Ok this is getting ridiculous. Do we really need 13 stickies and only 2 active threads at a single time? Seriously BO...

Ok this is getting ridiculous. Do we really need 13 stickies and only 2 active threads at a single time? Seriously BO, clean up the board.


Using anything but the catalog should be a bannable offense

Some times I only have a moment to glance at the front page, see some of the headlines and go back to whatever busy task I have for the day. Using the catalog is fine but we dont need a billion stickies.

the catalog is objectively better to glance at headlines

Im getting a bit tired of the 10+ stickies as well. Two or three are fine, but most of the stickied threads are dead.

Let the board decide what threads should be important (at the top) instead of the mods.

I think you need to think about what you say before you post it. Also learn to catalog.

Fine: Only two active threads on the front page.
The Catalog is no excuse for excessive stickies.


Sounds like you want to be able to slide things. Stickies wouldn't be necessary if this board wasn't under 24/7 shilling. Get over yourself and deal with the stickies. You sound like you would complain about anything.

You act like people cant ever remake those threads ever again. If its that important people will post in it, exchange information and if it somehow falls off for any reason it can be remade again.

No faggot. Just because you don't like the stickies, doesn't mean it's OK to slide things. Consider suicide, then go through with it.

I never even thought about people sliding this or that. I just think that we have way too many fucking stickies and the front page is just fucking cluttered. I have never seen ANY board with as many fucking stickies as we do. God damn you guys take the smallest thing and blow it out of proportion.

Enjoy your fucking autism. I bet you get mad if your parents lift your legos to clean the dust around it.

Which mean you're completely fucking retarded and this thread is a waste of time. Keep complaining bitch-boi.

If a room is cluttered you clean it, if a board is cluttered, you clean it. It doesnt mean we are sliding threads. I never said you cant have ANY stickies I just said that we dont need 13 fucking stickies. Half of them arent even being really used anymore and can be regulated to regular threads. If its important enough people will talk about it. It defeats the board's pruning system. If there is an actual threat of sliding then its up to the mods, not the users to take measures in order to prevent it like deleting threads (probably like this because honestly its meta but how else are we suppose to get the BO's attention), anchoring ones that arent truely pertinent and ,making sure the board is running smoothly. Having a shitload of stickies is like hording. "I need this thread, and this thread…oooh how about this thread. I need all the threads!" That is a terrible idea because no one wants to see a front page full of static threads. Also it means that mods can decide what is the top topic of the board and what is not. Let the users decide that part.

Look faggot, things are the way they are even if you don't like it. Sounds like reddit is more your style. Relocate yourself back there and don't return.

the amount of stickies we have is out of necessity, not taste
there will be no change to cater to your tastes at the expense of something we need

It never used to be this way. And most of the time its some trivial bullshit that a senator said that no one cares about. But now that that trump is elected its suddenly supposed to deserve a sticky. Or another investigation into the democracts, obama and clinton that go no where.

Lets take a look at what is currently being stickied

Doesnt deserve a sticky

Doesnt deserve sticky

Doesnt deserve a sticky

Doesnt deserve a sticky

Doesnt desrve a sticky. Doesnt even deserve a thread.

Doesnt deserve a stick. Didnt get a sticky when norway did it.

Wow its fucking nothing. Doesnt deserve a sticky.

We need two additional stickies on the front page imo

during the hieght of the harvey weistein thing, i had counted as many as 9 threads on the subject - when i politely suggested that maybe we could keep that shit to a single sticky, i straight up received death threats…
after that i could never really take this board seriously…
why dont you fill up the second page too…

The strongest hero demands it, fix yo shit BO