On the jews and Their Lies

Just how much more openly jewed does protestantism need to get before Luther cucks admit it was a kike psyop?

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The Catholic church is just as bad.

It makes me sad as I would have loved to take my kids to church and now I can't. I've been looking into asatru folk groups.

Without jewing the bible like scofield it's always had the rope to hang its followers; self loathing, universalism, not fighting back/defending oneself as a virtue, only the afterlife/soul aka death matters, not life, doesn't matter if Whites go extinct/are genocided. What happened is it got blended with White traditions to transition people easier and people kept living life with racial awareness and defense, but doing so is actually very un-christian, so anyone can come along and bash the followers into submission. It needs a new new testament but what would necessarily need to be created would directly oppose most everything christian.

Christianity is a direct energy transfer of one's soul to a godhead. It is not a reciprocal relationship either, as a responsibility-less faith replaces connection to nature, devotion to nation etc.

It is a memetic institution of control, and a centralization of power.
No matter if it names the jew, why would any free person want to participate in a system of subjugation that requires an act of cannibalism, and spiritual servitude? Even if a European holds the reigns at the top, Christianity is not a positive system.

(((these))) faggots are ramping up the D&C across the net. don't take the bait.
t. I don't give a shit about a kike on a stick

Protestants in a nutshell. Making Christianity into this subjective feels religion where there are no standards but your own opinion of what the Bible means.

If the Catholic Church hadn't been insanely corrupt in the 1500s this never would have happened. You can deus vult larp all you want, but Catholicism caused this. If it hadn't been Luther it would have been someone else.

And Luther may have gotten kiked, but at least he learned his lesson after the first time and spent the rest of his life getting the message out.

Dollars to doughnuts says that church is a member of the ELCA (fully subverted by jews, aka zionists). In other words they aren't real Lutherans.

Less than two minutes later and you can color me unsurprised.

Meanwhile on protestantism…

Good morning, Rabbi. I notice you trying to pull the old switcheroo in a blatant attempt to D&C us as well as subvert real Lutherans! it thinks it's people

Cult of Abraham all the same.

That mentality to stiffle discussion comes from somewhere…

Three strikes and it's not a real church

OP, Martin Luther was alive in the 16th century. That was, ya know, kind of a long time ago. All institutions of man become corrupt over time, and churches are no different. That's why purges are necessary. Just because Protestants 500 years later are as corrupt and decadent as everything else in the Jew-controlled West we're stuck in doesn't make Protestantism in and of itself a "kike psyop."

Look in the mirror you hideous jew.

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well, let's anylize your statement.

1. Lucifer is a the star venus in the morning, a duel-repesentation of Roman diety, a minor one. Has nothing to do with Semitic religions like Christianity and was a false translation. In fact, it wasn't in the bible until a Pope wanted to kill the orginal (not modern) Luciferians because they were doing charity work as Christian monks and thought of the name as a representing Jesus the morning star. The Pope killed them all for challenging Vatican power. If you were really Christian you would know this.

2. Protestanism is less Jewed than Catholicism or Orthodoxy because Catholics are run by pedophile gay occultists and the Orthodoxy is run by the KGB, a subsect of the Jewish mafia – I don't know what it is now but it was. The entire sales pitch of Communism was stolen from Christianity. Communism is Christianity without the magic. And yes, past Vatican and Orthodoxy powers did commit Communist-like mass genocides against the pagan European peoples and Christian peoples who did not follow the church.
When someone says "Dues Valt, kill pagans and heritics they're all athiests and satan worshipers!", this is the same rhetoric they used back then to commit Communist-like genocides. 1600s Utopian Vaticanism and 1800s Utopian Communism are almost identical.

3. If reading the bible and personalized faith and personal administation of that faith is a kike psy-op, because you no longer have to hear the bible from Catholic priest in Latin, or pay him money because you masterbated last night… well then it's all a kike psy-op.

Global report.

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This, you should follow the pope on Twitter and pay him money so he'll forgive your sins



Video is long but it drives home the point that most of modern "christianity" is cucked beyond rememption. If you just watch the first 20 min or so you'll start to get the picture.

How much pent up anger have you got from your father fucking you up the ass, retard? How many words do you know other than "reported"?

I thought it was common knowledge that by some (((coincidence))), in the journey to America, American Protestantism lost around 80% of the teachings of the Reformists.
And of course, the current kikeophilia of its practitioners is at a stark contrast with the beliefs of martin luther.

OP is obvious d&c but this fact is kinda important, and it's rarely brought up.

Step your game up. That's common knowledge, and not even in some secret conspiratorial sense. Orthodoxy in its very theological foundation advocates integration/harmlny between state and church. The ideal of a separation between the two is a purely Western aberration ideal.

Four years, queer.

Missouri synod Lutherans are crazy fucking religious. This is some bullshit fake Lutheran church.

Unless of course you believe Protestantism is less fucked than buying indulgences and paying a man in Italy part of your heard earned paycheck so they can hide mass rape and child sex trafficking.


>Posts a (((Bill Nye))) meme.
Nice work Commie


Christianity was never meant to be organized for this very reason. There is not a single organization that Satan and his Jewish minions cannot infiltrate and corrupt.

If you look at the New Testament, Christians met in homes and in public places. There are no rules for organization more complex than "feed the poor among you" or "help evangelists travel."
Christianity is such an individualist concept, the Apostles had to exhort Christians to meet together from time to time and not be alone so often. Organized religion like we see today is alien and based on bronze-age temple cults.

tl;dr all religious organisations are Jewholes

Reported for not even trying. Four years, kike. It will never work on us.

Peter the Roman is just taking it a different direction as kikes do. Rather than blatantly flout tradition and push the faithful away he finds other avenues to insert them into the mix. He's stuck because the last pope made it clear women don't belong so he has to find other ways without ordination.

Jupiter was watching in amusement as the hebrew demon manipulated its worshipers and finally had enough when they started to make too much trouble in the empire. Of course the nature of jews it to accept punishment as their lot in life so they turned the getting BTFO into a holy event and stole the dead hebe's body to push their cult in a new direction.

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There's no holey trannity in the Catholic Church.



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Reminder that Protestants have Sola Scriptura; which means that the Bible is infallible and wholly true

Reminder that the Bible says that all sodomites will burn in hell and that Jews are the children of the devil

Reminder that Protestants who do not believe this are literally not Protestants, and that you as a random Holla Forumsack can either cause them to have a break-down and renounce their faith, or else become red-pilled simply by pointing this out

I was always fond of the the rules for Catholics. They have a lot of crazy fucking rituals.

No, see, that's a "no true scotsman fallacy" because if you say you are something that means you are that thing even if you have zero attributes of it. A shill told me that, so it's obviously true.

God what the fuck is that picture I am so tired of the antipope

Do protestants real or fake worship Jesus Christ the hebrew who claimed to be the son of the "god" of Abraham?

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Shill answers. Christians have statements of faith, you can trigger them by asking these questions. Call them heretics if they go against it. Have fun niggers.