Florida threads on Halfchan Holla Forums are 'disappearing.'

Florida threads on Halfchan Holla Forums are 'disappearing.'
Story isn't even making it onto 7chan or Wizchan (and nobody fucking uses 3chan or 76 chan anymore)
Any such happenings here?? Doubt because 'Based Hot Wheels'

that site hasn't been active in 10 years bud and of course cuckchan is deleting threads they are censorship happy faggots

7chan is still active, I browse daily

There are several threads on cuckchan/r9k/
I learned that from a friend

cuck/r9k/ gets overrun with shills almost as badly as cuck/pol/

But at least the moderation is much less obviously heavy handed.

A thread died for this.

Then you post a muh leftypol meme to get instantly banned.
Make your mind. What side are you?

sage negated

godamn you're pathetic

Commies be commies.

76chan has been dead for awhile buddy
/sp/ moved to endchan and is aware of the news

I thought /sp/ was dead, that's good.

Isn’t 7chan for people too pedo for 4chan Holla Forums?

And we care why?

What if this place gets shoahed? Anyone know any good bunkers?

4chan is wholly owned by the CIA, but so is this place, frankly. There, it's more well-known, so threads can move fast, and information may flow freely, so they have to choke it off.

But there is good news! This year, yes, this year! There will be new uncensorable equipment & services. Already, there is this:


Nope. There's no underground. there are a few chans here and there, but their ownership is shit, and they'd go down just as fast. But there's hope. This year, freedom will open up.

Did you entirely miss the superb owl budy? It almost kilt their board.

I wonder if there's a Holla Forums on there? I just visited 7chan.org (previously known as pedochan) and couldn't find it.

Nicholas de Jesus Cruz

Nicolás de Jesús Cruz

How is this place any different?

(((freemason))) jim owns this board now you retarded out of the loop faggot

Cry moar faggot. I have said whatever the fuck I want on here and will continue to do so, but I am actually White and NS, so it must be hard for your kind.