Clinton investigator shot and ran over
by "ex"-special agent
he also previously been pepper sprayed by unknown attacker on the street.

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Let's see the lugenpresse cover this. They're too busy talking about the whores who make false allegations about Trump. I hope the DOJ makes this cunt sing.

well, at least he didn't actually die


Bump because fuck you coughing fit pants of shit.

It happened over a week ago and the media is pretty much ignoring it.

"He is still recovering after being shot several times and run over by an SUV last Tuesday. "

Another reminder that kikes absolutely suck at everything except making shit up.


shitty fucking cuckchan OP, but at least you archived it. youre learning.

get rid of that and were getting closer to the truth. also pay attention to the fact that this guy he hired tried to hijack the investigation and lead it astray. i think he was initially hired as controlled opp, but then they decided to pull the plug on burkman entirely. this could be a good indication that he was getting close to something. we should look for anywhere online where he has been posting about his investigation.

lets dig into what we can about this kevin doherty. this is a rare case, as both people involved are actually still alive (for now). lets not waste this opportunity.

also keep an eye out for either doherty or burkman to have a sudden tragic turn of health. and if you see it, archive it.

God is watching over him and giving him strength to expose Clinton and the synagogue of satan.

It says in the archive that the guy who attacked him was the investigator he hired, it wasn't the investigator who got attacked.

Semantics, burkman is the one investigating
"Burkman was there to retrieve what he thought were documents from an FBI whistleblower"

They kinda suck at that, too.

the deep state is ordered to kill people

Don't investigate, just casually walk by them, put two rounds into them, and keep walking.

That's a pretty good health pool for some pencil pusher.


Sticky now mods? What the fuck's going on with this article?

Don't waste your breath user, of course it won't even get any attention. WaPo is covering this (how odd), though look at how they worded this:

I like how they tired to make him look like a crazed right wing nut then sneakily throw in the shooting… Why the hell would you cover the story like that? Why make him crazed when there's a blatant fact thrown in after that crushes everything you said? Shit writing? Or just a writer (and editor) compensating (for the sake of his job/appearance)?

How has there been no thread for this in 5 days Holla Forums? This is BIG.

Wait.. I misread this and need a coffee…

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Sounds like he wanted to make the attempt, but not kill him.

Like he was forced to make "an attempt". The car hit must have been minor.
And given the switcheroo the parents of Rich did with the Faux News story, that makes sense. Both are being threatened.


He's one of Clinton's cronies.
It makes NO sense for him to shoot/hit Burkman… aside from insanity or MKultra… though I don't think MK is how we think it is.

Expect him to be suffocated in the hospital

I think Faux is being "forced" to retract their story too, mainly with lawsuits.

obviously, fucking nigger doesnt know what copy editing is

Are Seth Rich' parents cowards? the answer is yes, otherwise the would not have brought up a lamb to the slaughter bernout.

Come again? He done a bit of ctrl v or something?

Eh. Nothing they can do to bring him back ay. I think they thought it's not worth it.

copy editing is the professional proofreading of written articles before being printed for neutrality getting rid of any possible slant or using excessive words or anything that could possibly be misconstrued

Sloppy sloppy. They somehow forgot the suicide by 23 nails to the back of the head from a nailgun part.

Is that a murrican term?
I'm pretty sure it's called something like peer-reviewing here.

And where did the "for neutrality" disappear to?

Guess it’s an american term. Looks right to me. It’s a lost art, because it’s piece work now and it’s all rush rush.

I noticed that with their interpretation of legislation lately.
It's fucked things up completely in some sectors with the hysteria of the masses creating absurb misinterpretations.
But, when it's ultimately judges discretion, absurb misinterpretations are helpful in limiting the push for regulation that would allow a corrupted judge to cause havoc.

Hildog's fucking gangster. She must be one hell of a demon cunt behind closed doors. Which makes her public act rather odd… you'd think she'd be better at it. So she's probably so fucking evil that's just the best she can do.

let me guess they shot themselves then ran themselves right after …yep it was an attemtped suicide goy.

ran themselves over*

Maybe she's trying to do a Vincent "The Chin" Gigante act.

Shes old and her brain ia being turned into mush from what i assume is syphilis or hepatitis from ol bills dirty dick



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It's not that. It's magic. Let me explain:

In the past, during the dark timeline, the Clinton Touch was excessively powerful. It was a primitive form of meme magic performed by worshipers of Moloch, who used blood sacrifice to sanctify their deviltry. Muzzies used to do this too, when they kidnapped Christian children and pressed them into servitude as Janissaries. Don't get me started about the Jews and the matzohs.

This kind of shit works, for awhile. It works really well when many Molochians work together and support each other like with Pizzagate. In the face of opposition, however, such as from the brilliant light of glorious chaos that Kek bestows, the Moloch method falters. Blood magic takes infrastructure to do it right, and so it can only really be done by authorities who want to – above all else – maintain order. Disrupt that order, and they crack. When they splinter and break, when there is swirling chaos, when events are moving too fast for even a stem cell-enhanced human brain to keep up. . . then the spells begin to expire and not be renewed. That's when old sorcery falters in the face of a rising new god.

Hillary Clinton found Moloch in college, where he directed her to his other powerful servant, Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton. She even made the first pass at him (unnatural woman!). Together, their blood magic was powerful enough to just whistle nearly $100,000 out of the cattle futures market and make Bill the youngest, or nearly the youngest, governor in American history. It's what drove the creation of the unholy DLC – which brought order out of chaos – and vaulted Clinton to the heights of worldly power.

True, Hillary's attempts faltered at healthcare and other ventures, but remember she was up against the varsity, and there were massive counterspells to what she was doing at the time. When she turned from cutting against Moloch's grain to going with it, she effortlessly became a senator and cabinet secretary. Obama only beat her in 2008 because he had black mojo and half the blood of a white woman in his veins also, he was a fag married to Brianna Wakanda. This pleases Moloch, and so he chose Obama over Clinton.

That was the last time Moloch would score. Kek rose in 2012, when He BTFO'd Kony 2012 into sudden irrelevance. Right after that, He decreed that Five shall be the number of the Guys, and the number of the Guys shall be Five. This was never random, but Kek's way of passing a magnet over the dung heap to draw His Own out of Babylon, where we'd been born. With His army of chaos knights, Kek had a worthy host to truly fuck some shit up, fam.

The balance of the age has now shifted decisively. The kikes are scrambling to kill little Pepe with privacy annihilating laws and shit – throwing order at the chaos – but they'll fail. We will make them fail because they waited too long. Hillary's newfound incompetence at killing people is evidence of this. In the past – as recently as Seth Rich – killing came naturally for Hillary. She has been a slayer for Moloch since disco, man, how hard could it be?

But Moloch has abandoned her. He's cutting his losses, and under whithering chaos from Kek, the old serpent has to pluck out the eyes that offend, one at a time. Anthony Weiner was a minor adept at the cult, and he had to be sacrificed in a vain effort to keep it afloat. His old college roommate Jon Avram Leibowitz (Jon Stewart), had the sense to split before the bill came due. Many Molochians have been fired; many have been humiliated. More are seeking good legal counsel. Soon, it will be the biggies who pay for their crimes.

The orderly darkness will never truly disappear. Every light casts a shadow, after all. But a new balance has emerged. Kek mit Uns. Shadilay.

Attached: history-of-the-german-kek-and-fokkerstaffels.jpg (600x600, 57.59K)

As much as this esoteric magical stuff is fun you just claimed Obamas mom was white when she was a fucking jew

She was also part nigger. Moloch has a lawyer's logic, and the rules are bent to his unholy will.

You still aren't backing down from calling a jew "white".


What do you expect to be involved in the creation of an Obamanation like that? He was the Kang Nigger chosen one.

She still had some non-Jew ancestors, and those contributed the power of corrupted white blood to the spell, which was my point to begin with, faggot.

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Yes, I knQw, but it's an appropriate image

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(All checked)

Well they are getting desperate, and sloppy.
I mean go from suicide by ingesting poison, before getting six bullets planted in the head and then self asphyxiate by a noose tied to a ceiling fan, to just being shot at and then run over is pretty pathetic.
Oh, and the dude survived too.

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This thread has a clear lack of individual posts with each name and history from that body bag image. But it is sunday after all.

there is also the possibility that they dont want their sons name dragged in the mud for being a whistleblower/traitor depending on what side you are on

Looks like a full name set

They're kikes, somebody probably offered them a payout. Haven't you ever heard the old story about heebs pushing strollers in front of cars so they can sue? They'll sell out their children for shekels.

Did they even bother interviewing the poor fuck? You'd think that'd be one of your primary objectives as a journalist.

If you were him would you let someone from the mainstream media that has solidly supported Hillary for years close to you?
The journalist would probably (((stumble))) and bash him over the head with the microphone twenty times until the job was done good and proper.

She's a hard core alkie; even former fighter jock McCain said she could drink him under the table.


But Seth was a kikenvermin and so then are his parents too. So not white.

Normies don't know that


Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich’s death

As conspiracy theories swirled around the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, lobbyist Jack Burkman took the unusual step of launching his own private investigation. A man with military and security experience stepped up to help.

March 20th, 2018 by (((Rachel Weiner)))
in The Washington Post

Pic: Jack Burkman, the lobbyist who has put a sizable donation to solve the murder of Seth Rich, canvasses the neighborhood of the murder on January, 10, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Attached: 52a7b79004e6dc0809279645c69f9d329f57a011.png (480x343, 359.74K)

Pic: Kevin Doherty, 46, of No Fixed Address, was arrested and charged with Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony and two counts of Malicious Wounding.

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Baby blood is good for you though. Thats why the kikes have their abortion and pedo orgies, because they are literally draining the healthy blood from the young to pad their own lives longer

not so sure the whore is lying. I could believe Trump is a whore-fucker, but I did think he was smarter than that, but then again he is just a man.

planned ambush
shoot a man
run him over
-not charged for attempted murder ?!

The sabotage bot has arrived

Next time just highlight how kang nigger was the embodiment of niggotry in that he stole elements of nearly every race for his dna. Surely the personification of diversity would please an incompetent "god" like moloch.

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You don't think Trump is a playboy bunny fucker?

user some kikey bitch pushed a strolled in traffic in front of my truck in ChiCongo 2 days ago… I slowed down to call her a cunt & kept wondering who the fuk does something like that.

Pure coincidence.

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I was sleeping. She was cooking a while ago. They were talking.
c3w 0n th1z b0tfuk3r

Sounds like a nice slap on the wrist he got

About damn time… this attempted assassin knows SOMETHING and will probably hang himself with his own intestines in his holding cell for it and the information needs to come out

What is it that you are concealing to spoil that like its an inside joke? Now I get lynchings curbstompings etc but what is with the disembowling people and hanging them by their entrails.?That sounds like Clinton shit. People talk about the dixie mafia and the red cross why not tell us about people being secretly disemboweled in police stations because maybe thats in the same general domain of the judeo masonic faction.


not him, but i'll try to explain. It's about making an example of the person so that other's like that person(s) hesitate or do not do, the action(s) that brought about such a death.
Same reason as why we use execution to inhibit murderous individuals. It's also why I support scaphism for traitors, such a horrendous death would cause others to not betray their fellow man.

It was teh Russians.

What fucking piece of stupid newfaggot cancer you are.

Whoever gave you mod was wrong.



You are censoring ourguys you dumb piece of stupid.fucking shit.

You are garbage

Why would you shoot a man before throwing him under a car?

Hey newmod:


calm down idiot

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By "ourguys" you mean your fellow foreskin suckers @Telaviv yes?

Enjoy your eventual bans, you two. I also wonder why the fuck this is stickied, but I'm not going to shit up the thread about it.

MKultra is a program following Jung’s redbook to create home brew radicals to use as weapons. It only works on idiots that aren’t aware of who they are. The rest of the people they try to kill off unless they can’t be killed in which case they do other things to.

It’s not what most people think.

Pretty sure it stands for Make Kek ultra extreme.

Nice digits

The board is dying of cancer.
Here I thought those kekfags and their roll threads were bad during the election, but now we have obvious newfags as mods and a base that unironically says "literally" all the fucking time.
Holy shit.

Well, you spammed the board while the BO was asleep. Congratulations, now you have a brand new set of problems.

Stupid fucking kikes. You're always your own undoing.

I didn't, but I don't see any reason why this shit should go unnoticed.
By the way, what manner of shitskin is the BO at this point?

All you had to do was not be a jewish faggot.

You faggots have your heads so far up your own asses these days, I don't even know why I worry about it.
Holla Forums controlled op at this point.

That should read "Holla Forums is controlled opp at this point"… but that should be obvious as should be the fact that it's true.

All you had to do was not be a jewish faggot. jew are why we can't have nice things.

no u

How the fuck can this shit happen and normalfags see nothing wrong with it?

It's not my fucking house that's going to get shelled by Iranian artillery, you stupid inbred fuck. You made your bed, go lay in it.
I'm so disgusted with it all, I don't even know if I'm going to be able to muster any emotions besides contempt and rancor while you hook-nosed yids get gassed.

Like a fucking broken record.
If I was a filthy inbred, I'd be pretty happy about the $8,000,000,000 my people were about to get from your God Emperor.

What else would you feel if the world's deadliest parasite got wiped off the face of the earth.
Too bad about the God Emperor's grandchildren though. Ain't gonna happen.

It's easy to tell you're a kike because you keep posting despite your claims that you hate it here.
I guess you're just that desperate for your ten cents a post. Gutter slime.

You just regurgitate what you read without thinking, don't you?
You are the reason we can't have nice things.

Now for the magic trick! Watch the Tormuldist disappear when he stops getting (You)s!

Wrong again, fgt.
You wouldn't know user if he trolled the shit out of you.


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Straight out of the playbook, Chaim.

Also, nice filename.
Seems legit.

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Still not getting any. I can hear that timer ticking…

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So the body count is how much at the moment?


Around 100, I think.

Is that nigger, Rasputin?

It's your paycheck, pal.

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What happened to your magic trick, you faggot ass social media migrant?

Expecting every assasiation attempt to go without a hitch is crazy.

Humans can be tough bastards - you can empty and entire magazine into someone and not hit any major organ.

If the assasination is done in the open (on the streets) then it's twice as likely for things to go wrong, since you have to be fast to avoid people interfering.

Go ahead, say "drumpf magapede redditor" like we all know you want to. Fag.
Thanks for all the (You)s, btw.

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>collects (((You)))s
Now that you mention it though, the Trump cocksucking around here has become a bit much. He's not Hitler or Mosley or anyone like that. He's fine with taking your guns. His grandchildren are jews.
It's ok to take your lips off his dick every now and then.

Like playing chess with a pigeon.

I do. The fuck ya ganna do about it shekelstein


people can see that there's something wrong going on, but THEY CHOOSE to believe it's just a Conspiracy Theory™ and pretend everything is fine because that's much easier to accept than the hard truth.
pic related

Attached: comforting lies unpleasant truths.jpg (700x545, 64.46K)

normalfags dont even know about it
Their attention is being diverted to other things

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If they actually eat the baby's flesh, she may be suffering from spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease), which is caused by cannibalism.

God save us from all priests.

Most Ashkenazim are more white than anything else, German & Eastern European, mostly. As a matter of fact, there is no DNA marker that indicates specifically "this person is a Jew." Any Semitic DNA is simply Arab, and Jews originally were just Arabs that didn't worship Egyptian or Babylonian gods, etc. Before they became Jews, they were Canaanites & polytheistic.

The Ashkenazim, therefore, are NOT the same people that their writings call "chosen" and they have no claim to historical Israeli homeland, yet they control it (that is, if any claim can be made at all).

Attached: Completelynew.jpg (625x828, 95.55K)

So you give any credibility to a whore, who does whatever you tell her for money, and whose story has gotten so ridiculous and narrative-following, that it has started to imply incestuous feelings of the president for his daughter?
How fucking gullible are you?

The only thing they have going for them in this smear is that Trump's lawyer at the time paid her some shekels to go away. This is common practice with the wealthy, because the "shut up and go away" money is always less than the "sue you for slander" money, and the court case will be used by the media to trash the rich guy in every case, anyway.

She has zero evidence.
She's a whore.
She has been bought for a job, again, just like her entire life.
And you believe her?

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No surprise that the scaphism kike is the one promoting hanging by the entrails. Should we burn people alive too you disgusting kike? Get the fuck off my board.

I'm no kike, but I think hanging an asshole by his own entrails is not only funny, but one of the least things that should be done, depending on the severity of the crime.
Perhaps I've gazed for too long into the abyss, but the last time I had a staring contest with it, it blinked.

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lol gay

Reddit, please leave.

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oh its you again shilling for the "there is no jew dna"
tell it to israel that DNA test citizens
tell it to 23andme

You are not wrong though.

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Or perhaps we should be wondering how this ties into Bain Capital Double Impact?

Attached: Leaders 2018.jpg (973x667, 134.46K)

You are fucking dumb nigger
You made up a whole doctrine based by a meme in your head and then proceded to interpret the happenings of the world by it
Nigga please

As the shit from Cambridge Analytica showed us this week there are two types of people in general. You can either cater to the fearful or the hopeful.
Obongos campaigned played on the hopeful and the greedy

when is her bloodbath taking an end?

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Fucking retarded piece of cancer newfaggot shit.




this is wotan's face as you continuously samefag

There is no new mod. Holla Forums is an extension of kiwifarms forums. We are being used, as per usual.

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What the fuck do you think you are achieving by banning and deleting ram you stupid piece of fucking shit?

You are playing right into leftypol and every (((msm))), adl, splc trying to shut them down.

Are you legitimately fucktarded? Or are you a leftypol faggot that slipped in?

I can't comprehend your Absolute fucking idiocy. Insted of giving /ourpeople/ a voice you shut them down.

What I have done for this board and what we stand for is beside the point although I've done alot more than you being a stupid banhappy faggot going against oldfags and white movements.

Do you know what BAMN is?
Yvette Felarca?
Do you fucking understand the significance of propaganda?
Supporting people who are with us and have a really good strategy / influence the masses?

I refuse to believe that after 4 years of giving my energy and achieving great victories with Anons, I am now modded by such an idiot

If this is true, than [trigger warning] are turks semitic?


Attached: 198723985723.PNG (715x595 103.04 KB, 111.77K)

Holla Forums is run by self-hating jews larping as civnat/WN cianiggers who unironically watch prison planet tv. The whole movement is done, and I am fucking glad. Books are the future.

Dear modbergs: There is only one version of history, kikes. Fuck you.

Attached: Imkampfy.PNG (350x316 45.99 KB, 152.43K)

If you break up the link you give them a harder time to outright censor your post and they have to manually do it.

I want them to fuck up as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Attached: 1982739872345234.PNG (710x509, 25.11K)

Counteracting the pedo problem in the Holla Forums community

Step 1) Archive when you see pedo shit on (((Holla Forums)))

Step 2) Confront the "user" (elite samefags that run Holla Forums and have subverted Holla Forums culture) about what they're saying/doing

Step 3) Receive jewish response

Step 4) Archive jewish response

Step 5) Concoct information/infographics for real anons to see, so we can organize the first true exodus and establish a safe haven for Holla Forums culture/activism

Always archive. This thread will be either kvetched at and destroyed by the kike mods, or given a big salty anchor so these kikes can pretend nobody is witnessing their bullshit.

immediate anchor and ban recieved (pic 2) >>11404370

Attached: ThisIsWhatImkampfyWantsYouToRead.jpg (2424x1879 764.24 KB, 4.79M)

Infinity Network's attack on the Holla Forums community (Updated 22/2/2018)

>Holla Forums required reading!QAkEQbaZ!khdY4blGnbcNg_NhFbgv-4gZKTa0vg3D9je6iLyFP9A

>What is everyone on Holla Forums reading?

>Holla Forums books @ /zundel/

>Zündel's Bunker

>Zündel's Bunker!tJlBUaxT!rZZiY6sagL39DM1a1bg5YKmrrXwuAfPtqnTD3nwllZQ

>Imkampfy is actively censoring books on Holla Forums


>Imkampfy reacts to 22nd November thread by making a damage control thread after 2 days of mentally deterorating

>Holla Forums mods are compromised!sMtWhTxK!d2uVwMlHdd9eHkxb8MXV9nYZpLlcNG-klxBp3eD_XzM

>4D Chess


>Holla Forums literature

>SHILLS ETERNALLY CUCKED (Imkampfy officially fucking rekt for once)

Imkampfy has officially lost control of the narrative at this point.

>Richard Spencer Defends Child Porn

>Holla Forums investigations Thread 4: Pedophile 'Boy Lover' Symbol Discovered in multiple Highlander films

>Pedo 8/pol/ mods censoring new pizzagate symbolism discovery

>Holla Forums Investigations Thread 4: Day Of Rope Edition

>Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition)


>user's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology
get in here >>11257813

(Imkampfy's dear diary thread #6000000)

Large amount of anons at this point agreeing with what I am saying about the mods

Attached: 1098203975.PNG (548x1389, 350.34K)



What the fuck do you think you are achieving by banning and deleting ram you stupid piece of fucking shit? You are playing right into leftypol and every (((msm))), adl, splc trying to shut them down. Are you legitimately fucktarded? Or are you a leftypol faggot that slipped in? I can't comprehend your Absolute fucking idiocy. Insted of giving /ourpeople/ a voice you shut them down. What I have done for this board and what we stand for is beside the point although I've done alot more than you being a stupid banhappy faggot going against oldfags and white movements. Do you know what BAMN is? Yvette Felarca? Berkeley? Do you fucking understand the significance of propaganda? Supporting people who are with us and have a really good strategy / influence the masses? I need you to fucking die
What a fucking cancer shit we got as mod/vol

Blood magic in the order of things is inefficient (precipitant events that illicit more conflict as a result are required, like a catalytic, 9/11, wars ect.) Which is also an indication that they aren't the topmost in their foodchain, and are acting on orders. More the sort of thing you do to hedge bets. Spirit Cooking-tier garbage is more valuable for its in-group conditioning, and operant reinforcement schedule for blackmail leverage within these cultish cliques.

This is assuming its not a double (which she has.) With Her health, there is a non-zero chance they would conceal her death using one, just to maintain appearances/nominal 'muh Resistance' figurehead.

I wish your whole family dies you fucking piece of shit

What the fuck do you think you are achieving by banning and deleting ram you stupid piece of fucking shit? You are playing right into leftypol and every (((msm))), adl, splc trying to shut them down. Are you legitimately fucktarded? Or are you a leftypol faggot that slipped in? I can't comprehend your Absolute fucking idiocy. Insted of giving /ourpeople/ a voice you shut them down. What I have done for this board and what we stand for is beside the point although I've done alot more than you being a stupid banhappy faggot going against oldfags and white movements. Do you know what BAMN is? Yvette Felarca? Berkeley? Do you fucking understand the significance of propaganda? Supporting people who are with us and have a really good strategy / influence the masses? I need you to fucking die CANCER AIDS KURU FAGGOT
What a fucking cancer shit we got as mod/vol


Do you know what archiving is? You can't change reality at the click of a [B&D] button.

Always archive, anons.

Nobody is that new, that they would use TOR here. It's worse for your privacy than HTML5.

There is a reason why masonry exists - to plant the goy at the helm and make the goyim culpable for jewish conspiracy. 8chaim is proof that this rothschild zionist technique is becoming more and more commonplace. I hope ASIO watches me go into this den of evil, and is verily entertained by my zundelposting/honoured to serve me and my nation. This whole Holla Forums experience has been educational for europeanons on how to counter-psyop semitic, astroturfing parasites. I hope I have inadvertantly red-pilled/trained hundreds of observant aryans in the past few years of collecting/posting pdfs and opining on various JQ-related subjects. They keep anons like me alive for reasons most newfags would never understand, however I would never trust them with my security or my life. Every man should ensure his own safety, lest he dwell blindly in a comforting illusion.

Seems like you are projecting your nervous breakdown about your obvious ziocucking being portrayed in your own safespace, in more ways than I expected. It's not 2017 anymore, learningcode. Just throw in the towel and move to Tel Aviv. Just get another new name from your handlers before doing so, in case ADL find your dox here. Oh wait, they are your handlers. Maybe you could go to manhatten…

You don't belong here, samefag. No amount of pretending to actually be against this fucked up jewish shit convinces me. Stop posting blood magic/spirit cooking shill content, talk about a more relevant incident of jewish ritual sacrifice, or fuck off. Every single (((Hillary Clinton))) related thread is an astroturf because of your bullshit. Read some Arnold Leese newfag.

You are achieving nothing. Learn to compile evidence, and maybe you will be able to help me liberate this holy ground of jewish evil.

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Is that you, sinead?

Why are you talking about BAMN?

boring shills everywhere
gay world, would not reincarnate

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Work it the fuck out

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That's not how arguments work. Tell me what you are accusing the kike mods of, instead of autistposting.

See one thread above.

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Do you think when they finally come and kill us all MK Ultra style that anyone would know? I believe this is the end of our ethnocentric movement. Formless we are they will kill off every particle in the cloud we make up to stop for the nigger drone messiah AI world from being a reality.

this looks like the "buffalo queers" imkampfy spam from /sudo/ and /polmeta/… who is jewing who, here?

On the night she lost the election she apparently lost it. Literal lost it (throwing shit and cursing). Initially she didn't want to recognize the results, Obama had to call her to tell her to cede (or whatever the word is to recognize that Trump won). When Obama called, an aide came in to tell Clinton that the President was on the line. She told the aide to say that she's not here.
-t friend who worked in Clinton camp

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Man, why isn't there one fucking person with the balls to secretly record this shit.

They're probably all dead user.

They are probably handpicked and screened servile slaves.

Knowing what I know, no doubt about it. Jews are the modern Niggers. They have taken to the slave trade again like the niggers of the past.

lighten up guy

Explaine, please. I'm genuinly interested. Can you elaborate?

The CIA tried to use LSD to program Manchurian Candidates, but the project failed. Turns out LSD is actually a miracle drug that helps people so they went full SHUT IT DOWN and rapidly proceeded to criminalize the substance and persecute researchers and users.

I'm well aware of psychedelics and what they call "ego death".

I've personally experienced it at my teens through extreme isolation and personal reflection. That same "ego death"-mental stage can be optained through years of meditation, but drugs are immidiate and can result far stronger effect. So much stronger that they syart to hallucinate. So I from my own experience of this so called "ego death" understand why researchers are so interested on it and why military wants to discovering usege for it.

Ego death is an extreme form of psychological relativism where one feels detached from memetic symbolism. Subject feels childlike wonder, thought seem clearer, one sees connection/sameness everywhere, and symbolism. Basically one's ego (identity) gets detached from social bonds and stigmas(learned conditioning), and therefore one can process themself socially detatched (outside looking in).

This extreme mental relativism is where one can be programmed in identity, including morals and sexual identity and even in gender identity.

The whole "shamanism" in psychedelic culture was designed for the sole porpouse to learn how to control trippers and guide them through the trip in order to change their values and identity. While tripper is going through what they call "ego death" experiance, a shaman can implant memetic ideas that can become obsessions and get the nihilistic process going like in the movie inception.

I know Jung was doing psychedelics in the 30's, and I know he wrote red book while mostly using psychedelics. Now my question was where do you get the idea that he was part of MKULTRA or that red book has anything to do with it.

I myself havent read the red book, and thus i'm wondering where do you get this idea. Is there something in that book that makes you think that, or some other information im not aware of?

Jungs ideas of dreams and their stories being reflections of primal architypical forms of identities and social reflections, and that our subconcious is being driven by architypical ideals is fasinating.

Many of the topics related to MKULTRA have to do with splitting the mind and hypnosis, which I dont find that convincing.

Breaking ones ego and building it up again using drugs and memes(world views/ideologies) that target ones identity sounds better and more plausable and way easier.

Now red book what I gather is Jungs reflections during his trips, and he if anyone was qualified to analyze a trip and what things in his halluzinations represented and symbolized architypically. I guess it could have been used to map out subconsious in its architypical forms.

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