Reminder: David Vavra is a Jew & Antifa fag who stands against racism and apologized to SJWs

REMINDER: VAVRA IS A FAG,3324854,seite5.html

Don't fall for the jew or his tricks.

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There a plenty of moments that anons like to point to as being their turning point of gamergate, but even during it's peak in the back of my mind I just knew Holla Forums's dick-sucking for the game devs would ultimately break it's back. Just you wait Holla Forumsaks, those brave game devs will come riding in any day now to vindicate our PR cucking.

Any day now..


The last thread mods tried to censor already convinced me not to buy it. Fuck this gay game. Half the budget went to shilling it on imageboards.

Wrong board faggots

I don't speak German, bro.

Who? Fuck off.

It's arabic, newfag.


Good thing I will pirate the GOG version.

Seems you leftpol niggers are unhappy that his game is niggerfree and want to make us attack him for that?

In saying all of this…

The game is pretty good.

/k/ melee autists are into it, so that says… Something… I guess…

Based pro kike antifa jew Vavra.

Gamergate did just fine. It's not that Holla Forums cucked out, it's that the cucks stayed Holla Forums and everyone else became Holla Forums.

Who gives a shit god fucking damn. Not everyone is a fucking hardcore national socialist.
Get a fucking grip.

The difference is that this faggot sold his entire game, and continues to sell his entire game, on its racialist credentials. He's a money grabbing jew.

literally who? also the faggot has a douche beard, a fucking twittard hashtag shirt, and a lazy eye.
dob jej

Cool. Get out.

Checkin those fucking digits. This is a slide post meant cause dissent. Fuck your OP, I like this game so far.

Explain why we should support ANYONE who isn't in ANY capacity.

When will we get our version of "Wolvenstein when you kill commies and SJW faggots?

Go back to >>>Holla Forums and never come back, this is not cuckchan.


Got a chuckle out of me.

So, uhh, is he really Antifa and an SJW apologist? Maybe he's just trolling the Tribe.

To me this smells like a /leftpol/ attempt to poison the game. You're going to have to bring some real proofs user, especially since it seems you pulled the Antifa shit straight out of your corn hole.

It is, user. They hate the fact someone made a game that's actually profound (aside from the obvious bugs) and basically nigger free, they're trying to spin this into a 'muh joos' argument to trick people into boycoting his (((problematic))) content

Yea, fuck drumph and everyone else that isn't Hitler.

fucking hell, how are these kikes ERYWHERE?

Not an argument. Kill yourself.


You're an autistic faggot who thinks that compromise is the way to win. You have never read Mein Kampf. Fuck off.

Haven't seen anything jewed in the game so far. No mixed couples (no niggers either), no faggots, no retarded whining about religion (people greet you with "god's bless, user" even), and as for degeneracy there's even an achievement for finishing the game virgin. An user said there's a woman who saves you at some point by distracting the enemies but she isn't a stronk womyn who needs no man since she admits the troops arriving in time is the only reason she didn't end getting raped and killed. So even if Vavra is 1/1024 jewish it doesn't show in the game (which, to be fair, isn't his alone), at least not so far.

Nah you went full retard. Nazism isn't an ideology for an American. You'll have to have your civil war in Europe, where there are actual Nazi parties reforming.

Yawn. Reported.


Game didn't have black people in medieval Bohemia, so SJWs blacklisted Vavra. Probably one of them made this thread. Retarded: they are doing free publicity.
As for the "Vavra is a Juden for admiting his jewish roots", investigation is required but so far it looks like there is a reason why the left hates him (i.e. journos voices are louder than Vavra's).

TL;DR: OP is a jew who's D&C in order to avoid us from playing this game.


Just saved me $60 not supporting this shit, thanks.

Thanks for reminding me to check out hungry games results.

Did you even read the OP or are you paid by Warhorse not to. He apologized for saying everything in that 4 year old pic you posted. Nice try, kike.

a thread died for this?
OP is a faggot

kingdom come more like Soydom cuck

I don't know user these cuckchan webms of this piece of shit game are hilarious.


definitely just shilling against Kingdom Come.
Go back to >>>/cuckchan/

What this user said



People have been shilling against this game hard, and on boards that have nothing to do with vidya. This is the first I've ever heard of vavra being an enormous faggot too. This whole thing is shifty as fuck.

Pretty much, they're getting rekt left right and center on every board and chan that talks about this game. So they decided to try their luck here. Pretty pathetic.

Perfectly organic, Schlomo.


1. We never claimed to preach that
2. >anti-SJW Holla Forumstards
3. Image related

So what op is saying Buy my game?

My nigger.

Daniel Vávra is a fucking hero. A messiah. Holla Forums should celebrate him and respect him. Daniel Vávra is the true future of gaming. Support him you faggots. Make his game a resounding success.


Where is the proofs.jpg

Can't we just take the game not having niggers in a time where niggers are flooding Europe as a win? Or does this fag's great great grandaddy's kike blood mean this is secretly an anti-white plot?

I don't give a single shit about the game itself, but if we can't accept a free win against the kikes and the left when it's handed to us, we'll never get anywhere.

I see there are others. It is a gold mine of reactions.

Literally the 2nd pic in the OP

It has niggers and turks. Nice try, Warhorse shill.

Which one of those webms has a nigger in it?

This all seems like a large stretch to demonize a guy who explicitly made a pro-White, pro-European game.


Tom Clancy’s is rolling in his grave
Rainbow six siege is now a zombie feminist game.

We need less niggers in games they been in games forever far to long , they been represented in games like donkey kong. Always trying to steal white women.

But really, I'm waiting on this answer as well.
It will never come

lol fuck this game and fuck you

I'm not buying a goddamned thing from this faggot until he follows through with the linux port that is promised on the kickstarter.

The DLC for Kingdom Come is a feminist one. Female protagonist and all. You can't escape it by supporting one kike over another. Video game crash is needed.

Which webm has the nigger, user?

.02 cents have been deposited in your account.

told you

It is eceleb drama to push more sales. That should be obvious with people spreading images showing how it is doing better than AAA titles.

I know you paid shills are literal niggers, but the hand belongs to a white man, the face belongs to some turkroach nigger hybrid. Go shill your (((game))) somewhere else.

As if we didn't need any further confirmation shilling against this game was politically motivated. Also proof that you shouldn't bother debating a leftist, only humiliate the fuck out of them because they'll run crying to someplace else anyway.

Saging since this thread belongs on Holla Forums.

I'm on your side dumbass. Bohemians aren't white.


The developers own tweet says the game has people of different races. There's no need to lie, lads.

So like czech, sudeten and moravians. I see no mention of different races.

He's even used the same images that were used in that bumplocked thread of his
What a loser, he's probably some whiny bitch who was humiliated by him and now is hoping for a shitty game to crash but it isn't. Now he comes to Holla Forums to create his little safe space threads to cry here all alone. With the accordance of its autism, IP hopping and shivering ego, possibly a commie.

When you're so incompetent you pick a major character in the plot to claim to be a nigger instead of any other generic NPC. Pathetic.>>11281769

Anti-shill shilling? Can such a thing even exist? So all the blatant shilling like >>11281630 are all just shills for other game companies that are butthurt? Maybe, the internet is a strange place.

This makes someone a commie? Are you claiming video games are anything, but cancer? How much soy do you consume everyday?

Checked, the market is rewarding the dev for making the game they wanted despite the gatekeepers' pressure. Unfortunately, this is a rare example, but hopefully a future trend, as sjws don't buy the games they rally against nor game at all in some cases save to find outrage.


It makes someone a commie who is frustrated over a fucking video game that he decides to bitch about it in Holla Forums and is a coward who's afraid to stay in his ID instead of hopping his IP's around to create a false impression.

>Franks, Germans, Lombards, Britons, Rus, the eternal (((cohencidence))), gyppos, etc.

I've yet to hear anything about shoehorned nogs.


Game still got 500k sales, 5 times more than other kike media that openly pushed race mixing and killing evul natzies.
Why don't you push against those other games kike?

I've yet to hear about Jews in the game either. The most exotic people I've seen are the Cuman horse niggers.

There is one jew and you can kill him.

Vavra put himself in the game?

Where did I make that claim faggot?

I was considering waiting to buy the game once the bugs are worked out. Is it worth it to get now or does it fuck the immersion as it stands?

Yea, he askes you to buy 5 copies of his game TM and if you don't it would be antisemitic because of his 1/12th jewish heritage.

Go to sleep, Daniel. You're a miserable drunk.

See for yourself
>>>Holla Forums14353532
>>>Holla Forums14353104


meant for

I had the same problem on the same stair

Cute meme. Stay triggered, (((Daniel)))

How new are ya?

It's just like my LARPs!

Aww, are you trying your "big boy" pants on?

Just stop giving him (you)s unless its to b him tfo. Its pointless to argue with a head full of fucked up.

You're lying. I just tried it and it worked flawlessly. Go shill somewhere else.

This is not much of an apology though. It's really half-assed, and the communists at vice waypoint didn't accept his apology, judging from their podcast. This is really nothing.


If you pay for videogames or movies you are cuck. End of story.


It's just a graphical bug, though there is a lot of nonsense in the game.


sage because this shit belongs on Holla Forums.

His message was decent with accusing both sides Trump style and standing for free speech but the end of the message:

This is pure cuckery. He got scared by the accusations and surprised by the success of the game and said that worrying he might fuck up the sales if he wouldn't. He learned nothing.

That guy looks like my blacksmith brother if he had downs syndrome.

I liked MM&O. But the creator is a crossdressing freak.

Then why are you defending a liberal faggot?

What's your fucking point anyways?

You fucking brainlet.

A fucking liberal jewess corrected the inaccurate "HEY ALT-RIGHT CROWD XDDDd" headline and the kike already fires up his unwarranted jew card rehersal, completely missing the point. If he's so proud of it, pirate it. He's appropriating our lingo as well. The gall of that kike.

Not even. Just a bunch of SJWs miffed that this game is good and doing well after telling them to fuck off with their demands for diversity.

Yeah let me go to a black panther assembly wearing a shirt with big bold letters spelling "#WOKE" then get butthurt when the people I choose to associate with start spewing anti-white bullshit. We need to ridicule him so we won't be linked with him. We don't like jews, looks like we aren't clear enough.

lovey dovey trap hentai is the best and you're all faggots.

Make him rich. Give him your shekles. Give it a 10/10 on metacritic. Suck his dick.
interesting wording, kike


why are you up at this time big boy 💟

This whole thread is a gold mine.

Whatever. You guys keep being cancer, I'm going to go enjoy my new game.

none of that fucking proves anything retards,
and game is pretty fucking good,
fuck you op

*devs distance themselves from nonsense*
*takes random ass chatter and makes shit up*

Which is a problem, and I know you way you can help. Kill yourself

Why did they put a pallet swapped Mario sprite from SMB on the cover?

If you understand how desperate a state the world is in and you spend your time watching movies and playing video games, you are a traitor.

Wasn't really interested in getting the game, but all this butthurt shilling agaist it.
Lets keep the salt waggon rolling

And why are the barrels hexagonal? Who was behind this anomaly?

the jews

Because Mario was in Donkey Kong.

90s - early 00s his game would be mediocre

>>>Holla Forums

who gives a fug if the game is good?

You're not getting paid for reading the crap you post, right?

This is how that guy looks in the daylight
I'm sure you're actually journalists: spreading lies and disinformation. You anti-gamers are truly desperate, you're wasting your time and everything you're doing is against your purpose.

Lol, remember that those charts are supposedly bad for the studio from these retards perspective. Winning is losing, losing is winning.


Am I the only one who tires of these shills?



There have been several threads on this already on Holla Forums and lots of mod interventions.

Some spergs has been going on insane rants every time the name was mentioned anywhere. In any thread, even in passing.
Someone wants people to hate this game, and he wants it BADLY:
I haven't seen an effort like this in a long time.


Is that an accurate summary?

If somebody attacks your lies it doesn't mean that he wants to defend whatever you are lying about, it could just be that he isn't a subhuman and therefore loves the truth.

I wonder with how many actual different people you would end up if you added all the (1)s in this thread together.

It was the same with ELEX.
Somebody REALLY hates German and Slav games.

yeah I'm not reading OP spam without some knid of summary

>video game (((reporters))) get pissed because no niggers in 15th century bohemia
>(((reporters))) bring in (((real))) historians to prove they're right, and end up getting proven wrong, scrub the articles from their sites

That's pretty much the entire story

You think that tanned skin makes you a nigger? That guy in the webms is clearly white

Might have some Bavarians, some Swabians or some Tyorlians visiting. White people are the most diverse group of people on the world, user.
Also he's from Prague which used to be infested with a shit-ton of kikes, if you burn down everybody who has one of those stains somewhere in the last 10 generations you're going to kill a shit ton of white people.

Looks promising.

Just bought the game, kys JIDF.


I wish I were as hardcore as you fellow Holla Forumsacks.

If only Holla Forums had died, it would have been better than seeing it turned into this shit.

I never thought of this but if anti-gunners infringe on both the second and first amendments religious expression protections, I think that makes it even harder in court because its 1 right against 2. Someone should create a meme religion based on gun(and ammunition) ownership etc.

It's already done. It's called /k/. You should visit some time.


>Holla Forums faggos still assmad about gamergate
Feels good man.

I like it.

I remember when normal, rational kikes were b& here on sight. So what's the problem now? Ressurected player got see Vara's asscrack in exchange for some Holla Forums adspace? Yeah, nevermind he's a back tracking jewish cuck who thinks he's one of us. This place is shit because of faggot's with no mortality like yourself (and because resurrected player loved to gobble tranny cock)

JIDF, please pay some grammatical classes to your people, because we don't speak Hebrew around these parts.

Btw, just bought another copy for a buddy. This game is awesome.


There's a lot of (((shilling))) in this thread by psyop jews. KC: is a good game.

Who said we're grammar Nazis too?

Then again, we still have T_D here.
KC is full of literal 89iqs. It'll make you dumber.

KC, oh, that's what you mean. 89iq post myself.

Not with the SMB sprite, he wasn't. And yeah, those barrels don't look like anything in the game. WTF!

all of this autistic screeching and no real autist showed up to point out that it would be physiological impossible for niggers to survive intergenerationally in europe before the advent of modern medical and chemical industries

there is a reason only white people and very light skinned mongols live in the north, there is a reason for hte very rapid spread of the light skinned phenotype: massive evolutionary advantage
short answer niggers could not get enough vitamin D before we could produce it in quantity in chemical plants from oil byproducts
any nigger that would wander into premodern europe would gradually grow weaker early onset osteoporosis and weakened immune system
any nigger woman trying to conceive in europe, regrdless if the baby is mixed or not would result in severe skeletal malformations and almost certainly offspring that would not survive to reproduce in medival europe, this is the reason europe was lily white untill recent time and is the reason europe will become lily white again in the near future

what's this? try to guess on which board it is, too
Really mingles the magnolias.

Even though you're not from here, I never thought I'd see a post this fucking retarded on Holla Forums

Hello, my fellow racialists.

welcome to nu/pol/, where everybody and everything is a kike and a shill. you too. me, as well.

Wait, do you want to tell me that in 1241 your ancestors had a son with a half-kike? WELL TOO BAD SON, YOU'RE A KIKE NOW TOO

I wish that game didn't have those glaring performance issues though.

Not a bad game. Playing it now. Combat seems underdeveloped when that should've been the focus.

That's by design.
The game starts you as an unskilled nobody and not a unkillable god right from the start like most games do anymore.
Wait until later in the game when you get actual training from the master at arms and unlock certain perks, then the combat actually feels really good and responsive.

There is some pretty borked shit though, like how the blunt weapon knockout perk applies to swords and arrows, so if you score even a grazing hit against a guy's head, there's a decent chance of knocking him out on the spot.

When you meet Bernard, train with him and you'll realize the game is simulating Henry not knowing shit. It gets better when you actually learn combos, countering and such.

crack or torrent link?

It amazes me how often projecting shills forget where they are.


Dude he is literally a jew, I don't understand why this doesn't immediately make any self-respecting gentile not want to support his product.

Only mentally ill man children buy shit just to spite others rather than it being good or by a gentile.

>>>Holla Forums14328743

Hitler himself would tell you you're wrong, so you really need to just kys now.

How many generations would you have to go before somebody becomes a human again? Or do you just strongly adhere to the believe in jewish gene-magic that overrides real life.
You probably have more kike-DNA than he does.

He isn’t a jew under Nürenberger Gesetze you stupid fucking kike.

The only vidya that matters atm and its free

What horrible monster would that to perfectly good weaponry?

Told ya all.

People like e34a7b are living proof that there are some VERY stupid shills around.

This shit blows my mind every time. It's like they seriously cannot fathom how much good roads matter. Or good directions. Or good maps (seriously, I've seen the maps from the times of the First Crusade and it's fucking ridiculous). Or being able to speak one another's languages. Or not straight up getting your ass waylaid and murdered because you're a darky and nobody gives a shit if you are dead by the wayside.


Leftykike is trying to D&C, they've been at it at Holla Forums and cuck/v/.
Don't fall for this bullshit

His game runs like shit also, even with a decent setup

Runs fine for me i7 4790k factory clock, 16gb ram, 970
You're either running in borderless or on a toaster since it can run on a 750ti on low

Or you're running the pirated version that has a miner built into the installer

I was indeed in borderless, been using that for another game where I get better performance that way and just whitenoised the setting, it's now 60fps solid

You just assuming this since it's popular now or is there a source?

Go back to halfchan, niggerfaggot.

This is why the right will never unite. You dumb fags will quibble over anything. If someone on the right doesn't toe your line just right, you cast them from your group.

Vavra didn't roll back his support for GamerGate. He simply apologized if his words appeared to have carried anti-woman undertones. He says it in two places:

This is what GamerGate was about, nothing more. It was never about keeping non-cishet white males out of gaming, but keeping SJW influences out of gaming. Why can't you understand that?

I mean, look at this game… it's like… ALMOST ALL WHITE PEOPLE and you will still find something to bitch about.

You're probably the same type of moron who is always spouting shit like

And you're dumb enough that you have to be a dyed-in-the-wool Holla Forumslack to post here, when in reality any salty idiot can come here and sow dissent.

Where there are Turks except they're evil cunts and you get retarded for slaughtering as many as you can.


One of the first pirate releases apparently contained a bitcoin miner buried in the the installer. It supposedly installed along side the game and ran while in game. Not sure which exact version it was, first seen it on Holla Forums in the release day thread. So it could have been legit or a scare tactic, not entirely sure as I have a legit version.



this thread almost sounds like turkroaches complaining that you can kill them in game,
bo sucks erdogan dick i guess


When an opportunity appears to push an alternative to 10 kikes doing lvl 3 degeneracy, with just one 1/8th crypto kike doing no degeneracy at all instead, the choice is obvious.

If OP isnt otherwise retarded its probably just the usual leftyfags who believe they are some brainiacs and can "le lead Holla Forums by the nose to trash le Holla Forumss own le nazeee propaganda" but couldnt contain their autism and make some coherent point, that would justify doing a 180 switch to animosity.

against the product.

Revolution 60, all-time peak: 10

Kingdom Come Deliverance, all-time peak: 95 863


Video games are for cucks. Doesn't matter if they're Gook ones or not.


Engaging in any form of "entertainment" that isn't a book or game older than a couple decades beyond a select amount makes you a cuck. Doesn't matter if it's movies, gooktoons, video games.

go back to r/t_D newfag

Pretty much all this.
OP is a giant faggot.

I came here to check these digits

Not going to happen, faggot, not your personal army.
Stay salty.

Game is fun, I just wish it would run better. I pirated a gog copy and despite having a 970/i5 6600/8gDDR4 the performance is ass.

A proper wrist snap is not unlearned merely because one has changed weapon platforms. I'm not sure if that would apply to arrows though because I never did a lot of archery. You would probably need a different projectile in the bow, though.