Unified Korea now?

Something tells me that in the near future Korea will unify under the mighty Juche. This bumbling idiot Moon was already elected on anti-American sentiment, and something tells me that to the average southern gook suffering in depression and moral depravity Madam Showstealer with her red singing lady army seems like Aphrodite come to earth and they will let her jew them into accepting more depression and moral depravity. But is this a good thing for the world? Will this be seen as an end to the Korea war and be the end, or will they continue to scream Death to the jews like retards? Will President Trump let such a reunification stand or will he send American boys in another pointless war on communism thus complete his transformation from a business Democrat to a full-blown neocon?

Why would they submit to Juche when they are one of the fastest and biggest growing economies in the recent years

The only reason they are growing is because of the amount of shekels the Jews dump there to bolster the anti-North sentiments. South Korea is Worst Korea because of that shekel influence.

Anyone that has studied Korean history in regards to Southeast Asia knows that it will be the North taking control since the South aren't really Koreans anymore. The 56% meme applies to 100% to the degenerate southgook mutts.

They don't appreciate it, and I wouldn't blame them. Their culture was stolen from them by the Japanese, and America hasn't done anything to give it back to them. If I lived in a society dominated by plastic barbie dolls singing shitty teen pop from 20 years ago I'd submit to the Juche too.

I think they do like capitalism. K-pop is popular worldwide, and Korean cinema blew Hollywood away the past 15 years.

Cool, I'll finally be able to play Starcraft again

Why would relatively free South Koreans subject themselves to the will of a communist dictator who runs actual gulags?

Absolutely no chance of that happening.

The only way they will be united is if the Kim family becomes a royal family with no power but remains being famous and rich. Though I don't know if North Korea's generals will allow that

It's all garbage. It was soulless prolefeed meant to weaken the morale of the nation and make them more submissive to communist rule back when it was made in the US: the effects can only be worse given that South Korea isn't a nation in the first place.

They think the gulags are propaganda coming from the US. It's like "the Nunes memo is a republican trick to distract from the Russia investigation!" thing that CNN does.

You're so fucking retarded. The north is more free than the south, and they're FUCKING MARXISTS.

Yeah right. The gooks tried invading and conquering Japan at least twice with spectacular failures. I can name literally two things the Japs "stole" from them: rice paddy technology and Buddhism. Both of which the Japanese did infinitely better.

As much as it would be nice to see that happen there is far too much distrust and hatred between them at the moment. Maybe we could see it in our lifetimes but it would be a gradual thing.

Its not even about submitting to Juche. North Korea is a country of very inefficient farmers. Its 25 million people largely rely on foreign food aid to survive. Economically unifying Korea would be like unifying Singapore and Uganda.
How much of a quality of life reduction are the South Koreans prepared to accept to support their Northern brothers financially?

Link? Cant find anything on jewgle.

The leadership of South Korea is split between a jewish-funded feminist death cult and communists funded by the Chinese, and the Chinese and forcing them to marry the North.

*are forcing

Technically it was the "Mongols", but they came through Korea.

The Japanese conquered Korea anyway in the 1900s due to it being autistic, they are still mad about that.

Agreed. There's a reason we call the Japanese people Honorary Aryans.

Zero, which is missing the point.

Re-unification means two different things to people north and south of the border: to the North it's immediate reunification, annexing the ROK, moving the capital to Seoul and moving toward a China-style economic system while retaining the DPRKs political system and the absolute divine monarchy of the Paektu bloodline; to the South it means more Sunshine policies of bribes to purchase more inter-Korean conferences and declarations of friendship and unity, and an economically painless decades-long process of re-unification where the DPRK would be molded into a lesser ROK by a sort of osmosis.

The leftists who run the South (and incidentally, don't care if their policies are actually popular with the public) are either naive or stupid enough to think that when they give Kim an inch he won't take the mile, or more accurately, they will be able to stop him from following through on his grandfathers promise to end South Korea if a Korean confederation came to pass.

Posts like

are the height of ignorance. The only thing more shallow than Korean nationalism in the South is South Korean patriotism and something like half the youth of the ROK (i.e. those who have gone through conscription and should be the most loyal) intend to flee the country in the case of a war. Obviously, the number of people willing to defend that state will plunge even further when Kim aims for re-unification through negotiation instead of on the battlefield. Of course, I'm not saying that many South Koreans would prefer the DPRK to the ROK but that they simply don't care and assume they could get away in any case - to illustrate, North Korea took Seoul (the first time) practically without a fight in the Korean War, when SK had the most anti-NK government in its history and when they were fighting for their right to exist.

Reminder, North Korea has massive deposits of rare earth minerals for Samsung electronics.

This is the only thing that I worry about with the whole of Korea. If shit goes hot, there will be an enormous push to enrich Japan with gooks. I'm not sure Japan is woke enough yet to fully resist the kind of pressure it would be under.

They already don't like the Koreans that are there in Japan. Neighbours make for the worst enemies.

True, but they're still a colony, and things haven't really had cause to shift hard right just yet. Though things have been looking promising, that's all the more reasons for the kikes to throw everything they have at flooding them.

No. Kill the communist fuckers, then kill the feminists in the South Korean government. Congratulations, you just saved the world.

Ah, yes…I was familiar with that. But thanks anyway.

Btw I just checked and they didn't just come through Korea. Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) and Korean soldiers (as well as Chinks) were directly involved on the side of the Mongols.

So you weren't wrong in calling it a Korean invasion.

Sorry for double post

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They were on the right side in the second zionist war.

They're little monkeys who can only mimic the successes of white men.

Japan is getting enriched by chinks, to lesser extend by koreans, as I'm typing this


Go jerk off to anime, faggot, as your civilization crumbles around you. I bet you know more anime characters than you do historical European figures. Fucking disgrace

Is this guy part of the same cult that their recently jailed prime minister was a part of?
Has the fact that they recently impeached and imprisoned their prime minister for some serious fuckery been mentioned at all on television?

So homefront but gay? Let worse Korea suffer. They deserve it.

I don't think so. I think that Little Rocket Man wanted to participate in the Olympics so he could show off his best-fed, well-kept citizens to the world ("SEE?!? Totally not starving!!!) and Moon's complete and utter submission was just icing on his beancake. After the Olympics, 'lil Kim will do something fucked up to the South, humiliate Moon, and we'll be back to business as usual.

One people, one nation.
Blood and soil.

Norks are half a foot shorter than Souks due to being malnourished. The language has diverged due to 60 fucking years of being apart, too.

We're familiar with the jewish talking points.

I want both koreas to get nuked, problem solved. KIDF please leave.

Anyone have the one that shows korea before the Japanese invaded them ( mud huts) and the after (nice cities/development).

So with my cursory understanding, this is just another case of East meets West. South Korea thinks they can come to a gradual happy reunification but the North is once again playing by a different set of rules. So while ROK wants to slowly cannibalize DPRK and drain its natural resources, DPRK is still intent on conquering the South just not on the battlefield. Is that about right, or I am completely off?

I'm amazed people here are able to be fooled by superficial communism nationalism. By that metric the USSR was "based" too because it used military parades and shallow patriotism to appeal to people too.

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