you, and fuck off. Improve next time. Think before REEEEING in the next thread.

Stupid me didnt catch the fo' line. Magpul caps are still on tight. One thought I had was trying to make a concise post there alerting them to the massive shilling attempts going on all over the internet right now. It's largely a den of boomers who may be completely unaware of the depths they go to. I'm unsure if this would have any effect or even be wise.

For example, during previous gun control pushes they were unified and easily BTFO shills. Now it seems only a handful of users are aware of how bad it's gotten. Sure you get an occasional "look at his join date" comment but it's mostly a sea of infighting. I look on from afar and wonder how to help. I feel they'd need a written letter signed by Soros with a "infiltrate online conservative gunboards" memorandum for anyone to believe.

That's all I got boys.


Oh I wonder why the shills all just stopped posting at 1700 in burgerland? Look at the fucking mod log. Suddenly gone quiet.

Check their EE history. You and I both know they're pushing hard.

Sad at how divided things are. I honestly think a couple of pit threads or calling people out on their asshole ways will work. Try it some more.

Threads bumplocked so there's no reason to come here. Or what? Send link?

They shat the Shills BTFO thread up hard and magically 99% of them stopped posting as soon as it got to evening burger time.