Get in cavelads.
What do about berrypicker, neandus, and big nose tribe?

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Yeah no. Jews have 0% Neanderthal DNA. That was passed down to the Early European Modern Man. Go sit through non-kiked anthropology 101 and lurk forever.


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What are you trying to get across? Fighting back and not being cuckolded is primitive and old fashioned?

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Why neandu and berrypicker make stone but not ugg?

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Jews wouldn't be able to infiltrate cavemen. For starters jews were in a different continent, but even if not for that a tribe doesn't allow rapefugees to join it.

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Nope. While Neanderkikes raped whites, white man came from a species that left africa long before the denisovan line left and branched into hebe and asians. Your kike 101 holds no power here.

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Whites cast off the filth faster. And the closer to chinks you get the jewyer they get surprisingly enough. Neander is not the friend of white men and never was.

Neanderkikes raped more Asians than Europeans.

Bradley contends that people and cultures emerging from the Caucasus Mountains — a known refuge of late lingering Neanderthal populations — in proto-historical and historical times, would have remained highly intelligent, highly aggressive and psychosexually maladapted, promoting a high level of in-group cohesion. These traits, Bradley contends, explain the survival of Biblical Hebrews against all odds and also the inordinate social influence of modern Western Jews.

One: They weren't a different species altogether because they could interbreed.

Two: They interbred, but what happened more commonly was for Humans to rape Neanderthals because we were far more advanced and organized.

Never said they didn't have ANY. The white race didn't come from Neander. They may have contributed a few genes through their rapes but whites didn't descend from them.

One: different species can interbreed and we have seen it in the animal kingdom. Similar enough works for many. You won't get a whale breeding with mouse but clearly wolves and dogs happen, etc.

Two: The Whites weren't the aggressors. Neander brought the aggression. Neader did the raping because they had the more powerful structure and took advantage of it along with their jew cunning. Whites like to work together. They expected a similar being to want the same. Whoops. If only people knew then what we know now about jews.

Fuck off schlomo the neanderkike meme isn't taking hold.

The earliest fossil evidence on record now points towards the split between chimps and humans happening in Europe.

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What the fuck kind of thread is this?
As much as I like shitposts, discussing prehistoric bullshit it counter-productive at best. They could have formed from ayylmao DNA for all I care, the records of written history are more than enough to know they're the enemies of the human race.

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I know OP's quality isn't that good, but I kind of wish I could go back a couple of years. There are so many things that we just don't have on Holla Forums anymore. In late 2014-early 2015, I'd browse 8/pol every day. Now, I hardly have any interest at all. Anybody else know this feel?

Autist OP probably got banned from MDE sub, now feels the need to shit here

Neanderkikes aren't a meme.
I would like to see the new evidence showing a distinct monkey in europe being the source. I'm willing to entertain all evidence. Petralona tends to be ignored by a lot of people.


Give it up already, only brainlets are taking the bait.

Thanks for the monkey source. Appreciated. Still doesn't account for the invasion of neanderkikes. We see higher percentages of neander in jews and it gets larger as you go further east.
Only brainlets are continuing to suck the neander dick. Redditor.

You need to hide yourself better, the only reason I argue against shills is for the uninformed who walk in here. The highest percentages of neandertal DNA admixture are in pockets throughout Europe proper. Neanderkikes is a gimick meme spawned from a retarded youtube video. WHen does your shift end btw?

Arabs like jews have more Neanderthal than niggers, who have 0%, but lower than asians and much lower than Whites.
Only if you go east enough to reach Europe again. What is more common in Asia is Denisovan DNA, which Europeans and Africans don't have (Africans are basically Homo Erectus).

Depiction of ancient hominids as primitive is strong kike propaganda.


is this what the board has really come to, Holla Forums tier threads? Fucking wew.

I wonder how much interaction if any the white monkey descendants had with Habilis when they tried to leave for greener pastures before Erectus started bix nooding. They "disappeared" to make room for other species. Ergaster had contact later. Antecessor is believed to be a hybrid between Ergaster and Heidelbergensis (which later became Devisovan, Neander.) It is quite possible the original infection came through Antecessor. Many years passed Heidelbergensis branched, fully "modern" Neanderthal began running around raping and pillaging through the middle east and westward.
I wonder what our ancestors thought the first time they ran into a full neander.

Denisovan DNA is a branch like the Nenderkikes are a branch of heidelbergensis.

Simply put, jews and bug eaters are a lot closer in nature than they get credit for. While they may have physical traits that diverged and is expected, some of the traits stick around. Their psychology is one of them.

Ancient Man were not "dirty", most animals aren't, or indeed even ugly, ignorant, bloodthirsty primitives. Think critically of what is presented to us as history by (((science))) and who is pulling such agenda.

Stop feeding into kike propaganda