Becoming Controlled Opposition

Democrats In Total Disarray; It Is Time To Rout Them

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This is mostly impossible for the likes of us.
We're not integrated into the machines that control them.

Superdelegate status is completely out of our reach. Running for anything other than local office is also beyond us.
But campaign workers? Low level people? The essential muscle? That could be done.

bump. best idea i've seen on Holla Forums in a while.

Speak for yourself, dicknose.

How about we do something productive instead.

Well if you're that deep in the democrat apparatus then why are you even here?
Because to get that far you couldn't be one of us

His name was Seth Rich.

Volunteer for their local, regional, state and federal campaigns.

Don't end up like Seth, though. Research counter intel, go through the Vault leaks, understand how the tech works, and why it works. The more, the better.

Cover your tracks.

And make sure that if you do get found out, or you're about to get found out, run towards the spotlight. If everyone's attention is on you, they're not going to exacerbate a bad situation by creating bodies for all to see.

Have Dead Man Triggers for who you are and what you were doing and what you found out, if you get in deep enough.

Make sure the folks you trust are un-kiked, and not friendly to the globalist agenda.

Fair enough. Stick a pin in "superdelegates" and call that long term. Let's become low level and air everyone's tires in the parking lot? Sabotage computers? Work to sign up dems to vote and throw their applications away?

I'm just throwing spaghetti at the wall here to see what sticks.

I'm not suggesting to do anything illegal of course. Just mentioning things that the democrats do and talking about why these things work.

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I was being sarcastic. I am a principled conservative. If anyone would like to discuss some of the things dems do that work in order to condemn them I'm fine with that though.



Cry more, you fucking bitch. No one is falling for your tricks.

Honestly, just letting the DNC implode while engaging in memetic warfare at the state and local levels is probably the best bet. Don't give them any blatant physical adversity to rally around ("oy vey it's anuddah Birmingham") until election day itself but if you can jam them up while making it seem like an accident then that would work as well.

Good goy.



He'll say he was only pretending.

It's not principled to sign up to work for the DNC and then throw all their voter registrations away so they lose. You should not do that. and I would never say that.

Drown yourself.

It's not even long term.
If we get to the point where we can control a working majority of superdelegates then we pretty much control the party and can go full 14/88 with it.

But anyways theres three main kinds of political party staff.

Personal staff who accompany a particular politician and do their grunt work. More powerful ones even replicate party capabilities so they have more control.
You won't get in there easy unless its a minor politician.

Party staff who range from the people who run the partys day to day operations to people who help out at local party offices.
Because you will find party offices in every electoral area. They provide work space to local candidates during elections and meeting areas they can use. As well as handling any administrative tasks the party needs doing such as handling membership and money. Then of course simple shit like janitorial work.
This is where theres a lot of room to cause damage AND a lot of room for long term infiltration, since if you do well at a local office you may get picked to go to a higher party office with more access to information and important politicians (who often plunder their personal staff from the party)

The last group are the short term volunteers. These people get drawn in for an election. They do the legwork and the outreach under the supervision/instruction of the first two groups.
Their access is minimal but distinguishing oneself here can get you a spot on a personal staff or in the party office the campaign was run out of.

The first group is difficult to get into. A relevant politician will pay for background checks which will probably reveal you as an user.
The second is harder, backgrounds checks may only become a factor later on. Leaving you free to cause chaos at the local and state level.
The third group is the easiest to get in but has the least ability to actually cause any real damage.

Okay so "become a volunteer" should be an anons realistic goal and I should go from there?

Let's talk about that more than. How can I lay it out in steps. Would it be dangerous to just go into an office and sign up? I need to scrub my social media presence first though right? Is that possible? What tech resources should I look at first to protect myself.



Primary them. Everywhere. They're broke. So every dollar they have to spend to defend themselves is a dollar they won't have for offense.

Kys, faggot
Infutraiting the Dem party is an execent idea

It depends mainly on whose campaign it is.
Essentially the more applicants they have the more they screen. Because the more applicants they have the more famous and important the race is.
Since everyone who wants to sabotage will look to get involved in a big race.

You need to yes scrub your social media presence.
Deleting your facebook profile can sort of be done or using one with a name different to your real name would be ideal.
Setting up a fake one under the same name and populating it with likes and comments, etc that are in line with the org/party you're looking to infiltrate is also a good idea. But do it with a minimum of six months lead time.

As for applying. Calling the office or going down there physically and saying you want to get involved/want to help is generally the way to go. Around election time they throw up hotlines for this sorta thing.

As theres a lot of anons with good computer skills you should make a point of mentioning it early on if you have them.
Anything to make you stand out and put you ahead of others is generally a good idea.
Just bear in mind wherethe skills you mention are likely to get you placed.

I agree. If you're intention was to split the vote You could run as a "blue dog" and not even have to conceal your social media presence. You could run totally in good faith as a "conservative democrat." and say you're "getting the dem party back to its roots."

If you lose, it still costs them. If you win they're fucked.

All they'll do is shut off primary access to newcomers.

if you go for something other than a low level position, they might blackmail you or worse
the blackmail doesn't have to be true to work

I'd say do the opposite. Pick the most extreme position and champion it. When you're the candidate of trans dimensional otherkin, go out of your way to shit on white women for being too privileged, that should push at least a few to our side. While the in fighting can move front to front as you shit on everyone not as progressive as you.

your* fuuu

Then you harass them for being insulated and elitist. They're already having trouble with that.

Most people don't care about that.

I really like this too. Best case is hypothetically I run as a prolife blue dog, and you run as master of gender studies jargon. fucking hilarious.

Crowding the field should be a priority.

Two anons dominating the election. One pointing to the other as the reason they need to take back the party, the other screaming about how this is the patriarchy coming for them. No matter what they do, they'd have to make a losing choice.



You're talking from a republican point of view? So controlled opposition controlling already controlled opposition. This is what you morons have be reduced to, the illusion of control rather than control itself.

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This isn't a board for republicans.

Fuck off back to reddit.

Welp /ourguys/ and /shills/, Looks like I'll be seeing both of you at the headquarters soon!

>North Carolina
>West Virginia
>New Mexicao
>Washington State
>New York
>NOrth Dakota
>South Carolina
>Rhode Island
>Denver **

>New Hampshire

Or how about we take over the republican party instead, given that it's all white anyway.

That what I'm doing. I'm just lying about all this to make the democrats paranoid so they attack their allies.

Or AM I?! ♪♪ Dun DUN DUHHHH! ♪♪


Hello, reddit.

Nice.counterintel slide thread.

Slide shill thread

Sage, report, delete.

I don't know about democratic party stuff being a good use of your time. But in general, if you want to be controlled op for the left, I think there are two angles to play, wherever and however you do it.

First is full antiwhite cultural marxism. The less the left meets the needs of normal people, the better for us. They're already deeply poisoned by this but it couldn't hurt to put out small fires of sanity before they spread.

Second is to be a voice of anti- globalism/war/imperialism that hints leftist white men toward RW collectivism. A lot of people here came from the left and they could do this by simply giving their honest beliefs while modulating their power level.

not a bad idea

makes this thread worth it
best luck

Not a bad idea at all OP. The jew controls both teams, so /we/ should as well. Especially in states where team red simply cannot win. I have two ideas, maybe others can think of more.

Because they won't know what this is, they can't call you out. Once elected, you can always side with team red when it comes to racial issues. All in the name of "bipartisanship" of course.

Live in a state with open primaries? Congratulations, you can vote in both of them. Have fun.

I would prefer the second option here as I have been doing that for awhile, mixed with some jew awareness. I don’t even use that ridiculous left right spectrum to describe this though. Because it’s just spreading the recognition that ZOG fucking sucks. Makes people more libertarian at the least. The hard part is making them aware that the z in ((Z))OG is for kike.

No first option for me though.

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Thanks mods for anchoring a good thread. Anyways the democrats can't do shit if they get flooded to the brim with Holla Forumsacks. They can kill one Seth Rich and maybe 2 other people, but they sure as hell can't kill of their entire party. This is a good idea you dumb niggers stop thinking they have complete control you just need enough people to join in.

Hey mods: There is not one real argument why we should not to do this in this thread and like 10 why we should.

It's still too late for our enemies though. The idea is already out there.

Every Bernfag cares about that.


Going with being a volunteer (rather than superdelegate which I started with) was where OTHER people else's ideas lead the thread. Then I collected all the links to follow through with that reasonable direction here (because the anons were right and convinced me superdelegate isn't as immediately actionable.)

Is there ANY reason to not do this?

Let's put the Nationalism back in Socialism.

Holy SHIT. Run as a socialist! kek That is excellent.