Trump Meeting With Crisis Actors From Florida & Sandy Hook Today For a "Listening Session"


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They fucked up Las Vegas too obviously. It was far too grandiose and with too many failure points. They went with the old stand by school shooting this time.

Trump outfoxes Dems and Libs. Some of you that have been paying attention will see Trump pacing and leading. Begin with the same way Libs feel, look at the tragedy through emotion. Then switch to solutions that are in your favor. Trump will own immigration and gun control debates easily. Republicans will slaughter Dems in Nov

more people are murdered by doctors than in school shootings yet nobody seems to care i wonder why


^ Mason.

Maybe he's just entertaining them. Humoring them. Hopefully. I personally voted for Trump for the keks and Lib tears but I also know GOV in any form is not my friend.
After he RE signed Legislation bush drew up after 9/11 i abandond my faith in him. Because that leg. Turns me and you and all Patriots into enemies of the state. NDAA AND PATRIOT ACT

Well, there is a mental illness problem in this country.

I have't been watching too much cuz this whole thing is kinda cringe but I did catch a few glimpses of what seemed actually reasonable. Some guido dude started yelling "I'M PISSED I WON'T SEE MY DAUGHTER AGAIN" then proceeded to say this is not for a debate about gun laws but about school safety and we should keep the gun debate for another time. So if that's a crisis actor at least it's not /theirguy/

That's fucking based bro. Republicans have always had our interests at heart and have been steadily making great deals for decades now. Good shit.



^ Homosexual.

Haha! Nice sarcasm, fellow goy. I'm sure all these Republicans suddenly resigning and retiring now that Trump is in office is a sign that the Republicans are still a reliable resource for you, er, the Jews.

Jason Chaffetz
Jeff Sessions
Michael "Mick" Mulvaney
Mike Pompeo
Patrick J. Tiberi
Ryan Zinke
Tim Murphy
Tom Price
Trent Franks
Thomas Rooney
Bill Shuster
Blake Farenthold
Bob Goodlatte
Charles W. Dent
Darrell Issa
Dave Reichert
David Trott
Edward Royce
Frank LoBiondo
Gene Green
Gregg Harper
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Jeb Hensarling
Jim Bridenstine
Joe Barton
John J. Duncan, Jr.
Lamar Smith
Lynn Jenkins
Patrick Meehan
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Sam Johnson
Ted Poe
Trey Gowdy

This is a group of crisis actors that were crying for gun control the moment kids started dying. Why wouldn't they meet the President to justify retarded laws because of "muh children!!!" Instead of raising question like why didn't the police emit Cruze for a psychological evaluation after having to intervene 39 times due to violence from Cruze?

He's asking why is Trump meeting with them.

Nice list Pajeet. You're clearly an expert on American politics.

Because they are a group of crisis actors backing legislation he supports…

Oh wow, a politician doing politics.
Die of organ failure

These slimy little critters. They make me sick.

Yeah, I find it strange he's entertaining and not exposing these kikes. David Hogg is definitely a crisis actor and no red pilled President would give that kike or the rest of them any legitimacy.

OP confirmed for low political IQ. The Troll King knows no fear, he confidently walks right into the enemy's traps every time, and comes out winning. Grab your popcorn.

Do you have a source for people murdered by doctors? That would be rather interesting if true.

How's that wall going?

It is not too surprising honestly. Trump has been trying to do what Putin does by playing both sides of the Globalist/Nationalist coin. If he doesn't want to be a one term President, he needs to realize to stop humor people who will never vote for him because of the [R] next to his name.

are you denying that there are multiple harold shipmans/jews right now that kill people with no friends or family and therefore get away with it?


The odds that he gives a shit about this are likely near zero.

Are you being ironically stupid, or just regular stupid? Either way, filtered for standard nigger IQ post

(((Michael savage))) is calling /us disgusting for saying that these kids shouldn't be demanding all out semi auto and Assault rifle bans. Right after he told them to go back to school and learn kek

He's referring to Sessions only leaving the Senate to take up the reins at the Department of Justice. Pompeo is another guy who left to head up Central Intelligence. They haven't really retired. I believe Mulvaney is another guy who just took another position.

No need to get defensive. I just wanted to know if a relatively significant number of murders by doctors were actually discovered per year.

I'm sure Hollywood kikes murder more children than are ever killed in (((school shootings))) too.

I just heard him say he was "Very Deeply Moved" and now all the kikes like Mike Savage are fucking tiptoeing around the 2nd saying "Wellll Yah don't need a PANZA do Yah" "the second should be limited as to what I can have" WOW .

Reminder: Supporting Trump = Support Of US Government.

Reminder; Government is not interested in being your friend.
You are not "Friendly" in a time of crisis in the governments eyes any longer, (you never were)
The Patriot act that Trump are-signed along with NDAA turns YOU , a patriot into the enemy ,… food for thought you domestic terrorists.

Classic emotional manipulation using children.
Boohoo so please take my rights away.

Trump is a tool of postwar, zionist capital. When he says "America First" he doesn't mean it like Lindbergh, Perot, Buchanan, etc. He means that the interests of the zionist shadow state that instigated, executed, and won the Second Zionist War are the preeminent interests of the US and should be upheld above all others. They are so sure of their complete victory that they are comfortable aping the old language of their long since defeated opponents to rally gullible patriotards to their side. Ultimately it is in the interests of entrenched zionist capital that the American people be disarmed.


I'm on hold right now

Trump tweets later:

Media reaction?

I watched the stream. Basically, Trump proposed conceal carry and training for the teachers (I could hear silent Oyy vey's from the crowd), then some muh second amendment must be purged oy veyy's from the crowd and an FBI agent kvetching about da terrible Sandy Hook and muh dead child who was victim of such.

Call in as Democrat. Say off the wall shit.

Fucking boomers, i swear to Christ.

Exactly, I equate it to a "New world order" for America only. All concepts of the un agenda just disguised as "America First" we still are involved in a small arms UN treaty

That's actually a fracture point on the left that should be exploited. Half of liberals want to ban all guns period but the other half only want to ban white conservatives from owning guns because they are afraid of exactly the situation you described. Focus on that and you'll defeat gun control.

I'm on the rethuglican line. They don't mention your political affiliation anymore though.

"We need a military, national guard outside every school"
"We need police officers at every door"
"More Guns = More crime"
"We need stricter gun laws"
"Ban AR-15, it's not a hunting rifle"



As much as they would love to go full bong on guns, I'm guessing they would oppose a new Amendment to repeal the 2nd. They know they can't win a civil war.

The illegal immigrant bit would just give them an excuse to defend the 2nd without admitting why. It would be more interesting to see how they would oppose a new Amendment to disarm whites without admitting that it's because they know it's all over for them as soon as the first shot is fired. Or maybe they're so retarded at this point that they would just go ahead and do it without considering the consequences.

Republicans are pretty based. MAGA.

Honestly we need AI Mod crew.
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"Save a life, bin the knife"
"Go to work, bin your fork"
"It's never too soon, to bin a spoon
"it's never too late, to bin your plate"
"You get the gist, bin your fist"

Go back to reddit.

I agree. No bully the_donald. Krav MAGA!

Lel, it's been more than a year, why have i never heard that one before?


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It's cutting edge the_donald self defence protocol. Guac missile with her now, you shariablue.

"We will ban bumpstocks. We will raise the legal age of ownership. We will b& ARs. We will have armed guards outside of all public places for your safety, of course."

Holla Forums: "We will still support Trump!"

Because they are.fucktarded
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Yet fucking faggots tried using this first in 2 years. Retarded shills are nigger IQ. SAame with chabad. I learned about 3.years.ago and they somehow thinkbits an attack vector.

160% support. The more you shill against him, stronger the suppprt.grows

Because of cutbacks the_donald has had to hire pajeets to defend us now. Please don't bully because of this. Outsourcing is what made ameriga great again. #MAGA

Joči mi reko pičku

It's just 4D chess, you'll see. Qanon's larp told us that we're literally days away from Trump nuking Israel, draining the swamp and jailing Hillary, Obama, and co.
Look at how great of an impact the meme memo made after all.

You want to cry?

Buenos dias to you too senor. No habla, sorry.


Joč ko.te.fukam


I'm not sure if this is a case of harsh censorship or a lack of imagination, either way i've never seen "Krav MAGA" on Holla Forums. I must admit, it is pretty catchy.

Really makes you think


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Sorry, pajeet, no homo. Hashtag MAGA, though.

This guy is all right.

Contact, like the thing that happens when fat zionists stroke the jew wall. Pretty fitting.


I appreciate you trying to make sense of a niggerpost, but it is obvious this idiot doesn't recognize a list of retired/resigning congressmen when he sees it. We could quibble about what moving from legislation to bureaucracy means, but it will never give that nigger any human IQ points.

I wouldn't say I'm wasting my intelligence on 8/pol/ but time and time again I get reminded that I shouly be working in some alphabet. Shills really catch on about shit 2 years later. I render your attack vectors void

I'm gonna roll.over in laughter if you start using krav attack vector.
Im.going to piss myself laughing.
Top kek. You have no idea of what you're up against. It is like fucking with retarded down syndrome children. 18 bl sorosbux burning

Yes and this permeates all aspects of the Trump work, not just civilian disarmament. Take the Trump administration psychological operation known as the "Q LARP" where state actors like John McCain are held up as terrible, evil traitors who are "against Trump", but at the same time the LARP constantly enforces that Iran is this evil, nefarious force who must be confronted and defeated, even conspiring with the nebulous traitor Obama. The same John McCain who likes to sing the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" as "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" at private policy functions.

None of the underlying policy is altered, just used up front men being scapegoated.

How far into the Stream was this? Is this what the Shareniggers are trying to hide cause that would bring asshurt to the Libshit Kikes.

You see, I'd usually ask spastics like yourself to webm videos, as I don't want to give youtube gibs to some rapping slavshit living in nigger-tier neighbourhoods
no, I simply want to know with what you want to be slapped with newfag, backhand or forehand, choose


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hillary will die old, surrounded by family in a warm bed, anything else is mental masturbation, money rules this world, get rich or die trying

t. 50cent

lol did he really say that? When, not if, he loses in 2020 because republicans can't trust him in the role of President anymore without holding re-election over his head, we can all at least go back to being just Holla Forums and all the t_d cucks can fuck off back to reddit.

Republicans and Democrats are the same. The Dems are going to run Leftist Trump 2020 and then they'll stab the lefties in the back.

It's all a joke.

Youŕ 56% brain is too feeble to grasp his 156IQ, 4D Krav-MAGA attack-vectoring.

Just filter already.

Everything is right on schedule. Mueller was forced to hand over all the evidence he collected during the Flynn investigation to Flynn's lawyers. Flynn is now changing his guilty plea to not guilty. Fusion GPS is on Congressional record. Everyone knows the Obama FBI was corrupt. The Left no longer denies Obama spied on Trump. Uranium One is being reopened. Mueller's year long hunt has only produced a few Russian Ad Agencies using "fake names" on Facebook to piggyback on popular # during the election with click bait.

Donald Trump is the real deal, he spent decades in the Coliseum of Manhattan fighting the Jew. He understands you better than you understand yourselves. And he's about to nail your asses to the wall. All in public view, everything by the book, and there's nothing you can do to stop this massive paradigm shift.

I'm of the opinion that Tulsi Gabbard will be their choice. She's a brown woman, convert to the hindustani religion, ex-military, reliably in the pocket of zionists and she has been given the same "outsider" touch ups to her image that Trump was given. You're going to see the kikes cycle through their puppets much more rapidly now as one after another gets increasingly burned.



Enough said

By marrying all his kids off to them.

That's why it doesn't matter to them if Trump is a one-term president, everybody is in their pocket anyway.

are clearly a pleb who can't into politics.
Meanwhile this is a board about politics


That's some ebin chess, muh pede.

Don is absolute savage.
Love every moment of it. It is getting increasingngly funnier to watch
The shere despair of the (((opposition)))

Stick a megapedo up your ravaged disease ridden bleeding shill sphincter.



God also sacrificed his child for the sake of humanity.


Top kek

Finally someone who understands krav MAGA attack-vectoring! Trump is not destroying his bloodline, he is destroying their bloodline! When he is done with his 4D Krav MAGA hip-wiggling the jewish race will be an inarticulate, weak-chinned, small-handed bunch of mutts.

Exactly, real poltik is doing exactly what the Jew's want they know best after all.

And he too was a kike.

Ok, this is actually some chess I can believe. Just look at Trump's children, there's some serious dysgenics going on in that tribe.

beautiful Jewish grandchildren

The owner of this site is a fucking mason, you goddamn newfag.

I'm not a Trump apologist by any stretch of the imagination… didn't vote for him..dont participate in democracy (lol) in general.

Being the skeptic I am im not quite sure why there is so much Trump is controlled op schill etc.

Here is why… Trump literally provides nothing thst wasn't provided before this election. The only valid reason you schill trump in to office is to create disorder. You can polarize the fuck out of the population much easier via false flagging.

Imagine the shit storm of "angry white gunmen opening up with a rifle on a naacp rally"… the next day use your plant a thug for a fake cop shooting… Then day 3 just wax your own power grid.

Do you really think the powers thst be would sabotage their entire network of propoganda they have been spent 100 years via frankfurt/tavistock cultivating for social disorder they could easily achieve elsewhere?

Why wouldn't they just go with the status quo thst works like a charm… run Hillary vs jeb… play the old reaction game… neocons steal civil liberties followed by a cycle of libtards destroying identity culture and individual prosperity.

Agenda 21 swimmingly continues… and they are buttriced by controlled op fox vs controlled op liberal rest of media.

The legit only way I see Trump being utilized as controlled op is building his giant waste of money prison wall as you need thst nationalistic fervor and jeb aint the man for that job. Remember folks walls can keep you in too.

They've been doing that for decades and it is no longer working. The approval rating of the government has been consistently below 20% for the last 10 years. Every now and then they need someone in office who restores confidence in the system.
10 steps forward, 1 step backwards, rinse & repeat.

How do you do

This entire thread is shilly as fuck. The fuck happened to this place?

yes he is

usually that doesnt involve the goyim starting to realize the kikes are the real problem.

Comments sections on any given article imply otherwise

Friends close and enemies closer.
t. Michael Corleone

What you aren't figuring out is that the enemy he's keeping close is White America and its isolationist epiphany.

Jewtube of meeting

I didn't see Corleone marry his kids off to the FBI or whatever the equivalence would be, but sure, whatever floats the chesscuck boat.

You don't understand 4D krav-MAGA attack-vectoring. rump likes to keep his enemies really close and It doesn't closer than sticking your penis into the enemy and placing your dna right next to the enemies. Don jr. is fighting the good fight against the jew (himself) as we speak.

Spoiler that shit please.

Hold the fucking phone retards, is he assuming since the David Hogg shit was dug up we can pull up more shit on older shootings?

Big if true.


Isn't it Sheriff Scott Israel's job to be PROTECTING the children from a circus, but wait he's fucking RUNNING it? And MSM PROMOTING IT?


And Donald J Trump is an anagram of DJ Talmud Porn.
We knew all this before he was even the official republican candidate.
Very few claiming to be behind getting him elected now though.

let's see if their journalistic integrity remains absent

anyone have a good kiketube stream?

These kids stand no chance. Kikes imprinting them like crazy when they're most vulnerable.

Watch and learn how you make a slave.


A few of the kids were pro-Trump it seems, one of the girls seemed to be MAGA.

Kill my ears and eyes

foam boy is acting like a faggot

trumpnewslive stream looks to be way ahead of the hooktube stream

Notice Emma and ZoggBogg were not invited or at the least did not appear. HAHAHAHAHA

Jesus Christ what a shitshow

-Marco Rubio Feb 21 2018

Restoring confidence you say?

Doesn't really work with the muh Russia narrative that I don't know.. challenges the entire legitimacy of the election , the sedition and borderline treason committed by the media, the constant 3 hour block of anti Trump late night talk shows 5 days a week…an unprecedented level of career govt politicians resigning., zuckerberg being named the editor and chief of all thst is legitimate..trotting out porn stars making baseless claims of hush money, want me to keep going?

H onestly I could hit a character limit sharing examples of the coordinated campaigns to achieve the exact opposite of legitimizing the government.

That aside Your post still doesn't address the supposed strategical advantage of completely destroying the monopoly on propoganda they have worked for 100 years to perfect to the point where media credibility and ratings are the lowest they have ever been. Perhaps it could be a giant schill to remove the press and first ammendment all together.. it's flimsy but possible.

However you dont address any of the actual policy passed under Trump which at surface level is a complete 180 from agenda 21 and about as anti schill as possible. Withdrawal from Paris climate scam aka worldwide Chicago carbon exchange, repeal of the individual mandate, lowering of taxes, attempting to spur the growth of trade work and infrastructure.. attempting to clamp down on people illegally here and the financial burden created by this problem.. trying to cut costly regulation.

I already gave the answer to the test.. the wall is the most legitimate controlled op point of contention as I said.. it keeps people in too.

I won't call you a schill… But I do say either lurk more.. or support your claims a bit more.

I want to call you a shill but that is probably accurate.


In the end both the establishment and the voters get the candidate that was elected, but most of the time it is the voters that get the short end of the stick. In Trump's case the stick may have been longer than usual, but we'll wait and see.

Trump did not and will not lower taxes. Trump increased the federal budget and the national debt. That means that taxpayers will have to pay much more in taxes in the future.

Clearly the establishment preferred Hillary, but Trump was still got more media coverage than her. He got billions $worth of coverage and converted the attention into votes. If the establishment had been really opposed to Trump he would've gotten the same treatment as Kasich or Stein or some other also-ran in other words, he would've gotten zero coverage. Also, look at the amount of establishment hacks in Trump's cabinet & administration. It's almost indistinguishable from a Romney cabinet or Rubio cabinet. Full of kikes, neo-cohens & wall-street hitmen.



There's a lot more there than the last post I responded to. While Trump may have raised spending there is at least the offset chance that the tax base will increase to help meet the tax burden and at least people are getting a lot more for their tax dollars as opposed to such a massive amount to give the unemployed and sick access to health insurance while making the decision to utilize health care for the working producers much costlier. If you study economics dollars aren't important… what's important is the real wage. You are seeing a spur of hiring like I've never seen in my lifetime… You are seeing the real wage and consumer spending power rise.. companies keep announcing minimum salary raises.. thst is taxable income and wages moving closer to inflation. The gross amount of taxes are negligible.. by removing the individual mandate (aka a tax) and lowering other taxes.. and avoiding payment in to the Paris bullshit you are keeping the money flowing to workers and companies instead of being literally wasted for absolutely no benefit for the vast majority. I want to pay taxes foe infrastructure… I don't want to pay taxes for Juan to work under the table and take advantage of every program under the sun send his money back go Mexico retire at 40 and live like a king.

As far as you concerns on the media.. They are certainly a legitimate point of contention I've pondered. You could also say that they purposely promoted an unelectable candidate to schill the election to the left.. this would be backed up by their fake polling numbers foe cuntlery and their attempts to paint Trump as a pussy grabbing rapist who hates everyone who isn't rich and white.

He wss an easy folly.. made Hillary look amazing (at least in the strategy room). But see things got scary when his rallies had 10x the supporters.. started selling out merchandise… and they began resorting to desperate attempts such as paid violent protesters at his rallies.. Chicago being the prime example as it was shut down.

It's the last all-out shill push. I can feel it. I don't think they have anything left after this.

They have Civil War, left after this.

Are you guys watching this bullshit on CNN?


Oh boy, looks like Cruz didn't kill enough of these retards>>11292870

oh god no. is that a shoop?

Nice Israeli syntax, Chaim.



Are you so autistic that you screenshot your posts every time you get dubs?

It is not. Here's footage of that shape-shifting creature.
It has currently the form of an oger that identifies as an aryan woman.



Looks like ~80% of the deaths are diet-related. I am not surprised.

Fucking kids. Fuck the NRA for even doing this shit, they know this is a gotcha event full stop. They're just getting ready to negotiate rights away again.

What is a kike fagtorposter?

This is an election year. If Trump wasn't working the optics last year then he sure as shit will be for the next several months in the lead up to the midterm elections.

That said, literally every fracture point that's been pushed on here since the primaries has turned out to be nothing. Continue to lurk if you don't want to get bogged down in this bullshit, my fellow anons. Although, I'll say that it would be better for you to help us exhaust Soros' warchest.


What about that fucking Las Vegas shooting with 100 dead? How did that blow over so quick and this fucking hot dozen of dead kikes is the major cause? Shut the fuck up with it.

my sides = obliterated