NYT shits on "failed aryan colony"

NYT shits on "failed aryan colony"

Nueva Germania was founded by German immigrants looking to start an Aryan colony in the late 1800s. It failed, but remnants of German culture remain.

Read the story here: nyti.ms/106RNe7

Guess why "they" failed? Paraguayans are savages…

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Which is why trying to start some isolated community is going to always be a failure in the long-term. Without a bigger organism to ensure its survival and give it the basis for its cultural identity it's just pissing in the wind.

To prevent racial degeneration it's not simply enough to educate the community, which they likely failed, but also to enact strict punishments, something which everyone is failing at. All of that requires not just a single strong leader but an entire class of leadership, something which was lost after WW2. The breakdown begins at the top for failing in its duties to protect the people from their own stupidity and safe guarding the culture at all costs.

Exile is the very least you can do with people who choose to mix. Banishment from the entire region with 3 days food or sterilization of all parties involved. Death in special cases if the person overall toxic to the people with their shitty morality.

Also WW1 stripped away Germany's colonies, so further seeding wasn't possible until Hitler and he had a country to rebuild also the jews pushed everyone into another world war.

FYI: Paraguay had a dictator who made it illegal to marry someone of the same race.

I think I can guess.

Two posts in and it all makes complete sense.

Jesus fuck why?


What is incorporation?

Upon the first marriage in violation of that, if that isn't the moment you and those around you take up arms in self defense, doom is inevitable.

Because that would be racist.

Same reason our present overlords are doing it – men stripped of their race have no identity and cannot resist tyranny.

Think about it – What could motivate you to fight an oppressor? Family, probably. Clan or tribe, race if you will. Property. Abstract concepts such as liberty or self-determination for a very select few who can think of such things at all. Material deprivation might make you fight, but it more than pays for itself when you're too materially deprived to fight effectively. Let these conditions endure for even a single generation, and there will be a whole population full of shabbos goyim who have forgotten why they might resist, let alone how they should.

Now, consider our present state of affairs. The following are anchors that might strengthen you and motivate you to fight an unaccountable tyrant, along with the countermeasures the Jews have seen to in order to demoralize you:
Deliberate efforts to conflate honest pride with hubris, as well as (((biblical))) efforts to paint pride as a sin.

Enlightenment utopianism.

Excellent work, user. Capped for posterity.

The fuck are you talking about? People have started massively bloody uprising for purely ideological reasons. There was no real tribal motivation during the Russian civil war, sure you could make the case that it was a jew coup, but your average vanguard was just a goy who was>>11280559

Hopefully the welfare state will be abolished by the West's incoming financial insolvency. The longer it runs for the worse and worse the coming correction will be. If people have to actually rely on themselves without the entire society going tits up we might actually make it through this one.

It was a jewish coup alright do you want to know how they got into power? Look around you they are doing here by pitting niggers, spics, muslims, freaks, women,etc. against White men.
Russia was always multiethnic they used the minorities, the poor, mentally ill,etc. against the russian government , destroyed it and came in as the new power.

They used the newly emancipated serfs.

What was the racial motivation for your average slav to participate in the murder, or at least be complacent? And what was the motivation for the Russians to continue the killings even after the Trotskyist kikes were killed by Stalin?

And what about China? Some of the most intense violence was intra ethnic, even intra familial.

Only the (((chosen))) tribe… What the fuck are (((YOU))) talking about?

There you are a large group of uneducated useful idiots that have ties among themselves due to being born into serfdom.

Resentment, envy, food (the army fed you), and then not wanting to be killed by the jewish commissars for not following orders.

Again, what was the racial component in the Soviet's worst atrocities, which happened after the (((internationalist))) wing of the Party were removed in the 30's?


Do you even know what the fucking Pale of Settlement is?

"In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty."
-Joseph Stalin

They executed any goyim who questioned their jewish overlords. That's the racial component.

Then why was Trotsky ice pick'd and the other more (((vanguardist))) parts of the party given 1,000,000 years gulag?

Yeah, you can't have an advanced society without an advanced economy. People don't have time to focus on high culture when they're dealing with basic problems like sanitation, food shortages, etc. At the very least your community needs to reach a state of growth that allows you to eventually get back to where you were when you left the old country.

It's an abstract concept for people who have never tasted it, but i think most people know what they are missing and that more liberty is generally better than less. America is proof that people will fight for intangible things such as liberty and freedom, even when there are no tribal or family ties. Having said that i agree with your post that men will fight harder for their family and tribe than abstract concepts.

this is the most evil thing i have learned of today
is revolution, spontaneous violence for political ends, just a sham? does it only ever happen at the wish of kikes?
i feel rage again

we can win,we will win. we will hit them in ways they never imagined, they will feel horror they never imagined, they will wish for hell before we are through

while the jews will do everything they can to oppress and commit atrocities against the non jews, they will also jew other jews over internal disputes, squabbles, and disagreements over policy and whatnot. they are truly the blight upon nations


I never knew about it until recently, from my Spanish teacher who is from Paraguay. Specifically his policy was that white European men were only allowed marriage with native, mestizo or black women. When this policy was first enacted there were two Catholic priests who defied his orders and continued doing white-white marriages; they were swiftly and publicly executed. That's not even where this sick fuck's sexual weirdness ended:
>After his death, Francia's body was exhumed by several angry Spanish nobles, dismembered, and thrown into a river; his remains were never found.

He also required peasants to bow before him if he passed. Here's the archive about his marriage policy. This guy was a kike's wet dream come true:


Why did the Soviet Jews 180 on social policy? The early SU was full of "free love", modern art, and tried to fully smash the family unit.

Seems like the mad man was a Jacobin, anarcho communist of his era. No wonder then for these inane policies.

Also that specifically his policy was that white European women were only allowed marriage with native, mestizo or black men.

I agree. It's a daft idea because even if it succeeded, the kikes would just say it was racist and demand it diversify. And when they refused, they'd send in the US airforce because a White nation existing anywhere on planet earth is a "violation of human rights"

Besides, it's a retarded mentality.

Counter revolution.

Francia (the dictator) thought that only an homogenous ethnic society could work, so he promoted Mestizaje within Guaranís and Spaniards.

OK… well compare that the entire existence of niggers

Because it would have dissolved right away, the kikes needed the Soviet Union to exist at the time.

Miscegenation destroys lineage. It's a natural law.

You could give the non-whites exclusive access to millions of paradise planets, but if you created a single whites only planet on a planet like Hoth, the non-whites would be screaming to get in. You would have legions of liberals and Jews demanding to let them in as well.

That's because Hoth would have the only functioning school system in the Outer Rim.

Because those Paradise planets would be Ethiopia tier wasteland in a single generation thanks to the nonwhites and kikes.

They could turn fucking Pandora into South Africa without even trying.

It's disgusting that we allow these non-human creatures to coexist with us.

Because South America is one giant experiment in Jewish race mixing. South Africa is an experiment in giving niggers full control. The South American model is more successful in that it creates functional, albeit poor, societies. Whereas the South African model simply creates a disaster, so they're flooding the West with non-whites and promoting race mixing in order to create a functional society they can rule over when they "bring about their messiah."

If the germanic colony is dying then why didn't they request more German colonists to sustain the Germanic population? If we want to do something like this then we need to save the frozen sperms and eggs to be used when there is an emergency.

Because all that stuff demoralises people. Stalin was a Imperialist in charge of a totalitarian apparatus using Marxist-Leninism as the state religion. So he changed the emphasis to building Russia Stronk rather than no borders no rulers happy time communism which is what the bolsheviks promised.

because the Germans were not allowed to have colonies after WW1, had the Germans sent any colonizers after 1917 it would have been as an "aggressive act".

Who came up with that idea?

so, abject failure.

That house is very inefficient with such a large percentage of the exterior being windows.

It's gonna be hilarious when their Project Phantasmagoria/blue beam fails and gets shit reviews.

Um…thank for the information.

That is the future of the world where everyone is mixed with no cultures or whatever that is.

While back someone posted a video of an architect going over good and bad design, the c-change in the way buildings used to be built vs today, how shitty things are now. Long story short, the guideline is 30% windows for an efficient structure as even with the latest, like three paned, the r value for windows is still shit, beyond that you're having to do a lot of active heating and cooling. What he pointed out is this is particularly damning with all the claims of being green and eco pushing, it's hollow bullshit with them still building dead to rights inefficient building designs.

Treaty of Versailles

In territory outside her European frontiers as fixed by the present Treaty, Germany renounces all rights, titles and privileges whatever in or over territory which belonged to her or to her allies, and all rights, titles and privileges whatever their origin which she held as against the Allied and Associated Powers.

Germany hereby undertakes to recognise and to conform to the measures which may be taken now or in the future by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers, in agreement where necessary with third Powers, in order to carry the above stipulation into effect.

In particular Germany declares her acceptance of the following Articles relating to certain special subjects.

Germany renounces in favour of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers all her rights and titles over her oversea possessions. :

I would love to live there.

That's interesting. I like home with some warmness to it, not the modernism craps. There's no soul in modernism designs.

No wonder the germans needed a hero like Hitler to stop that.

Me too, I am waiting for the Ice Age.

Unless it happened organically, they used soft power to end this colony.
But if Whites tried the same kind of thing in Current Year, they would use military force to destroy it.
This is why America bombed Serbia into oblivion and the UN stated that there is no place in the modern world for monoethnic states.

There is some alien places for the monoethnic states. UN have no control over space and alien planet.

enjoy your dark house

absolutly, how do you even clean those windows?

And adding to that:
Lebanon was the experiment in Christian/Muslim hybrid society
South Korea is the experiment in totalitarian feminism
Brazil was the experiment in non-forceful state propagated race mixing
Iraq and Afghanistan were used to test crisis "voluntary" population control. " " because they'd voluntarily destroy food/water supply on false pretenses and give them out in "aid" to the pop in exchange for support.

And plenty more. Sadly, the situation is much worse than most realize.
Governments are not incompetent, it's all been extensively tested before implementation in the west.

-disclaimer- not a blackpill. we're not dead yet.

I think that can be solved with the skylights.

So many failed experiments. If the world is without the jews then this messes would not exist today. Can you imagine how peaceful it is? I can't imagine that.

If they had never existed, Rome wouldn't have fallen, and we'd have a multi-planetary imperium by now.

p.s. your grammar is bad and you should work to improve it user, even in case it's your second language.
Degradation of language is an important factor in their plan.

Anyway the germans can colonise again since the treaty is no longer in force.

You make me angry because that would be awesome for us to colonise many planets and have trillions white people. ;_;

I am well aware of that. I am trying to improve my english skills.

Come the fuck on

Don't be silly. By the time (and if) the technology to colonize other worlds filters down to the consumer level, the UN will extend its jurisdiction to include those places.
Hopefully the thought experiment of extending UN/national jurisdiction to places which aren't even on this planet would reveal to most normalfags the illusory nature of governmental "authority", but even if it did you can't argue against phased plasma rifles and relativistic penetrators.
tl;dr there is no escape, we need to deal with the root cause problem here and to do it soon before it goes off-world.
If you mean alien species then fair enough, but in that case the UN will be the least of your concerns.

The concept didn't even exist in 1800.

Do you really think (((they))) would allow any European country to colonize anything? Allowing Germany to make a colony would be against 73+ years of propaganda and against maybe ~100 years worth of white colonization guilt.

> (((they)))
I don't care about them and they are already suffering from infightings.

If Poland can into space, I could see them colonizing a far-off, snowy world and carving "KURWA" into the nearest moon just to be cheeky, taking UN Colonization gibs while also refusing to adhere to any of the demands of Brussels. Ditto China and Japan.

The article actually says 1889, so the 1900s.

Sure, if they can find an alien world with a prospering economy to leech off.
All of Poland's "economic miracle" is money taken from British and German families.
All of it.

Depends, user.

Airtightness is a far bigger factor in heat loss than insulation provided by a material's heat transfer coefficient.

Windows can actually be a net positive in heat gain if done right.

Good post, but not all here have the guts to point all of this out and not be black-pilled by it. We ARE going to make it, anons, we must, the stake of our whole race, and infact, the whole human species depends on what WE do with our will, in this exact time, in this exact place, right now. So get ready, because if we lose, the fate of all reasonable humanity will be forfeit. Sieg heil!

Longer passage:
After his death in 1840, Paraguay was ruled by various military officers under a new junta, until the secretary Carlos Antonio López, De Francia's nephew, declared himself dictator.



Yes it is.

>interviewee Baldomero Kück
Really makes you think

We know the story in India.

Open your mouth, I'll show you a punishing organism.

Anti christ? Go in to detail

Well he wasnt wrong. I guess if youre basically a king and want to make your multiracial land work then you have two choices, ethnic cleansing or forced mixing.

It was obviously designed by someone who hates birds.

yeah but weren't 75% of their population killed in a war with brazil argentina and uruguay?

Do people still read the New York Times?

It makes me wonder what they were trying to avoid talking about. In the big picture, articles like this shoot themselves in the dick/cunt/tranny suicide hole. The few subscribers that they had will not be too interested in this article, and will probably get their news from somewhere else, and eventually cancel their subscriptions.

There is something that the Marxist kike fails to understand: Speech is a product. This means that it follows the laws of supply and demand. When you censor one form of speech, you increase the demand for it. The eastern block countries learned this the hard way, while the hollywood kikes assumed that this was because their shit movies were "amazing culture!!!".

Combine this supply and demand with plato's theory of forms, and you have a recipe for subversion that is unbeatable. So long as some form of the censored idea exists in the world, it will survive and grow due to the artificial market pressure.

This is why Holla Forums exists, and why gen z is so red pilled. I do not see gen z reverting back, they are have been too force fed with the public school kike agenda for them to want to eat anymore. The kikes are at a point where any dollar that they spend on propaganda will have no returns, and is completely lost.

As such, we should not be idle. we should be memeing the fuckers to death. The meme war is still ongoing, and it will not end until the enemy is gone.


Are you fucking serious?


The damage was already done


Ouch poor birds. ;_;

The Paraguayan dictator must be crazy enough to fight three different countries at once. How do that even work?


Where were the Jews in Stalin's government? Stalin was a goy, Beria was a goy, Molotov was a goy, and Malenkov was a goy.