Bump Stock Ban in Progress

Is this winning?
This doesn't feel like winning anymore.

Notice the wording. "All devices."(I'm surprised you managed to make a thread with your busy schedule of dicksucking, Oliver.)

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Well isn't that just wonderful.

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He's going to keep triggering the fuck out of you shills for many years to come.

Machine guns are not illegal though. They require right infringing fees and paperwork but they are not illegal.

Nor do external devices magically turn them into one.

They're the firearm equivalent of spinners. Absolutely nigger-tier.

Reminder Congress has always had a little control over what weapons and weapons equipment people buy. "Muh Second Amendment" only covers lawful ownership and carrying of weapons, but not buying them. It has been this way since 1788. Trump is being very Constitutional. The most Constitutional President by far.

I unfollowed him on twitter. I can't take any more of this bullshit.

they for all intents and purposes they are for the common man

ironic shitposting is still shitposting(>bumpstocks are somehow all self loading rifles?)

Yeah, bro, only shills care about maintaining their gun rights. Trump is a traitor.(Astroturf)

Dead cat bounce.

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Yeah, which is why it's bullshit that Trump directed the ATF to treat them like they do. Are you stupid?


The registry has been closed since 1986, no new machine guns for the plebs since.

Shills are going fucking nuts rn tho.


Trump was fun during the election, but now it's just sad.

Bump stocks certainly do not change the way they work. You can still fire as fast or slow as you like with or without a bump stock. It is hard to believe the NRA which is made up of millions of voters has any influence when he bends over for antiguns who will never vote for him and non voting but very wise beyond their age muh chillins that he thinks so little of that they raise the age to purchase guns to 21.

They are still not illegal.

By the definition congress is trying to pass, yes.

Do you realize how retarded that is now?

Well Holla Forumsacks, you still feel safe here? freedoms are being (((PRIVILEG'D))) and you're being snuffed out one IP at a time.

fight or die.

Guess we don't need to ask if you are, kike.

No, they really don't. You can do everything the bump stock does with your damn hand if you wanted to. The stock just makes it easier for the lazy.


Since when are Americans who own Bump-stocks "kikes"? By what definition of the word?

This is the penultimate state of Holla Forums

Won't comply. Will not obey unconstitutional "laws"


The "piece of paper" trumps Drumpf any day of the week Ivan

Thanks a lot you autistic fucking t*rk.

A machine gun is defined by law as device that allows multiple rounds to be fired with a SINGLE pull of the trigger. This is the law. That's why Obongo the Kenyan Usurper couldn't ban bumpstocks.

Trump is going above and beyond ordering Do-Nothing AG Sessions to twist the law for a bumpstock ban. This is BULLSHIT of the highest magnitude from a President who promised to veto any anti-gun legislation and end anti-gun regulations. wtf. what the ever loving fuck.

It's too bad the NRA is so cucked because I'd love to see them sue and make Trump look like an asshole for breaking the law. And, he is an asshole for doing this. No if's, and's, or but's about it.

You're playing semantics here, user. For all intents and purposes, a civvie owning a post '86 mg is illegal.

Why is this bumplocked?

Because Holla Forums mods are the Trump equivalent of those faggots who claimed disagreeing with Obama made you a racist.

Wow, Holla Forums has really lost its edge.
Hope you're not tired of being cucked yet, there's still more to come, chesscucks.

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