MaoistRebelNews's Doxx

This self-righteous communist faggot has celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has called white people "the enemies of third-worlders" and claims we're responsible for their countries being desolute shitholes, claims to be Sami without any evidence, and calls the Sami "Native Americans" even though they're white, so he's basically the Canadian version of Liz Warren.. shall I go on?

Here are his doxx. Use them wisely.

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Research is still needed for his supposed wife and kid.

Wife and kid? Pff. Jason is a kissless virgin.

What are you trying to do here guy?

I'm proud to be a white American, Jason wants us all to die at the hands of Religion of Cuckā„¢ists.

Go back to ebaumsworld

They both did it. The Jews at Israeli intelligence had prior knowledge of the attacks but didn't warn us.

Building 7 cianigger

>trying to shame us for (((your))) shenanigans
Whatcha slidin, Rabbi?

Nothing helps you pass authoritarian legislation and enter a war of aggression quite like a body count and teary-eyed people on TV.

Shit was planned for decades

Forgive me for asking, but what's the point of all of this? It's not as if Jason is a massive part of the left or a threat to right wing movements in any capacity. He's a moron preaching how great Mao was.

Retribution. Jason has doxxed one of /ourguys/, Esoteric Entity, so we're doing the same in return.

He used to have a video saying the 9/11 victims deserved it.


Do what the jews would do. Kidnap/threaten his family and force him to become your controlled opposition stooge. We need some controlled opp assets on the left.

I just called the landlord's number and it's confirmed, left a message Jason Caden is a terrorist sympathizer. The landlord says he will be on it.

Thank you based user.

The landlord seems like an easygoing guy. I told him about Jason Caden's channel and all the terrorist and mass-murdering propaganda on it. The landlord said if it's bad he'll report Jason to the police.

GOOD. Jason has expressed support for terrorism in the past, i.e. his "Why Those in the Twin Towers Deserved it."




He's not wrong there.

Did you dox his wife boyfriends yet?

"Maoist Third Worldists" are nut jobs even by commie standards. They believe the third world should invade the US and turn it into "one big gulag". Not even making that up.