The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related.

How to better yourself:

Go to the gym and do two hour workouts instead of one.
These chad workout mixes will help:

Stop believing in memes like "lose all ur gainz after 60 minutes of gym". Not even close to true. Look at all the greatest bodybuilders.

Stop listening to degeneracy.
Listen to things that are good for you.


NEW: youtu.be/b2a2eJR6nbQ

Stop consuming too much carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no more cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. No soy. Don't breed with roasties. Find a wholesome waifu. Do cardio. Go running. Stockpile food and buy a truck/SUV to survive The Coming Ice Age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing and acting like a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.



Notable Lifters: Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, Dorian Yates

Reading List: Some Orwell and some Machiavelli.

Stop consuming as much pornography and even try the NoFap challenge to boost test levels. Get off the internet for at least five minutes a day. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do hard drugs. Weed is okay in moderation and only if it is medicinal. Don't watch degenerate media and read some books. Invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement.  Brush off the haters and jealous cucks. This is your life now. Welcome to /SIG/ 2018.

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[kike free]™

this is a slide thread etc etc


Take another blackpill and go back to sleep..

How 2 reverse balding?

Every kike will hang, down to the child.

Is anyone else getting into gardening?

I've cleared out a couple of spots around my house to plant some vegetables, I've only ever grown tomatoes before so I'm pretty new to this.
There's a shaded plot in front of my house that probably gets 5 or 6 hours of sunlight a day, apparently leafy greens grow best in such conditions, does anyone have any suggestions?

Eventually I want to get to the point where I can move to the country and have a couple of acres of gardens as well as goats, pigs, chickens etc. Would be great to form a sustainable community with other likeminded people.

You forgot one:

follow detailed diet and health specifications from unsourced posts on anonymous mongolian anime chatrooms.

Castor oil, aloe vera and stinging nettle (which also helps t production)

Just got back from boxing after being out for awhile. Feels good man, outsped, outslipped and out punched the other guy. The air feels clearer, I'm whistling like a bird and I can walk down the street with my head held high again.

Highly recommend.

I used to do some gardening. Spinach is fucking tasty fresh.
Grow a pot of lemon mint or something for seasoning so you can stop buying the shit in stores for your meals. Especially if you're in North America, lemon mint is a common indigenous plant.

stop fapping.


sorry brah, gonna need a source on that one

>fapping stops balding
I mean
>not fapping stops balding

wat did you meme by thhis?

I think he means OP is a huge faggot that is doing self promotion and posts his shit threads on every site. he even has a thread up on halfchan

t. legally blind person

Do you have any idea what an actual 2 hour workout is like? You have to be in peak condition with great genetics and using PEDs for it to be of any use, and even then it's questionable. Do you know how much that will deplete glycogen stores? Low carbs??? Stupid fuck.

Thanks I like to avoid heavy metals et al

Ok, but where's the meat and dairy? Lol nogains

Fuck off you normie faggot, don't drink at all

Enjoy prostate cancer and fucking up your sex drive possibly forever. Also it doesn't fucking raise testosterone you stupid fag. It raises after like a week then returns to baseline quickly and plummets after months.

Minoxidil. Any cheap brand works.

b-but i was just told is reverses balding..

Not sure how Nofap would fight balding other than by maybe lowering DHT(which basically makes you a man)

I just don't know what I should be working towards now.

I lift, I took up boxing, I finished my education and got a job, I spend much of my free time reading, learning languages or doing programming practice. But it just feels empty and pointless, and I have no goals or ambition.


posting some books. Bhagavad Gita As It Is is legit and very potent.

I've been meaning to post this for awhile. The ghagavad gita "as it is" edition is actually edited and has some weird shit in it.

Try to find the original in print if possible. I accidentally gave my copy away to some pushy idian woman who just out right asked for it upon seeing it. Big mistake.

user…I. This is how the indo-europeans now cease to exist in the subcontinent of india. its pottery

Do you fucks have it automated at this point or have you trained your tards to pick the slide folders in order?

It was over 5 years ago and I was a very different person. I didn't come to this place red pilled but I sure as fuck left that way.


My higher volume workout. Great for beginners and intermediate.

Always use rep ranges fellas

motivation video - youtu.be/s8IfPBA2kkA

inb4 deleted
remember to use good form in all that you do bros

Pffff hahahah

I have a pretty well worn hardback copy translated by Swami Nikhilananda. I'll never give that shit up until I have kids to pass it on to. Also highly recommend "Vasistha's Yoga". It's a long conversation between a sage and a student who is suffering from a severe case of nihilism, and Vasistha (the sage) is just the man to talk him back to reality. I've been reading it for over 10 years, digesting its lessons, and conquering tendencies to lesser action.

Can anyone tell me what symbol that is over the Italian peninsula? It is escaping my mind

I do. Usually a half to three quarters of an acre with my family corn, tomatoes, okra, green beans, and squash. Then greens in the fall. If you have the room, build or buy a chicken coop and get some Dominique chickens. You'll never want to eat a store egg again.

I am. It's too cold right now for me to actually do anything, but I've started reading up. I have a plan to build a rocket mass heater into a hugelbed.

You inspired me to start hitting the gym again. Feels great. Thanks bro.

Well memed friend. Excessive masterbation and a pornography addiction will ruin your sex drive until you stop fapping for a while and get over your withdrawal.

Citation needed. It is known from the /nofap/ communities that your sex drive will drop as you go through withdrawal, but it does return to normal.

Modern society with high-speed access to porn is a very new thing.

Sardines are an incredible source of protein and one of the only sustainable wild-caught fisheries in the world. If you can't stomach sardines, you can eat farmed whitefish like tilapia, which does not have biomagnification of heavy metals. Even farmed salmon doesn't have mercury etc. in it, as it is fed fucking corn.

> The authors found that the fluctuations of testosterone levels from the 2nd to 5th day of abstinence were minimal. On the 7th day of abstinence, however, a clear peak of serum testosterone appeared, reaching 145.7% of the baseline ( P < 0.01). No regular fluctuation was observed following continuous abstinence after the peak.
Keep choking that turkey, goy. Don't let anyone stop you from enjoying that fine Jewish pornography.

you mean the purports, direct translations, and original sanskrit that are added? if so then i can understand why a version with just the plain text would be appealing so as to have a much more clutter-free and concise book, and if you're able to understand miguel serrano type stuff then you probably dont need the explanations, though the purports do seem very valuable to me and they offer extra information that you wouldnt get otherwise.

is there anything wrong with the things prabhupada says or his translations? he seems like he knows his stuff.

Check out some hypnotism mp3s to target your more sticking problems, like porn, procrastination, focus, reading speed, ect.


Paul Chek is also a great source for health, eating, habits and identifying your values and goals in life so you can live with meaning and purpose.



Check out his Youtube for more health autism and holistic health.

Also the hypnotism mp3s have a refund policy where you can return the first PURCHASE back for free, so pick a collection with 5 or mp3s relative to your problems, download them and then order a refund.

They're also fantastic for deeply relaxing you and facilitating deeper and faster sleeps, anons.


He fell for the heavy metal meme. It depends, but most fish you eat are safe, but you should research the fish individually if you aren't sure.

Have a reminder that if your mother doesn't eat fish, it probably cost you a few IQ points.
< Fish/seafood consumption during pregnancy was significantly associated with a 5.6- to 9.9-point increase in 36-month PDI, and 48-month Verbal and Full IQ scores.


lmao stop being retarded.
lmao stop being retarded. ejaculation is for making babies.

as for diet though, if you're trying to build muscle you need to eat at a caloric surplus consistently and you'll likely need to force feed and eat past the point of uncomfortably. make sure you get .8 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight (srs you dont need more than this), enough fat, and the rest should be carbs up until the point where the caloric intake is high enough

Feel free to post your sources. I have one that plainly states:
Our results suggest that ejaculation frequency is not related to increased risk of prostate cancer.

Hooray for HFCS, right?

Get wild caught Salmon Flounder or Harddock instead

Did you know that Americans have a δ13C signature that indicates that they eat a higher percentage of corn as their overall diet than native mesoamericans did?

Wew we have some problems on this board.

Discipline is cultivated over years not months, but this is quite atrocious.

Here's some advice: When a vulgar or debasing impulse to move or follow some line of action that would be negative for you, even a manipulative impulse, stop and do nothing. Gather your conscience and will, strengthen your resolve to do the right thing, breathe slowly and deeply out then perform a stomach vacuum (or whole body vacuum if you can do it). Afterward, make a move as the Eagle, courageous and forward, or perch yourself on a tree branch as the Owl to collect your conscience and will once again, breath slowly and deeply out, then perform another stomach vacuum, repeating until you can make a move as the Eagle. You can forget the birds and use something more relevant to you.

Should do more back extensions, and do them neutral and to the side (twist with focus on engaging obliques to stabilize). Swinging heavy things and carries also a great thing to do; sledge hammer, digging, cable woodchoppers, long farmer carries; the twisting motion gets neglected which fucks it all up, and the turbulent vertical load from carries is also a blindspot.

Every day i am able to move closer to my ideal of doing whatever the fuck i want
feels great tbh

Nice trips. How are you achieving such progress and what is your ideal goals?

Ya'll are describing my daily life, man. Preset exercises at a gym never sat well with me, so I just do physically demanding stuff like busting up palettes with a sledgehammer.

Does anyone have any fun/useful hobby recommendations?

martial arts, music, art(real art mind you), philosophy, blacksmithing etc.
i picked something creative, physical and something to learn. So martial arts, art and philosophy.
The Trivarium is a great place to start.

Also worth mentioning, something alot of people seem to overlook

Also, if you got time to kill, there's some value to be had in playing 5 finger fillet.

It's also ok to be bald.
Baldness is a sign of high T, just keep in mind that you either have a full head of hair or be fully bald, because any sort of middle ground between those two look incredibly degenerate.

I guess all those numales balding in their 20's must be surging with T, right? Where did this retarded meme come from?

When I was diagnosed with pattern hair loss, the only thing I knew was that hair loss had something to do with testosterone. After a little research, I learned the following:

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a byproduct of testosterone. DHT levels are elevated in those with thinning hair. Because of this connection, DHT is often considered the cause of hair loss in men and women.

That’s simple enough. I thought to myself, “If DHT is made from testosterone, and I have high DHT, that must mean my body is producing too much testosterone. This obviously means I am too manly for own good, so my hair is falling out.”

I wasn’t alone in this conclusion. A lot of hair loss sufferers, and even some researchers, think the same way.

It’s an easy logical jump. But is it true?

The idea that all men with thinning hair have high testosterone doesn’t hold validity. This has been shown in a few ways:

Studies have shown that balding and non-balding men have similar testosterone levels

Aging males typically have lower levels of testosterone, but they have higher incidences of hair loss

Male pattern loss has been observed in both high and low-testosterone males

Obviously, something else has to be going on here. Testosterone can’t be the only implicating factor in hair loss. So what’s actually happening?

The hormone DHT can be broken down into two categories. Firstly, there’s serum DHT (the kind that circulates in your blood). Secondly, there’s tissue DHT (the kind that binds to your skin, your scalp, and many other places in your body).

Many people assume that all kinds of DHT – both serum and tissue – are bad for your hair. But research on this is mixed.

Let’s start with serum (blood) DHT. Some studies suggest serum DHT has no correlation with pattern hair loss. Others suggest that serum DHT is higher in young men without hair loss! This contradicts the widely preached dogma that DHT is universally bad for hair. Based on the evidence, serum DHT is either uncorrelated to or protective against male pattern hair loss.

But what about tissue DHT? Is tissue DHT correlated with baldness?

Yes. The distinction between serum and tissue DHT matters. It turns out that tissue DHT is elevated in the scalps of balding men. Tissue DHT in the scalp is linked to pattern hair loss. Where DHT collects in the scalp, hair loss tends to follow.

Beyond this, DHT gets extremely complicated.

For one, tissue DHT is associated with hair loss in the scalp, but paradoxically, tissue DHT also encourages body and facial hair growth. How can that be? How can tissue DHT encourage both hair growth and hair loss, depending on location? (Note: many theories have tried and failed to answer this).

Here’s another paradox… While men’s testosterone tend to decline with age, their serum DHT levels stay about the same. At face value, that doesn’t make much sense. DHT is made from testosterone. When testosterone decreases, we’d expect DHT to also decrease. But it doesn’t. Why?

It turns out that testosterone (specifically, free testosterone) converts to many byproducts aside from DHT. As men’s testosterone levels decline, their bodies also begin shifting the conversion of free testosterone toward DHT and away from other testosterone byproducts. This is how serum (blood) DHT levels remain constant, even when men’s testosterone levels plummet.

The point of all this is… DHT’s role in pattern hair loss is still debated. Men produce more DHT than women. Men bald more often than women. Tissue DHT is present in the scalps of balding men. But beyond that, it’s still unclear whether DHT is the root cause of hair loss, or just a symptom of inflammation.

So what happens when we extend our scope beyond DHT and ask, “Based on the evidence, is there a hormonal profile specific to a balding person?”

Yes. The big picture is that in both sexes, if we look beyond DHT, hair loss is closely connected to a hormonal imbalance. Specifically, an imbalance of the testosterone:estrogen ratio.

Can we call people who are balding hairlets?

It’s likely that the ratio of testosterone:estrogen (t:e) matters more for hair health than the total amount of either hormone, at least within normal ranges.

For women, the ratio can be thrown off by either of higher testosterone or lower estrogen. For men, an imbalance could be because of a drop in testosterone or an increase in estrogen. At the end of the day, if your ratio is imbalanced, you’re probably susceptible to hair loss.

For men, the increasing rise in hair loss incidence should come as no surprise. With the current state of most first-world diets, men’s testosterone levels today are 22% lower than men of the same age 30 years ago.

For women, whom often experience hair loss after menopause, it should be no surprise that estrogen levels post-menopause drop by up to 90%. It looks like there really is a testosterone-estrogen connection.

What is in charge of regulating all of these hormones? Your endocrine system. More specifically, your thyroid.

Your Testosterone:Estrogen Levels Are Often Imbalanced Because Of Your Thyroid

Your endocrine system, but specifically your thyroid, is the body’s center for hormone production and regulation. If you have an underperforming thyroid, you probably often have cold hands/feet, poor circulation, nagging fatigue, irritability, a low body temperature, and imbalanced hormone levels. Another external symptom of a suppressed thyroid gland (or hypothyroidism) is a decrease in eyebrow hair thickness on the outside of your brows.

For many men, an underactive thyroid often coincides with a lower-than-desired testosterone:estrogen ratio (the inverse is true for women – though the levels are all still regulated by the thyroid). Poor thyroid function is also associated with a host of other diseases worth avoiding.

If you want to prevent or arrest hair loss, it’s worth trying to optimize your thyroid health.

Cute girl. Do both.

It comes from middle school biology teachers.
That is where I've heard it anyway.

Any ideas on how to do proper chin-ups? I don't have anything to grab onto and I'm way too tall for normie equipment.

Many people do not realize the fact the the origin of the sex hormones, both male and female, is CHOLESTEROL. And your cholesterol levels need to be above 150 in order to produce adequate amounts of these sex hormones. Cholesterol is transformed into PREGNENOLONE, the mother of all hormones. From pregnenolone, several chemical transformations produce DHEA, Testosterone and DHT or dihydrotestosterone. And did you know that from testosterone, a chemical reaction can produce estrogen? This reaction accounts for the fact of “androgynous de-differentiation of the sexes” after the age of 60 or so. Men produce much less testosterone and women much less estrogen and they begin to look alike…a bit!

DHEA, the first hormone produced through pregnenolone is anabolic, or a building hormone. It is a pro-hormone for sex steroids, immune supporting and anti-plaque forming. It enhances insulin sensitivity and has an anti-obesity effect. DHEA maintains tissue strength and repair, supports bone density, enhances memory and promotes a sense of well being. The levels of this hormone begin to decline in the late twenties and at 60, most men have only 20% of the levels they enjoyed when they were in their twenties.

DHEA through an intermediary reaction forms Testosterone some of which undergoes reduction by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase to DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The blood concentration of DHT is 10% that of Testosterone but at least twice as potent. It is responsible for development of male sex characteristics and is a primary contributing factor in androgenetic alopecia, or male-patterned baldness, benign prostatic hypertrophy and hirsutism in women. because of these associated diseases,a class of drugs known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors have become popular. Finasteride or Propecia, Dutasteride or Avodart, Zinc, Progesterone, Saw Palmetto and L-Lysine inhibit the reaction that turns Testosterone into DHT.

And this brings us to TESTOSTERONE. Testosterone is the “life force” hormone, the primary source of libido and is associated with aggression. It is produced mainly in the testes in men, secondarily in the adrenal glands. In women it is produced in both the adrenals and the ovaries. Low levels in both sexes are associated with reduced bone density, libido and lean muscle mass. Low testosterone can result from diabetes, liver disease, obesity, smoking and chronic alcohol abuse among other things. In an aging male, a decrease in bioavailable testosterone produces symptoms know collectively as ANDROPAUSE. The symptoms are less sudden in onset than female menopause and may carry serious long term consequences. Andropause symptoms include loss of drive and competitive edge, decreased levels of fitness and effectiveness of workouts, joint pain and muscle stiffness, increased brain aging (decreased memory) and increased heart and circulation aging. These is seen with increased numbers of myocardial infarctions and stroke. The number one organ in the body for testosterone receptor is actually the heart! With the onset of andropause, body composition analysis shows decreased lean muscle mass, increased body fat, osteoporosis and anemia. There is also fatigue, depression and mood changes and irritability. The sexual ramifications of low testosterone include reduced libido and fantasies, reduced morning erections, longer recovery time between orgasms, reduced erectile tension and decreased intensity of orgasms.

I have nearly all of these symptoms at the ripe age of 26.
I started to work out again to get fit and feel more alive and energized, but negative thoughts often keep me down.
Please tell me I can still turn this around.

Where do you think you are?
If my community and family were fine, I would not be miserable and misguided. They're far too gone. There might be hope for other communities, but I am doubtful.
Fuck off. That isn't going to fix anything. That won't magically make rhe girls pure and virginal, the manchildren manly and rightminded. Its only going to make you a target. A great big glowing target.


I am 21 and have quite a few of these qualities. A fucking half-numale. It boils down to activity and diet. Eat well, workout well, and it will be fine in ten or so years. You're going to have to accept that you are damaged permenantly, and that all this work is merely salvaging and refitting what is broken. You will never be a full man. You do all of this in the hopes that you will find and/or create a good community and find a fine wife (neither has to be perfect, for yourself are permenantky flawed. They just need to be of the same wholesome mind as you) and have many sons and daughters. They will have less flaws than you if you raise them right. They won't be perfect either, but it bears to mention Alinsky's (iirc) first rule; make your opponent live up to his standard but never force yourself to live up to it. That is what they try to do when blackpilling. Don't listen to it.

Never forget; a good community breeds good men, for either one cannot be without each other. Get into the habit of being good and upright not for the sake of the degenerates around you, but for the future, and for yourself. This can be at odds with the DOTR mentality imo. Behaving as you should in a high trust society only prolongs the lifespan of this rotting carcass, but behaving like a degenerate scumbag is not conducive to a healthy society afterwards. It seems there must be a path we all take as a generation, or we split into two. Or find a third path.

I already have a woman.
The problem is that both of us are pretty apathetic and depression-prone.

You have each other.
Does she agree with you on most issues, most core ideas?
Push her, push yourself. No matter what, push her. That will drag you along no matter what. You are a whole, and need to be on the same page.
What the user earlier said, when you find yourself delving into distraction, kill it.

What is the first thing you do when you find yourself in a hole?

Drink more coffee user , it helped my father when he was going thru chemotherapy and he grew his hair back that way. Course there are no guarentees.

I've been fapping for years. All of my classmates are bald by now, I still have a full head of beautiful honey-colored hair.
You're full of shit.

buy a chin up bar
something like pic related will do
and simply lift your legs before you pull up retard

What does this mean? Will it make my benis bigger?

This desire or need for a community has been on my mind recently. Since I realize now that you are the race and the race is you, I now feel the pain of isolation to its fullest. Perhaps I held onto some sense of communal identiry, real or imagined, to someone or something. Now all of my connections are strained or broken. Not one of them is really healthy or good. Or perhaps I'm just holding them to too high a standard for subverted individuals, that I dhould be a bit more forgiving to them and to myself.

I don't know.

I've been trying to figure out which identity to attach myself to; the US flag has a history but has been abused over time. Same as the confederate and state flags. Eagle too. Are these worth trying to champion now or should it all burn? What should i do in the meantime?

It's that time of year again to start your seedlings inside so you can transplant them in the spring and have a headstart on weeds.

Very excited user!

I fully support /sig/ but op is a faggot that needs to learn humility.

Anons on this board have families and businesses, and op thinks he can come in laying down decrees like a semetic prophet?

It's post is a badly organized jumble of shit. If he preaches self improvement, maybe he can start by self improving his post.

Can't wait to dry and cure them buds. jk

doesn't matter if the flag has been abused. if you aren't proud of the founding fathers, the bill of rights, you don't recognize that they wanted a white nation with the 1970 naturalization act, etc. then you may not have colonial british or scotts-irish blood, because I've noticed portuguese/poles/etc seem to identify more with WWII-era propaganda ideas of American than a proper history of america going back to the colonies

Family on one side I have no clue. Pretty sure they are both recent Irish mixed with longterm English/German mutts. Other side is an off the boat scandi and a hillbilly. Im talking revolutionary war history confirmed mixed with a fairly recent Irish immigrants IIRC.

It is hard to love a dead and dying nation that seems to hate themselves. All I'm saying is, a nation that is truly happy wouldn't have drunk and ate as much as they did. Same feelings I feel looking at Slavs. A very bleak, pioneer sort of strength.

To expound a bit more, there has been a lot to warp that flag. The Civil War is a very divisive period of time, the effect of which can be felt today. That is the first breach of loyalty IMO. then comes the state. Do I owe loyalty to a state none of my family gre up in nor care to settle in yet live in nonetheless? Its all transitory. No permenance. Wise men plant the seeds of trees they will never enjoy the shade of, but whats the point if it is not my children who enjoy it? Or if it is swiftly cut down? The only reason I can justify it is so I can be better at planting seeds when I find the place and time.

You can definitely turn this around. Don't be discouraged by our present situation. Things change, both in our personal lives and in the world at large.

Keep going. For yourself, your future family and your people.

Thanks mate.

Why will /sig/ never be a pinned cycling thread


There are a great many things you can do to turn it around, and you have plenty of time to do it. Men a decade or more older than you have done it. Diet and exercise are your foundation. Without them, not much else will do much.

Starting simply, you need to show some love to your Aryan sperm factories. Take five minutes in the morning and evening to give them a massage. Take a hot wash cloth and use it to cover up your whole groin for a few minutes to heat them up and get blood flowing. Dry off, take a seat, and rub on some organic oil, like sesame seed, grapeseed, or olive. Wrap the thumb and forefinger of one hand around your scrotum and pull down. Your junk will already be hanging from the warm-up. Don't rip your balls off, just get them in a firm grip and take the palm of your other hand to apply some pressure and rub in small, concentric circles. After 5 minutes, get that wash cloth and make it cold this time, and again, wrap it around your groin to cool your boys off. By the way, you want your testes to be as cool as you can get them at nearly all times. They only need to be hot if you're using them. Cool testes are comfy testes, and they will produce more sperm and T

Try this, and you'll notice your balls are bigger in a matter of days.

There is a wealth of information on how to boost T and reclaim your birthright of manhood, and a lot of it is simple habits that don't take long at all. Go outside and soak up some sun. If you can manage it, expose your genitals to sunlight. Get off of reddit for a minute and clean your room. You'll produce more T doing that than shitposting.

Herbal supplements can help, but you do not want to become dependant on supplements for your testosterone. If you use them for a while, then stop, you'll feel the difference. Get some pine pollen and take it until it runs out to kick your body into gear.

Filter your water.

There are a lot of satellite boards that need some love and visits.

Your reality is constructed in your mind. Reconstruct your mind, reconstruct your reality.
This is what the kike knows, which is why they subvert language first, which controls thoughts, which controls actions, which controls reality.

Self improvement is a core part of Holla Forums. We sure as shit don't have quantity, so quality is vital. Antifa hordes of skinny drug addicted faggots only get away with their live action shitposting because there aren't enough fit fighters with their shit sorted opposing them.

Yes we should have a general. I had a folder containing gold, posts filled with the soundest advice and book recommendations on how to improve yourself physically, mentally and socially. I cannot find it now and am afraid I lost it but for now take this. Best fit advice you'll ever get.d

Get fit
Get hard
Get ready to face the bloodshed
If you fear these things, or the work needed to upgrade and maintain your form, get over it
We need you
Your descendants are waiting to spring forth and claim this world

what would you recommend for females?

I spent the last hour looking, it was all good stuff I collected over the years on half chan. I don't suppose anons here would have any, please dump.

Holy Trinity checking in
Will Dump what I have