New proof 9/11 Pentagon evidence was destroyed

I just happened to be reading about this FBI agent who recently died of cancer linked to contaminants from the 9/11 Pentagon blast. Turns out she was one of the first responders that day.

Here's the kicker. They mentioned she was also a first responder to a warehouse fire in 2013 that destroyed evidence linked to the Pentagon attack. That set alarm bells ringing.

I'd never heard of such a fire. When you Google for a warehouse fire in Alexandria in 2013, you'll eventually find some stories but none that mention anything about the Pentagon evidence. This suggests the FBI tried to keep it hush-hush back then.

What did come out back then, however, is that said fire was intentional. Someone actually set out and managed to destroy the evidence at a modern, high security warehouse. Gee, I wonder who could be behind such a heinous act?

So what's the significance here? Well, in memorialising their agent, the FBI appears to have let slip for the first time that someone (determined and very capable; not a random arsonist) purposefully destroyed a whole bunch of evidence from the Pentagon back in 2013.

It looks like they may have even had a suspect (or a patsy) at the time, but the story around that is very convenient too.

Very convenient indeed. I couldn't find out what ever happened to this mystery person… that is if they were even the real culprit behind the fire.

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Adam Thiel, the fire chief in charge of the (((investigation))), is now fire chief in Philly. He was just on the news this morning for letting three niggers burn to death for days in North Philly. Here's a link with some info on the guy and one about the recent fire:

Pentagon hiding info from the public?
What's new?
The same stuff happened in Argentina, with a security firm related to mining, or something.
Iron mountain. A mining firm.
It seems fire is a reliable way to hide info.

If anyone wants a better source than the DM… There are other news outlets reporting this info, saying it was straight from an FBI news release (presumably local).


Why was the first responder in 2001 also involved in 2013? How is that even possible? What would be the "behind the scenes" reason for this? Was she part of a team assigned to destroy evidence? Was this a bogus story to justify some specific kind of government death benefit? Maybe an endowment reserved for victims of 9/11 and their families?

Is this a payoff? Is she now in protection?

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"Line of Duty" death, meaning her family (or whoever) would receive an over and above type of compensation.

She worked on an "Evidence Response Team", so it's not completely outlandish for her to have been involved in both events.

The real news here is some mysterious individual got away with burning down evidence linked to the Pentagon blast… and we're only just learning about it, haphazardly.

You'd think that back in 2013, someone at the FBI might have thought that losing this evidence might have been news that was worthy of public interest… must have slipped their minds.

Expect nothing on the news about this btw.

Best way to spread such information is to pretend it's common knowledge.

Half of most of the terror attacks the last few decades have had utter crap spun by the media about them.
I mean there are so many flaws in most of them. 9/11's narrative is simply flawed.

"bush did 9/11" is a good example.
Many people know what's up now.

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I had a discussion with a guy at the gym about how the govt at best let 9/11 happen and at worst were behind it. My way to him was by the bullshit behind the Pentagon story. Release the tapes. Where is the proof? They cant because a plane didnt hit the pentagon .

Im more curious as too what they do at the Evidence Response Team.

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Iron Mountain, the 'secure data destruction" company that has a base in the side of a literal mountain, and collects paperwork and equipment from various companies and organizations to "destroy" it?

Like it.