Digital postering college campuses with iotbw, mbmc, fymp, etc

Whisper is a location-based ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD app used by the younger generation. And we are taking it over.

1. Get the Android or IOS app.
2. Get Fake GPS( Android only)
3. Set location to shitpost (college campus, liberal hellhole, or even a city in another country)
4. Post any of our successful poster memes and watch them go viral (IOTBW, MBMC, FYMP, etc)
5. Set another GPS location and repeat

- Lets us test poster campaigns before committing to them
- Influence the younger generations

Other urls found in this thread:

test of Film Your Marxist Professors campaign, we did 6 campuses. This is a supercut of all the responses so far.

Good job user.

Can't tell if ironic or real.


Cannot wait to see these idiots lined up against a wall.

The best results we got were on the IOTBW campaign. We tested various backgrounds and a few variations of the message. We got over 52,000 views across US and Canada, and hundreds of comments. Using a "hot guy" as the background gave us the best results, as did phrasing IOTBW as a question - "is it okay to be white?"

One feature on a Whisper is a "chat" function, where anonymous users can chat about a Whisper.

These campaigns (about 100 whispers total) got around 120 private chats, good opportunities for some 1-on-1 redpilling.

Here is my favorite response so far.

As you might expect based on the relative virulence of the paper poster campaigns, our MBMC tests were not as popular as IOTBW.

We got on average 800 views and 2 comments per MBMC.

One nice thing about Whisper is it seems to guarantee a certain minimum number of views, numbering in the hundreds. These views are frontloaded in the first few minutes after a whisper goes live, meaning you see results extremely quickly from tests.

Why use usb drives? Seems very expensive to me.
Better to just create a press that has enough strength to deface coinage
and just imprint any coin you can find with said message
Coins circulate around gen populace and have to be melted down/re-minted
free advertising for whatever cause it is
Literally takes 20 seconds to imprint coins and low cost
It costs to remint, or redesign/remove coinage from circulation
Something like "It's okay to be white" pressed onto a coin would cause a national chimpout

That's a good start

you have this op mixed up with /redstick/ my friend. maybe re-read the OP. Whisper is a free app for smartphones that lets you post to a geographical area.

this post probably generated the most salt per capita than anything else.

Since whisperers have the benefit of anonymity, they are more likely to express support for president Trump, and to call out detractors.

kill yourself

you're healing our people
this is beautiful

I got some questions OP. Don't they ban people on Whisper? How is it anonymous if it's a phone app? You usually have to register your number, email or facebook for social apps. Is it possible someone can dox you?

Isn't there some kind of emulator where you can download apps and your computer and spoof your GPS? I'd help but I'm dumb at tech.

ooh, nice one
great work user

Bump for potential.

For those paranoid I've gone through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy with a fine tooth comb. You're anonymous so long as you're not an idiot while also doing something illegal. Just don't change your nickname to something personally identifiable. Nicknames are not unique and can overlap.

Here's some interesting tidbits from the "Law Enforcement" section of their website. Link below.

yes. the emulator you are looking for is Bluestacks, and can be found here:

You will need a google account to use it, make a new one and set your age to 14 or 15, which will bypass the need to give them a phone number. Voila! Unlimited phony android installations.

There is a small mod team on Whisper, and I'm sure banning is in their power. I have not been banned on Whisper yet, but pics related is one my "blocks"

1. the post, featured in this thread already

2. some of the public replies

3. a very angry private chat the whisper prompted

4. the block message

I'm not too worried because i have not been banned yet and i've done 50 whispers personally.

I also did this sort of study on twitter and was banned frequently, but it was a simple matter to uninstall and reinstall twitter to evade the ban with a new account. I still run 3 twitter accounts on 3 separate devices.

another "death threat" - i get a dopamine hit whenever i get messages like this, but it's not fear; it's ecstasy.

The most private chats i got were regarding this "deeply regret transitioning" whisper i posted to the Transgender Support Group (unlike standard whispers, these groups are not location-based)

seems neat OP, just downloaded and shitposted out an IOTBW

This is an excellent campaign. Currently using IOTBW and "Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire" to get that fashy vibe going

it is nice, but as one user from the discord said - "is it okay to be white?" does not have the same memetic punch as the statement form - "it's okay to be white."

Although the question form got more views, it only achieved 1/10 the triggerings.

you'll get results very quickly. Please share them!

Pic related is a screenshot from another Whisper user. A fellow shitposter. We met in Richmond, Virginia.

thanks for the footwork tripsposter, i scanned their terms myself and was impressed with how much privacy Whisper promises compared to other sites.

By analyzing Gen Z's apps of choice (Whisper, Snapchat, Insta) It's obvious that they value their privacy of personal information more than Millennials do.

This makes their landscape good cover for us. They are also the generation we should be spending our effort influencing, since young minds are the most malleable.


Whisper is run by MOSSAD. They dont just use GPS they also use wifi and cell tower location. They also permanently fingerprint your device, yes even after you reinstall the OS, they map your imei and other hardware to their database.

Bold statement, please provide evidence


The fucking app itself was written in israel you dolt.

I did the research on the app and it does real nasty shit to lock you in. Go on wipe the app from your phone after a post… surprise reinstall everything is still there.


I guess it's good I'm on a VPN and spoofed GPS signal. Not really concerned though, I'm not doing anything illegal but I might shift operations over into an Android VM

i read the whole article and I'm not convinced. Whisper even updated their privacy policy to make it even more clear how the protect it.

Should you trust them completely? No, just like you shouldn't trust any app or website completely. Everything is watched no matter how careful you are. Shitposting isn't breaking the law so I'm not worried and am going to continue this operation.

Anybody really worried can use the Bluestacks emulator which has no connection to cell towers and will only provide your IP.

Also, I would think that if Whisper really tracked your location this hardcore, they would not let you post so easily across the US using a GPS spoofer.

A few tests that did NOT do that well, and my thoughts on them.

1. One of the posters from Project BABBY - memeing baby into white wombs. I had hoped it would do better but people don't give a shit about this boomer-tier crap. Whisper has a group called "I want a baby" - so it's the right place for this sort of messaging too. We will have to explore other pro-baby messages that work better on these women.

2. A personal favorite quote, but probably too esoteric for the normie audience on Whisper.

3. An anti-communist poster. Nobody gives a fuck.

4. A pro-white-countries message, but too wordy. Shorter messages had better success.

5. Another pro-white message co-opting normie slang superimposed on anti-white articles. Obviously doesn't have the punch to go viral. Probably too many logical leaps to be effective.

posted one of the posters i found on 8ch for the lols

This guy gets it

Learn to use proxies

For the first image, perhaps this attached image instead might be more likely to evoke the emotion you're after?

For the second, perhaps this might work better:

I think for the anti-commie one, that's the kind of thing that actual commies would see as meme-tier low quality bait and would ignore. If you raise the bar a little and go for the throat with a quote like this, they might actually be baited into response because they interpret it to be a threat.

Just the first quote that came to mind, there's probably more suitable quotes out there.

The fourth pic has a weak image imo. Something more grand and inspiring might be in order.

Fifth pick is actually good, if you spam that phrase over a large number of those backing photos of different types. One of those might trigger a thought for a normie, but seeing it over and over again really hammers the point home of how much hatred there is for whites in the West.

Sorry for earlobe spacing, just wanted to separate each point relative to the images.

You really think you're safe just because you spoofed your GPS? If you install this israeli botnet kikery on anything other than a burner phone in a different country while holidaying you are pozzing yourself. There are many alternatives, including sites and not pozzed (((apps))).

yep, i buy em used and never tie them to my ID

I'm not in the US but posting in the US so YES

YES I am but I don't think this is necessary actually. I think you just added that to have 3 things to scold me with.

i consider this stuff pretty fucking basic. Don't have a normie book, don't have your identity tied to ANY devices, obscure your IP, tape your camera, etc etc. Do we really need to go over the basics in every single thread?

The Guardian is a sensationalist garbage tabloid. Any website has the ability to "determine your location" from your IP, that's not unique or worrisome. As is stated in the article, in response to the actual valid criticisms they've changed their policy which they can't violate without risking class action lawsuit.

Except it wasn't and you're full of shit.

I'm just as paranoid as the next guy, but if you want to convince me this is a bad red pill opportunity you're going to at least need to be factually accurate.
If I were a betting man I'd guess you have an ulterior motive, it's no hidden secret we post among paid shills and saboteurs.


You dumb idiot it fingerprints the fucking phone in their database


hello fellow (((white)))

Who cares. If you live in fear you'll die in the gulags anyway. Now is the time to stand up and be heard.

spread it then

As if Mossad hadn’t already done that to everyone posting here. Look who owns the site, do you think he’s on the side of the traditionalists/Republicans?

How about this then you fucking genius:

No Im saying this so you retards will be smart and informed about this shit. Still do the op but fucking run a VM or something

When dealing with Jews anything that doesn’t support their worldview in its entirety 100% is political and anti-Semitic.

It's all about threat models. If you try fighting Spooks on the internet, nothing other than Linux Tails on a second hand laptop, bought in cash, using public wifi is acceptable.

If you're shitposting perfectly within local law, then a spoofed GPS and IP address is good enough to avoid getting doxxed or traced by casuals and advertising companies

Yeah somehow I'm not seeing how you connected those dots. It's like you literally scoured the web to find a single jew that worked for the company as if that was somehow evidence of your claim.
Rather than prove anything you've just further convinced me you are a legitimate D/C kike, as no one could unintentionally be that stupid.

Your only shot at redemption is to provide actual sourced claims with evidence. Which you won't, because you can't.

Thanks for the feedback, i'm taking all of it into consideration.

The BABBY meme you posted is good, but not really suitable for whisper. Firstly, Whisper crops all images to Portrait mode, which would cut most of the text and one of the parents out of the frame. Second, the text is hard to read on a minimized image, so a whisper user won't be able to read it while scrolling. If you have some fashwave that's a little bit more mobile phone friendly, i'd like to try it.

On your advice I've tried the fifth pic a few more times to see if it gets any response. Sometimes weak response is just a fluke.

I'm posting seven more of my Whispers. These are all moderately successful and i'd like to go over my thoughts on them just because I have fun typing it out.

Sorry for the weird horizontal format but you guys are smart enough to figure out how to right click view image.

1. Import the third world, become the third world. We are pushing this one only in Europe and Canada, but it could also apply to southern regions of the United States. The image is the refugee invasion. It has gotten good response, better than MBMC.

2. Diversity is Code for Anti-White. A mainstay Holla Forums meme - with another pol meme behind. People often comment on the background meme so we know they are reading it. This one works well enough that I have posted it ~8 times in different cities so far. Good mix of agreement and leftist rage.

3. Why Can't White People Have Their Own Countries? This is the only one where someone threatened to report me to the FBI. Very promising, I should post this one more.

4. A landscape meme made into portrait by adding bars at the top and bottom. Meh response.

5. The Kate Steinle poster which made the news a few times. Posted in Texas where i think the shooting happened. People who didn't know who she is were educated.

6. Pro-gun meme on a crotchety old bastard's tshirt. People either love this one or REEEE hard because of the recent school shooting. Haven't tried it in Florida because it seems like crossing the line. Maybe I'm just a pussy?

7. I've tried a few variations of End White Hate and get average response. I usually just run with IOTBW because it ALWAYS gets a strong response. Nothing really comes close.


Literally false. No where does it say it requires contacts.

If you scroll to the bottom of the app page and actually read the permission details it explains what each permission is doing. It requires the same shit as any other social app, less in fact.

I just tried to install Snapchat and HOLY fucking shit, it demands way more permissions. Whisper needs practically nothing by comparison.

I'm beginning to think Whisper is in fact /ourapp/ - your trips confirm.

Try APK hacking the app to avoid the spying.
Also this thread has too many earlobe spacing.

mashup of all the responses to 6 different "diversity is code for anti-white" whispers

Honestly I don't understand the premise for concern in the first place. Spreading propaganda isn't illegal last I checked, and I'm not worried about some boogeyman jew adding me to a watch list. No doubt I'm already on a several lists from my browsing habits alone so I could give less of a fuck.

Are people anticipating a police raid or some shit? Really, what's the logic here?

I genuinely believe it's a FUD campaign, because in my honest opinion, this is brutally effective and has huge potential should it be organized with a mass attack like we've seen with the poster campaigns in the past


I really think we can change the narrative on Whisper and I really think it's worth our time. I just need as many shitposters as possible because I cannot take over the 14th largest social networking app all by myself.

(what does FUD mean?)

I wanted to push this op hard on cuckchan today, but they banned me for "advertising" so I cannot post whisper threads there for 7 days. If someone ITT could post 4chan threads I would very much appreciate it. I can help with the operation from here and from the 2 discord servers I have gotten on board.

This is the "HQ" for ops like this, right?

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

All my VPN IPs are perma banned by halfchan for some reason so I only lurk there. I definitely think with a concerted effort we can smash the Overton window on Whisper

Bumping for the inevitable shitstorm this causes


Ah I see you work for the company… lol omg man you need to be far less transparent brah


Moleneux is jewish btw.
Just thought you'd like to know that.
He also talks like someone is about to bust him any day now.

A lot of people are listening, don't worry. I just followed your instructions and I'm about to start posting on there.

I think youre right about the strategy. Use less overt lines and be more subtle. The IOTBW with an attractive male will work very well on teens and 20 something's. Use lots of positivity in your message and avoid being negative unless it uplifts us in some way.

I'm getting the sense that FUD is a very effective tactic on Holla Forums. Every time I post here I see shit like this, it's even worse than on 4chan.

Thanks user, this is literally the best kind of op for neckbeards on Holla Forums because they don't
even have to get off their royal asses and leave their mom's basement to participate.

Great idea OP. I've gathered a collection of images for this but having trouble getting past pic related. Tried the fake GPS app you linked as well as the built-in google maps spoofing that bluestacks has and no luck. Or are you guys just posting in the area and not using the school groups?

Forgot to upload pic, polite sage.

correct user, I'm not using the school groups at all - just posting in the area. Haven't tested getting into those school groups, but I guess you just confirmed that it won't work.

I see there are only 467 users in that school. Another school i looked at only had 60. Even assuming EVERY user sees our posts, the reach will be a lot less than just a generic public posting.

The BLAXIT poster (from a bumplocked thread here on 8ch) is doing suprisingly well.

It has an average of 1.2k views and 2 replies per whisper, making it officially more viral than MBMC was.

lol omg man you need to make your stupidity far less transparent brah

Another suggestion to improve the images is to use the 4th font style available. It's more soft and disarming compared to the more other aggressive fonts.

Also, I set my age and sex as a young girl and lots of people are messaging me, not sure if that helps kek

boi was that a mistake

The degeneracy is appalling and quite frankly, Brits should be ashamed of how far they've fallen. It certainly is not their finest hour


I've actually only gotten good results from people, even from UC Berkeley which I thought would be a shit storm.

Britbongs are responding well to Mosley quotes and the Australians are based as ever, I am definitely surprised at how much support I'm getting for these posts. I have little if any salt to report, only my own at the actual state of Britain

Posted this meme and holy shit the responses were like machine gun fire. More DMs than I got on the transgender regret post, all in under a minute of posting. Not many hearts so it may not go as viral as the IOTBW posts but I'll post a few times to get some good stats on this one.


Tell them majority white australians were brought over as slave prisoners in boats.

Subtle messages like this get tons of responses and hearts as well as generating a ton of controversy. You'll get flooded with messages.

How do you get to 21-25 years old in life and type like that?

I want to fucking neck myself knowing that person's vote is worth the same as mine

The world is fucking upside down


This thread has potential, lets keep going and see what happens

same thing happened to me when I posted

I had several people start asking me what degeneracy meant. Literally asking to define the word because they didn't understand it. The few that did asked me to define what I was rejecting in particular. I said I was embracing traditional marriage and rejecting sleeping around etc as it damaged the success of marriages and thus the children's welfare. They called me a liar when I direct linked them to evidence.

At this point I think people over a certain age can't be taught the truth, even through raw evidence. Seeing this in practice is really demoralizing. Yuri Bezmenov was right:

The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already for the last 25 years. Actually, it's over fulfilled because demoralization now reaches such areas where not even Comrade Andropov and all his experts would even dream of such tremendous success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards. As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. …he will refuse to believe it…. That's the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.

user, this is why we want to get through to gen Z. It's not too late for them.

you went full sperg and fucked it up

You're a sperg who can't argue with normies for shit - all you have to say when 'Australian history' gets brought up is some variation of "Aboriginals are racist bigots who can't accept the beautiful diversity that white immigrants brought to their country". Arguing for the right of conquest will never work with people like this, the better angle to take is that 'Aboriginals deserve the right to self-determine in their own country and so do white people'.

too much of a faggot to even say he wants to kill you

Have you come across content from independant user? This sounds like something cuckchan would love to use.

Pretty fun app, gonna shit post for a while

independent user? is that a screenname? No. I don't look at other whispers unless they are replies to my own.

Yes! I want to post on cuckchan too but i got a 7 day ban for "advertising" when I tried to make this thread there. Maybe because I used the Whisper logo in the OP? I would appreciate it if someone would post Whisper over there, whether in its own thread or in other poster threads.

Another whisperer suggesting law enforcement should look the guys behind funny memes on Whisper.

Butthurt boomer spotted.

google asking for a phone number.

did you set your age to 14? (birth year 2004) - worked for me a few months ago.

tried 2003. do you think country of residence matters?

London is just shitskins and tourists.

it's possible. And I've noticed that certain websites ask for a phone number when you make an account on a public internet connection like a library.

You can get a burner number app on your phone, but it only works in rare cases because most numbers are "burned" on those platforms already.

It seems to require a phone number for account registration, regardless of location.

I laughed out loud for half a minute. Nice one!

There has been kvetching about this thread already. If shill central knows about what whisper can do they will keep cuckchan free of it.

Not that it's reason not to try. the power of tism is strong

can you link or screencap where the kvetching is occuring?

This faggot here. Maybe more will come. getting this to halfchan must be a priority. I would but I have never done an OP so I'd fail.

This isn't personalized enough. Women do not care if you call them degenerate. They don't care about morals or responsibility or logic. Women never go, "Hm, really makes you think," and decide to not be a selfish asshole.

They only care about shaming and being perceived as less valuable than other women. I.e. they are immune to statistics but they flip out about getting called a roastie or subtly changed through makeapp, because you're straight calling out their low value. They'll flip out and protest, until they realize it's a better strategy to be on the other side. They are always perfect in their mind. It's their identity, not their perfectness, that is variable.

Real effective technique would be to
1. Pretend to be a woman.
2. Look down on all the thots with logical reason given

Something like, "My friends have cats. I'm having my 3rd beautiful baby with the love of my life ;)"

"This feminist beast called me a Stepford wife today. I am pretty perfect XD"

"LOVE all my traditional girls on here. Hate us because you can't be us losers."

Modern women make fun of "Stepford wives" because the image makes them massively insecure. If irl a real stepford wife were to laugh in their face and drive off in a minivan full of kids they'd have to spend a week in bed crying and eating ice cream.

Shit, that should be "with no logical reason given."

right, i thought that might be what you meant. glad it has subsided for now so we can get down to work.

I'm getting a lot of comments like pic related that suggest people are noticing the shit out of these posts so IT'S WORKING YOU GLORIOUS INTERNET AUTISTS.

First rule of propaganda is repetition, repetition, repetition. Keep up the pressure! We are watching the overton window shift before our very eyes.

I'm an idea man not an artist.

1. Invading a land to exploit the resources and send them back home - colonization (The media calls it immigration) picture of Cali in background with various facts and figures on the money sent to Mexico strategically placed.

#2- "I'm moving to canada" list all their immigration requirements side by side with trumps proposals for merit based immigration.

#3. "Im moving to scandanavia" Similar to above but with muh beloved socialist Nordic countries inmigrstion requirements. Finland is a great choice cause they require knowing Finnish.

#4- "import tolerance" screenshot of gay being thrown off building or woman being stoned to death in Arab country.

#5- #metoo simply a collage of headlines women raped by migrant invaders in europe. Just steal the hash tag it supports the beloved liberal cause.. and also ruins it from their brainwashing standpoint.

#6- #notme collage of headlines showing Israel's uproar about wanting to stay jewish. Bonus points for a side by side of the Israeli and Palestinian sides of wall.

Plebes are fucking retards and love hashtags. Stealing their hashtags is good business. Morons might share your posts they fundamentally disagree with just cause of the hashtag.

Proud to be of service.

How the fuck to I get whisper to change location using Fake GPS?
I got to one place but it won't show me shit from another location.

A patriot has brought the Whisper campaign to cuckchan, PLEASE bump the thread with good discussion and the pics from this thread. I can't beacuse I have a 7-day ban for posting Whisper yesterday.



I've seen that one a lot. Normalfags aren't going to look at that picture and connect dots. Much better would be get pics of "diversity teams", pics used by companies virtual-signaling their "diversity and tolerance", etc.
imo text can just be
but the original message works too.

Just my opinion tho.
t. torfag

Thanks for the great ideas toranon, I used the morning to test all of them.

image 1 - trad woman i used as a bg for most of the posts

image 2 - posts with view counts and responses so far. "pretty perfect" and "love my trad girls" both averaged around 800 views and saw a great mix of salt and approval.

image 3 - some private chats from the trad posts.

I think there is promise here but we should keep honing the message until we get something that spreads better.

brilliant piece of work from an user on the 4chan thread. You can use Fake GPS to "travel" to the location and see all the responses yourself. This one is really prompting a lot of discussion in the Berkeley black community.


yes, see previous thread about Bluestacks if you would like to Whisperpost from a windows machine

subtle, I like it

also that post, fucking KEK

OP here. Whisper is fun as shit but at least for a few days my whispering days are over. I've been banned, and have seen the following changes to my account.

1. Banned from chat. Opening chat tab displays the message attached.
2. All whispers (97) deleted.
3. All whisper replies (100) deleted
4. New whispers seem to display fine, but are "shadowbanned" and are not visible to other users. They do not accumulate views, hearts or comments.
5. Hearts given to other whispers do not stick.
6. As i suspected, uninstalling and reinstalling does not work, as your account is connected to your device ID. To use whisper again I will have to get another device. Bluestacks should work fine for that I'm just on a mac right now so I cannot use that at the moment. The only way to reset your account is to send them an email to request deletion, which I am not going to do.

I can still move about the country with Fake GPS and see other whispers, but I am not able to post anything.

You need some with a bit more humor, you dont want to become the annoying spammers to these people.

I cannot understand the mind of someone who thinks that their response here is valid

OP here, i may already have a solution to the Whisper ban. There is a Device ID changer app for rooted Android phones available here:

My devices are all rooted so I will report back in a few hours whether or not it works.

>you do know they are all by (((white Americans))) about white Americans?


Oh gee if only some dashing and smart security researcher was here to tell you about this shit beforehand
Oh… they did:

Haha nice work, I knew that would steam some clams. Those replies are good. It's funny how defensive/receptive they are when it's a woman, versus instant shutdown attack mode with a man. How about:

"Fabulous housewife club check in station. Only fabulous housewives allowed. No cat ladies, we just sweeped XD"
"Fabulous housewife club check in station. Only fabulous housewives allowed, get jealous of our cooking girls XD"

The two elements I think are 1. "haha girl power we're so glamorous" (bc girls compliment each other gratuitously) + 2. hah, ew, those girls that aren't us (bc girls have a sociopaths desire to claw at people beneath them).

Also I was thinking some ways to say feminism is unattractive. These might be too obvious though.
"I told this football player I wasn't a feminist and his eyes lit up. We're dating now. XD My girlfriends would kill me if they knew XD"
"Some of these tinder dudes are a travesty. Do you have to weigh less than a woman to be a male feminist or something? (roll eyes)"

Hm definitely go light on shitposting then. Or stay in character after you start and try to fly under the radar.

Africa for Black people, Asia for Asian people, but Europe for everyone?

#BLAXIT is pretty good, not much salt surprisingly. 1st pic related is from posting in San Diego. I hope this isn't other anons skewing the results I wonder how it would do in Detroit?

Making people laugh is important. I've had some success with webcomics as long as they're short and sweet. 2nd pic related.

It would be helpful if other anons post if when they get banned so that we can figure out what the cause is, whether it's being reported or moving around the world too much.
Also you don't have to limit yourself to the belly of the beast, my posts in a town of 200k in a small pacific country still get hundreds of views.
Finally, do it sparingly but posting extreme views can get you some good conversations and might be useful for networking with like-minded people. Pic 3 related.

OP here, the device ID spoofing did not work, it still brought me to the same banned account, even after uninstalling whisper, changing the device ID, then reinstalling. Fortunately I can still see all the heavy shitposting you guys are doing, and will be taking screenshots tonight and uploading to the thread.

I am also saving dozens of poster designs from various places suitable for Whisper and will be uploading the best ones to a new /posters general/

here is the poster thread, lots of great designs there. Very few have been tested on Whisper yet.


Also, it looks like the Berkeley university campus has become sort of our home base for Whisper posting.

Can confirm about the ban.

I posted a lot yesterday and now there's some sort of shadowban on my account. I can't respond to messages and everything I post goes up but doesn't get any views. My old whispers also got deleted.

I wonder if it's the result of user reports or some inbuilt system to detect GPS spoofing. I posted in large cities all around the world.

shit, it looks like /ourguys/ are getting shut down. I'm sure Whisper is wise to our attack now and will probably put measures into place to make GPS spoofing harder. We will have to be much more low key going forward.

UC Berkeley is getting absolutely smashed by /ourguys/

I love it

Anyone tried a different emulator than bluestacks? A quick search brings up Andyroid and Genymotion as potential candidates that offer root access and should be easier to spoof. I'm about to try them both.

Remember to use the enemy's lingo and logical patterns to create logical discrepancies within their worldview.

Instead of Jewish control use Jewish overrepresentation.

Instead of communist use marxist since it's an umbrella term that catches communism and all it's branches.

Support the 2nd amendment by appealing to the desire for personal safety and the unreliability of the the police force.

Pretend to be various SJW sacred cows such as fags, trannies and niggers and express self-hatred and your agreement with right-wing views like this user did

Promote white identity not through prideful exclamations of superiority or by putting others down, but instead by appealing to your love of white people and white culture as a positive force that spread civilization and technology to the world.

Promote family values by presenting and highlighting the negative effects of their abandonment. Condemn the modern world for losing it's touch with nature and for trying to artificially change the natural human state.

You forgot Baneposting

When accused of being hateful reply that love is discriminatory by it's nature and loving your own doesn't mean you hate the other.

Surprisingly tumblr is not a bad source for positive traditionalist images. They're still kosher enough to not instantly turn normies off and they come with social proof in the form of notes. Pics related are all from tumblr. Use search terms like "tradition" "homemaker" "traditional gender roles".
Any thoughts on using their own degeneracy to spread other parts of our message? Might be more relatable. For example:

Terrific idea.

Did an idiot reply to your post, and you want to respond? Consider sliding their post instead! Whisper doesn't use IDs so users will not know the difference.

/ourguy/ posted the OP, then slid the muh Trump russia post, with his own message of support, by replying to his own Whisper and ignoring his opponent.

Sock puppeting is easy and fun, even an autistic sperglord like you can do it!

Still too logical. Woman logic is whatever makes them feel less uncomfortable/more powerful. #2 is good, 4 is ok. The rest read like they could've been written by a man and they have scripted responses programmed into their brain. See >>11293317

Think of how women debate MRAs. It's all shaming, attacking sexual value, and threats of ostracism. Put them in that mode for you. Women naturally love to passive aggressively shame other women as sluts. It should be possible to get women spreading "Team Martha Stewart > Thots" message for you if it makes them feel powerful. This is also off script propaganda, the girl power solidarity BS is the literal opposite of biology and sexual strategy.

You might want to try pictures of swedish articles on rape attacks with leniant punishments, or a white baby with the caption: Antifa's worst nightmare.

Anyone still have that wheelchair gun owner PSA? or that one with the woman with asthma that can't outrun an attacker, or that news story where a child destroyed two homeinvaders with a shotgun, or those White victims of black crime infographics.
Hell, one should use this book as a guide to emotional arguments to hit them right in the dopamine dispensers.


I don't have a reaction image for this FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I've been doing this and the salt is unreal. 1.1k views for IOTBW at UCLA in a few hours.


my phone is buzzing every minute now. it's like 50/50 support.