About naming the Jew

I’m trying to come up with a list of 88 ways to name the jew with various terms.
#1 “Merchants” #2 “The Globalists” 3# “The Children of the Lie” (and so on, making a sort of game of it.) Accompanying pics and caricatures are very welcome.

Also, what’s the best way to raise awareness about the jewish problem? People have an easy time dismissing us if everyone is just like “Fucking kikes!”, but at the same time, we need people who go to the extreme so that the Overton window is pushed in our direction. Also, we don’t want to cuck out and do the thing of saying it’s this handful of rich oligarchs, missing the point that the corrupt thread tying them all together is them being ethnic jews.

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I'm not playing your semetic semantics, you fucking kike.

#4 The Vampires (or the Bloodsuckers), #5 The Parasites, #6 The Vermin (the dirty rats in Hollywood, lying rats in the media)

(Maybe Merchants of Sin is better than just “merchants” alone, because it refers to that book that exposes subversive jewish business practices across history.)

Is there a concise word that means something like “cowardly subversive rats?”

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for calling jews out for the hook-nosed kikes they are.
I just want to expand my vocabulary beyond "hook nosed kikes".

I'm a White American, and I'm surrounded by shit-libs, so I want to sort through different degrees of dog-whistles so I can sort of test the waters in normie-land and find other like-minded people instead of just going in the middle of a mall and shouting out, "Okay, so who here is sick of all these kikes in Hollywood and banking?"

I think dog-whistles are important for being able to find other people who are on our side without exposing our own power levels and becoming social pariahs

I'm not sure how to convey to normies how Jews are the ones who fund gun control, open boarders, and mass migration.

This all sounds like a conspiracy to people who don't understand the subversive nature of the jew. How do we raise more awareness that it's jews who are deliberately seeking ways to subvert White society?

#7 (((Them))) #8 Goldbergstein (Sheckleberg, or a similar string of money-sounding jew-names) #9 The Tribe #10 The (((chosen))) #11 The cult of Molok (or maybe there's a more elegant way to reference the volcano-god supersition that the kikes sacrifice foreskins to)

#12 (((Fellow White People)))
#13 Israeli

Does anyone have any success stories about making people see ZOG and its tendrils of manipulation?
At every turn, people are just so emotionally brainwashed… I just have to bite my tongue when I'm around colleagues and family.

It's a fucking mess when we're so emotionally subverted that we can't even speak openly with our own family in the privacy of our own home… damn boomers are like a brick wall.

ah, that reminds me of a couple

#14 The eternal (((Anglo)))
#15 The cultural critics

#xx Circles
#xx Reptillian
#xx Synagogue of Satan

Are there any good ones about their disfigured noses? I guess there's "Noseberg" and "Hook-nosed kikes".

One thing that woke me up to their prevalance was the utter disfigurement in their facial appearance as compared to Whites.


((Nice reference there))

#20 Rootless Cosmopolitans
#21 The ascendant
#22 The Grabblers

#23 Kosher [something], like Kosher Conservatives, we should start pointing out that there's "Kosher Media" and "Kosher Hollywood" too.)

I think normies will get the parallel of "Kosher" falling in lines with "Political Correctness", and maybe that will help them see how the jews are the ones dictating the rules of what is and isn't acceptable

While explaining the creation of the federal reserve last night, I referred to the banker cartel. I’m not wrong either, because the banker cartel is not only Jews, it also has participation from self-serving goyim

Lol, you have freedom of speech and you still cower. Sad.
Then find better things to do. We don't want everyone on our side so we can have a next wave of kekistani retards, we only want those who can get shit done, seems like you're incapable. "The strong will do what they have to do and the weak will accept what they have to accept".

That's a good one. Alex Jones uses the term "Banksters" mixing "bankers" and "gangsters".
Everyone with two licks of sense understands that the banking system is corrupt as all hell, so that's a strong point in our favor

This isn't half, cunt.

That's actually pretty profound.

Not to sound abrasive, but how do you recommend we go about raising awareness of the jewish problem?

I'm kind of playing a game in this thread, having a sense of humor about a bunch of different dog-whistles. Personally don't think it's in our best interests to avoid naming the jew, in terms of broader social policy.

I'm saying I agree with you, and if you're not a troll you probably have your own policy that you could recommend to me, so fire away.

If a man isn't a fag, he thinks the same as you, but one, doesn't care for politics, and two, thinks everyone is anti racist, so refrains from any comments. When its relevant, and I mean RELEVANT, you don't want to be a sperg about it, just say it outright. Men are impressed by power, and other men who don't cave in to social pressure, because for some reason our revolutionary tendencies are also tied with humor, us men think its funny to squeeze a provocative reaction out of someone, to exercise our power over them, to "trigger", which brings me to my other point:

Make it funny, especially if its on Facebook comments or something like that with tons of idle spectators. Act as if you would here, if you make it look like some hidden subculture sekritclub, naturally curious people, the ones you want, might be tempted to research about it, coaxing them into swallowing (or not) their first redpill on their own. Don't explain jokes, don't explain the meaning, that's how you find "redpilled" people, you drop Holla Forums jokes, but don't EVER reference Holla Forums directly.

And, finally, switch it around them and make them look retarded. Humiliate them. They don't care for the doctrine, they like what it represents, and if it represents them being retarded (when they're trying to get high on mortality) they'll shut up, and if you "won" the argument, especially on a public place like the internet, you'll convince the thinkers, which will make the political climate a more open place to discuss such things once people start confessing up about the jews in private, moving onto the public once they realize, yes all men think that.

I say it outright. Everyone agreed with me. Except women, they're all inherently liberal, you simply tell them to shut the fuck up about politics because they're not the ones fighting wars. Also, look like you have high social value. Be your own man, impenetrable to social impact. People will naturally start to follow you and you'll be influential. Always look "one step" ahead of the game, the game of life and such, and in terms of politics, introducing a new one by one.

Be yourself god damn it. That's what being "alpha" is. Most people are clueless. Are you? Show that you've got your shit figured out and people will follow.

introducing a new belief*, so start with easy stuff like nigger jokes. Cmon everyone hates niggers. Test your waters.

That's actually some solid advice, and I don't have anything bad to say about it.
Any healthy-minded White man out there knows all this "muh racism" stuff is utter garbage, but most folks are afraid to speak openly.

I fully agree with using humor to get our point across. Humiliation is also a wonderful practice, and even if shit-libs are too delusional to feel humiliation themselves, the audience will recognize the insanity. Kind of like how Sargon never "felt" humiliated in his debates against Spencer and Anglin, but the audience recognized how pitiful Sargon's position was.

Yeah, women are liberal until they have kids of their own, then they recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy society for the betterment of their kids.

To go on an autistic tangent, I think we should bring back arranged marriages set up between families (for eugenic purposes that should be held in high regard), and it should be illegal for women to initiate a divorce.
But at some point, I'm LARPing about bringing back coverture laws.

You start like they start. You feign sympathy while sliding the conversation. " Its sad what happened in hollywood, so many white and jewish men accused of violating women". You then bring up how sad it is that only white and Jewish men were pedophile in hollywood. You then bring up money in hollywood and list the names of the studio heads.

You have guide people to the water, by giving them time to process. This notion of casual racism or hitting them over the head with conspiracy theory makes you seem like an idiot who can't control themselves with logic and organized thought.

Along the lines of nigger jokes, one way to use female insecurity to your advantage is to ask a liberal White woman if she thinks niggers are just as beautiful as she is.

Women think along aesthetic lines, and have a hard time understanding abstract, moral arguments about behavior patterns and statistics, especially with all the emotional indoctrination. Still, even shit-lib White women know that they're prettier than niggers.

They're still liberal then. Trip them up and humiliate them with your knowledge, don't be too tryhard but say enough shit to make them understand that they're speaking out of their ass hoping no one's the wisest, which'll put them in an uncomfortable social situation; a woman's worst fear.

Don't """'convince""'' women. Your opinion is law, that's it.

Here's what I got.
1. Jew
2. Yid
3. Kike
4. Rat
5. Bagel
6. Chosenite
7. Beanie
8. Nose
9. Goblin
10. Christ-Killer
11. Gargamel
12. Firewood
13. Berg
14. Heeb
15. Goldie
16. Hook
17. Horvitz
18. Koshie
19. Stein
20. Oven-Dweller
21. Lampshade
22. Schnozz
23. Yom

Frugal internationalists
Red Sea Pedestrians
Four by Twos

Did you know that the more "taboo" a subject is, the more euphemisms there are for naming it? Jews are up there with sex, money and bodily functions.

It's actually not that hard to raise normie awareness. The reason why you can fail is because they rarely ever hear about jews, all they know about is bagels and the holocaust, so if you go full hitler or say shit like "Jews control the nation!" they'll think you're retarded because they lack basic information to even make such connection. So for normiesphere just keep it simple, for example if a jew journalist writes some white guilt tripping shit simply comment: "Jews aren't white though" or go the opposite and point them out by "complimenting them" for example "Why is it only jewish journalists that point out white x, we need more of this!" to pretend you're one of them while pointing out the jews. You can also state facts, for example i often use the term "Jewish Media" in a neutral context and when someone asks why "jewish" i reply with naming a few of the top figures of that certain outlet and tell them factually it's a jewish company. Or search for a comment that states how there are too many whites in X, reply with how that's not true and point out how the minorities jews are heavily represented in X.

All you need to do is keep pointing out jews over and over again without being overly positive or negative about it, like it's an everyday thing to you. Then after a while when normies come across the more heavier Jew redpills in the future, it will possibly make more sense to them since now they have the basic pretext to even process the information.

Hitler put it well

Jesus killer is the best one

#xx Parasite
#xx Khazar

Add Israelis to that list. My job requires interacting with teams in Israel. Its amazing how any sentence with "jews" in it can be substiuted for "Israeli" and it doesn't come across as "anti-Semitic".

Works great for Normies.

Examples -

Why is it okay for Israelis to have an ethno-state, but no other Western country can?

Israel has sizable control over media, medical, and financial industries across the world

… now read those statements back with Jew instead. Notice how the Normie recoils as one word but not the other.

International bankers can be used interchangeably too.

Bonus points if you say "rootless international cosmopolitans," and some Jew at the Village Voice calls you antisemitic.

Updating the numbers

#23 Kosher [something], like Kosher Conservatives, we should start pointing out that there's "Kosher Media" and "Kosher Hollywood" too.)

#24. Yid
#25 Kike / Hook-nosed Kike / Crooked Kikes
#6 is already “Vermin” but I’ll add “Rat” to it, especially if it’s “lying rat”
#26 Bagel
(Haha, don’t know how I missed that one, especially with (((Einstein Bros))) Bagels)
#27 Chosenite
#28. Beanie
#29 Nose-Goblin
#30. Christ-Killer
(That’s actually a good one that Christians can’t counter-signal, even though a lot of “modern” christians suck jewish dick)

#31 Gargamel
(Umm, someone’s going to have to explain this one to me)


It's really not that hard.

List continues:

#32. Firewood / Oven fuel
#33. Berg / Bergblatt-stein
#34. Heeb
#35 Goldie / Gold-grubber
#36. Hook (Maybe hook-beak?)
#38 Koshie
(That’s actually a good offshoot of Kosher)
#39. Oven-Dweller / (LARPing a bit with German, Ovenmensch? Ovenschwein?)
#40 Lampshades
#41 Soap bars
#42 Schnozz
#43 Yom
#44 Yar-ma-lukes

We're halfway there!


Oh, lawdy, how come I've never seen this seedy fellow before?
Smurfs was more woke than I would have expected from some hippie blue-people.

Just fuck off already.

Changed the sun a bit.
Money-changers/money-lenders comes to mind.

That's a pretty good touch

Isn't that reiterating the point? Not that it's a bad thing. Keep up the good work. Also, why has nobody mentioned barcode yet?

This. Just call them what and who they are: JEWS.

establishing that all of these various labels are things that are deleterious to civilization and while silently memeing that they are all names for the kike is the perfect way to reach the plebs. It has been working thusfar and it will continue to work. The amount of brainlets here is astounding.

The Nose
“White People”
Zyklon Guzzler

"bad economics"
"emotional argument"


"Blood Sucking Religious Cult"
"Historical Sociopaths"
"The Greedy Parasite"
"The Two-Faced Cultists"


Already got #5 as Parasite
#45 Khazar

#46 International Hyenas
#47 International Clique

#48 The Lying Media / Media Manipulators / The Lugenpresse

(I'm saving JEWS in all caps as number 88, but agreed, and duly noted)

This is actually a really reasonable approach. We need to normalize talking about the jew, and to not apologize or cuck out when we casually mention, "Yeah, jews control hollywood. Isn't it interesting how there's so much multiculturalism and liberal politics pushed into movies these days?"

We need to desensitize people to emotionally reacting to the mere mention of the jew.

#49 Shekelgrubbers
#50 Frugal internationalists
/ Frugal Finklesteins
#51 Red Sea Pedestrians
#52 Four by Twos

#53 (((Gold Star))) politicians / Gold Star media, ect.
That’s a good one for cow-like listeners who don’t think beyond the surface meaning of things

#54 Sheenie
#56 Sniveling Schnozza
#55 The Nose / Nosebergs
#56 “Well, hello there, fellow white people”
#57 Ovendodger
#58 Ashkin
#59 Ovenkin / Oven-stuffers / Oven Overclockers
#60 Zyklon Gas Guzzler

#61 "Blood Sucking Religious Cult"
#62 "Historical Sociopaths"
#63 "The Greedy Parasite"
#64 "The Two-Faced Cultists"
#65 Yid-Squids

#66 Foreskin suckers
#67 Baby mutilators
#68 The Societal Parasite

#69 Yidfly
#70 Professional Bullshit Artists
#71 The moneychangers
#72 "our greatest ally"
#73 They cry out in pain as they strike you ( and they cry out in pain as they kike you)

Subtlety and tact have a time and place.
You're not going to change many opinions if you're not willing to adapt to your social situation and feign compromise when necessary to maintain a person's interest.

#74 Bolsheviks
How could I forget the jewish role in communism and marxism?

"One-eyed thievin' Hasidic junk fuckers … " - from a Don Imus comedy album

Dick rippers
JAPs (Jewish American Princesses)
Penny Pinchers

Its about creating an informative path. Spacially we are disconnected from the existing paths people will generally take, its not like you can teleport people into the right place. Holla Forums is always right is a fantastic meme to this effect, everytime something shady goes on, say that Holla Forums is always right, people will notice the pattern on their own. You have to trust that people with the mental capacity to notice the patterns, will. The virgin conspiracy theorist rams it down your throat in panic, the chad Holla Forumsack knows he's right and lets the truth speak for itself

The strong will do what they will and the weak will watch.

#79? Cohens
#80? Pharisees

Oh, forgot another obvious one:

#81? Shylocks

The euphemisms really need to stop, it further detracts from the truth and dilutes the blame

it's jews, it's always been the jews and whilst it's not their whole community the rest of them are at fault for propagating the issue

"Yid Roach"
"The Smiling Maggot"
"Backstabbing Inc."
"Debt Peddlers"
- "Historical Debt Peddlers"
"Puritans Of Sin"
"Leech of the East"

Greatest Allies

"The Debt Cult"
- "The Vulture Cult"
"Oven Roach"
"The Spews"
"Guiltless Grabbing Gnomes" -3G's. Have you been 3-jewed?
"The Paper Yid" - Reference to debt money.
"Homunculi of War"
"The 4 Horseless Men of the Jewpocalyspe"

High functioning gypsies
Wandering undesirables

"The Smiling Nematode"
"Psychopaths of the Sand Cult"
"Sand Charlatans"
- "Sand Vampires"
- "Schizoid Sand Vampire"
"Debt Niggers"

In my experience this is the very word that you should avoid at all costs because normies tend to connect that with tinfoils. They cannot imagine bagel eating holocaust survivors to have literal control over Hollywood like some mysterious force, it sounds too over the top for normies as i already said. It's better to find synonyms for the word control, for example what you could say "jews actually have very strong influence over studio x/Hollywood" or "A lot of actors like x,y and z are actually jewish" etc. like you're casually mentioning it and not like some secret illuminati revelation. It's all about how you word it.

"Infiltrate, Infiltrated". This word when used shows a connotative connection to insidious behavior, which is not normie-resistant. Normies have all 'heard' about jewish lies and deception, but can't mention or won't go out of their way to discover it. Usually they turn off.

Jews Infiltrated Hollywood. When you use connotative words that accurately describe their immoral character and ways, it may stretch further than overused statements.

I agree, I always talk about their BIAS.
I like to point out that jews are extremely biased against non-jews, just look at palestine for an example of modern day apartheid.
If they mention terrorism, then I ask:
"so is it OK to keep muslims at arms length with especially harsh laws like the israelis do?
And does that mean it's OK for Trump to ban muslims? same kind of thing as israel does"
They are extremely biased towards non-jews in every day life, especially christians, they HATE christians with a passion.
And because of their bias they give each other a lot of work in every industry they are in and end up being the dominant force that way, helping each other out at the expense of non-jews.
Also they get special rates form jewish banks for business loans, even in recession so they can outcompete non-jewish businesses by making larger profits because they have less to pay out each month.
Over time this leads to them succeeding and non-jewish businesses struggling or even failing.
Essentially they cheat non-jews out of an even playing field in every single industry they are involved in which allows them over time to corner the market and eventually make the rules.
That is not a conspiracy, it is a demonstrable fact.
And if they ask, no, I am not anti-semitic, I am PRO TRUTH.

#75 One-eyed thievin' Hasidic junk fuckers …

#76 Penny Pinching Pinocchio

#77 Cohens
#78 Shylocks
#79 Schlomo

#80 Yid Roach
#81 Debt Peddlers
#82 Leech of the East
#83 The smiling maggot
#84 Puritans Of Sin

#85 Wandering undesirables
#86 High-functioning gypsies (Gypsy is a good base to start from, but jews are distinct and more dangerous than the Roma Gypsies, maybe “Genocidal Gypsies” hits a bit harder?)

#87 "Homunculi of War"


Made it to 88!

All this is quality commentary on how to properly discuss the jewish menace in a rational manner with focused terminology and solid examples.

Only thing I would add is that if you try and defend yourself saying your pro-truth and not anti-semitic, that attempt to focus on the facts falls on deaf ears because people are so emotionally brainwashed.

I'd say, "I love my own people, and I want the jews to stop exploiting and subverting my own folk."

And White guilt is an attempt to manipulate Whites into acting against the interests of our own people.

This. You can tell any normie why "international rootless globalist elements in finance, mass media and academia" are bad, get them to agree with you, then over time pull the curtain.

Just call them jews for fuck's sake.

Israel is doing everything they accused Hitler of, and then some!

Emotional Predators who all screech in unison.

I just tell everyone I'm Anti-Psychopath. (((THEM)))

That psychopaths are subhuman trash and should all be dead or aborted at birth.

(((They))) Have zero response for this, and never will.


'Jew' does a pretty good job I think.

Surprised Talmudists hasn't been said yet.


The Gestalt