What’s your take on the gun rights situation, and solution to gun violence, if any?

What’s your take on the gun rights situation, and solution to gun violence, if any?

This would genuinely cut down on the overwhelming majority of shootings.


Isn't almost all gun violence done by niggers? Why would you need any other solution than deporting niggers? The only reason whites make the stats in any countable way is because of suicides, and who cares about gun suicide violence?

So in essence; deport niggers.

I don’t deny it, but I’m looking for opinions to bring to the world of the mundane. As much as I hate to admit it, there are No opinions I trust more than Holla Forums‘s

Not a gun problem, it's a mental health + single mom problem. The media doesn't help as well, glorifying every killer and giving them non stop coverage for over a week. If you're a crazy that feels like no-one will listen to your message, the best way to become a world wide known name is to go shoot up a school.

70% of all blacks are born to single moms.A ton of these 'white' school shooters are single mom kids as well.

So you want a pretend reason, some soothing lie tailored to normalfags? What do you do when you're called out for lying then?

I can't really see a convincing argument about people who do gun violence without talking about the people who do gun violence. Ask them why countries that also have high guns per capita like Switzerland and Norway have almost no gun violence. Then show them the white statistics (which are low and not worse than anywhere else in the world.) Tell them "see there's no particular gun problem in the US," and when they protest go "oh, yeah you mean in the black demographic" and throw up the stats for that?

I don't know. Who cares about normalfags, really?

Go plot fbi crime data yours faggot.

There is no correlation between homicide rates and firearm ownership either worldwide or in the states (there is actually a slight negative correlation indicating that firearm ownership reduces homicide, but it is not statistically significant)

There is a significant correlation between firearm ownership and decreasing violent crime. Likewise there is a significant correlation between race and violent crime, including homicide.

Banning guns for law abiding citizens doesn't prevent criminals from possessing firearms. If you wanted to ban something that would prevent almost all firearm homicides and firearm deaths it would be handguns, not semiautomatic rifles. However that a a big fucking slippery slope and it would keep the nogs from controlking their population.

Dr. Pierce did a lot on this topic after Columbine. (((Diversity))) causes low trust societies and causes alienation. Why were there no school shootings like this in the 50s/60s? You didn't have the (((diversity))) we are told we are so lucky to have. In a homogenous society, this wouldn't be going on. It's another sign of the coming balkanization of ZOG.

The ammount of crime commited with legal firearms is miniscule for said firearms to require regulation and most deaths and injuries are the result of accidents rather than violent behavior.

Gun violence isnt a problem, violent crime is. And guess who is responsible for most of that.

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I don't see a problem. Does violence stop when guns are gone? Ask Brits how those acid attacks are going for them.

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Turn New York City into a massive gladiator arena with no government authority. Anybody who wants to be an edge lord can parachute into the city with whatever gear they can carry and face no repercussions while in the borders. Then get the media to call any school shooters pussy faggots for not doing that instead of shooting up schools. Basically make it known you'll be forever known as a beta spastic if you commit a mass shooting of innocents.

No, that's when the real, quality violence begins. Then we can go back to fighting each-other which is more of a challenge anyways. This "violence is bad" faggotry that marxist schools and single moms have been raising a generation on has to stop. Non-violence is dysgenic.

But we should do what you said first.

Violence is the only thing that's ever really solved anything ever
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Just bought some binary trigger packs. Gun grabbing kikes can go fuck themselves.

freedom has its price and I don't care much about the costs; it's mostly primitives killing each other anyway.

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Two points:


limits are for "firearms"

really the OP stated the obvious…gr8 b8 m8, I r8 14/88

fuck back then I wanted to shoot my school

these days if I was in high school, I'd still do it and make that judgement stick.

that's the same framing technique used by gun grabbers to elevate gun violence above stabbings, beatings, rapes, etc. just because of the implement used to inflict it. Those who push for more unconstitutional gun laws are hilariously to me the same who claim the government is racist, etc while pushing for larger governmental control over everything. The question isn't is there a way to stop gun violence, but is there a way to stop violence and that answer is ,"no."

Pass a law allowing all teachers at federally funded schools to keep a gun in their class room at all times, requiring the teacher to take a course on gun safety through the federal government every so often. Require the teacher to keep the gun in either a locked cabinet or desk drawer unless in use, which shall be provided by the DoE.

Keep it running through the DoE so that Cuckifornia can't block it somehow.

Get rid of all browns, work on mental health solutions. Shall not be infringed, and the problem is these people not the guns. Making guns harder does not help the actual problem, it's a bandaid and excuse. Plus maybe the FBI should do it's actual job for once.

There is no such thing. Anyways, deporting niggers fixes just half the problem, having a healthy, moralized and happy society is the other half. It's not a surprise some poor souls go nuts in this crazy kiked, demoralized and meaningless society. There were no such shootings in the early days, in fact people went to school with rifles. NatSoc Germany was so safe for example kids could practically travel the country alone because crime basically became unheard of.

Repeal all laws and amendments affecting the 2nd and let people handle their business as the 2nd intended. Shit would end in a real hurry.

First step is an honest examination of the moral theory we're using and the tradeoffs involved. Under a rights-based moral theory like this country was founded on, no further argument is needed. We have the right to self-defense, and by extension to effective means of self-defense. The government is a creation of the people for the purpose of securing our liberty, and firearms are a part of the safeguards against runaway government power. The occasional shooting is a price to pay, though it can be lowered with effective law enforcement and strong, healthy, homogenous communities.

You'll note that as liberals have forced diversity, denigrated Christianity, broken up communities, banned guns from certain areas, and increased the use of both recreational and prescription drugs, they have taken the products of these decisions as proof that we need more liberalism to fix the resulting problems. That is an extremely simplified example of the argument (gun crime has gone down over the last thirty years, but its nature and specifics have changed), but it's the mindset.

Under a utilitarian moral theory (which I reject, but will discuss in the abstract), we need an honest comparison of the benefits and costs of universal gun ownership. That includes "preventing an American Holodomor", and anyone not willing to seriously discuss that possibility is intellectually unequipped for the debate. Five years ago only tinfoil-hatted losers believed the US citizenry was under constant electronic surveillance; now it's accepted fact. Shit happens, and guns inarguably multiply the cost of running an openly tyrannical government instead of a merely corrupt one. Preventing the starvation death of, say, a million Americans is literally worth 100 years of gun crime at current rates.