Contrails and their influence on European passivity and birth rates

I might not make it through 2018(I've contracted a terrible flu that I can't shake after having been poked on a subway by a woman with a large broach on her front jacket-which seemed very minor at the time and she said sorry and I laughed it off),but this info has to be disseminated somehow and I believe wikileaks has been compromised through man-in-the-middle attacks against tor exit nodes.

Small Anonymous Boards like this that allow Tor have most likely not been compromised yet,so I post.

Why have the males in once great warrior nations like Germany, (and other nordic countries) been reduced to passive betas and why the population in these nations is on the decline?

It's the Jet fuel additive that The UN uses to keep pop. growth down

Reduced sperm count was it's main purpose,but a major side effect is a reduction in male aggression(the UN(see "THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM") sees this side effect as desireable).

The UN SHORT SIGHTEDLY used europeans as guinea pigs because they were the easiest to study and best documented through childhood inoculations(drug was first used here in a non-aerosol form) in the 70s to the late 90s and as a result,the drug had less effect on those with African sub-saharan dna.

The UN came out with a new formula that affects those with African sub-saharan dna,but Governments are keepimg a close watch on what goes into Jet fuel these days,so the UN needs a different vector for transmission.

God knows what this is

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Most (not all tough) vaccines are fucked. The hardest problem to fix would be plastics tough.

Thank God.

Plastic water bottles would be a very good way of introducing chemicals into the body(especially in developed nations)

So you're watching the image boards,are you?

Fuck off evil cunts,you can't trace me here…yet


Posted source material could be traced and some very brave people could end up ill like me

I'm getting bad vibes about this site.
I'm out of here.

Use fresh, unbottled (plastic) water.

Local municipal water is probably ok,but avoid the tap water from large cities

The voices in his head.

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Time to remind everyone not to use liquid soaps and shampoo.
You could just as well apply hormon creme onto your balls.

This chemtrails stuff is mostly speculation and possibly a large amount of misinformation. This isnt a nutball flat earth ridiculous conspiracy board, we are open to hidden truths which can be reasonably proven or demonstrated as probable.
There are many known factors which cause the demasculization of men, blaming it on chemtrails is disinformation tier nonsense.
Im personally almost certain they are not simply a natural contrail, when me and my parents were kids, they didnt have trails that hanged in the sky. It takes someone pointing it out to you, but then people old enough should be able to realize it on their own. It changed, these ones that hang and spread out for hours are not the same as decades ago.
I have heard that contrails drop material which can be absorbed by the body, that this can cause a rare condition named:
People report stringy things under their skin, thats what I recall.
Sage because this is probably disinformation cancer designed to undermine us. None of this is proven or factual, most of it is obvious bullshit.

Meant to say disinformation, as in people intentionally spreading bullshit.

Take your medication and get well soon user. God bless.

The engines produce fumes, and its near or even below zero degree up there, so they bind to water particles and freeze.
I'm pretty sure that kerosene fuel is often tested in laboratories by all kinds of people, all around the world. I'm open to ideas, but its beyond ridiculous that planes are spraying drugs around. You couldn't keep this secret without any evidence coming out and the internet.
That said, pollution from engines is bad, and its coming down sooner or later, often with the rain. That is a potential health hazard.

yay we larping nao

data asylum talks about a BIO API

literally little small nano bots crawling inside your body

if this is true were fucked beyond ages

we would need to destroy the whole existing communication right now and detox all bodys

Stop masturbating. Stop watching porn. Avoid all plastic. Avoid soy. Avoid polyester

her "broach" seemed very minor?

what did she look like?
which race and clothing style?

Reminder this is required viewing. They've known about this for decades. It's an ongoing process to convert men into synthetic and organic estrogen addled faggot betas and omegas who can't breed.


cans, everything is lined with plastic
but not my cans from the east block

Jet engines consume carbo hydrates to generate huge amounts of hot gas that consists of carbon dioxide and very hot water vapor a.k.a steam. When the steam cools off the water condenses into tiny droplets that form a long thin cloud. That is your chemtrail. If you wanted to spread poison from an aeroplane it would be smarter to do it at a far lower height. Piston propelled crop dusters spread insecticides from a height of approximatively 40 to 50 feet. Jet liners cruise at 35 000 feet.

First it was Flat earth spam then it was the White meetup spam and now it’s Contrail spam.


Kill yourself

Doesn't stop unending irresponsible use of estrogenic chemicals being an enormous global issue and threat to our race from being a good topic to discuss.

It's true, though.

By Jewish media and divorce (being raised by single mothers).
Fuck off fool. For most of the 20th century the hardest and most alpha men were exposed to massively higher doses of chemical contamination, including heavy metals and they didn't turn into limp wristed faggots.
Shit, even as late as Gen X we had lead in the fucking gasoline. Lead being pumped into our air as we walked to school. Lead in the paint. Massive unregulated amounts of plasticizer in our toys. etc etc. yet the level of faggotry didn't come close to approaching that of the current furries + trannies generation.
No, it's jewish propaganda plain and simple. Put drag queens on television and in the movies and tell young men that the manly features of these "women" are actually "beautiful" and that "if you don't find the voted most beautiful 'women' in the world sexy, then there's something wrong with you".
Condition arousal with male features enough times and the male audience will be turned functionally gay.
Find Sandra Bullock attractive? You're functionally gay.
Find Winona Ryder attractive? You're functionally gay.
Find Millie Bobby Brown attractive? Not only are you a pedophile, you're functionally gay.
There is no mystery.
There are no hidden chemicals causing this.
It's conditioning plain and simple.

I can't fucking believe Mayo Clinic would even acknowledge that Morgellons is a real problem, holy shit. For years they were covering it up as "delusional parasitosis" and pretending sufferers were insane.

Reported for Q-hoax.

Look at this nigger hitting every meme.

Obviously chemtrails are real. My opinion is that they are used to enhance over the horizon radar.

I have no idea what's the deal with those trails, probably a lot of psyop blended in there to obfuscate whatever the truth is, but the "more contrails from air traffic" schpiel doesn't really hold up.

I've been observing them since they began (when my country joined the "open skies treaty." They really do dissipate into cloudy weather and lots of other strange things. A couple of years ago they stopped completely for about a year where I live, that was fun. The university faggots I'd been debating the topic with for years suddenly had a hard time explaining why there were no contrails that year even though air traffic had increased.

If I were to guess I'd say it's some kind of weather manipulation, but without any real knowledge that's just guesswork.

. (checked)
Look up orgonite. If you can make and spread enough, the trails won't spread across the entire sky anymore. Some will remain, but they will never be able to turn a blue sky dark gray in your area again.

Wouldn't using such chemicals effect the conspirators themselves? Would they be willing to accept being bombarded by the same shit they would subject the masses to?

Haven't washed my hair in almost 4 years. The first three months I had a greasy scalp, but my hair is pretty soft now

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Srsly healthy locks fam

I was b& months ago by cocksucking based kike mods for OPing a similar thread so dont be surprised OP if this happens to you also.

The entire "geoengineering" spin is exactly that - to distract away from the real harm of the transhumanism agenda being employed through this aerosol program by DARPA. AI nanofibers causing a condition in all living things called MORGELLONS is the real threat, folks.


I've heard about that but assumed it was bullshit. Do you need to make them big?


are we info-wars now?

There hasn't been any chemtrail spam.

This is similar to my line of thinking. About a decade ago I read in a popular mechanics magazine about HAARP(sup alphabetniggers), back when they were openly talking about the technology and what it could do. One use was to direct a beam straight up to pinch a hole through the ozone. The other was to move massive channels of air horizontally to create a space in between that was more accepting of long range radio transmission on the order of clear around the planet.

Personally I began to notice the chemtrails around the same time haarp began to be hushed up until it was discontinued(blackbudgeted). Now the chemtrails appear to be causing the atmosphere to separate into distinct layers. Along with dumping lots of metals into the air this makes it easier to manipulate with radio waves. Easier weather modification, crops are poisoned and unable to grow as well unless you have some licensed seeds from Monsanto… it's full spectrum fuckery on planet earth and this all just part of the program.

Yeah, they seem to sometimes have a rainbow hue to them as well. It's obvious when aircraft turn on and off their emitters as well, my wife thought it was tinfoil until we were on a cross-country road trip and witnessed them drawing perfect grids several times, they would turn off their chemtrail emitters and a normal contral would be visible, then they'd make a turn and draw another line.

Weather manipulation is another possibility as well obviously.

Look into the Battelle Memorial Institute, I'm pretty sure they're responsible for at least some of this activity.

I talked to AFVets that know exactly what this is and why they're doing it… There's a "Public Reason" and then there's (((The real Reason))). How do you think the flu got so widespread this year? It's no coincidence fam

take your meds

mods are compromised

Huge about of shills.

Weird thing, considering chemtrails have always been around. Why name them contrail now? They learned that conspiracies tend to be proved.

In USA, a firm, can't remember which, also patented injection that makes human aluminum resistant. Why make it unless there is aluminum all around us?

Also, contrails seem a legitimate thing to do for normies because they worry about muh global warming, so they see it as solutions. Thats why it is called contrail now, not old spooky chemtrail.