Can we meme the God Emperor onto US currency...

Can we meme the God Emperor onto US currency? What would this administration have to achieve to make The Donald’s profile on future (((Federal Reserve))) notes and coinage reality? Is the audit we’ve all been waiting for unironically how to get this going?

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And get himself JFK'ed?

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2. HE'S ALREADY GETTING A COIN BY VIRTUE OF BEING PRESIDENT, YOU ILLITERATE FUCK. Wait for him to die and then five years later he gets his face on a dollar coin (and Melania's face on a $10 coin).

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?
1. JFK was killed because of Israeli nukes.
2. 11110 had nothing to do with destroying the Federal Reserve.
3. BEING ON THE CURRENCY has nothing to do with questioning kike power.

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>What would this administration have to achieve to make The Donald’s profile on future (((Federal Reserve))) notes and coinage reality?

IMO nationalizing the Fed (at least partially). Modernizing American mass transit; high speed rail, automated driving, drone transport. Debt forgiveness/ jubilee. Insitution of unconditional basic income. Mortgage assistance/ forgiveness, democratizing real estate ownership. Prosecution of criminals and ending foreign entanglements, especially in the middle east.
Forget about his face on currency, he'll be the 5th face on Mt. Rushmore….


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Great idea. Zog emberor on one side and a star of david on the other. Instead of calling them dollars you can rename them subshekels.

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By prosecution of criminals I dont mean locking up non-violent drug "offenders". I mean traitors guilty of treason and sedition. As for druggies, theyre harmless, harmful only to themselves, release every one, at least for pot, and Pres. Trump will win 2020 in a landslide.

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No, what would make him a candidate would be if he got his fat cryptokike ass started on the 100 day action plan.

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Starting wars on false pretenses to benefit a foreign power is treason. I dont care if the beneficiary is Israel, Iceland, or Indonesia, if there is any justice in the world those guilty must hang or rot.

Long live the Republic.

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There is no justice and no one will ever be punished.

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