Arizona Department Of Corrections Changes Sanitary Pad Policy Following Backlash

>"Effective immediately, the department will increase the minimum baseline quantity that inmates receive each month, from 12 to 36," the Arizona Department of Corrections said in a statement [] on Tuesday. "As is the current practice, an inmate may request and, without charge, receive additional pads, if necessary. Additional product options will continue to be available through the inmate store."
CNN reports he stalled the bill because he wanted to give the Department of Corrections the opportunity to revise its policy.

This seems innocuous, but will be used as an argument to give all women these sorts of gibs because they are a necessary product.

What cunts. 12 is fine, even if they bleed for a whole week, they'll have almost two a day. Why the fuck would they need 36? It's fucking PRISON.

You know they get full, right?

Sometimes they will have three or four pads. They will have to wear them for 24/7 until they stop bleeding. Pad is not reusable so they will have to get new pad every two hours to avoid the infections.

I mean I'm not too worried about this, hopefully this is all they'll get. I mean, they already get lower sentences

Universal basic income? Nope, prepare for female basic income paid for with a tax on all male earnings to offset the wage gap.

How the fuck does one woman bleed that much?

So about $20/inmate a year. Who is supplying these?

A thick the uterus lining become blood to expel it out to renew the uterus lining.

Some women bleed a lot.

Just get 1,000 menstrual cups and an autoclave. Women can use the cups while they are bleeding, and then they will be autoclaved before the next user. If 12 pads aren't enough, they are still technically taken care of.

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Don't periods usually last 3-8 days? 8 should be more than enough.

They would just throw the blood at staff/other inmates. That's a biohazard. Just give them a hysterectomy if they are bleeding so much.

Holy shit this, give this user a fucking internet.

What do the majority of women in the world do? Being that the majority of women (and people in general) live in shitholes with zero tampons and zero pads?

Serious question. Why do female inmates deserve better than 3rd world shithole females?


isn't being locked in a cage a violation of "basic dignity and respect?"

As a married user I can say this…. just fucking give them all the pads they want so shit doesn’t get 3rd world gross

Top Kek.

If shtf, do you have a stockpile for her? What happens in a natural disaster or a happening?

Not a chick here, but for the most part third world shitholes do have tampons and pads in urban areas, and rural abject poverty types would probably use rags that you wash and re-use? Summthin' like that I'd imagine.

my grandma lived in a time before pads/tampons were invented, and also lived in abject poverty
she said they just took a bundle of straw and put in a pair of panties they had specifically for periods. they would dirty one pair, put on the other pair, and wash the dirty one the next day so they could wear it. would have 1-3 panties designed for period blood + straw pieces

apparently it was extremely uncomfortable and awful, and they could barely do anything due to the straw being able to poke them, though they didnt really have rags or anything to use

so basically for most of human history you just let it drip out of you and would then wash yourself off every now and then, which is probably why there is such a stigma against it. who the fuck wants to hang out with some broad that leaves cunt snot all over everything

How do you know that…?

Poster could easily be a bird m8.

this is the real question/answer. It's also extraordinarily expensive and ineffective. Jail should be reserved for only habitually violent offenders, or to get belligerent drunks off the street. anything else is a waste of taxpayer money
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The retards against this show their sheer stupidity and ignorance.

Yes, they should be provided feminine hygiene products. The only real issue is if they flush them down the toilet.

Your grandma was a stupid bitch. Using fucking straw. They used rags. Simple fucking rags or torn cloth that had no other use. Leaves could also work.

Using fucking straw. Stupid, dumbass bitch.

Use the clothes to roll some rags with some strings and shove them up in the vagina. Clean underwear, a torch and wet wipes, reusable cloth menstrual pads and reusable menstrual cup.

The makeshift tampon sounds kind of dangerous, but reusable pads or menstrual cups could work. Reusable pads are something women could even make themselves after a happening as a long-term solution.

Women pass the feminine knowledge down to their daughters. It's not the men's thing to explain to them but some of the men are single fathers so they have to figure out how to explain without pulling the silly faces. Poor single fathers

If some of them knew how to sew. I can sew by hand or machine but not the knitting though.

Sewing is not that hard. They might not do a very aesthetically-pleasing job, but nobody else is going to see.

If they know to use right materials to sew then it shouldn't be a problem. Use the waterproof fabric on the bottoms of the pads to prevent the leaks into underwear.

That may or may not be available in a shtf situation, but I'm sure most ladies would be able to improvise.